Family feud over $2.5bn Buckeridge estate headed for civil court

Len Buckeridge and his defacto wife Sion Puay Koh commonly known as Tootsie, who was the daughter of Choon Hong Koh, an ex lawyer and judge who worked for the security forces during the second world war.

                     The Len Buckeridge Story, Part One


Buckeridge Family one of WA’s Wealthiest

By Fraser Beattie Wednesday 7th October, 2015

Western Australi’a Caratti and Caraci families have featured for the first time in BRW’s rich families list, while the Buckeridge Family has been ranked as the state of Western Australia’s wealthiest. The Buckeridge family came fourth out of the nation’s richest families, with an accumulated wealth of about $2.5 billion, according to BRW’s estimate. The late Len Buckeridge built his company, BGC, into WA’s largest privately owned businesses.

The rather strange thing is that had the late John Carew-Reid had attempted murder charges laid against the late Len Buckeridge in about 1960, when Len Buckeridge tried to murder the late John Carew-Reid by hitting the late John Carew-Reid over the back of the head with a large piece of jarrah wood when the late John Carew-Reid was not looking, but his son was, then there is no doubt that te late Len Buckeridge would have ever been able to be free to the grown his business empire form a $250,000 dollars in value in 1960 to around  $2.5 billion in value in 2014 …. Regardless of what happened with the attempted murder charges that Len Buckeridge would have had to face in around 1960, Len Buckeridge’s personal and business credibility would have been ruined and there is no way he would have been able to then attract the billions in extra working capital from his various bankers, investors and silent partners over the years that were needed to help Len Buckeridge build up  his BGC Group of companies over 50 off years form a being worth around $250,000 to a value of around $2.5 billion in the day of his death in March, 2014. 
"..dad why

The Late John Carew-Reid was asked by his son after the late John Carew-Reid recovered from being  unconscious,
with his son yelling out to his mother that " ..mum...Len Buckeridge had killed dad..."
.. horrific memories that will be clearly entrenched in the late John Carew-Reid's son mind to the day he dies...
"..dad ... are you going to have Len Buckeridge charged for attempting to murder you .... I am a witness the what Len Buckeridge did to you .. Len Buckeridge tried to murder you dad, by hitting you on the back of the head as hard as you he could with a large piece of jarrah wood .... then you collapsed on the ground completely unconscious in front me and you body was lifeless .. dad I thought you were dead ... and ran up to tell mum that Len Buckeridge has murdered you .... right in front of me ...."
The answer that the late John Carew-Reid gave his son was this...
"... son Len Buckeridge is a completely dangerous psychopath and sociopath, and that is a violent dangerous criminal who is bound to constantly commit serious crimes without the caring or empathy a normal person has tot he victim, and often they do not even see what they have done is a crime against the person and a crime against seciety in general ... they often convince themselves that their criminal actions are the behaviour of a normal man... son .. Len Buckeridge is well connected and will pay top lawyers and is the end may not even go to jail,  or even if he does, it will not be for that long .. and when Len Buckeridge gets out of jail, I can not watch my back 24 hours a days .. Len Buckeridge, as all dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths do ... will patiently wait for the right opportinity to find me coming home alone one night and hit me over the head with a four by two piece of jarrah ... and this time Len Buckridge will make sure he does a good job this time and makes sure  am dead...."

                      The colourful business career of
 the late rich lister Len Buckeridge
    The Late Len Buckeridge in 1996 as usual giving out the orders to the Western Australian Police Commissioner Robert Falconer, the Western Australian Premier and his criminal gang network ... who if orders were made by Len Buckeridge to committ crimes, he and his criminal network were free of any fear of investigation or prosecution because the Western Australian Police has given Len Buckeridge abnd his criminal gand members what the police call "The Green Light" to Commit any criminal actions including assault and murder..
any concerns of Len Buckeridge having to worry about being arrested and charged for any criminal offences he openly committed, like the time he bash Ron Minshull over the back of the head as hard as he could with a garden rake in the drive way of the Carew-Reid family home at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, after Len Buckeridge lost his temper after Ron Minshull served a summons for Len Buckeridge to appear in the Perth Magistrates to be cross examined of his perjury Len Buckeridge committed ot obtain a false and fraudulent restraining order to have Stephen Carew-Reid wrongfully restrained form being at his family home, which had been his family since 1963, where Stephen Carew-Reid and the rest of the Carew-Reid family has life tenancies and beneficial ownership through the Western Australian Public Trustee...

Len Buckeridge became the effective "King of Perth",

 because of the billions that his silent partners poured into building up Len Bickeridge's BGC Companies over around 5 years..

Len Buckeridge and his defacto wife Siok Puay Koh commonly known as Tootsie, who was the daughter of Choon Hong Koh, an ex lawyer and judge who worked for the security forces during the second world war. Siok Paul Koh became a qualified law graduate at the Univerity of Western Australia and and it believed that her father  helped Siok Puay Koh  become part of the Australian Spy Agency ASIO, and other international security agencies such as Enland's MI5, where here father Choon Hon Koh worked which help her and her de-facto husband Len Buckeridge become above the law... 
Between Len Buckeridge high powered control and connections in the criminal world, and in the Western Australian Police Force, the Western Australia Business, Government and Political World, as high up as the Prime Minister of Australia and Siok Puay Koh's famly connections in the Triads and Australian and International Spie Agencies Len Buckeridge and his de-factor wide Siok Puay Kon soon became completely above the law. The wth billions dollars pumped into the BGC companies from the 1960's to the day Len Buckeridge died on March 2014, from his silent partners whom Len Buckeridge and his sons held 51% of the ownership of the BGC companies in secret trusts ..... Len Buckeridge was able to increase the value of the BGC companies from a  few hundred thousand to  round $2.5 billion with yearly turnover of over $3 million a year ... Len Buckeridge and his silent partners brought in so much new money and new wealth to Perth and Western Australia and created over 4,000 new permanent new jobs with new brick-tile-concrete-window-contracting-road making etc  companies ...making people rich in Perth .. no one cared were the money was coming from and did not realise the full extent od the financial strangehold Len Buckeridge and his BGC companies and his silent partners, who were the real day to day owners and controllers of the BGC Group of Companies, and are still the day to day owners and controllers of the BGC Group of Companies ... even more so after the death of Len Buckeridge .... has taken on the business world, building world, police, legal and political world of Perth Western Australia and became the 4th richest private compnay in Australia...

compared to the day that Len Buckeridhe tried to murder the late John Carew-Reid by hitting the late John Carew-Reid on the back of the head with a large piece of jarrah wood, when the late John Carew-Reid was not looking and thought that Len Buckeridge has walked away....
Unfortunately for the Late Len Buckeridge, a son of the late John Carew-Reid witnesses Len Buckeridge trying to murder his father ...Len Buckeridge was always scared of this information coming to public light and wanted to make sure that the late John Carew-Reid's son who witnessed Len Buckeridge trying to murder his father  .... did not live to tell the story ....... so there was many attempts to murder the son of the late John Carew-Reid when Len Buckeridge realises the son of the late John Carew-Reid was making this information publicly known in the 1990's when the late Len Buckeridge and his family company Esther Investments Pty Ltd and the BGC Group were trying to defraud and steal the Carew-Reid family home at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia afer the later John Carew-Reid died in September, 1986....
The estate of the late John Carew-Reid was controlled by the Western Australian Public Trustee, which was ideal for the late Len Buckeridge because of his powerful connections with the Western Australian Government, which controls the Western Australian Public Trustee...

 Choon Hong Koh,. the father of Lne Buckeridge's de-facto wife Siok Puay Koh, commonly known in Perth Society Circles just as Tootsie..

The picture shows Miss Sok Puay Koh (left) and Miss Siok Tian Koh (right).

Koh Siok Puay and Koh Siok Tian 

S'pore Assemblyman's daughter wins Perth beauty title

The Singapore Free Press, 25 October 1961, Page 4


Katong: Wed 25th October, 1961

Two Singapore girls studying law at the University of Western Australia I Perth will spend their Christma holidat in Melbourne because one of them recently won a beauty contest. They are Miss Siok Pauy Koh, 19, and Misss Siok Tian Koh, 17, daughters of Mr. Choon Hong Koh, lawyer and Assemblyman for Joo Chiat, The beauty contest winner was Miss Siok Tian Koh, who tied for first place in the recent Miss University competition, winning a free return air trip form Perth to Melbourne. The girls who share a flat at Claremont, as suburb of Perth,  will spend a few weeks in Melbourne with their friends. They are good cooks, housekeepers and dress makers. After completing their studies, Miss Siok Tian Koh hopes to join her father’s law firm and her sister plans to join the diplomatic service. The picture shows Miss Sok Puay Koh (left) and Miss Siok Tian Koh (right).

 Len Buckeridge's memorial held in Cottesloe in March 2014
The Who's Who of Perth's (Western Australia) business, political, police, legal, government, building, media circles 

attended Len Buckeridge Memorial Service at the Civic Centre in Cottesloe, Western Australia

Len Buckeridge's memorial held in Cottesloe in March 2014

                                 Len Buckeridge on the phone - he always said he wanted to “work until he dropped”.

                                                       Photo: John Mokrzycki

Siok Pauy Koh ( also known as Mrs Buckeridge and Tootsie… with other Buckeridge family members and the who’s who of Perth business, banking, legal, political and media circles at Len Buckeridge’s memorial service held at the Civic Centre, Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia

Julian Ambrose Son of Siok Pauy Koh being interviewed by reporters in Perth, Western Australia- Son of Siok Pauy Koh, became the de-factor wife of Len Buckeridge after Len Buckeridge divorced his first wife.  Siok Pauy Koh’s family organised in about September, 2013 to have Julian Ambrose take effective control of Len Buckeridge’s multi-billion building group of companies known as BGB (Buckeridge Geoup of Companies)… Siok Pauy Koh’s (known as Mrs Buckeridge and also as Tootsie) family had invested billions into BGC over the last 30 odd years and wanted to make sure one of their family members took over control their massive investment in BGC …. It is understood that Julian Ambrose had been selected, prepared and primed to take over BGC for the last 30 years as part of the behind the scenes deal with Siok Puay Koh’s family financially backing Len Buckeridge’s BGC companies with billions in working capital and bank guarantees that helped BGC expand from a group of companies turning over a few million a year in the 1980’s to turning over in excess of $160 million a year in 2014.

By Jonathan Barrett and Julie-anne Sprague

Len Buckeridge was so incensed that he picked up a union official’s car with a

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Mar 12th,  2014

Len Buckeridge was so incensed that he picked up a union official’s car with a forklift and dropped it over a cyclone fence.

The alleged incident that Buckeridge relayed to Melbourne based investment banker David Williams might well be a mix of fact and legend – but it wouldn’t be out of character.

On Tuesday, Australia lost one of its most successful and colourful business people. Aged 77, the former shoeless war child from England who built the Buckeridge Group of Companies into a diversified manufacturing and construction empire suffered a suspected heart attack and died.

Williams, who has been working on ort [other recurrent transactions] options for Buckeridge, says Buckeridge was “one of nature’s ­gentlemen".

“At the same time he was someone who took no prisoners in his quest to develop his business but always with a wicked sense of humour that few appreciated," Williams says.

Born in 1936, Leonard Walter Buckeridge grew up in a modest home in the then very modest Perth suburb of Rivervale.

He died on Tuesday morning at his luxury home in Peppermint Grove, one of the priciest postcodes in the nation.

Buckeridge had suffered from poor health for many years and died while working at his desk

At the same time he was someone who took no prisoners in his quest to develop his business but always with a wicked sense of humour that few appreciated," Williams says.

Born in 1936, Leonard Walter Buckeridge grew up in a modest home in the then very modest Perth suburb of Rivervale.

He died on Tuesday morning at his luxury home in Peppermint Grove, one of the priciest postcodes in the nation.

Buckeridge had suffered from poor health for many years and died while working at his desk.

He always said he wanted to work until he dropped.

“I used to say when I die and get buried just drop me in a post-hole," he once said.

“Now I say drop me in a post-hole but at a depth so I can have my finger sticking out to say ‘I bloody told you so!’ "

Last laugh

Few would deny Buckeridge got the last laugh, having terrorised more than a few business people and politicians (and journalists) in his quest to develop a vertically integrated empire, where he made just about everything he used.

It was known as the “Buckeridge model" and more than a few companies have tried to replicate the strategy, with varying degrees of success. His business ideology fitted his personal philosophy.

Buckeridge was not only self-made but self-reliant, and BGC became one of the country’s biggest home builders.
At last count, Buckeridge was worth $2.1 billion, 17th on the BRW Rich 200 list.

Buckeridge’s sons Andrew and Sam, and stepson Julian Ambrose hold prominent roles at BGC, ensuring the family legacy continues.

Everyone agrees Buckeridge was a great businessman – even his fiercest critics.

One of his most prominent sparring partners, federal Labor politician  Alannah ­MacTiernan  , says she was convinced ­Buckeridge was so tough that he would outlive all his foes.

Worthy sparring partner

“I always thought Len would be there to dance on my grave," says MacTiernan, who engaged in fierce disputes with Buckeridge when she held key planning and infrastructure portfolios in state government.

“It would be true to say that Len and I enjoyed the contest we had."

“He always wanted a worthy sparring partner. He would threaten to sue me and then show up to my electoral office to chew the fat and tell me his life story."

Despite being a major Liberal Party donor, Buckeridge didn’t hold back his venom from conservative governments .

He had been embroiled in a billion-dollar lawsuit against WA’s  Colin Barnett  -led Liberal government over a private port development plan. The dispute is ongoing.

Nonetheless, Barnett says Buckeridge was one of the great characters of WA ­business.

“He never shied away from a fight, and certainly never shied away from contentious issues," says Barnett.

Generosity shone through

“While he was often seen as a hard man in business, he was extraordinarily generous in the community and was always willing to help out local groups and sporting clubs."

After fighting governments and unions during the week, Buckeridge would often be seen helping run a sausage sizzle at his surf club at the weekend.

BGC is still a sponsor of the North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.

Yet it was Buckeridge’s hard edge that usually attracted headlines.

Buckeridge refused to cede any ground in a bitter seven year legal battle with his former business partner of 20 years,  Julian Walter  .

Walter claimed his old business partner had publicly damaged his personal and business reputation and hurt him commercially.

However, Master Builders director Michael McLean says it will Buckeridge’s positive legacy that will be remembered.

“The legacy of building industry magnate Len Buckeridge’s quest for affordable housing for Western Australians will live on for many decades," McLean says.

“Len Buckeridge was an industry powerhouse who pioneered affordable housing and freedom of association in the commercial building sector."


Read more: http://www.afr.com/leadership/entrepreneur/the-colourful-business-career-of-the-late-rich-lister-len-buckeridge-20140312-jy86w#ixzz4VkGN1oi0 
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Construction magnate Len Buckeridge dies at home after long illness

Updated 16 Jun 2014

Prominent West Australian businessman Len Buckeridge has died aged 77.

The self-made billionaire behind the Buckeridge Group of Companies (BGC) died at his home in the Perth suburb of Peppermint Grove on Tuesday.

A trained architect, Mr Buckeridge leaves his wife, six children, and eight grandchildren.

Mr Buckeridge built a vast empire in construction, manufacturing and civil contracting in the Pilbara.

A desire to provide low-cost housing led to the creation of BGC, which controlled the manufacture of most of the materials that went into construction.

The company now turns over more than $2.5 billion per annum.

Named by Forbes this month as Australia's 20th richest man, Mr Buckeridge rose to prominence in 1960.

BGC was behind several Perth landmarks including the Perth Arena, the WACA ground redevelopment and the Northbridge police complex.

However, Mr Buckeridge's life was not without controversy.

He was suing the Government in the Supreme Court, claiming huge damages over a stalled private port project at James Point in Kwinana.

The former head of the construction union, Kevin Reynolds, described Mr Buckeridge as a formidable opponent.

"People will remember Len as a person who was prepared to take on anyone and everyone whether it would be the unions, government or other employer groups or other builders," he said.

"If Len believed in something he would take 'em on."

Perth property developer Nigel Satterley, who sold his company Statesman Homes to Mr Buckeridge, remembered the businessman as someone who was unafraid of breaking new ground.

"It's a sad day for the Perth business community that Len has passed on," he said.

"He was the first home builder to get what we would call virtually fully integrated in what he did.

"He was not only a substantial home builder, he was a substantial manufacturer.

"He'll leave a few [legacies], being a real character, not frightened to tackle the establishment, tackle the unions, tackle many councils."

Generous contributor to sporting and community groups

Premier Colin Barnett remembered him as someone who never shied away from a fight, but also a man generous in his support for local clubs and sporting organisations.

"Len was seen as a tough man in business and he was, he was also very generous and would support people needing help, very generous to local sporting and community clubs and look I think he was a great West Australian."

"Len will be remembered as one of the more colourful characters of West Australian business, extraordinarily successful, from his home building to his building and manufacturing businesses and the BGC Group today employs over 4000 people.

"I've been in many disagreements with Len and invariably he would tell me how useless I am and so on and after about 10 minutes or so, you'd say, 'come on, Len let's go and have a beer', and we'd go and have a beer."

Strong supporter of North Cottesloe surf club

Mr Buckeridge was a strong supporter of the North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, where the flag was lowered to half mast.

"He has been part of the club for I would say near to 45 years," club president Chris Shellabear said.

"A lot of times as a service organisation we would really struggle to get things happening and Len would come and deliver us materials to get things out of.

"Even recently when he was suffering ill health and we were pouring concrete foundations for the extensions of our new surf club, he was down here at 6:30 in the morning watching over the concrete pour."

Mr Buckeridge's family travelled to Australia from England near the turn of the century, Mr Shellabear said.

He came from relatively humble origins.

"I think he felt the North Cottesloe Surf Cottesloe is a surf club that has a really proud working-class history," Mr Shellabear said.

"I think Len always saw himself as working class and he just felt comfortable here."


Working until the day he died at 77 on March 12 Len Buckeridge was a model of the self-made man. Trained as an architect he founded his own building business in his home town of Perth, Australia. He then built the factories to supply the building business. Always with an eye on the next big deal he spent 10 years planning a private port to cut the cost of imported materials and permit the export of what he made. The port is unfinished business, as is a clear succession plan for the Buckeridge Group of Companies, Australia's third biggest home builder.

"Devils Garden ....The Darkest Side of Perth"

A new film is being produced called "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth", which will publicly expose Police Corruption in Western Australia ran rife from  the 1950's to 2016 and continuing, with a corrupt section of police being involved in committing crimes, in condoning criminal activity and protecting certain people form being investigated and prosecuted form crimes that they committed... their were people like the late billionaire building magnate, Len Buckeridge who were given the green light to commit what ever crimes they wanted, including murder, assault, rape fraud, robbery etc.. these people were given what they called 
"the Green Light" by Police to commit whatever crimes they wanted without fear of investigation or prosecution ...

There is also a new books coming out this year  "Living Next Door To A Psychopath" and "The Darkest Side of Perth" and a previous book called "Devil's Garden"ISBN: 978174664669 published by Random House in 2007 by  well known Queensland Crime writer Debi Marshall with an in depth investigation into the Claremont Serial Killings and various miscarriages of justice in Western Australia policing and prosecution... and the contraversal series of books  entitled "The Triumph of Truth ( Who Is Watching The Watchers?) written in the 1990's which were illegal and clandestinely removed from the Western Australia Alexander Resource Reference Library in about the year 2000, which the film "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth" takes material from .....
The 1960's American TV Police and Crime Series Called Dragnet used to say at the beginning of each episode ... " These are true stories from Police and FIB files, however the true names have been changed to protect the innocent..."
The film  being produced called "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth", are is a set of true stories about  police and prosecutors in Perth, Western Australia being involved in committing crimes and covering up for criminal who have committed serious crimes, and deliberately charging people who they know have not committed the crime they have been charged for ..... which  will leave all the true names to expose and shame the guilty ....
One of the producers of the film "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth" say ..... "... there seems no doubt that the Western Australian Police are not going to properly investigate and charge the real Claremont Serial Killers and those that helped carry out these most serious  crimes and covering up those responsible for such serious crimes .... so the film will in effect bring the truth to light so at least the parents, families and friends of the victims and the general public can get to know the truth.... the problem is that a proper police investigation and inquiry would lead investigators too close to their own ranks and powerful business people and politicians who were either involved or know who are involved and are prepared to help cover the truth up..."

                     Book published by Random House in 2007 by well known Queensland crime writer Debi Marshall called The Devil's Garden

Leonard Walter Bruckeridge, billionaire building magnate, whose BCG companies  were backed with billions from the Chinese Triads and Zionists Business Networks ....  who had till his death in March 2013 the Green Light by Western Australian Police to commit what ever crimes he wanted without ant fear of proper investigation and/or prosecution ... similar to the Green Light that members of the NSW Police gave the criminal Neddy Smith.... please see the ABC Underbelly TV Series for more information on Neddy Smith and NSW Police Officer Roger Rogerson....

Len Buckeridge with his friends and supporters  Colin Barnett, the Premier of Western Australia and Tony Abbott, a previous Prime Mister of Australia at an Australian Liberal Party Function held at the Hilton Hotel

Mathew Clark, and his wife and child that had moved into Stephen Reid’s family two storey Swan River view family home at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia as caretakers to protect the home for Stephen Reid and his family from it being illegally bulldozed down by powerful billionaire building magnate Leonard Walter Buckeridge and his multi-billion BGC Group.

However Constable Michael Peter McMahon who was one of  Len Buckeridge’s personal stand-over and security boys, who just happened to also work at the time for the Western Australian Police Force, stole Mathew Clark’s keys for 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, and without any legal court order and/or other legal authority to make  to make such threats, threatened to have Mathew Clark, and his wife both arrested is they did not immediately vacate the house at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia. During the same incident and in front of Constable Michael Peter McMahon and Constable Phillip Barlow, another one of Len Buckeridge’s personal stand-over and security boys, who just happened to also work at the time for the Western Australian Police Force, Len Buckeridge then right in front of Constable Michael Peter McMahon and  Constable Phillip Barlow,  threatened to have Mathew Clark’s and his wife’s legs broken if  Mathew Clark and his wife did not immediately vacate the house at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia. Naturally with the police and Len Buckeridge’s threats and intimidation, Mathew Clark and his wife immediately vacated the house ate at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia. Thus as a direct result and consequence, the house at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia was left unprotected form illegal actions by Len Buckeridge and his BGC group of companies, and not long after this the Western Australian Pulblic Trustee, the Western Australian Government, the BGC Group of companies and others organised the large two story house at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia, which had been the Reid family home since 1953, to be completely demolished in 1996. Three years later the block was still just a vacant lot.


IN 1996 Stephen Reid was told by one of Leonard Walter Buckeridge ‘s stand over men that Len Buckeridge had employed to try and illegally take over possession of Stephen Reid’s two storey Swan River view family home at 135 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, that … “…Mr Reid, you do not seem to know who you are dealing with in trying to take on the very powerful Len Buckerigde…. Len Buckeridge is so powerful that he can pick up the phone at any time of the day or night and ring the Western Australian Police Commissioner, Robert Falconer, the Western Australian Premier Richard Court and even the Liberal Party Australian Prime Minister John Howard… and tell any of them what to do….” Len Buckeridhe was a very powerful Freemason, Triad member and well connected Zionist Jew, who was connected to some of the most internationally powerful Triad and Zionist Jewish investment groups and organisations in the world, who not only effectively run big business, the illegal and legal drug business, building business, the legal and political system in Western Australia, but in fact over the whole of Australia … while Len Buckeridge was alive his power and power base was virtually unlimited and the cash funds he had access to at any time was virtually unlimited. Len Buckeridge had the green light by the Western Australian and Australian Federal Police to commit  what every crimes he wanted and/or order whatever crimes he wanted carried out on his behalf, which meant that Len Buckeridge knew that whatever crime he was involved with he was completely free of any serious criminal investigation  and/or criminal charged ever being laid against him. Len Buckeridge was the true Al Capone of Western Australia and Australia as a whole, with a completely legit front as a billionaire building magnate, having build up hid BGC companies form a capital base of around $100,000  and a turnover of no more that around $1 million a year in about 1960 to being worth over $30 billion  with an annual turnover of over $150 billion, without even having to borrow these extra billions of dollars working capital needed to achieve this, along with claiming he never had any partner that injected nay funds for a share in his BGC Companies. Len Buckeridge knew that he could murder you and/or organise to have you murdered, as it was told to Stephen Reid by a retired Perth Businessman, Len Buckeridge had done many times in his life, without the fear of any criminal investigation and/or prosecution against him.

There were many instances where Len Buckeridge threatened to have peoples legs broke if they caused him or any of his companies harm and/or complained that any of his company’s services and/or products were not up to a reasonable standard ….

e.g. 1. A son of a friend of Stephen’s worked on a building site where Len Buckeridge was told that the concrete his company poured on that building site was cracking and not up to a high enough standard… Len Buckeridge then without any fear of being charged with a criminal offence for making the open statement he made to everyone on that particular building site that day, and without any shame  or embarrassment … openly threatened everyone there that ..  “…if anyone wants to complain about the quality of my company’s concrete, I will have their legs broke and members of their family’s legs broke…. Do I make myself clear….”


e.g.  2. A friend of Stephen Reid’s knew Len Buckeridge’s first wife ... told Stephen Reid that allegations were made at a family court hearing that Len Buckeridge had raped his sister in law, and had made her pregnant as a result of this rape … then when Len Buckeridge’s brother-in-law said he was thinking of reporting this rape to the police and other authorities, Len Buckeridge made is clear to the brother-in-law that is he did this that Len Buckeridge would organise to have his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law’s legs broken…


             Buckeridge legal advisor Michael Hodgkin at Len Buckeridge's memorial service held in Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia
The Who's Who is business, legal, court, media and political cirles at Len Buckeridge's memorial service held at the Cottesloe Civic Centre in Cottesloe March 2014 ... because of the massive financial wealth and prosperity that Len Buckeridge and his BGC Companies crought to Perth and Western Australia with billions of dollars  opf Triad and Zionist money laudered through the BGC Companies form around 1980 to the March, 2013 when Len Buckeridge died.... Len Buckeride was given a memorial send off fit for a king .... now one ha sbeen interested in all the well published proof of criminal offences committed by Len Byuckeridge over the years which he was never prosecuted for because of his power over the Western Australian Police, the Western Australian Politicians, the Western Australian Legal Cirles and the Western Australian Prosecution and Courts ..... Len Buckeridge not only built a reputation of being above the law.... but Len Buckeridge became the law ... judge ... jury ... and executioner ....

                                                           2003 picture of Len Buckeridge, right, with workers at the Fremantle Docks in Perth- WA                        
       Len Buckeridge's De-Facto Wife -Tootsie whose real name according to court documents is  Siok Pauy Koh  ...and Len Buckeridge at the Hyatt in 2003

In family Court transcripts Len Buckeridge was accused by raping his sister-in-law  ... and when her brother stated to Len Buckeridge he was going to make a formal police complaint, Len Buckeridge threatened to have his legs broken, thus he and his sister were too sacred to bring the matter to the police...

Building workers stated that they witnessed Len Buckeridge hearing complaints about the quality of the BGC concrete on his building sites ... then is response Len Buckeridge stated that is anyone wants to formerly complain about the quality of the BGC concrete ... I will have their  and their family's legs broken...

The Rupert Murdoch owned News Corporation Australian Newspaper, the Australian published a public statement made by Len Buckeridge that he wanted to be made public ... which stated..
" .. I have already paid money in advance to HitMen to have all the main union leaders in Australian murdered if anyone dares to carry out the union threats to have me murdered.... so the result of my murder will be the murder of all the main union leasers in Australia ..."
It was well known publicly that Len Buckeridge hated the unions, did not like employing workers who were members of a union and spend hundreds of millions helping the Liberal Government break the Waterside Union and other unions in Australia...

In a court statement under sworn  oath .... Len Buckeridge stated that he had unions threatening his life on a daily basis  ...

Tributes flow for WA business giant Len Buckeridge, who died today age 77 after an illness

MARCH 12, 2014


                                       Len Buckeridge's de-facto wife Tootsie (Siok Pauy Koh) and Len Buckeridge at the Hyatt in 2003

Len Buckeridge  publicly stated at a Liberal Party Conference held in Perth Western Australia, which was attended by John Winston Howard, Liberal Party Australian Prime Minister to Mr Howard … “… did your mother let you out for the day…?”. In another public statement which was published in the Western Australian and Australian Newspaper, Len Buckeridge made it  quite publicly clear that he had paid a lot of money up front to professional hit men, to have all of the main union leaders in Australia murdered if any of the threats that Len Buckeridge said he had received from union member members to have Len Buckeridge murdered, were every carried out … as a result of Len Buckeridge contining to use his financial and political power to destroy all the unions unions that building workers belonged to in Western Australia and the Waterside Workers Union that operates Australia wide. It is a criminal offence to pay a hit man to have a person or people murdered, for any reason whatsoever, yet, here was Len Buckeridge openly stating to newspaper journalists in Western Australia and Australia wide that he had prepaid hit men to murder all the union leaders if anyone murdered Len Buckeridge for any reason. So why wasn’t Len Buckeridge charged with some criminal offence relating to this very public statement, which he never denied making when a copy of this statement was published in the Western Australian and Australian newspapers.  In fact Len Buckeridge was extremely pleased that these main stream well read newspaper were put into print Len Buckeridge’s statement, which were more like a promise to have all the main Australian and Western Australian union leaders murdered , rather than a threat that he may have them murdered if they dared to have him murdered. The alleged threats to murder Len Buckeridge allegedly made by people representing union leaders that were upset about Len Buckeridge and is billions is cash money available to him, and his GGC companies making all possible attempts to destroy unions in Western Australia, and the Waterside Worker’s Union Australia wide, were never proven to be real threats as they were never made a public threats.


                                          Len Buckeridge with Tony Abbott and Premier Colin Barnett at a Liberal Party function at the Hilton Hotel

WA business giant Len Buckeridge, one of the state’s richest men, has died, aged 77, after a long battle with illness.

The Peppermint Grove billionaire businessman died at his home at 8.15am yesterday, his sister Margaret Halcombe said.

Mr Buckeridge, who was worth an estimated $2.56 billion, was the head of construction group BGC (Buckeridge Group of Companies), which has built a number of Perth’s major buildings, the most recent being Perth Arena, now feted as a state-of-the-art concert and sports venue.

Family History of Siok Puay Koh, more commonly known in Perth Western Australian social Circles as Tootsie, who as building magnates de-facto wife for around 40 years, as part of an family arrangement for  Siok Puay Koh's family and business connection to pump in billions of dollars in Len Buckeridge's BGC Companies form the 1960's onwards.... to the day of the death of Len Buckeridge in March 2014.

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Birdwatching in Pasir Ris Park (Pied Fantail)

The next generation of Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica) chicks were seen again almost a year one from the last time i saw them. This time round, they were still hatchlings compared to my previous posting back in May 2015 when they were already juveniles getting ready to fly and way oversized for the nest that it was hatched on.

While exploring the Park, was happy to see the Spotted Wood Owl again, although i saw only one.

Spotted Wood Owl 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lee Hong Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Lee Hong Neo passed away at the age of 80 on March 25, 1940 and is buried in Block 4 Section C plot 2014. The names of two sons are mentioned in her tomb, Koh Eng Hoe and Koh Eng Tiong. Also visible are names of  her grandchildren, Koh Choon Hong and Koh Chew Bock.

Madam Lee Hong Neo 

Madam Lee Hong Neo's tomb being enveloped by a Banyan Tree

Names of son and some of the grandchildren still visibl


The death notice is the first evidence and the names of the sons match. So do the year of death of Madam Lee Hong Neo matches the Year and Month of the notice below as well in the Bukit Brown burial registrar.

Burial registrar entry matches the location and plot number


I will start with the family members of Madam Lee Hong Neo that were easily discernible from reading the names of her son and grandson. One of her grandson scored many first in the legal domain, being the colony first Chinese District Judge and Deputy Public Prosecutor.

Son: Koh Eng Tiong 
I do not have much information about Koh Eng Tiong, but interesting enough, Koh Eng Tiong's son, Koh Choon Hong whose name appears at the tomb as the grandson of Madam Lee Hong Neo scores many mentions. Koh Choon Hong, born in Malaya, studied in Anglo Chinese School, Singapore. He went on to study law in Emanuel College, Cambridge in 1925. Called to Bar in June 1929, Koh Choon Hong was admitted to the Colony Bar in 1932. He went on to be an Assistant Official Assignee. He became the colony first Chinese District Judge and in July 1940, Koh Choon Hong was appointed Deputy Public Prosecutor in 1940, the first Chinese to receive this position.

Koh Choon Hong was appointed Referee of Titles by the Perak Government during the Dinding retro-cession back to Perak and was the Custodian of Enemy Property during World War II. In 1945, he served as a Major in the Intelligence Section of the British Army, Commissioner in Malayanisation Commission; Secretary-General, Labour Party (1954);  the Vice-President of the Singapore People's Alliance (1956). He stood for elections in the 1959 Singapore Legislative Assembly Elections and won for the Joo Chiat Constituency. 

Singapore Free Press November 13, 1925 , p 8.

Another interesting note was that Koh Choon Hong stood for the 1957 Legislative Assembly By- Elections as an Independent Candidate. He lost to Lee Kuan Yew of the People's Action Party.

 Choon Hong Koh


Former detective of Claremont serial killer case defends “dud” taskforce against criticism


Kim MacdonaldNews Corp Australia Network

The late Len Buckeridge and his de-facto wife Siok Puay Kohn (known as Tootsie) has been well known for along time to be close social and Freemason friends of the former Western Australian Police Officer David Caporn, attending many parties together at Len Buckeridge and Siok Puay's Swan River side mansion at 11 Johnson Parade Mosman Park.

Breaking his long-running silence on the cold case, David Caporn said he had not stopped thinking about Ms Spiers and the other two women who went missing from Claremont in 1996 and 1997, even after he left the police service in 2009.

Bradley Robert Edwards was last week charged with the murder of Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer. No charges have ever been laid over Ms Spiers’ death and her body has not been found.

Mr Caporn, who headed the taskforce between April 1997 and February 1999, also defended the Macro Taskforce’s handling of the investigation which has been criticised for focusing on the wrong prime suspect for two years.

“Hardly a day goes by without me thinking about the families of Sarah, Jane and Ciara. I hope and pray that more will come to light about Sarah,” he said.

RELATED: Cold case search goes on


THE former head of the Macro task force into the Claremont serial killer, Dave Caporn, has defended the taskforce’s investigation. Picture: Neil Eliot / The West AustralianSource:Supplied

A 2007 book called The Devil’s Garden suggested detectives had botched the inquiry, singling out Mr Caporn for “tunnel vision” by focusing on another man as a prime suspect.

Labor MP John Quigley told Parliament in November 2008 that it was a “dud” investigation.

But Mr Caporn was unapologetic on Sunday, saying the investigation did not focus on another man in the early days or have him as its sole focus.

“The taskforce commenced investigation in June 1996, five months after the disappearance of Sarah (Spiers),” he said.

Caporn said the man “did not come to the attention of the task force until several months after the disappearance and then discovery of Ciara’s body.


                                    Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon all disappeared in similar circumstances from the suburb of Claremont in Perth.

“The taskforce had already been investigating for over 18 months on a massive scale before we even started any inquiries about him.

“The allocation of resources to pursue any particular line of inquiry was always based on ‘what was known at the time.’

“And at that time, the only way we could eliminate persons of interest was by alibi.

“Alibis become harder to lock down the more time that passed, so the legwork by detectives on each and every reasonable person of interest was enormous.”

Mr Caporn left his fulltime role as head of the taskforce in February 1999 when he became substantive superintendent at Major Crime. He maintained some involvement in the taskforce until 2001 when he was appointed to head up Operation Zircon into the Lathlain bombing.

In August 2002 he led the West Metropolitan command and in 2004 was appointed assistant police commissioner. He was temporarily stood down on full pay in 2008 over his role in the wrongful conviction of Andrew Mallard in 1994. He left the police service in 2009 and is now semi-retired.

There was no evidence of police searches at the home owned by accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards in Kewdale on Sunday, or at a Madora Bay home once owned by his parents.

Flowers and a homemade card were left at the Wellard bushland area where murder victim Jane Rimmer’s body was found in August 1996.

Claremont serial killings: WA Police asked to investigate more disappearances


JANUARY 3, 2017

Kim Macdonald and Angela Pownall - News Corp Australia Network

THE parents of two Perth women who vanished more than 20 years ago are demanding police investigate any potential link between their deaths and the Claremont serial killings.

Kerry Turner, 18, vanished from Victoria Park on June 30 1991 after a night out with friends and her body was found in bush near Canning Dam a month later.


Julie Cutler, 22, disappeared after a staff party at the Parmelia Hilton in 1988 and her car was found overturned in the ocean about 50m off Cottesloe Beach two days later. Picture suppliedSource:Supplied

Julie Cutler, 22, disappeared after a staff party at the Parmelia Hilton in 1988 and her car was found overturned in the ocean about 50m off Cottesloe Beach two days later.


John and Sue Turner, whose daughter Kerry went missing from Victoria Park in 1991, in the early hours of the morning. Her body was found a month later near Canning Dam. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West AustralianSource:Supplied

Mr Cutler said police told him at the time of the Claremont murders that the cases were unlikely to be connected because Julie had disappeared eight years earlier, which appeared to fall outside the serial killer’s time frame.

Mr Turner was also told by police that it was unlikely that his daughter had been the victim of the Claremont serial killer.


Roger Cutler the disappearance of his daughter Julie. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West AustralianSource:Supplied

Neither Mr Cutler nor Mr Turner have heard from police since Bradley Robert Edwards was charged with the wilful murders of Ms Rimmer and Ms Glennon, as well as two sex attacks, just over a week ago.

A police spokesperson would not comment because the matter is before the courts.

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