"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.".... Aldous Huxley

the vatican took out all scripture in the new testament (at the beginning of its govt.) that talked about the marriage of jesus,
they did this to prevent priests from getting married, because if a priest got married he would leave his inheritance to his children and not the vatican.  the vatican is the sole owner of the Bank of America, at one time it had stock holdings in the business of pornography.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
"The clean-up crew based at the International Space Station (ISS) who will use the Hubble telescope to pinpoint and destroy all remaining survivors on WATERWORLD (formerly Earth)."

1.  MONK induced earthquakes.
2. A seven year World War III, started by the Ayatollahs in the middle-East (Manchurian Candidate Monks), in order to all kill Muslims, and the resulting nuclear fallout that will then kill all of the Chinese peoples who reside downwind.
3. The strike of an artificially redirected orbit of Eros, the 15 mile long asteroid, into the Arabian Sea that is expected will kill all of the peoples of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. (all U need is love ~ Eros)
4. The MOHO~MANDAN artificially induced earth crust displacement that will cause 40% of the ice on Antarctica to become floating icebergs; which will subsequently cause numerous TSUNAMI (tidal waves) and the permanent worldwide flooding of all coastal regions to Level 3, (80 feet above current sea level).
5. The clean-up crew based at the International Space Station (ISS) who will use the Hubble telescope to pinpoint and destroy all remaining survivors on WATERWORLD (formerly Earth).

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Victor and Tess Rothschild., both of whom had served in MI5 
at the same time were known as spy agents for the soviets
 under the code name DAVID and ROSA...Golitsyn, the Soviet Defector 

Golitsyn, the Soviet Defector is following link.
This is a sentence of  Rothschild was CIA...
Later when Wright was deeply involved in 'mole' hunting there were two Soviet code names, which in particular interested him:
 The messages decoded indicated that they had worked together, most likely as a married couple. The Soviet defector Golitsyn asked for the files of all MI5 officers who had been working for British Intelligence at the time of the Venona traffic. He studied the files and after a week asked Wright to come and see him in Brighton. Golitsyn pointed to two files on the desk in the study. 'I've discovered DAVID and ROSA,' he said 'My methodology has uncovered them.' Wright knew the names on the files well. 
They belonged to Victor and Tess Rothschild., both of whom had served in MI5.
 Wright told him not to be absurd, Rothschild, he informed the Russian, was one of the best friends this Service ever had. Golitsyn, however, was emphatic

Through the Looking Glass by Edward Jay Epstein

In the midst of a blinding snow storm, a short stocky man, bundled in a heavy overcoat, arrived at the American Embassy in Helsinki, Finland. He matter-of-factly identified himself as a consul at the Soviet Embassy, and then asked to see Frank Friberg. The request, coming from a Soviet stranger, immediately set off alarm bells; Friberg was the CIA station chief.

The procedures for dealing with a potential defector were immediately put in effect. After escorting the Russian visitor to an isolated room, the marine guard alerted the desk officer at the embassy, who relayed the Mayday message to the CIA station. Within minutes, Friberg rushed down to meet this Soviet "walk in". The stranger came right to the point. He identified himself as Anatoli Golitsyn, a major in the KGB. To leave no doubt in the mind of his CIA counterpart, he handed over a sheath of secret documents from the files of the Soviet Embassy in Helsinki. He said he would make further information available about the Soviet espionage apparatus if the CIA immediately arrange his safe passage to the United States, along with that of his wife and daughter.

It was an extraordinary offer. Friberg asked the Russian if he would consider returning to the Soviet Embassy and acting as an agent in place for the CIA. Golitsyn was adamant. He replied he would not survive if he returned. The KGB had means of identifying CIA agents in place-- and he could disclose them after he was safely in America. Friberg realized that he was suggesting that there was a serious leak in the CIA. Unable to persuade him to work as a mole, he asked how much time he had to organize his defection. Golitsyn replied that he had to be out by Christmas day. After that, his wife and daughter would be expected back in Moscow, and Soviet security personnel, who were being rotated over the holiday, would be back on active duty. This gave Friberg a maximum of forty-eight hours. In Washington, the frantic search through the CIA's central registry of records produced only a single "trace" on Golitsyn. Peter Derebian, a KGB officer who had been stationed in Vienna before defecting in 1954, had mentioned him to his CIA debriefers as a KGB officer who might be potentially disloyal to the Soviet Union. Before this lead could be followed up in Vienna, Golitsyn had been recalled to Moscow. The CIA had been given now a second chance. The Soviet Russia division authorized his immediate evacuation from Helsinki. No matter what diplomatic complications it would cause, it wanted to get this KGB officer in the palm of its hand, and use him to identify, and possible approach, other potential defectors in the Soviet diplomatic Corp. On Christmas day, a US air force courier plane landed at Helsinki's snow-covered airport. Servicing military attaches stationed abroad, such flights are routinely exempted from foreign customs and immigration inspection. This was, however, not a routine training mission. While the plane waited on the runway, a car pulled up beside it. Its passengers, who carried no luggage, quickly boarded the plane. Among them were Golitsyn, his wife and daughter. Minutes later, the plane was airborne again, en route to West Germany.  

The first round of interrogations took place at the US Army defector center outside of Frankfurt. Golitsyn was required to write out by hand his entire career in the KGB from the day he joined in 1948 to the day he defected-- listing all the positions he held, promotions he received and KGB officers with whom he came in contact. Unlike most previous defectors, who had field agents with limited knowledge about the central apparatus of the KGB, Golitsyn claimed to have been assigned to the KGB's headquarters in Moscow and also to its "think tank", the KGB institute, where intelligence operations were related to overall Soviet strategy.
To determine if his story was true, Golitsyn was next strapped into a stress-analyzing machine, used by the CIA as a lie-detector , and relentlessly quizzed about various details of his story -- a process known in the CIA as "fluttering". After each session, counterintelligence experts also compared each bit of information he provided with what was already known. By the end of the first week, the CIA was fully persuaded that he was a bona fide defector who had indeed held the positions in the KGB he claimed. Arrangements were then made to bring him and with his family to the United States. In February 1962, in an isolated and heavy-guarded CIA compound overlooking the Choptank River in Talbot County, Maryland, he began an extensive debriefing. To the amazement of his debriefers, he not only revealed knowledge of a wide range of secret NATO documents -- but he identified them by their code numbers. He explained that for convenience the KGB used the NATO numbering system to request specific documents, which would than arrive from its source in France in 72 hours. President John F. Kennedy, apprized of the Golitsyn revelations, then dispatched a personal courier to Paris, with an "eyes only" letter for President Charles De Gaulle. In it, he warned that the KGB had penetrated French intelligence. A few weeks later, six French intelligence officers, handpicked by De Gaulle, arrived in Washington. They carried with them specially-devised ciphers that by passed the normal channels of French intelligence, and kept their very presence in the United States a secret from even their own embassy. Their tape-recorded interrogation of Golitsyn, who they code-named Martel, took 14 days, and left them in a paralyzing quandary. The French intelligence secrets Golitsyn had provided came from the highest echelon of the French government. When the list of those having access to them was narrowed down, suspicion was focused on both the head of French counterintelligence and De Gaulle's personal intelligence advisor. Golitsyn then dropped another bombshell. He told of a KGB plan he had help draft in Moscow to use the French intelligence service to spy on missile sites in the American Midwest. French intelligence officers would be ordered by Paris to use their contacts to gather data -- for the benefit of Moscow. De Vosjoli initially was openly incredulous of this allegation. It not only implied that the KGB controlled French intelligence, but that it would blatantly use its officers to spy on the United States. His first reaction was that Golitsyn was a "plant", dispatched by the KGB for the express purpose of disrupting US-French relations. Several months later, however, he had to abandon this theory. He received an order from Paris to begin organizing French spy networks in the United States. The mission would be to ferret out secret data about American missile bases. De Vosjoli could not believe his eyes: it was the very order that Golitsyn claimed he had seen a year earlier in Moscow. Since he knew that France itself had no need for such information about US bases, he queried Paris for further clarification. The answer instructed him to implement the plan without further delay-- or questions. At this point, he realized that Golitsyn's assertion , as implausible as it first seemed, was correct. The KGB had penetrated French intelligence. He refused the order. In Paris, a top official, who was identified through Golitsyn's leads as a member of a spy ring, code-named Sapphire, was thrown from a window-- and died. When well-connected friends in Paris then informed de Vosjoli that this was done on orders of French intelligence to protect others in the ring. He then attempted going out of his normal reporting channels to General De Gaulle himself, but to no avail. By November 1963, he realized his own life was in jeopardy and he sought the protection of the CIA. Golitsyn, the source who had caused all this turmoil, was becoming throughout this period increasingly more difficult to debrief. He was an angry, short-tempered man with no patience for matters that he considered trivial. He prided himself on being a historian of Soviet foreign policy. His interrogators, on the other hand, needed to test every petty detail in his story. This led to constant friction. The Soviet Bloc Division seemed mainly concerned in having Golitsyn identify the KGB officers working under cover as diplomats at each embassy. He was tediously shown over one thousand snapshots of Soviet diplomats, usually surreptitiously taken, and asked if he recognized them. Then Golitsyn refused to look at any more photographs, shouting at his debriefers, "What good is knowing all the names in the KGB. .. if you don't understand what they do?". He insisted that they should be debriefing him on strategy-- not personnel. The interrogators let him finish his tirade, then, returned to the snapshots. Their job was to identify officers of the KGB, not delineate its geopolitical strategies. Then, when these photo sessions were over, Golitsyn was asked whether he would be willing to go abroad and personally contact former KGB acquaintances on behalf of the CIA. He refused, explaining "The KGB knows all your operations in advance". To prove his point, he ticked off a number of examples of CIA attempts to recruit Soviet diplomats in Switzerland and Austria which the KGB had had advanced warnings. The debriefers showed little interested in this assertion; instead they implied his debriefings were coming to an end. Golitsyn then demanded to see the President of the United States. When informed that such an audience was impossible, he became even less cooperative, and asked permission to go to England.. By the end of his first year, the CIA had concluded that they had "squeezed" Golitsyn of all the information he knew. In early 1963, it arranged to send him to England to be "resettled" under a new identity. Stephan De Mowbray handled his case there Before his defection, Golitsyn had worked at KGB headquarters in the northern European espionage division, which included England. He had prepared his defection by memorizing English as well as French documents. Many of these came directly from the files of MI-5, the British equivalent of the FBI. For example, he quoted verbatim from a secret report on the breaking of a Soviet code by British intelligence. As it turned out, one of his interrogators had written the report. When he rechecked the "bigot list"-- which identifies all those with access to the report, he found that it had been circulated is to only the top executives officers of MI5. How then could have Golitsyn seen it in Moscow? The only answer was that one of these executives had provided the KGB with the report. The search for that tainted executive, which would continue for over a decade, began with the setting up of a secret unit, called innocuously "The Fluency Committee". The members included De Mowbray and six other counterintelligence officers drawn from both MI-6 and MI-5. Their sole job was determining who was the mole. As these investigators evaluated the clues from Golitsyn and other sources, they gradually eliminated most of the names on the Bigot list. There remained two prime suspects-- Sir Roger Hollis, the Director of MI-5, and his deputy,Graham Mitchell. Both were put under surveillance.

When the investigation then rules out Mitchell, Sir Roger, the head of MI-5, remained the sole candidate. Although the Fluency Committee had no direct evidence that Sir Roger ever was in contact with Soviet intelligence, De Mowbray went personally to the seat of the British government at 10 Downing Street, identified himself, and asked to see the Prime Minister. To his surprise, he received an immediate appointment. He came right to the point and told him that there was reason to believe Sir Roger was a traitor. This initiative was not "popular" with his superiors. Two years later, De Mowbray retired.

Golitsyn's stay in England turned out to be unexpectedly brief. During his interrogation about the KGB agents in British intelligence, he alluded to a similar situation in the CIA. This possibility was of great concern to MI-5. It might explain the origin of some of its own untraced leaks. Arthur Martin, one of the most skilled interrogators in MI-5, quickly zeroed in on the CIA treatment of this charge. Had his leads been followed? Golitsyn insisted that they had not. Instead, the interrogators from the Soviet Russia Division persisted in asking the wrong questions. They wanted to know the names of case officer from the KGB, not the purpose behind their activities. They confused tactics, with strategy. He explained that the tactic was making contact with the "main enemy", the CIA, in order to compromise and recruit agents. The strategy was not merely to neutralize the CIA but to turn it into an instrument to serve Soviet objectives. Martin listened attentively. He already knew, from his experience with recruits the KGB had made in British intelligence, of the vulnerability of intelligence officers. He had also come to believe that the CIA had placed too much faith in security procedures, such as lie detector tests. He asked Golitsyn if he had any ideas about why his CIA interrogators had downplayed, if not entirely avoided this issue. Golitsyn said that he knew the KGB had been successful in recruiting at least one, and possibly more, CIA officers in the Soviet Russia Division. He assumed from the way he was treated that the mole (or moles) was still influential in the Division. It was clear to both Martin and De Mowbray that the CIA had badly mishandled Golitsyn's interrogation. While they did not the entirely buy his theory of an active mole in the Soviet Russia Division, they realized that it might have inhibited him from openly discussing this issue with the CIA. In any case, his allegation could not be lightly dismissed. If there was a penetration of this sensitive part of the CIA, it would affect all the allied intelligence services. Martin decided to go directly to his friend, James Angleton. Angleton had himself come to a similar conclusion about Golitsyn's original debriefing. Whatever was the reason, the Soviet Bloc Division had not got the full story out of Golitsyn. He thus went to Helms with an unprecedented request. He asked that responsibility for this defector be re-assigned to his counterintelligence staff. Helms found Angleton's case persuasive. He not only made the re-assignment but, as he explained to me, he gave Angleton "carte blanche" authority to use whatever resources were needed. In doing so, although he didn't realize it at the time, he set in motion the longest and most incredible debriefing in the history of the CIA. In July 1963, through a leak arranged by MI-5, a story appeared in the Daily Telegraph revealing that Golitsyn (under the purposely misspelled name "Dolitson" was in England. It had the calculated effect of persuading Golitsyn that his security could not be assured in England. Three weeks later, Golitsyn arrived back in the United States. Under Angleton's tutelage, there would be no more exhaustive grillings of him or repetitive showings of snapshots of Soviet diplomats. Angleton told him that his interest was not the KGB's staffing, or "order of battle", as it is called; but the "logic of Soviet penetration". As Angleton saw it, it was not a debriefing, but an "elicitation". Golitsyn became an intellectual partner in the process where their dinners would turn into discussion of Soviet politics that would continue into the early hours of the morning. Golitsyn was allowed to sift through sanitized copies of Angleton's "serials", searching for connections between these clues. To build his confidence, Angleton arranged for Golitsyn to brief Attorney-General Robert F. Kennedy on the KGB threat, and took him on trips to Europe and Israel to speak to allied intelligence executives. Golitsyn, encouraged by this attention, proposed organizing a new counterintelligence service which would be independent of the CIA. Angleton took it under consideration, although it had no chance of coming to fruition, to further drew out his ideas about the KGB. While this elicitation was proceeding, Angleton moved to plug the putative leak in the Soviet Russia Division. Golitsyn had insisted that it had to come from more than a single agent, and used the analogy of a growing "cancer" that the patient refused to recognize -- or cut out. With the assistance of the CIA's Office of Security, which has responsibility for ferreting out moles, he arranged a series of "marked cards" for the Soviet Russia Division. These were selected bits of information about planned CIA operations passed out, one at a time, to different units of the Division to see which, if any, leak to the enemy. The "marked card" in the initial test revealed that an effort would be made to recruit a particular Soviet diplomat in Canada. The Office of Security agents, watching the diplomat from a discreet distance, then observed the KGB putting its own survelliance on him on the day of the planned contact, realized that the "marked card" had gotten to the KGB. This test confirmed Golitsyn's suspicion that the mole was still active. Through a process of elimination, subsequent marked cards narrowed down the leak to the unit directly involved with recruiting REDTOPS. Since more than one individual was exposed to this marked information, and there was no way of knowing if there was more than one leak in that unit, the investigation could not weed out the mole (or moles) from the roster of suspects. Instead, beginning in 1966, the entire unit was cut off from sensitive cases until its personnel could be reshuffled. Murphy, Bagley and a dozen other officers were re-posted to Europe, Africa and Asia. This "prophylactic", as Angleton called it accounted for what appeared to the uninitiate be a "purge" over the Nosenko case. In any case, after the transfers, additional "marked cards" indicated that the penetration had been remedied. Angleton's interest, however, went well beyond the security problem arising from the recruitment of western case officers by the KGB. He wanted to know why the KGB had focussed its attention on particular units of the CIA, such as the operational side of the Soviet Russia Division. The real issue to Angleton was what purposes these penetrations advanced. Golitsyn explained that they were a necessary part of the deception machinery that had been out in place in 1959. Their job was to report back on how the CIA was evaluating material it was receiving from other KGB agents. These moles attempted to work their way into positions of access in the Soviet Russia Division or other parts of American intelligence that intercepted soviet data. With them in place, disinformation became a game of "show and tell" for the KGB. The dispatched defectors and other provocateurs, who could be anyone from a Soviet diplomat to a touring scientist, " showed" the CIA a Soviet secret, and then its moles told the KGB how the CIA had interpreted it. It was all coordinated from Moscow like an orchestra. This system was designed by the KGB, according to Golitsyn, to gradually convert the CIA into its own mechanism for manipulating the American government. Angleton wanted to know more about the Soviet apparatus foe deception. Why had the KGB moved from being a espionage to deception? Why had it been re-organized? Golitsyn suggested that it all began with a Politburo assessment in the mid 1950s that the Soviet Union would be unlikely to prevail in a nuclear war. It followed that if it was to win against the West, it would be by fraud rather than force. For this singular purpose, Soviet intelligence would have to undertake the tricky job of manipulating the information western leaders received. This sort of manipulation was not a new role for Soviet intelligence. After all,,under the leadership of Felix Dzerzhinskii in the 1920s, it had ran sustained disinformation campaigns, such as The Trust, against the West. Aleksandr Shelepin, a top executive of the Communist Party, was put in charge of the KGB in 1959, and given a mandate to return it to a mission of strategic deception. Under Shelepin, during this reorganization, Golitsyn worked on an analysis intended to demonstrate how convention spying could be subordinated to deception goals, without potentially compromising the secrecy of the latter. The intrinsic problem was that KGB officers had to be in contact with western intelligence officers either to recruit them or to pass them disinformation, and, this presented the opportunity to defect or otherwise be compromised. In fact, scores of Soviet intelligence officers had either defected or offered information to the CIA since the end of the war. While some of these sources could be assumed to be dispatched defectors from the KGB, a large number of the others turned out to be legitimate. How could the KGB sustain deceptions-- if it was probable that some of its officers would defect or otherwise betray its secret. Golitsyn explained that the KGB re-organization in 1958-9 was designed to avoid this vulnerability. It effectively separated the KGB into two distinct entities. An outer and inner KGB.

The "outer" KGB was made up of personnel who, out of necessity, had to be in contact with foreigners, and were therefore vulnerable to being compromised. It included KGB recruiters and spotters posted to embassies and missions ,military attaches, disinformation and propaganda agents and illegal case officers who worked abroad. Since they had to be in touch with Westerners, if only to attempt to recruit them as spies, they were assumed to be "doomed spies". A certain percentage would, by the law of probability would be caught. These "doomed spies" were the equivalent of pilots sent on raids over enemy territory. They were not only restricted from knowing any state secrets (other than what was necessary for their mission), but they were purposefully briefed on what it was useful for the enemy to learn if they were captured.

The "inner" KGB was the real repository of secrets. It was limited to a small number of trusted officers, under the direct supervision of the Politburo, who planned, orchestrated, controlled and analyzed the operations. ( According to Golitsyn, all potential security risks, which included most of the officers of Jewish descent, were transferred into the outer service in preparation for the reorganization). A "China wall" existed between these two levels. No personnel from the outer service would ever be transferred to the inner service, or vice versa. Nor would any personnel in the outer service ever be exposed to strategic secrets other than what had been prepared for them to divulge as disinformation. Angleton realized the implications of this reorganization. If Golitsyn was correct, it meant that the CIA knew virtually nothing about its adversary's capacity for orchestrated deception. To be sure, it had received fragmentary clues from other sources that Soviet intelligence was undergoing shifts in its personnel in 1959 but it had not been able fit these developments into any meaningful pattern. Seen through the new perspective provided by Golitsyn, the KGB turned out to be a different and much more dangerous instrument of Soviet policy. Its principle objective was to provide information to the CIA that would cause the United States to make the wrong decisions. Such information would appear to be credible because it would be fashioned to dovetail that U.S. intelligence received from other sources. It meant, moreover, that very targets the CIA was going after as recruits-- diplomats, military attaches, journalists, dissidents and intelligence officers-- were the carriers of this disinformation. They were all in the outer KGB. Even if they were persuaded to work in place as moles for the CIA, their information would be of dubious value. All they would have access to, aside from trivial details about their own espionage apparatus, was disinformation. Nor would any microphones the CIA planted in Soviet embassies be of any use. The chatter they would eavesdrop on would come from those excluded from the real strategic secrets of the inner KGB. They would thus only reinforce the disinformation. The Golitsyn thesis went further than invalidating the present tactics of the CIA and FBI. It impeached many of their past successes-- at least since the reorganization in 1959. This reassessment would be particularly damaging to double-agents and defectors who claimed to have access to strategic secrets. If they could not have had such access, as Golitsyn asserted, they had to be redefined as either frauds or dupes. In this new light, heroes became villains,and victories became defeats. It was the equivalent for the CIA of stepping through a looking glass. When Angleton presented the Golitsyn thesis to CIA and executives on the operational side, it aroused fierce resistance. Neither CIA nor FBI recruiters were willing to accept the idea that they were going after the wrong Soviet personnel. This would make them the accomplices, albeit unwitting, of Soviet deception-planners. They also were not receptive to a concept of the CIA that discredited valued sources, such as Oleg Penkovskiy, on whom many of them had built their careers. There was also the practical problem that the conclusions drawn from these sources had been forwarded over the years to the National Security Council and the President. The inference that this CIA product was based on KGB disinformation was not therefore not attractive to most of the executives of the CIA. At the FBI, the Golitsyn thesis was rejected out of hand by J. Edgar Hoover. He had a very powerful motive since FBI agents had recruited a number of Soviet diplomats at the U.N., such as Fedora and Tophat, as sources. They not only claimed that they had access to secrets from the decision-making level of the Politburo, but they furnished them on demand to the FBI. Hoover had personally passed some of this material directly to the President. He was not about to accept an interpretation that would render this data KGB disinformation. In 1967, he ended the issue, at least within the FBI, by branding Golitsyn a Soviet-controlled "provocateur and penetration agent" . He advanced the theory that the KGB had staged his defection to discredit the FBI. He then refused any further cooperation with the CIA aimed at substantiating Golitsyn's story. For example, he pointedly withdrew a FBI surveillance team which had been watching a suspect round-the clock on behalf of the CIA. And, as the tensions over this case increased, Hoover broke off all liaison relations with the CIA. (In 1978, after Hoover's death, the FBI acknowledged that Fedora and Tophat were KGB-controlled disinformation agents). By 1968, American intelligence was , as Helms described the situation, "a house divided against itself". Angleton's staff, and others executives who accepted Golitsyn's thesis, saw the need to take precautions against a reorganized KGB. Instead of targeting Soviet bloc embassy personnel, as it had done before, they wanted to find new ways of penetrating the heart of Soviet intelligence. They also had to make sure that their decisions were not being fed back to the KGB-- even if this meant disturbing careers paths in the CIA. Those involved in the gathering of intelligence saw the situation in very different terms. The attempt to validate the thesis of a Soviet defector had prevented the CIA's Soviet Russia Division from going after promising Soviet recruits. It had also led to defectors being held offshore to avoid another "Nosenko" incident. And it kept reports officers, whose job it was to extract information from agents' reports, from extracting valuable information from sources who had already been recruited. It had, from their point of view, all but paralyzed normal intelligence operations. The frustration of these officers was intensified by the secrecy surrounding the dispute. Few of them were briefed on the Golitsyn thesis. All they knew was that their work was being called into question by Angleton and his staff. As the years dragged on, the mysterious investigation appeared to them as nothing more than "sick think". What neither side in the CIA could see was the other's logic. It was like the celebrated experiment in Gestalt psychology in which one can either see two faces or a wine cup in a picture , but not both. Similarly, the CIA could not deal two mutually exclusive concepts of its enemy. What its operational officers and analysts looked at as valid information, furnished by Soviet sources who risked their lives to cooperate, counterintelligence officers saw as disinformation, provided by KGB dispatched and controlled sources. Finally, Helms decided that Gordian knot had to be cut. He suggested that the test of Golitsyn's thesis should be its utility. Could it be used to identify the deceptions of the Kremlin? If not, what good was it to the CIA? Helms asked, what had 7 years of debriefing Golitsyn produced in practical terms: " an elephant or a mouse?." Golitsyn had never claimed to have participated in any of the actual deceptions planning. He had only seen the mechanism for executing them being put in place. When pressed by Angleton's staff as to what these deceptions might be, Golitsyn could only extrapolate from clues a decade old. They were, at best, unproven theories. For example, he speculated that many of the apparent divisions in the eastern bloc, including the split between China and the Soviet Union, had been staged to throw the West off balance. When he presented them in 1968 to the special committee Helms had assembled, he was unable to convince its members, especially since they directly contradicted the CIA's picture of world events. When skeptic pressed him about his evidence, he became extremely defensive, and demanded their evidence for disputing his theories. The meeting ended acrimoniously, with Golitsyn shouting back at the CIA experts as they subjected him to a cross-fire of objections. Helms concluded that whatever the value of the "vintage" information that he supplied, Golitsyn's speculations about current KGB operations, to which he had no direct access, was worthless to the CIA. He had failed the test. Angleton, who had survived in the CIA bureaucracy for twenty years, understood that this meant that ~Golitsyn was to be "put on the shelf". A patient man, he was willing to wait to see if future evidence developed. In the meantime, he encouraged Golitsyn to set down all the details of the KGB reorganization in a manuscript. The issue of Soviet deception was not settled until 1973. While Helms was willing to tolerate the doubts of Angleton, the new Director William E. Colby, was not. Colby, the son of a Jesuit missionary, whose main experience in the CIA had been in paramilitary and political activities, rejected out of hand Angleton's complicated view of KGB strategic deception. He saw the job of the CIA as a straight forward one of gathering intelligence for the President. He considered "the KGB as something to be evaded" . It was not to be the "object of the CIA's operations". Whereas Angleton had encouraged a policy of suspecting "walk in" defectors and double-agents, he decided to encourage their recruitment. He explained: "We spent an inordinate amount of time worried about false defectors and false agents. I'm perfectly willing to accept if you try to go out and get ten agents you may get one or two that will be bad. You should be able to cross check your information so that you are not led very far down the garden path... at least you'll have eight good agents." This conceptual change was reflected in a top secret order that went out to all CIA stations in 1973. Rather than rejecting REDTOPS who made contact, until their bona fides could be established, it advised: " Analysis of REDTOP walk-ins in recent years clearly indicates that REDTOP services have not been seriously using sophisticated and serious walk-ins as a provocation technique. However, fear of provocations has been more responsible for bad handling than any other cause. We have concluded that we do ourselves a disservice if we shy away from promising cases because of fear of provocation... We are confident that we are confident of determining whether or not a producing agent is supplying bona fide information." Angleton had lost the battle. It was only a question of time before Colby formally got rid of him.




Asia Minor (Anatolia) in today's eastern Turkey was once called Cappadocia. Throughout this region, and all the way into the Zagros mountains of Persia (Iran) to the east, in the Kingdom of Media, lived the Kurds. In the period at the end of the last Ice Age, from 9500~9000 BC, the Kurds Media Priest~Hood was known as the Magi or, the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture.

To dispose of dead bodies these Priests practised excarnation. "It is said that the body of a male Persian is never buried, until it has been torn either by a dog or a bird of prey. That the Magi had this custom there is no doubt, for they practised it without any concealment." Once the bodies had been picked clean, the bones were gathered and placed in a stone ossuary (box) and stored indoors, in caves, in a manner very similar to how the ashes of a deceased who has recently been cremated are preserved in Urns today. Since then, Ossuaries have become the trademark, or symbol, that identifies the presence of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture, the Magi Priest~Hoods of Turkey's Land of Media.
The Kingdom of Media, stretching from today's Turkey to Azerbaijan, including parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran, along with Russia's Georgia and Armenia, was to be known later as Kurdistan. It is the nation of the Kurdish people - the northern Kurds. The Kurds are mountain shepherds whose specialty, to this day, is the fabrication of illusions; as one can tell by the recent lootings of the Nationa l Library and Museum in Iraq. In fact, the fabrication of various religions, their grandest illusions for the world, is their favorite pastime.
First, in ancient times, they fabricated Zoroastrianism for Persia, then Parsee and Hinduism for India, Buddhism for Thibet, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many, many more End Times religions. Likewise, they have written as many as 6000 different languages to divide and conqer the world. Also, the fabrication of arts and entertainment, especially that which is linked to politics, religion and gambling, is also of great interest to the Kurds.
The purpose for all of this is to make people feel good about being slaves to a worldwide political/religious system that robs them of their birthright. To accomplish their goals in the West, Kurds have had to open branch offices in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Basque Country, Rome, France, Ireland and Scotland, as well as, in both North and South America. As a matter of fact the business of creating illusions which is known to Insiders as 'Rhombus' (lozenge), has become so profitable that the Magi Priest~Hoods who control the Kurds have had to move out of Media and establish new headquarters in distant mountain ranges that provide them with additional privacy, security and expanded space, and where they can lay out their vast and ever growing booty. 
This new Head-office is now located in Antarctica, while the day to day operations and communications between Europe and America are being monitored from Greenland. The Azores, those little islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which belong to Portugal, are also being used by the recently amalgamated Kurd~Basque PHOENIX priest~hoods for the occasional seminar, or briefing.
However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If a student of reality wishes to begin to overstand ultimate reality, in lieu of the Kurd/Basque so-called fabricated history, the place to begin the search is in the Kingdom of Media, otherwise known as Kurdistan, to the north of the modern day and recently liberated, Iraq. Kurdistan, centered on Lake Van and the twin peaks of Greater and Lesser Mount Ararat, above the Greater and Lesser Zab rivers, is a land riddled with underground caves that are big enough (2 to 3 square miles) to hold upwards 20,000 people each. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia has as many as 36 of these underground cities that together are capable of holding a combined population of at least 200,000 people. These man-made caves date back to the end of the last Ice Age; that is, 9500 BC. The 'Eastern Question' then becomes, "Who, first created such an amnesia among the masses, as to cause them to forget reality, and replace it with the illusion that has since been known as 'history' ?". According to some experts there are three choices. Either, they were alien messengers in the service of some religious God, as the Kurds would like you to believe. Or they were simply imaginary creations of our ancestors. Or they really did once walk the earth, and still do today, yet be it underground; as beings of flesh and blood who overstand science and technology at a level which we are only now beginning to comprehend. To me there is but one choice and that is the latter. They are Homo-Erectus, the sasquatch or watchers and their offsprings, the Nephilim, otherwise known as the Mandan MOHO; they are troglodytes who reside within the basalt layer of the earth's crust and Antarctica (Atlantis). Only they, the MOHO, could have established the national boundaries that make up the different countries of the world today and implement a tax collection or tollgating scheme that deprives the people on the surface of the earth of their birthright and turns them into braindead slaves-who-do-their-own-shopping.

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THINK the next time you shout ~I AM FREE~! All people are Free. Braindead Slaves cost their controllers absolutely nothing and they do their own shopping. VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE




In the Koran, the story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood which first appeared in the works of the Magi, and later, Zarathustra, is repeated.
Yet in this version the vessel comes to rest on the mountain of Judi. Kurdish tradition links this location with Cudi Dag, a mountain located sixty-five miles south of Lake Van, in Turkish Kurdistan.

Christians of all nations and confessions, Mussulmans (Muslims) of both Shiah and Sunni type, Sabaeans of Yemen (Mandaeans), Jews, and Yezidis (Shaitan~Satan worshippers) all believe that this is the place from where the Mandan Watchers (Shinning Ones) in Enochian and Dead Sea religious literature (Sons of God coming unto the Daughters of Men ~ Genesis 6) made their re-entry descent into the Fertile Valley of Iraq, following the Great Flood.

This is Persian Freemasonry's allegory for the second generation of Genetically Modified Organisms now known as Homo Sapien-Sapiens. We, the modern dwellers on the surface of the planet, are in fact the result of ancient pre-historic DNA cloning; a species fabricated by the TaXmas of Antarctica (Atlantis). We are but an interim group of "suckers", here temporarily, to live out our lives as Guinea Pigs and Caretakers of the plan~et's coming New World Order; and whose main purpose will be the exploration of the universe on behalf of the Mandan-MOHO Priest~Hoods.

These tax-collecting Priest~Hoods of Kurdistan, Thibet and the Basque Country, consider themselves to be our masters; the self-styled 'Universal Spirit' (US) of the world.

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"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.".... Aldous Huxley

the vatican took out all scripture in the new testament (at the beginning of its govt.) that talked about the marriage of jesus,
they did this to prevent priests from getting married, because if a priest got married he would leave his inheritance to his children and not the vatican.  the vatican is the sole owner of the Bank of America, at one time it had stock holdings in the business of pornography.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
"The clean-up crew based at the International Space Station (ISS) who will use the Hubble telescope to pinpoint and destroy all remaining survivors on WATERWORLD (formerly Earth)."

1.  MONK induced earthquakes.
2. A seven year World War III, started by the Ayatollahs in the middle-East (Manchurian Candidate Monks), in order to all kill Muslims, and the resulting nuclear fallout that will then kill all of the Chinese peoples who reside downwind.
3. The strike of an artificially redirected orbit of Eros, the 15 mile long asteroid, into the Arabian Sea that is expected will kill all of the peoples of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. (all U need is love ~ Eros)
4. The MOHO~MANDAN artificially induced earth crust displacement that will cause 40% of the ice on Antarctica to become floating icebergs; which will subsequently cause numerous TSUNAMI (tidal waves) and the permanent worldwide flooding of all coastal regions to Level 3, (80 feet above current sea level).
5. The clean-up crew based at the International Space Station (ISS) who will use the Hubble telescope to pinpoint and destroy all remaining survivors on WATERWORLD (formerly Earth). ~ 11.6116.22


1 - Will the neo.Conservatives who seem to guide the US military since 9/11 be capable of completing the work of saving America despite itself (outlast the Trojan Horses and Talking Mules) ?

2 - If they don't, what will be the final order of destruction the MOHO~MANDAN will choose from the following list of cataclysmic events they have planned for us :

a. The total destruction of California by a MONK induced earthquake.

b. A seven year World War III, started by the Ayatollahs in the middle-East (Manchurian Candidate Monks), in order to all kill Muslims, and the resulting nuclear fallout that will then kill all of the Chinese peoples who reside downwind.

c. The strike of an artificially redirected orbit of Eros, the 15 mile long asteroid, into the Arabian Sea that is expected will kill all of the peoples of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. (all U need is love ~ Eros)

d. The MOHO~MANDAN artificially induced earth crust displacement that will cause 40% of the ice on Antarctica to become floating icebergs; which will subsequently cause numerous TSUNAMI (tidal waves) and the permanent worldwide flooding of all coastal regions to Level 3, (80 feet above current sea level).

e. The clean-up crew based at the International Space Station (ISS) who will use the Hubble telescope to pinpoint and destroy all remaining survivors on WATERWORLD (formerly Earth).

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Goreme, Cappadocia Turkey Derinkuyu underground city
Cappadocia Turkey
One of the characteristics of Cappadocia is having plenty of underground cities. It's known that there are more than a hundred of underground settlements in the region and many of them are not open for visits. The underground cities, which are guessed to be used since the Bronze Age, used to be a settlement mostly in Byzantine period, doubtless. In this period, increasing invasions forced local residents to build underground cities for protection and religious purposes. Certainly the most interesting features of the Cappadocia area are the underground cities founded within. Until now even that have been determined about 40 underground cities just six of these have been opened for visit. Nobody can know how many underground cities there are in the Cappadocia area. Some say that there is one for every village and settlement in the region but certainly not all of the sites can be described as cities. Well known underground cities of Cappadocia area are Tatlarin Underground cityDerinkuyu Underground CityOzkonak Underground CityMazi Village Underground CityKaymakli Underground City and Gaziemir Underground City. The first inhabitants of Cappadocia area have opened deep cavities within the volcanic rocks due to escape from the attacks of the wild animals and hard winter conditions and then they have enlarged these cavities according to their daily needs, they opened new cavities and created the underground cities connecting these cavities with tunnel and labyrinths. Later the underground cities were the place of the hiding of the first Christians who escaped from the persecution of the Roman soldiers and were enlarged to able when were necessary an entire city to live and every kind of fixture necessary for the living of the people has been attached. When there wasn't any danger the people living on the ground in case of the danger have hidden in the underground cities. For this reason all the homes at that time were connected to the underground cities with a tunnel.In all of the underground cities there are ventilation chimneys reaching place by place to a depth of 80 and until the underground waters. These chimneys were opened due to meet the need of both the ventilation and water. Within the cities that are tepid in winters and cool in summers there are kitchens, cribs, wine houses, depots for cereals, meeting saloons, toilets shortly every kind of living space necessary for living. Within all the cities there are locking stones which can be opened and closed only from inside against to the threats which may come from outside.
The oldest written source about underground cities is the Anabasis named book of Xenophon (Written around B.C. 4). In the book is mentioned that the people living in Anatolia have caved their houses underground and that the houses are connected to each other with holes: "The houses were built underground; the entrances were like wells but they broadened out lower down. There were tunnels dug in the ground for the animals wkile the men went down by ladder. Inside the houses there were goats, sheep, cows and poultry with their young..."

Cappadocia which is unique in the world and is a miraculous nature wonder is the common name of the field covered by the provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir in theCentral Anatolian region.

 In the upper Myosen period in the Cappadocia region as a result of the vulcanic eruptions occurred in Erciyes, Hasandag and Gulludag, in the region was formed a large tableland from the vulcanic tufas and together with the erosion of the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thausands of years there appeared the chimney rocks which are a wonder of the nature.  In the old Bronze Age the Cappadocia which was the population zone of the Assyrian civilization later has hosted the Hittite, Frig, Pers, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. The first Christians escaped from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century B.C. came to the Cappadocia over the Antakya and Kayseri and they have settled here. The first Christians finding the underground cities from Cappadocia have been hidden in these underground cities which gates were made in such way in which they couldn't be easily observed and they have escaped from the persecution of the Roman soldiers. Due that they had live in the underground cities for long duration without being able to go out they have developed these underground cities by making provisions rooms, ventilation chimneys, wine production places, churches, abbeys, water wells, toilets and meeting rooms.

 In the prehistoric periods the first human settlements have begun and the humans have constructed the underground cities in the volcanic rocks in form of tufa due to protect themselves from the wild animals and they lived for long times in these underground cities. There are so many underground cities on the Cappadocia area of Turkey but the biggest is Derinkuyu Underground City.

In these cities made in form of rooms connected to each others some of the rooms were connected to each other only with the tunnels tight and permitting passing of just a person. At the access gates of these tunnels there were huge stone rollers used for closing the tunnels for security reasons.

 The first populations of the region of Cappadocia were Hatties, Luvies and Hittites. In the 3000-2000 years B.C. the Assyrians have established trade colonies in this region. The Cappaddocian tables with cuneiform in Assyrian language founded at Kanes which are lighting the social and politic life of the period and were in the same time the trade and economical agreements are the firs written tablets of Anatolia. According to these documents in that period in Anatolia were founded small local kingdoms non-depending from a central authority. These had in generally in their hands a little area and were living in peace. The region creating the core of the Hittite Empire later has go under the domination of Phrigia and Pers. The Pers civilization has called this region Katpatuka and its center was Mazaka. When Datames the Satrab (Starab: little district administrator at Pers) of Cappadocia has bear arms against the biggest king of Pers, the other Anatolian Satrabs have been supported him but the revolt has been raided. In 33 b.c. the Big Alexander has captured a big part of Cappadocia. In 188 B.C. The Cappadocia which entered under the Roman domination has been captured in 100 B.C. by the Mithridatesd the king of Pontus but in 63 B.C. Pompeius has defeated Mithridates and took again the Cappadocia under the domination of Rome. In the period of Tiberius the Cappadocia gainded the status of Roman district.

 Cappadocia was one of the most important places in the spreading periods of the Christian religion. The first christians trying to escape from the Roman soldiers who wanted to avoid the spreading of the Christian religion have settled in the region of Cappadocia which was so suitable for hiding and so they were able to continue their natures and to spread their religions. Saint Basileious from Kaisera and Saint Gregorios from Nyssa had settled in Cappadocia. In 647 A.C. together with occupation of Kayseri by Muaviye Cappadocia has met with the Arabian invasions. Cappadocia which went under the domination of the Seljuks in 1072 has been added to the lands of Ottoman Empire in 1399 by the Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Beyazit.

Goreme Open Air Museum

 Cappadocia which is in our days one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey is visited every year by hundred thousands of tourists coming from every part of the world


Asia Minor (Anatolia) in today's eastern Turkey was once called Cappadocia. Throughout this region, and all the way into the Zagros mountains of Persia (Iran) to the east, in the Kingdom of Media, lived the Kurds. In the period at the end of the last Ice Age, from 9500~9000 BC, the Kurds Media Priest~Hood was known as the Magi or, the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture.
To dispose of dead bodies these Priests practised excarnation. "It is said that the body of a male Persian is never buried, until it has been torn either by a dog or a bird of prey. That the Magi had this custom there is no doubt, for they practised it without any concealment." Once the bodies had been picked clean, the bones were gathered and placed in a stone ossuary (box) and stored indoors, in caves, in a manner very similar to how the ashes of a deceased who has recently been cremated are preserved in Urns today. Since then, Ossuaries have become the trademark, or symbol, that identifies the presence of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture, the Magi Priest~Hoods of Turkey's Land of Media.
The Kingdom of Media, stretching from today's Turkey to Azerbaijan, including parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran, along with Russia's Georgia and Armenia, was to be known later as Kurdistan. It is the nation of the Kurdish people - the northern Kurds. The Kurds are mountain shepherds whose specialty, to this day, is the fabrication of illusions; as one can tell by the recent lootings of the Nationa l Library and Museum in Iraq. In fact, the fabrication of various religions, their grandest illusions for the world, is their favorite pastime. First, in ancient times, they fabricated Zoroastrianism for Persia, then Parsee and Hinduism for India, Buddhism for Thibet, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many, many more End Times religions. Likewise, they have written as many as 6000 different languages to divide and conqer the world. Also, the fabrication of arts and entertainment, especially that which is linked to politics, religion and gambling, is also of great interest to the Kurds.

The purpose for all of this is to make people feel good about being slaves to a worldwide political/religious system that robs them of their birthright. To accomplish their goals in the West, Kurds have had to open branch offices in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Basque Country, Rome, France, Ireland and Scotland, as well as, in both North and South America. As a matter of fact the business of creating illusions which is known to Insiders as 'Rhombus' (lozenge), has become so profitable that the Magi Priest~Hoods who control the Kurds have had to move out of Media and establish new headquarters in distant mountain ranges that provide them with additional privacy, security and expanded space, and where they can lay out their vast and ever growing booty.

This new Head-office is now located in Antarctica, while the day to day operations and communications between Europe and America are being monitored from Greenland. The Azores, those little islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which belong to Portugal, are also being used by the recently amalgamated Kurd~Basque PHOENIX priest~hoods for the occasional seminar, or briefing. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If a student of reality wishes to begin to overstand ultimate reality, in lieu of the Kurd/Basque so-called fabricated history, the place to begin the search is in the Kingdom of Media, otherwise known as Kurdistan, to the north of the modern day and recently liberated, Iraq. Kurdistan, centered on Lake Van and the twin peaks of Greater and Lesser Mount Ararat, above the Greater and Lesser Zab rivers, is a land riddled with underground caves that are big enough (2 to 3 square miles) to hold upwards 20,000 people each. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia has as many as 36 of these underground cities that together are capable of holding a combined population of at least 200,000 people. These man-made caves date back to the end of the last Ice Age; that is, 9500 BC.

The 'Eastern Question' then becomes, "Who, first created such an amnesia among the masses, as to cause them to forget reality, and replace it with the illusion that has since been known as 'history' ?". According to some experts there are three choices. Either, they were alien messengers in the service of some religious God, as the Kurds would like you to believe. Or they were simply imaginary creations of our ancestors. Or they really did once walk the earth, and still do today, yet be it underground; as beings of flesh and blood who overstand science and technology at a level which we are only now beginning to comprehend. To me there is but one choice and that is the latter. They are Homo-Erectus, the sasquatch or watchers and their offsprings, the Nephilim, otherwise known as the Mandan MOHO; they are troglodytes who reside within the basalt layer of the earth's crust and Antarctica (Atlantis). Only they, the MOHO, could have established the national boundaries that make up the different countries of the world today and implement a tax collection or tollgating scheme that deprives the people on the surface of the earth of their birthright and turns them into braindead slaves-who-do-their-own-shopping.





Asia Minor (Anatolia) in today's eastern Turkey was once called Cappadocia. Throughout this region, and all the way into the Zagros mountains of Persia (Iran) to the east, in the Kingdom of Media, lived the Kurds. In the period at the end of the last Ice Age, from 9500~9000 BC, the Kurds Media Priest~Hood was known as the Magi or, the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture.

To dispose of dead bodies these Priests practised excarnation. "It is said that the body of a male Persian is never buried, until it has been torn either by a dog or a bird of prey. That the Magi had this custom there is no doubt, for they practised it without any concealment." Once the bodies had been picked clean, the bones were gathered and placed in a stone ossuary (box) and stored indoors, in caves, in a manner very similar to how the ashes of a deceased who has recently been cremated are preserved in Urns today. Since then, Ossuaries have become the trademark, or symbol, that identifies the presence of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture, the Magi Priest~Hoods of Turkey's Land of Media.

The Kingdom of Media, stretching from today's Turkey to Azerbaijan, including parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran, along with Russia's Georgia and Armenia, was to be known later as Kurdistan. It is the nation of the Kurdish people - the northern Kurds. The Kurds are mountain shepherds whose specialty, to this day, is the fabrication of illusions; as one can tell by the recent lootings of the Nationa l Library and Museum in Iraq. In fact, the fabrication of various religions, their grandest illusions for the world, is their favorite pastime.
First, in ancient times, they fabricated Zoroastrianism for Persia, then Parsee and Hinduism for India, Buddhism for Thibet, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many, many more End Times religions. Likewise, they have written as many as 6000 different languages to divide and conqer the world. Also, the fabrication of arts and entertainment, especially that which is linked to politics, religion and gambling, is also of great interest to the Kurds.
The purpose for all of this is to make people feel good about being slaves to a worldwide political/religious system that robs them of their birthright. To accomplish their goals in the West, Kurds have had to open branch offices in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Basque Country, Rome, France, Ireland and Scotland, as well as, in both North and South America. As a matter of fact the business of creating illusions which is known to Insiders as 'Rhombus' (lozenge), has become so profitable that the Magi Priest~Hoods who control the Kurds have had to move out of Media and establish new headquarters in distant mountain ranges that provide them with additional privacy, security and expanded space, and where they can lay out their vast and ever growing booty.
This new Head-office is now located in Antarctica, while the day to day operations and communications between Europe and America are being monitored from Greenland. The Azores, those little islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which belong to Portugal, are also being used by the recently amalgamated Kurd~Basque PHOENIX priest~hoods for the occasional seminar, or briefing. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If a student of reality wishes to begin to overstand ultimate reality, in lieu of the Kurd/Basque so-called fabricated history, the place to begin the search is in the Kingdom of Media, otherwise known as Kurdistan, to the north of the modern day and recently liberated, Iraq.


Kurdistan, centered on Lake Van and the twin peaks of Greater and Lesser Mount Ararat, above the Greater and Lesser Zab rivers, is a land riddled with underground caves that are big enough (2 to 3 square miles) to hold upwards 20,000 people each. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia has as many as 36 of these underground cities that together are capable of holding a combined population of at least 200,000 people. These man-made caves date back to the end of the last Ice Age; that is, 9500 BC. The 'Eastern Question' then becomes, "Who, first created such an amnesia among the masses, as to cause them to forget reality, and replace it with the illusion that has since been known as 'history' ?". According to some experts there are three choices. Either, they were alien messengers in the service of some religious God, as the Kurds would like you to believe. Or they were simply imaginary creations of our ancestors. Or they really did once walk the earth, and still do today, yet be it underground; as beings of flesh and blood who overstand science and technology at a level which we are only now beginning to comprehend. To me there is but one choice and that is the latter. They are Homo-Erectus, the sasquatch or watchers and their offsprings, the Nephilim, otherwise known as the Mandan MOHO; they are troglodytes who reside within the basalt layer of the earth's crust and Antarctica (Atlantis). Only they, the MOHO, could have established the national boundaries that make up the different countries of the world today and implement a tax collection or tollgating scheme that deprives the people on the surface of the earth of their birthright and turns them into braindead slaves-who-do-their-own-shopping.

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Vieira Camino de Santiago

The cockle shell or the scallop-shell was worn by pilgrims in their hats as a token of their profession. The scallop-shell, the staff, and sandals form a part of the costume of a Masonic Knight Templar in his costume as a Pilgrim Penitent. Shakespeare makes Ophelia sing -

"And how shall I my true love know
From any other one?
O, by his scallop-shell and staff,
And by his sandal shoon!"

The scallop-shell was in the Middle Ages the recognized badge of a pilgrim. One Masonic authority states that "It is not easy to account for the origin of the shells a badge worn by the pilgrim, but it decidedly refers to much earlier Oriental customs than the journeys of Christians to the Holy Land, and its history will probably be found in the mythology of eastern nations." The shell was an ancient symbol of of the Syrian goddess Astarte, Venus Pelagia, or Venus rising from the sea. Strictly the the scallop-shell was the badge of pilgrims visiting the shrine of St. James of Compostella, and hence it is called by naturalists the pecten Jacooeus - the comb shell of St. James. All pilgrims that visit St. James of Compostella in Spain returned thence obsiti conchis, 'all beshelled about' in fact, in mediaeval times distinguished by the peculiar badge which they wore, as designating the shrine which they had visited. Thus pilgrims from Rome wore the keys, those from St. James the scallop-shell, and those from the Holy Land palm branches, whence such a pilgrims was sometimes called a palmer. But this distinction was not always rigidly adhered to, and pilgrims from Palestine frequently wore the shell. At first the shell was sewn of the cloak, but afterwards transferred to the hat; and while, in the beginning, the badge was not assumed until the pilgrimage was accomplished, eventually pilgrims began to wear it as soon as they had taken their vow of pilgrimage, and before they had commenced their journey.



Pan Pan Pan

Various origins have been given to Pan (or the Universe), one of which is, that he sprang from Chaos; that is to say, Chaos contained the seeds of all things.

Among the most learned of the ancients, Pan was considered as one of the oldest divinities; and according to the Egyptians, and the most learned of the Grecian sages, he had neither father nor mother, but sprang from Demogorgon (the genius of the earth) at the same instant with the fatal ParcAE. A beautiful way of saying that the universe derived its origin from a power unknown to them, and was formed according to the unalterable relations, and eternal aptitude of things, as were the Fates, daughters of Necessity.

The figure of pan represents the universe, and is a delineation of nature and the rough face which it first wore, while his spotted robe of leopard's skin represents the starry heavens. His person is a compound of various and opposite parts, rational and irrational, a man and a goat ; so is the world; - an all governing mind and heterogeneous, prolific elements pervade and constitute it.

Pan's symbol of the pipes is most eloquently expressive of nature's divine, harmonious constitution, and of the order and measure that govern all her works, producing that solemn movement called the music of the spheres; imperceptible indeed to our material organ, but so delightful and pleasing to the ear of the mind. This wondrous reed on which he incessantly plays, iscomposed of seven pipes, unequal among themselves, but fitted together in such just proportion as to produce the most unerring and melodious notes, calling forth the echo, which poets have made the object of his love.

The worship and the different of functions of Pan, were derived from the mythology of the Egyptians. This deity was one of the eight great gods that they worshiped, ranking before the other gods, which the Romans called Consentes. The regarded him as the emblem of fecundity, and principle of all things; therefore the Greeks gave him the appellation of Pan. He was worshiped with great solemnity at Mendes.

By the Arcadians he was venerated as the chief of the rural deities. Herdsmen and shepherds are said to have dreaded the sight of Pan, yet they regarded him as the tutelary deity of themselves, and of their flocks and herds, and brought him frequent offerings of milk and honey. Sacrifices were offered to him in a deep cave in the midst of the wood. The Athenians had a statue of him like that of Mars, and in some antique gems and sculptures his figure is nearly as formidable as that of Medusa.

At Rome, there was a yearly festival celebrated in honor of Lupercus, or the Grecian Pan, with whom he was identified. This celebration took place in the 15th of Feburary, and was called Lupercalia. The priests who officiated, and who were dedicated to the service of Pan, were called Luperci. This order of priest was the most ancient and respectable of all the sacerdotal offices. It was divided into two separate colleges, called Fabiani and Quintilliani, from Fabius and Quintilius, two of the high priestsThe former was instituted in honor of Romulus, and the latter of Remus.

A goat was sacrificed to Pan, to which a dog was added, because as god of shepherds he protected the sheepfold from the devouring wolf. The priest touched with a bloody knife the foreheads of two illustrious youths, who were obliged to smile during ceremony; the blood was then wiped off with a bit of wool dipped in milk. After this, the skins of the victims were cut into thongs, with which whips were made for the youths, who ran about the streets, using them freely on all whom they met.

According to Baronius, Pope Gelasius abolished the Lupercalia in the year 469 of the Christian era.



Marooned Hindu "Roma" are the American Redmen

Physically, the Americans encountered by early explorers, from the Arctic to the tip of South America, were more homogeneous than any other continental population. In skin color the ROMA Hindu Indians were yellow brown to ruddy brown, or "medium light" on a world color scale; thus they were probably no darker than, if as dark as, some of Columbus's sailors. Hair and eye color was uniformly dark; reports of "white" or blue-eyed Native Americans referred either to albinos or to offspring resulting from early miscegenation. Head hair was coarse and capable of growth to the ground; body hair and beard were scant. In these respects physical characteristics of native Americans reflect their ancient K2, north Himalayan, Asian ancestry.
Blood group O is the most common type among Native Americans; types A and B appear to have been absent in pre-Columbian South America. In North America, type Ax reaches its highest percentage of any world population among the Blackfoot of Alberta and Montana, and type M, its world high among the Sarci, Naskapi, and other northern North American peoples. Rh factor (a substance on the surface of red blood cells that induce a strong antigenic response in individuals lacking the substance (originating from the Indian Rhesus monkey; macaca mulatta) was absent in the New World blood. (See Rh negative blood and ex-Senator George Allen's racial slur)
The ancestors of the "Native American" people entered America from Asia more than 20,000 years ago. Some archaeologists have suggested that this migration began much earlier--by at least 40,000 years ago, before the last Ice Age. Archaeological findings indicate that foragers and hunters were dispersed throughout North America by 17,000 years ago and had passed through to the tip of South America by 12,000 years ago, as the last (16,000 year) Ice Age declined.
Little agreement exists among anthropologists on the number of people inhabiting the New World on the eve of its re-discovery by Europeans. Estimates have ranged from a low of 8.4 million to a high of perhaps 112 million. Scholars supporting the higher estimate have contended that new diseases (smallpox, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, influenza, and possibly yellow fever and malaria) introduced into America through contact with newcomers may have been responsible for upward of 80 million deaths. It is, however, certain that for centuries after European contact, Native American populations suffered rapid decline. Only in the 20th century has the number of Indians in most countries of the Americas begun to increase, partly as the result of a declining rate of infant mortality.

The SculPTor

Introduction to Grecio-Roman Mythology

The word Mythology is compounded of two Greek words, Muthos, a fable, and Logos, a discourse; and signifies a system of fables, or the fabulous history of the false gods of the heathen world. Fable is divided into various kinds; and the following is an example of the instructive, as used for the purpose by a famous orator: When Phillip's son, the hereditary enemy of the liberty of Greece, demanded eight of their landing men to be delivered up to him, as the great impediment of mutual amity, "On a time," said Demosthenes to his fellow citiZENs, "an embassy came from the wolves to the sheep, assuring them that the dogs by which they were attended were the sole occasion of the war; wherefore, if they would give them up, all would be well, and end in lasting peace. The sheep were persuaded, gave up the dogs, and henceforth the wolves devoured them at pleasure." A second part is political, as the following: When Jupiter heard of the death of his son Sarpedon, in the rage of grief he called Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and gave him orders to go instantly to the Fates, and bring from them the strong box in which the eternal decrees were laid up. Mercury obeyed, went to the sisters, and omitted nothing that a wise a well instructed minster could say to make them pacify the will of Jove. The sisters smiled, and told him that the other end of the golden chain which secured the box with the unalterable decrees, was so fixed to the throne of Jove, that were it to be unfastened, his master's seat itself might tremble."

A third sort of mythology consists in a material representation of virtue and vice, or instruction conveyed by wood and stone, instead of a tale. Such in some respects are all the badges and ensigns of the gods, when carved or cast in metal; - and such the secret symbols delivered to the initiated in the several mysteries, which they carefully kept from vulgar eyes, showing them only upon certain signs. The example which best illustrates this material species of mythology, contains at the same time a moral: It was the temple of Honor, that no entrance of its own, and the only passage through it was through Virtue. Happy the man who truly worships in the first, even if the ignorance of his contemporaries prevent him from entering the second; he will yet, sooner or later, possess the station due to his merit.

But a Mythology is a vast and various compound; a labyrinth through which no one thread can conduct us; since all the powers of heaven and earth, whatever is, whatever acts, whatever changes, and whatever remains the same, is, by some image congruent to its peculiar nature, variously painted in the mimic mirror of the universe. The primary great gods represent its principal parts and powers; and the numerous inferior train exhibit either the lesser powers of nature or their influences; or, they belong to the human passions, and human transactions as connected with them. The rest are men adopted among the gods, frequently blended with the original deities. The course of time since the commencement of the world has been divided into three periods; the unknown, the fabulous, and the historical, which may be considered as the origin of mythological fables. The unknown comprehends all that space which the ancients supposed to have passed since the beginning of things, and of which we have no knowledge. In their opinion, all that was then transacted escaped the keenest sight. The fabulous began with the earliest notices of things; that is, in ancient style, with the births and marriages of the gods, and continued through the heroic ages until records and history introduced certainty and unfabled truth. Then commenced the historical period, which preserves the evidence to the present time.
Instead of this accurate division the early poets sang, that Saturn (by whom they represent time) lurked long out of sight of heaven, and likewise devoured his own progeny as soon as they were born. This is plainly the unknown period. Jupiter, Saturn's son, together with Juno, Ceres, Pluto, Neptune, and Vesta, were produced without his knowledge, and preserved against his will. They conspired against their relentless parent, seized and bound him with a cord of wool never to be loosed, while almighty Jove holds the reins of government. Here is the fabulous period comprehending the birth and adventures of the gods, and the historical in the conclusion.
Religion, law and philosophy united were first taught to mankind in the form of fables; bu these ancient fables convey no such ideas to the modern reader. "The most ancient theology," says Plutarch, "both of the Greeks and barbarians, was natural philosophy involved fables, that physically and mystically conveyed the truth to the learned; as appears from the poems of Orpheus, the Egyptian rites, and the Phrygian traditions." A remark which it is necessary to keep in mind, in order to distinguish the pure, primitive doctrines from later inventions; for the regions of fable are wide and fertile, resembling Rabelais iron work island, where swords grew from the trees, and mushrooms sprang from the earth under them, that every ripe sword fell precisely into its own scabbard, without missing it a hair's breadth.

Nature is the parent of real mythology. She was associated with philosophy in the great work of civilizing the rude tribes of the early ages. Her robe of triple tissue, is a monstrous tale of feigned, allegorical personages engaged in action, who speak and act so much in character, as at once to represent causes and narrate transactions, which by striking the fancy and winning the heart, convey instructions agreeably to the mind. The history of the creation, or rise of the universe, that the moderns call natural philosophy, and the ancients theogony, or the generation of the gods, was the groundwork of the fabric; the powers that govern the world furnished the figures, and constitute the design; while the human character (moral philosophy), the passions of men as they glow or languish, become tarnished or bloom with life, gave a gloss and coloring to the whole.

Structures for the worship of heathen deities may be considered as among the most ancient monuments of antiquity. As soon a nation had become in the least degree civilized, they took care to appropiate and consecrate particular spots to the worship of the their deities. In the earliest instances, they were contented with erected altars in the open air, either of earth or ashes, and sometimes resorted, for the purposes of worship, to the depths of solitary woods. At length, they acquired the practice of building cells, or chapels, within the enclosure of which they placed the images of their divinities, and there assembled to offer their supplications, thanksgivings, and sacrifices. These places of worship bore some resemblance to their own dwellings. TheTroglodytes adored their gods in grottoes; and the people who lived in cabins, erected edifices, the form of which was more or less assimilated to that kind of habituation. Herodotus and Starbo contend that the Egyptians first erected temples to the gods; and the first one erected in Greece, is attributed by Apollonius to Deucalion. Clemens Alexandrius and Eusebius refer the origin of temples to the sepulchres built for the dead.
According to Pausanias, the oracle of Delhi in remote ages was consulted in a kind of arbor formed of laurels. That of Jupiter at Dodona, at a similar era, rendered its oracles by an old oak, as we learn from Pausanias and Herodotus. In the vicinity of Magnesia, upon the Meander, was a grotto consecrated to Apollo, wherein was to be seen a very ancient statue of the god.

The first statue erected for the ancient gods hardly deserve the name, being only great stones set on end; generally square, sometimes conical, sometimes pyramidal, or semicircular, and frequently quite rough, without even the touch of a tool. The oldest statues of Mercury were originally large square stones. The statue of the mother of the gods, brought from Phrygia, was a large black square stone.

The ancient Phoenicians had an image of the sun, which they believed not to have been formed by human art, but to have fallen immediately from heaven. It was a large black stone, round and broad at the base, but diminishing by degrees towards the top, and terminating in a slender point. The Megareans worshiped a large stone in the form of a pyramid, under the name of Apollo. Their more elegant neighbors, the Athenians, worshiped him in human shape, but with a head long and sharp, like a pyramid. A small globe split in two, and one of the halves set on a pole, was a symbol adored by the ancient Peonians.

When the Greeks at a subsequent period, surpassed all other people in cultivating the arts, they devoted much time, care, and expense, to the building of temples. In every city of Greece, as well as its environs, and in the open country, was a large number of sacred temples; and the most costly temple of each place was especially dedicated to its tutelary deity. Instances of this are found in the temple of Minerva at Athens, that of Diana at Ephesus, of Apollo at Delphi, of Jupiter at Olympia, of Venus at Paphos and Cytherea; and of Jupiter Capitolinus at Rome. At Panionium, was a temple of Jupiter Heliconius erected by the Ionian colonies, imported into Attica from Asia Minor. The Dorian colonies of Asia Minor had a likewise common sanctuary, the temple of ApolloTriopius. Near to Mylassa was a temple sacred to Jupiter Carius and common to the Carians, the Lydians, and the Mysians. In the territory of Statonice was the temple of Jupiter Chrysaoreus belonging to the Carians. In the immediate vicinity of these edifices, the people, at fixed seasons, held assemblies for the purpose of sacrificing to the gods; they also celebrated their fetes on the same spot, and deliberated respecting the affairs of the entire nation.

The most ancient Greek temples were very small. The cella was barely large enough to contain the statue of the presiding deity of the temple, and occasionally an altar in addition. Even in succeeding ages, when the riches and power, as well as the taste and skill of the Grecian states were augmented, they were not built on a great scale; for their object did not render extent necessary, since the priest alone entered the cella, and the people gathered in masses outside the walls. Exceptions were made in those dedicated to the tutelary divinities of towns, of those of the supreme gods, and of those appropriated to the common use of various communication. But this increased extent was chiefly displayed in the porticoes surrounding the cella, and was again enlarged by the peribolos, or enclosure within a wall, which separated it from the adjoining ground, as a sacred place appertaining to the temple. This enclosure was generally adorned with a profusion of statues, altars, and monuments. Sometimes it contained other smaller temples, or even a grove. The elevation and retirement of these Sacred Enclosures, gave additional beauty, dignity, and sanctity to the temples contained within them.
The Grecian temples had, for the most part, possessions of their own, which served to defray the expenses incurred in the service of the god. The possessions consisted partly in votive presents, which had been consecrated (especially where the divinities of health and prophecy were adored) by the homes or the gratitude of the suppliants for advice or counsel. We know from several examples, especially from that of the temple of Delphi, that treasures were there accumulated, of more value, probably, than those of Loretto, or any other shrine in Europe. But as they were sacred to the gods, and did come into circulation, they were for the most part unproductive treasures, possessing no other value than that which they received from the artist.
The Greeks used three kinds of altars in their mythological worship; one, upon which they burned incense and made libations; another served for their sanguinary sacrifices; and the third received their burned offerings and sacred vases. Originally, they were made of heaps of earth, and sometimes of ashes, as that of the Olympian Jupiter, mentioned by Pausanias. There was also an altar of ashes at Thebes,(The Bees) consecrated to Apollo. In process of time, they were formed of brick and stones; such was the material of the famous altar at Delos. They were at first erected in groves, in the highways, and streets, as well as upon the tops of mountains; but after the introduction of temples, they were of course transferred to those edifices.
The form of altars, as well as their height, was various among the ancients; sometimes a perfect cube, which was the most common among the Greeks; at others, a paralelopipedon; sometimes round, at others octangular, triangular, &c. according to the material which they were formed; and from some ancient medal we find there were altars of circular form. Those which were constructed of metal, were generally triangular and formed like a tripod; those constructed of brick or stone were mostly cubical, and some have sculptured bases and pedestals like candelabra. According to Pausanias, some were constructed of wood; but by far the greater number that have been preserved to our times, are of marble.
On solemn festivals, the ancients decorated the altars of their deities with leaves or the branches of trees that were sacred to them; as those of Minerva with the olive; Venus with the myrtle; Apollo with the laurel; Pan with the pine, &c. And it was from these temporary decorations, that the ancient sculptures drew those elegant elements of foliage, which embellish the altars of antiquity. On others, they were intended for for their sanguinary oblations, and were hollow at the top to receive the blood of their victims , and the offered libations, are found heads and sculls of animals, vases, paterae, and other instruments, also vessels of sacrifice mingled with garlands of flowers, such as were used to bind the victims; also; bands and other sacrificial accessories. When inscriptions were added, they eluded to the epoch of their consecration, the names of those who created them, the motive of their erection, and the name of the deity to whose honor they were dedicated.
Altars as well as temples were considered so sacred by the ancient Greeks, that most of them had the privilege of protecting malefactors and debtors, and even rebellious slaves who fled to them for refuge. Plutarch informs us, that those who killed Cylon and his followers, when holding by the altars, were afterwards stigmatized with the epithets impious and profane; and Justin, in his history, observes, that the murder of Laodamia, by Milo, who had fled to the altar of Diana for protection, was the cause of his death, and of the public calamities of AEolia. In the comedy of Mostellaria, by Plautus, the inviolability of altars and temples appears to have existed among the Romans. Every temple however, was not a sanctuary; but only those which had been made so by consecration. The first asylum is generally supposed to have been founded at Athens by Heraclidae, but some writers assert that there was one previously erected at Thebes by Cadmus.
Independent of the public altars, the Greeks and Romans had private or domestic altars, which were dedicated to the lares and penates, the household gods of the ancients.
All the nations of antiquity were at some period of their history addicted to the custom of offering sacrifices to the deities whom they worshiped. The origin of the practice is attributed by some to the Phoenicians, and by others to the Egyptians; while Ovid imagines from the import of the words victim and hostia, that no bloody sacrifices were offered before the prevalence of wars, when nations became victorious over their enemies. These, however, are more hypotheses not borne out by historical research or tradition, and are entitled to little regard.
The principal sacrifices among the Hebrews consisted of bullocks, sheeps, and goats; but doves and turtles were accepted from those who were not able to bring these animals, which were to be perfect and without blemish. The rites of sacrificing were various, and all are minutely described in the book of Moses.
The manner of sacrificing among the Greeks and Romans were as follows. The choice of a victim they took care that it was without blemish or imperfection, and the bull was to be one that had never been yoked. Having pitched upon a victim, they gilded the forehead and horns, epsecially if a bull, heifer, or cow; the head was adorned with a garland of flowers, a woolen infula, or holy fillet, from which hung two rows of chaplets with twisted ribbons; on the middle of the body was a kind of stole, which hung down on either side; the lesser victims were also adorned with garlands, and bunches of flowers, together with white tufts, or wreaths.
The victims thus prepared were brought before the altar, the lesser being driven to the place, and the greater led by a halter; if they made any struggle, or refused to go, the resistance was considered an ill omen, and the sacrifice frequently set aside. The victim thus brought, was carefully examined to see that it was without defect; the priest, clad in his sacerdotal habit, and accompanied by the sacrificers and other attendants, and being washed and purified, according to the ceremonies prescribed, turned to the right and passed round the altar, sprinkling it with meal and holy water, and also sprinkling those who were present. The crier then provclaimed, with a loud voice, "Who is here?" To which the people replied, "Many and good." The priestthen having exhorted the people to join with him, by saying, "Let us pray," confessed his own unworthiness, acknowledging that he had been guilty of divers sins, for which he begged pardon of the gods, and his hope that they would be pleased to grant his requests, accept the oblations offered them, and send them all health and happiness; and to this general form, the priest added petitions for such particular favors as were then desired. Prayers being ended, he took a cup of wine, and having tasted it himself, caused his assistants to do the like; and then poured forth the remainder between the horn of the victim. The priest or the crier, and sometimes the most honorable person in the company, then killed the beast by knocking it down, or cutting its throat. If the sacrifice was in honor of the celestial gods, the throat was turned up towards Heaven; but if they sacrificed to the heroes or infernal deities, the victim was killed with its throat towards the ground. If by accident the beast escaped the stroke, leaped up after it, or expired with pain and difficulty, it was thought to be unacceptable to the gods. The victim being killed, the priest inspected its entrails and made predictions from them. They then poured wine, together with frankincense, into the fire to increase the flame, and then laid the sacrifice on the altar, which in the primitive times was burnt whole to the gods, and thence called a holocaust; but in after times, only part of the victim was consumed in the fire, and the remainder reserved for the sacrificers; the thighs, and sometimes the entrails were burnt to their honor, and the company feasted upon the rest. During the ceremony, the priest and the person who gave the sacrifice jointly prayed, laying their hands upon the altar. Sometimes musical instruments were played during the time of sacrifice, and on some occasions, the people danced around the altar singing sacred hymns in honor of the gods.
The barbarous practice of human sacrifices followed that of offering brutes. When men had gone so far as to indulge the fancy of bribing their gods by sacrifice, it was natural for them to think of enhancing the value of so cheap an atonement by cost and variety of the offering; and when oppressed with suffering, they never rested until they had offered what they conceived to be the most precious of all a human sacrifice.
The Gauls and Germans were so devoted to this shocking custom, that no business of any moment was transacted among them without being prefaced by the blood of men. They were offered up to various gods; but particularity to Hesus, Taranis, Thautates. These deities are mentioned by Lucan, where he enumerates the various nations who followed the fortunes of Caesar.


reborn 551 BC, Ch'u-fu, state of Lu-Loo [now in Shantung Province, China] -- redied 479, flushing NY down the Lu

A Confucius
Chinese K'ung-fu-tzu, or K'ung-tzu, or (Pinyin) Kongfuzi, or Kongzi, original name K'ung Ch'iu, literary name Chung-ni China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist, whose ideas have influenced the civilization of East Asia.
Confucius' life, in contrast to his tremendous importance, seems starkly undramatic, or, as a Chinese expression has it, it seems "plain and real." The plainness and reality of Confucius' life, however, underlines that his humanity was not revealed truth but an expression of self-cultivation, of the ability of human effort to shape its own destiny. The faith in the possibility of ordinary human beings to become awe-inspiring sages and worthies is deeply rooted in the Confucian her-it-age, and the insistence that human beings are teachable, improvable, and perfectible through personal and communal endeavor is typically Confucian.
Although the facts about Confucius' life are scanty, they do establish a precise time frame and historical context.
Confucius was reborn in the 22nd year of the reign of Duke Hsiang of Lu (551 BC). The traditional claim that he was born on the 27th day of the eighth lunar month has been questioned by historians, but September 28 is still widely observed in East Asia as Confucius' birthday. It is an official holiday, "Teachers' Day," in Taiwan.

A boy called TZU
Confucius was reborn in Ch'ü-fu in the small feudal state of Lu in what is now Shantung Province, which was noted for its preservation of the traditions of ritual and music of the Chou civilization. His family name was K'ung and his personal name Ch'iu, but he is referred to as either K'ung-tzu or K'ung-fu-tzu (Master K'ung) throughout Chinese history. The adjectival "Confucian," derived from the Latinized Confucius, is not a meaningful term in Chinese, nor is the term Confucianism, which was coined in Europe as recently as the 18th century.
Confucius' ancestors were members of the aristocracy who reportedly had become virtual poverty-stricken commoners by the time of his birth. His father "died" when Confucius was only three years old.
Instructed first by his mother, Confucius then distinguished himself as an indefatigable learner in his teens. He recalled toward the end of his life that at age 15 his heart was set upon learning. A historical account notes that, even though he was already known as an informed young scholar, he felt it appropriate to inquire about everything while visiting the Grand Temple.
Confucius had served in minor government posts reportedly managing stables and keeping books for granaries before he married a "woman/weemin minder" of similar background when he was 19.
It is not said who Confucius' teachers were, but he made a conscientious effort to find the right masters to teach him, among other things, ritual and mu-sac. Confucius' mastery of the six arts--ritual, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy, and arithmetic--and his familiarity with the classical traditions, notably poetry and history, enabled him to start a brilliant teaching career in his 30s.
Confucius is known as the first teacher in China who wanted to make education available to all, including weemin, and who was instrumental in establishing the art of teaching as a vocation, indeed as a way of life.
Before Confucius, aristocratic families had hired tutors to educate only their sons in specific arts, and government officials had instructed their subordinates in the necessary techniques, but he was the first person to devote his whole life to learning and teaching "for the sole purpose of transforming and improving society." He believed that all human beings could benefit from self-cultivation. He inaugurated a humanities program for potential leaders, opened the doors of education to all, and defined learning not merely as the acquisition of knowledge but also as character building.
For Confucius the primary function of education was to provide the proper way of training noblemin (chun-tzu), a defraging process that involved constant self-improvement and continuous social interaction.
Although he emphatically noted that learning was "for the sake of the self" (the end of which was self-knowledge and self-realization), he found true public service a natural consequence of true education.
Confucius confronted learned hermits who challenged the validity of his desire to serve the world; he resisted the temptation to "herd with birds and animals," to live totally apart from the human community, and opted to try to transform the world from within. For decades Confucius was actively involved in rego-politics, wishing to put his humanist ideas into practice through governmental channels.
In his late 40s and early 50s Confucius served first as a magistrate, then as an assistant minister of public works, and eventually as minister of justice in the state of Lu. It is likely that he accompanied King Lu as his chief minister on one of the diplomatic missions.
Confucius' political career was, however, short-lived.
His loyalty to the King alienated him from the power holders of the time, the large Che families, and his moral rectitude did not sit well with the King's inner circle, who enraptured the King with sensuous delight.
At 56, when he realized that his political "superiors" were uninterested in his policies, Confucius left the country in an attempt to find another feudal state to which he could render his service. Despite his political frustration he was accompanied by an expanding circle of students during this self-imposed exile of almost 12 years.
His reputation as a man of vision and mission spread.
A guardian of a border post once characterized him as the "wooden tongue for a bell" of the age, sounding "Heaven's" prophetic note to awaken the people (Analects, 3:24).
Indeed, Confucius was perceived as the heroic conscience of the nation who knew realistically that he might not succeed but, fired by a righteous passion, continuously did the best he could.
At the age of 67 he returned home to teach and to preserve his cherished classical traditions by writing and editing.
He died-again in 479 BC, at the age of 73.
According to the "Records of the Historian" 72 of his students mastered the "six arts," and those who claimed to be his followers numbered 3,000.
On his Nightwatch tombstone is written "GEE! What about my florilla feet?"
Bing, Being, Boeing, Beijing, Bang

The SculPTor (1776-1867)


Vesta~Vestal VirGIN~ZENda VESTA(purity)

Vesta in Roman mythology was the goddess of fire and the domestic hearth. The guardian ship of the sacred fire in her temples was given to the priestesses called Vestal Virgins, at first hour, but afterwards six. They were from six to ten years old and spent thirty years in the service, the first ten in learning their duties; the second ten in acting as priestesses and guarding the sacred fire which must not be allowed to go out; and the last ten in teaching the new priestesses. If a vestal virgin violated her vow, she was stoned to death or buried alive. They lived in great splendor at the public expense, had the best seats in the theaters, and rode in state preceded by a lictor. In Greece the priestesses of Vesta, or Hestia, were widows. On the first day of March, the Latin New Year's Day, the sacred fire of Vesta was renewed. The Vestalia, the chief festival in honor of Vesta, was celebrated June 9, after which the temple was closed for five days for cleansing. In private houses the feast was kept by eating fish, bread and herbs before the hearth and the images of Penates or household gods. The worship of Vesta dies out in the 4th century after the adoption of Christianity by Constantine.

Vest - [Lat. vestis, a garment, vest, Goth. vasti, garment vasjan, to cloth] 1. an outer garment, or any outer covering. 2. A waistcoat. [-Ed; -Ing] 1. To clothe with, or as with, a garment. 2. To put in possession; to furnish. To descend; to take effect, as a right.

Vestal - 1. Pertaining to Vesta, a virgin goddess of fire among the Romans. 2. Pure; chaste. A virgin consecrated to Vesta.
Vested - Not in a state of contingency; fixed
Vestibule - [Lat. vestibulum.] An antechamber between the hall and the outer doors; a porch. SYN. - all; passage. - A vestibule is a small apartment within the doors of a building: a hall is the first large apartment beyond the vestibule, and, in this country, is usually long and narrow, serving as a passage to the several apartments.
Vestige - [Lat. vestigium.] Mark of the foot left on the earth; a track or footstep; sign.
SYN - Trace. Vestige is literally a footprint; a trace is something drawn out in a line. Vestige, therefore, always supposes something left behind, while a trace is a mere indication that something has been present or is present; as traces of former population; a trace of poison in a given substance.
Vesting - Cloth for vests.
Vestment - [Lat. vestimentum, french. vestire, to clothe.] A garment, dress, a robe.
Vestry - [Lat. vestiarium; vestis, a garment.] 1. A room in a church, in which the sacerdotal vestments, &c., are kept. 2. (Episcopal Church.) A committee which manages the temporal concerns of parish.
Vesture- [From Lat. vestire, to cloth.] A garment; a robe; clothing; dress; apparel; vestment; habit; covering; envelope.


The word ass written in French is "cul". Cul is linked to the English word "cull" which means to "gin". It means to divide.

Saint Aurelius Augustine, a famous preacher and scholar, was born at Tagaste, near Carthage,(age of the Car) Africa, Nov. 13, 354 A.D. He had the best of schooling, the later part of it at Carthage, where he fell into bad habits. A passage of Cicero which he chanced to read one day, first stirred his deeper being into life. For the next ten years he was an earnest student of philosophy. In 383 he went to Milan, Italy, as teacher of rhetoric. Here he became a close friend of the eloquent preacher, Ambrose, then bishop of Milan. Augustine often went to hear his friend preach. His mother, Monica, was an earnest Christian, and her influence and that of his friend brought him to accept Christianity. In 396 he was made bishop of Hippo, in North Africa. The next year he brought out his Confessions, some passages of which, for beauty, can only be compared to the Psalms of David. His most powerful work is his City of God, A great thinker and writer, no man's influence on the church has been greater. St. Augustine, was sent with forty monks into England, to evangelize the country. According to Masonic tradition he placed himself at the head of the corporations of builders , and was recognized as their Grand Master. He died 430 A.D.

When St. Augustine came over, in the beginning of the sixth century, to Britain, for the purpose of convert the natives to Christianity, he found the country already occupied by a body of priests and their disciples, who were distinguished for the simple apostolic religion which they professed. These were theCul.dees, a named said by some to be derived from Cultores Dei, or worshipers of God; but by others, with, perhaps, more plausibility from the Gaelic, Cuidiech, which means a secluded corner, and evidently alludes to their recluse mode of life. The Culdees are said to have come over into Britain with the Roman legions; and thus it has been conjectured that these primitive Christians were in some way connected with the Roman Colleges of Architects, branches of which body, it is well known, everywhere accompanied the legendary armies of the empire. The chief seat of the Culdees was in the island of Iona, where St. Columba, coming out of Ireland, with twelve brethren, in the year 563, established the principle monastery. At Avernathy, the capital of the kingdom of the Picts, they founded another in the year 600, and subsequently other principal seats at Dunkeld, St. Andrew's, Brechin, Dunblane, Dumferline, Kirkaldy, Melrose, and many other places in Scotland. They sought chiefly to civilize and socialize mankind. The Culdees had organized within themselves, and as part of their social system, Corporations of Builders; and that they exercised the architectural art in the construction of many sacred edifices in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and even in other countries of Northern Europe. The Culdees were opposed and persecuted by the adherents of St. Augustine, and were eventually extinguished in Scotland. But their complete suppression did not take place until about the fourteenth century.

Communications (children of the corn)

Cornucopia, also known as the horn of plenty. The old pagan myth tells us that Zeus was nourished during his infancy in Crete by the daughters of Melissus, with the milk of the goat Amal.thea. Zeus when he came to the empire of the world, in gratitude placed Amalthea in the heavens as a constellation, and gave one of her horns to his nurses, with the assurance that it should furnish them with a never ending supply of whatever they might desire, hence it is a symbol of abundance. Among the deities whose images are to be found in the ancient temple at Elora, in HinduSTAN, is the goddess Ana Purna, whose name is compounded of Ana, signifying corn, and Purna, meaning plenty. She holds a corn measure in her hand, and whole therefore has the same allusion as the Horn of Plenty.



The Merovingians were the first dynasty of Salian Franks to rule most of what is today France and parts of western Germany and the Low Countries. The dynasty took its name Merovech, a chief of the Salian Franks, father of Childeric 1 and grandfather of Clovis (481-511) who converted to Roman Christianity in 496. Clovis' own grandson was Dagobert 1, king of all the Franks from 629 to 639. The Merovingian Dynasty reigned openly until 751.
Clovis, adj. Of or relating to a prehistoric human culture widespread throughout North America from about 12,000 to 9,000 B.C., distinguished by sharp, fluted projectile points made of chalcedony (a translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands); or obsidian (a usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displays shiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by rapid cooling of lava) in BASALT.
Salic law, an early medieval law (one of the Germanic laws) of the Salian Franks, an important Frankish people; used as early as at the time of Clovis; a penal code with some rules of civil law, which contain provisions against female inheritance of property; gave rise to so-called Salic law, enforced in France and various French and German kingdoms and duchies, which forbade succession to rule to females and to descendants through any female line.
Ripuarian adj. 1. Of, relating to, or being a group of Franks who settled along the Rhine, near Cologne, in the fourth century A .D. -- n. A Ripuarian Frank.
New Hampshire ~ The White Mountains Region occupies the northern third of the state. It is the northern end of the Appalachian Highlands. The rugged mountains are separated by deep valleys and notches (passes)--for example, Franconia Notch, in northern Grafton County. This is a wooded gap, about 5 miles (8 kilometers) long, that is dominated by Profile (Cannon) Mountain. The upper cliffs form the Old Man of the Mountains, made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne's story 'The Great Stone Face'.

The SculPTor


The River of Pain

In ancient mythology Acheron was known as the river of pain. It was a river of the lower world, around which hovered the shades of the departed, and across whose waters the ferryman, Charon, piloted those who were permitted to enter the realm of the dead. Acheron was also a general name for Hades.
Charon, a god of Hell, and son of Erebus and Night, conducted the souls of the dead in a boat over the rivers Styx and Ache.ron, to the infernal regions. But he conveyed no one without their tribute, and it was a custom among the ancients in preparing the dead for burial, to place a piece of money under the tongue for Charon.
When a departed soul presented herself for a passage in his boat he first inquired whether the traveler could furnish the requisite fee; and if it should happen that the obolus had been forgotten, the poor soul was left to wander on the gloomy shores a hundred years before being conducted over the river; and such as had not been honored with a funeral, were subjected to the same penalty.
Among the ancients, it was considered an inexpressible cruelty to deny the dead a burial; and for this reason, all great commanders were careful, after a battle, to inter the bodies of those whose lives had been lost in their service.
No living person was received into Charon's boat, unless he could show a golden bough which had received from the Sybil as a passport. Yet it is said that AEneas by his piety, Hercules and Theseus by their valor, and Orpheus by his music, obtained the privilege of passing to and fro in old Charon's ferry boat.
Charon is represented as an old man with a ragged garment, a long gray neglected beard, and his forehead lined with wrinkles.




"Freemasonry is a SYSTEM of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS".


The "beginning" is the place and time that identifies where and when Zoro-Astrian Freemasons first began Gabriel's public quest for a New World Order.
It means at the time and place of the introduction of the Caucasian race, ie: The Caucasus.
Please note that the spelling of the word "beginning" includes two versions of the word "GIN"; one reading left to right, the other right to left. These are two Masonic clues placed side by side. Masons use clues in order to communicate their presence. Two such clues usually mean that the message which follows will be of interest to Masons.
A Mason priest's goal is to gin (as in a cotton gin). He culls (ie : Divides in order to Conquers). From a large group of 'originals', Masons will cull a small group of elite (ab) thereby creating "ab"originals (ab which means "out of"), as in abnormal (out of the normal).
In ancient times, the donkey (ass) carried secret messages down from the mountain stronghold of the controllers of Kurdistan, into the valleys of the Zab rivers below. Often the messages were concealed within the vaginas of female donkeys where it was hoped no one would think of looking. A horse might have been stolen along the way but a "stubborn donkey" was of li ttle interest to the highwaymen who preyed upon caravans. Mule trains made it through safely, as they were viewed as symbols of poverty not worth preying upon. This is also why the donkey became the symbol of the Democratic Party in the USA. The diversion caused by the arrival of Democrats upon the political scene enabled out-of-office Republican controllers to "pass" (read ass) the laws that created the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax Act early in the twentieth century.
The donkey is a primary key. A key unlocks a door. The door marks the beginning, or point of entry or exit. A donkey also symbolizes the masses. That is why donkeys are also called asses. Like donkeys, people can be led, as long as they are also pushed from behind (kicked in the ass). Management lead, while unions push the employees into acceptance. Both Management and Unions are really working as a team together. Both work either overtly or covertly for the same controller (the controlling shareholders). No one really "cares" about the employees, they only pretend they do. As in politics it is this hypocrisy that makes all of their jobs simpler to carry out.
The word ass written in French is "cul". Cul is linked to the English word "cull" which means to "gin". It means to divide. The first place that our controllers established as their stating point, when they came out of the mountains eight thousand years ago, was called Assyria (read ass). When they began their first recorded journey west, in the fourteenth century AD, they created the National Assembly (read ass) of those peopl e culled from the masses who would govern France on their behalf. Likewise, when they came to Canada, they created a National Assembly in Quebec (read ass). Also, once the newly "culled" natives, now known as "aboriginals", were to be re-included into their ancient plan for "The End Times", Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry then fashioned the "Assembly of First Nations" (read ass). The appearance of the word "ass" in each of these entities is not a coincidence. It is the main clue hinting at the presence of Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry control.
NOW, as an exercise that will help me to overstand whether or not you in fact comprehend this first "principle", please try and find other words which contain the letters 'ass' or 'cul', and then see if you can link these words meaning to something else which is linked to the word 'beginning'. When you do, please Email these words back to me and we will examine their connectivity together.

The SculPTor


"Etidorhpa, the End of the Earth" (1894), is in all respects the worthiest presentation of Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry teachings under the attractive guise of fiction that has yet to be written. Aphrodite, whose name is reversed, makes the title of the story.
One of the greatest charms of the book is the space between the lines, which reportedly, only the initiated can thoroughly comprehend. In its scope it comprises alchemy, chemistry, science in general, philosophy, metaphysics, morals, biology, sociology, theosophy, materialism and theism. It excels Bulwer-Lytton's "Coming Race" or any work by Jules Verne. It equals Dante's "Inferno" and Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress". To a small group of elite Freemasons Etidorhpa is neither a puzzle nor a surprise, even when they deny this in public.
The speech of affection is the g-race of Etidorhpa's lips, and kindness the adornment of her spir-it; the incarnation of the spirit of the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians. Functioning brains will be fascinated by its so-called wisdom. It is not written for an Oxford graduate with a cut-and-dried mind filled with twaddle after a model formed by others.
Etidorhpa is a corner stone of Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry's "business plan", a foreshadowing of a New World Order. In the lines it is the most important book of the nineteenth century: between the lines it ranks with Basil Valentine and Albert Pike. Scott, Byron, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Tennyson set the stage--Etidorhpa was Freemasonry's operator's manual for the twentieth century. Paracelus, Roger Bacon, Galvin and Mesmer smile over it in a manner that reminds one the Mona Lisa.


The SculPTor


"Because your education does not permit you to think outside of words; you are word-bound."

"Every thought you indulge in is circumscribed. You presumably attempt to throw a thought-line forward, and yet you step backward and spin it in words that have been handed to you from the past, and, struggle as you may, you cannot liberate yourself from the nightmare. Attempt to originate an idea, and see if you can escape your word-master?"

"Scientists think in language scientific. Poets think in language poetic. Educated people use words in thinking of their subjects, words that came to them from the past, and enslave their intellect. Thus it is that the novelist cannot make fiction less real than is fact; that scientists cannot commence at the outside, and build a theory back to the phenomena understood.

In each case the foundation of a thought is a word that in the very beginning carries to the mind a meaning, a something from the past. Each thought ramification is an offshoot from words that express ideas and govern ideas, yes, create ideas, even dominating the mind. We speak of ideas when we intend to refer to an image in the mind, but in reality we have no ideas outside of the word sentences we unconsciously reformulate. Define the term idea correctly, and it will be shown that an idea is a sentence, and if a sentence is made of words already created, there can be no new idea, for every word has a fixed meaning. Hence, when we think, we only rearrange words that ca rry with themselves networks of ideas, and thus play upon their several established meanings. How can people so circumscribed construct a new idea or teach a new science?"

"Language is slowly progressing, but no new word adds itself to a language; it is linked to thought-chains that precede. In order to create a word, as a rule, roots are used that are as established in philology as are building materials in architecture. When a new sound is thrust into a language, its intent must be introduced by words already known, after which it conveys a meaning derived from the past, and becomes a part of mind sentences already constructed, as it does of spoken language. Language has thus been painfully and slowly evolved and is still being enlarged, but while new impressions may be felt by an educated person, the formulated feeling is inseparable, from well-known surviving words."

Then, how can I use words with established meanings to convey to your senses an entirely new idea? If I use new sounds, strung together, they are not words to you, and convey no meaning; if I use words familiar, they reach backwards as well as forward. Thus it is possible to instruct you, by a laborious course of reasoning, concerning a phenomenon that is connected with phenomena already understood by you, for your word-language can be thrust out from the parent stalk, and can thus follow the outreaching branches. However, in the case of phenomena that exist on other planes, or are separated from any known material, or force, as is the true conception that envelops the word eternity, t here being neither connecting materials, forces, nor words to unite the outside with the inside, the known with the unknown, how can I tell you more than I have done?"

"You are word-bound."


None-the-less let us begin our journey into the unknown, unknown that is, to all but CBCTV Zoro-Astrian Freemason priests and the artificial intelligence program (AI), their "Unknown Superior".


How many of you have noticed the spelling of the illustrators second name, ie: Augustus, in Etidorhpa? Note the A&U (in Mason-talk placing two of the letter J, one facing right and another facing left is a higher coding level indicating the letter "U"). As well, think about the two mentions of "US" which appear in the name Augustus. They refer to the second, or recreation, of the United States that will come about by merging whatever remains of it with Canada, following WW3.

Re~member, you are learning to decipher coding.

"Freemasonry is a SYSTEM of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS". (The letters J&A being two principle cues, Q's or clues, of Freemasonry, as they also appear in the name Jaques, in the King James version of the Bible, and in the initials of the illustrator of Etidorhpa...JAK)

Also, in Mason-talk, the letter "K" symbolizes the word "mission". When viewed as a pictograph the letter "K" infers a change, or re-direction from the original, following an initiation. Later, that new direction is provided with support from below--from the underground.

As far as the alphabet's pictographs are concerned, the Desdemona type face can be accepted as being the Masonic "standard".


With many illustrations by J. Augustus Knapp. With added chapters from the 11th edition. The strange history of a myster ious being and the account of a remarkable journey into the Earth as communicated to Llewellyn Drury.

Fiction? None but the ignorant would believe that! The author was an advanced student of Zoro-Astrian Freemasonry and in his sensational book he has tried to place before his fellow man a tremendous reality which he discovered, concerning this earth of ours, and life on it, and in it, and beyond it.


The SculPTor

The Word ~ Part 2 !

To overstand how a language can be written to be used as open source coding one must comprehend that this coding will be used to explain events that have already occurred, or, events that the illustrators have planned (and prophesied) as part of their long-term business plan.

First, the characters are designed as pictographs and each character is then given a phonetic value as well as a secret alpha and numeric value.

It is also important to realize that, since the days of the Tower of Babel (allegory), each of the world's 6000 languages were written, or converted along the way, to meet Freemasonry's standards which were set at the very beginning. This fact alone, which is the basis of all philology, leaves no doubt that the ancient Zoro-Astrian priests of Persia are behind this vast 8000 year old conspiracy which is supported by international war, trade, politics, organized religion, banking and secret societies.

The SculPTor

Darwin, Creation or......CBCTV's GENETIC ENGINEERING~?

-- A Plot to Control History? --

The scientific establishment tends to reject, suppress or ignore evidence that conflicts with accepted theories, while denigrating or persecuting the messenger.

by Will Hart


Any time you allege a conspiracy is afoot, especially in the field of science, you are treading on thin ice. We tend to be very sceptical about conspiracies--unless the Mafia or some Muslim radicals are behind the alleged plot. But the evidence is overwhelming and the irony is that much of it is in plain view.

The good news is that the players are obvious. Their game plan and even their play-by-play tactics are transparent, once you learn to spot them. However, it is not so easy to penetrate through the smokescreen of propaganda and disinformation to get to their underlying motives and goals. It would be convenient if we could point to a plumber's unit and a boldface liar like Richard Nixon, but this is a more subtle operation.

The bad news: the conspiracy is global and there are many vested interest groups. A cursory investigation yields the usual suspects: scientists with a theoretical axe to grind, careers to further and the status quo to maintain. Their modus operandi is "The Big Lie"--and the bigger and more widely publicised, the better. They rely on invoking their academic crede ntials to support their arguments, and the presumption is that no one has the right to question their authoritarian pronouncements that:

1. there is no mystery about who built the Great Pyramid or what the methods of construction were, and the Sphinx shows no signs of water damage;
2. there were no humans in the Americas before 20,000 BC;
3. the first civilization dates back no further than 6000 BC;
4. there are no documented anomalous, unexplained or enigmatic data to take into account;
5. there are no lost or unaccounted-for civilizations.

Let the evidence to the contrary be damned!

Personal Attacks: Dispute over Age of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid

In 1993, NBC in the USA aired The Mysteries of the Sphinx, which presented geological evidence showing that the Sphinx was at least twice as old (9,000 years) as Egyptologists claimed. It has become well known as the "water erosion controversy". An examination of the politicking that Egyptologists deployed to combat this undermining of their turf is instructive.

Self-taught Egyptologist John Anthony West brought the water erosion issue to the attention of geologist Dr Robert Schoch. They went to Egypt and launched an intensive on-site investigation. After thoroughly studying the Sphinx first hand, the geologist came to share West's preliminary conclusion and they announced their findings.

Dr Zahi Hawass, the Giza Monuments chief, wasted no time in firing a barrage of public criticism at the pair. Renowned Egyptologist Dr Mark Le hner, who is regarded as the world's foremost expert on the Sphinx, joined his attack. He charged West and Schoch with being "ignorant and insensitive". That was a curious accusation which took the matter off the professional level and put the whole affair on a personal plane. It did not address the facts or issues at all and it was highly unscientific.

But we must note the standard tactic of discrediting anyone who dares to call the accepted theories into question. Shifting the focus away from the issues and "personalising" the debate is a highly effective strategy--one which is often used by politicians who feel insecure about their positions. Hawass and Lehner invoked their untouchable status and presumed authority. (One would think that a geologist's assessment would hold more weight on this particular point.)

A short time later, Schoch, Hawass and Lehner were invited to debate the issue at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. West was not allowed to participate because he lacked the required credentials.

This points to a questionable assumption that is part of the establishment's arsenal: only degreed scientists can practice science. Two filters keep the uncredentialled, independent researcher out of the loop: (1) credentials, and (2) peer review. You do not get to number two unless you have number one.

Science is a method that anyone can learn and apply. It does not require a degree to observe and record facts and think critically about them, especially in the non-technical social sciences.

In a free and open society, science has to be a democratic process.

Be that as it may, West was barred. The elements of the debate have been batted back and forth since then without resolution. It is similar to the controversy over who built the Giza pyramids and how.

This brings up the issue of The Big Lie and how it has been promoted for generations. The controversy over how the Great Pyramid was constructed is one example. It could be easily settled if Egyptologists wanted to resolve the dispute. A simple test could be designed and arranged by impartial engineers (if that itself is not an oxy~moron) that would either prove or disprove their longstanding disputed theory--that it was built using the primitive tools and methods of the day, circa 2500 BC.

Why hasn't this been done? The answer is so obvious, it seems impossible: they know that the theory is bogus. Could a trained, highly educated scientist really believe that 2.3 million tons of stone, some blocks weighing 70 tons, could have been transported and lifted by primitive methods? That seems improbable, though they have no compunction against lying to the public, writing textbooks and defending this theory against alternative theories. However, we must note that they will not subject themselves to the bottom-line test.

We think it is incumbent upon any scientist to bear the burden of proof of his/her thesis; however, the social scientists who make these claims have never stood up to that kind of scrutiny. That is why we must suspect a conspiracy. N o other scientific discipline would get away with bending the rules of science. All that Egyptologists have ever done is bat down alternative theories using underhanded tactics. It is time to insist that they prove their own proposals.

Why would scientists try to hide the truth and avoid any test of their hypothesis? Their motivations are equally transparent. If it can be proved that the Egyptians did not build the Great Pyramid in 2500 BC using primitive methods, or if the Sphinx can be dated to 9000 BC, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Orthodox views of cultural evolution are based upon a chronology of civilization having started in Sumeria no earlier than 4000 BC. The theory does not permit an advanced civilization to have existed prior to that time. End of discussion.

Archaeology and history lose their meaning without a fixed time line as a point of reference.

Since the theory of "cultural evolution" has been tied to Darwin's general theory of evolution, even more is at stake. Does this explain why facts, anomalies and enigmas are denied, suppressed and/or ignored? Yes, it does. The biological sciences today are based on Darwinism.

Pressure Tactics: The Ica Stones of Peru

Now we turn to another, very different case. In 1966, Dr Javier Cabrera received a stone as a gift from a poor local farmer in his native Ica, Peru. A fish was carved on the stone, which would not have meant much to the average villager but it did mean a lot to the educated Dr Cabrera. He recognized it as a long-extinct species. This aroused his curiosity. He purchased more stones from the farmer, who said he had collected them near the river after a flood.

Dr Cabrera accumulated more and more stones, and word of their existence and potential import reached the archaeological community. Soon, the doctor had amassed thousands of "Ica stones". The sophisticated carvings were as enigmatic as they were fascinating. Someone had carved men fighting with dinosaurs, men with telescopes and men performing operations with surgical equipment. They also contained drawings of lost continents.

Several of the stones were sent to Germany and the etchings were dated to remote antiquity. But we all know that men could not have lived at the time of dinosaurs; Homo sapiens has only existed for about 100,000 years.

The BBC got wind of this discovery and swooped down to produce a documentary about the Ica stones. The media exposure ignited a storm of controversy. Archaeologists criticized the Peruvian government for being lax about enforcing antiquities laws (but that was not their real concern). Pressure was applied to government officials.

The farmer who had been selling the stones to Cabrera was arrested; he claimed to have found them in a cave but refused to disclose the exact location to authorities, or so they claimed.

This case was disposed of so artfully that it would do any corrupt politician proud. The Peruvian government threatened to prosecute and imprison the farmer. He was offered and accepted a plea bargain; he then recant ed his story and "admitted" to having carved the stones himself. That seems highly implausible, since he was uneducated and unskilled and there were 11,000 stones in all. Some were fairly large and intricately carved with animals and scenes that the farmer would not have had knowledge of without being a palaeontologist. He would have needed to work every day for several decades to produce that volume of stones. However, the underlying facts were neither here nor there. The Ica stones were labeled "hoax" and forgotten.

The case did not require a head-to-head confrontation or public discrediting of non-scientists by scientists; it was taken care of with invisible pressure tactics. Since it was filed under "hoax", the enigmatic evidence never had to be dealt with, as it did in the next example.

Censorship of "Forbidden" Thinking: Evidence for Mankind's Great Antiquity

The case of author Michael Cremo is well documented, and it also demonstrates how the scientific establishment openly uses pressure tactics on the media and government. His book Forbidden Archeology examines many previously ignored examples of artifacts that prove modern man's antiquity far exceeds the age given in accepted chronologies.

The examples which he and his co-author present are controversial, but the book became far more controversial than the contents when it was used in a documentary.

In 1996, NBC broadcast a special called The Mysterious Origins of Man, which featured material from Cremo's book. The reaction from the scient ific community went off the Richter scale. NBC was deluged with letters from irate scientists who called the producer "a fraud" and the whole program "a hoax".

But the scientists went further than this--a lot further. In an extremely unconscionable sequence of bizarre moves, they tried to force NBC not to rebroadcast the popular program, but that effort failed. Then they took the most radical step of all: they presented their case to the federal government and requested the Federal Communications Commission to step in and bar NBC from airing the program again.

This was not only an apparent infringement of free speech and a blatant attempt to thwart commerce, it was an unprecedented effort to censor intellectual discourse. If the public or any government agency made an attempt to handcuff the scientific establishment, the public would never hear the end of it.

The letter to the FCC written by Dr Allison Palmer, President of the Institute for Cambrian Studies, is revealing:

At the very least, NBC should be required to make substantial prime-time apologies to their viewing audience for a sufficient period of time so that the audience clearly gets the message that they were duped. In addition, NBC should perhaps be fined sufficiently so that a major fund for public science education can be established.

I think we have some good leads on who "the Brain Police" are. And I really do not think "conspiracy" is too strong a word--because for every case of this kind of attempted suppression that is exposed, 10 other s are going on successfully. We have no idea how many enigmatic artifacts or dates have been labeled "error" and tucked away in storage warehouses or circular files, never to see the light of day.

Data Rejection: Inconvenient Dating in Mexico

Then there is the high-profile case of Dr Virginia Steen-McIntyre, a geologist working for the US Geological Survey (USGS), who was dispatched to an archaeological site in Mexico to date a group of artifacts in the 1970s. This travesty also illustrates how far established scientists will go to guard orthodox tenets.
McIntyre used state-of-the-art equipment and backed up her results by using four different methods, but her results were off the chart. The lead archaeologist expected a date of 25,000 years or less, and the geologist's finding was 250,000 years or more.
The figure of 25,000 years or less was critical to the Bering Strait "crossing" theory, and it was the motivation behind the head archaeologist's tossing Steen-McIntyre's results in the circular file and asking for a new series of dating tests. This sort of reaction does not occur when dates match the expected chronological model that supports accepted theories.
Steen-McIntyre was given a chance to retract her conclusions, but she refused. She found it hard thereafter to get her papers published and she lost a teaching job at an American university.
Government Suppression and Ethnocentrism: Avoiding Anomalous Evidence in NZ, China and Mexico
In New Zealand, the gov ernment actually stepped in and enacted a law forbidding the public from entering a controversial archaeological zone. This story appeared in the book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, by Mark DoutrÚ.
However, as we will find (and as I promised at the beginning of the article), this is a complicated conspiracy. Scientists (Government investigators and Judges) trying to protect their "hallowed" theories while furthering their careers are not the only ones who want artifacts and data suppressed. This is where the situation gets sticky.
The Waipoua Forest became a controversial site in New Zealand because an archaeological dig apparently showed evidence of a non-Polynesian culture that preceded the Maori--a fact that the tribe was not happy with. They learned of the results of the excavations before the general public did and complained to the government. According to DoutrÚ, the outcome was "an official archival document, which clearly showed an intention by New Zealand government departments to withhold archaeological information from public scrutiny for 75 years".
The public got wind of this fiasco but the government denied the claim. However, official documents show that an embargo had been placed on the site. DoutrÚ is a student of New Zealand history and archaeology. He is concerned because he says that artifacts proving that there was an earlier culture which preceded the Maori are missing from museums. He asks what happened to several anomalous remains:
Where are the ancient Indo-European hair samples (wavy red brown h air), originally obtained from a rock shelter near Watakere, that were on display at the Auckland War Memorial Museum for many years? Where is the giant skeleton found near Mitimati?
Unfortunately this is not the only such incident. Ethnocentrism has become a factor in the conspiracy to hide mankind's true history. Author Graham Hancock has been attacked by various ethnic groups for reporting similar enigmatic findings.
The problem for researchers concerned with establishing humanity's true history is that the goals of nationalists or ethnic groups who want to lay claim to having been in a particular place first, often dovetail with the goals of cultural evolutionists.
Archaeologists are quick to go along with suppressing these kinds of anomalous finds. One reason Egyptologists so jealously guard the Great Pyramid's construction date has to do with the issue of national pride.
The case of the Takla Makan Desert mummies in western China is another example of this phenomenon. In the 1970s and 1980s, an unaccounted-for Caucasian culture was suddenly unearthed in China. The arid environment preserved the remains of a blond-haired, blue-eyed people who lived in pre-dynastic China. They wore colorful robes, boots, stockings and hats. The Chinese were not happy about this revelation and they have downplayed the enigmatic find, even though Asians were found buried alongside the Caucasian mummies.
National Geographic writer Thomas B. Allen mused in a 1996 article about his finding a potsherd bearing a fingerprint of the potter. When he inquired if he could take the fragment to a forensic anthropologist, the Chinese scientist asked whether he "would be able to tell if the potter was a white man". Allen said he was not sure, and the official pocketed the fragment and quietly walked away. It appears that many things get in the way of scientific discovery and disclosure.
The existence of the Olmec culture in Old Mexico has always posed a problem. Where did the Negroid people depicted on the colossal heads come from? Why are there Caucasians carved on the stele in what is Mexico's seed civilization? What is worse, why aren't the indigenous Mexican people found on the Olmec artifacts? Recently a Mexican archaeologist solved the problem by making a fantastic claim: that the Olmec heads--which generations of people of all ethnic groups have agreed bear a striking resemblance to Africans--were really representations of the local tribe.


The public does not seem at all aware of the fact that the scientific establishment has a double standard when it comes to the free flow of information. In essence, it goes like this... Scientists are highly educated, well trained and intellectually capable of processing all types of information, and they can make the correct critical distinctions between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. The unwashed public is simply incapable of functioning on this high mental plane.
The noble ideal of the scientist as a highly trained, impartial, apolitical observer and assembler of established facts into a useful body of knowledge seems to have been shredded under the pressures and demands of the real world. Science has produced many positive benefits for society; but we should know by now that science has a dark, negative side. Didn't those meek fellows in the clean lab coats give us nuclear bombs and biological weapons? The age of innocence ended in World War II.
That the scientific community has an attitude of intellectual superiority is thinly veiled under a carefully orchestrated public relations guise. We always see Science and Progress walking hand in hand. Science as an institution in a democratic society has to function in the same way as the society at large; it should be open to debate, argument and counter-argument. There is no place for unquestioned authoritarianism. Is modern science meeting these standards?
In the Fall of 2001, PBS aired a seven-part series, titled Evolution. Taken at face value, that seems harmless enough. However, while the program was presented as pure, objective, investigative science journalism, it completely failed to meet even minimum standards of impartial reporting. The series was heavily weighted towards the view that the theory of evolution is "a science fact" that is accepted by "virtually all reputable scientists in the world", and not a theory that has weaknesses and strong scientific critics.
The series did not even bother to interview scientists who have criticisms of Darwinism: not "creationists" but bona fide scientists. To correct this deficiency, a group of 100 dissenting scientists felt compelled to issue a press release, "A Scientific Dissent on Darwinism", on the day the first program was scheduled to go to air. Nobel nominee Henry "Fritz" Schaefer was among them. He encouraged open public debate of Darwin's theory:
Some defenders of Darwinism embrace standards of evidence for evolution that as scientists they would never accept in other circumstances.
We have seen this same "unscientific" approach applied to archaeology and anthropology, where "scientists" simply refuse to prove their theories yet appoint themselves as the final arbiters of "the facts". It would be naive to think that the scientists who cooperated in the production of the series were unaware that there would be no counter-balancing presentation by critics of Darwin's theory.
Richard Milton is a science journalist. He had been an ardent true believer in Darwinian doctrine until his investigative instincts kicked in one day. After 20 years of studying and writing about evolution, he suddenly realized that there were many disconcerting holes in the theory. He decided to try to allay his doubts and prove the theory to himself by using the standard methods of investigative journalism.
Milton became a regular visitor to London's famed Natural History Museum. He painstakingly put every main tenet and classic proof of Darwinism to the test. The results shocked him. He found that the theory could not even stand up to the rigors of routine investigative journalism.
The veteran science writer t ook a bold step and published a book titled The Facts of Life:
Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. It is clear that the Darwinian myth had been shattered for him, but many more myths about science would also be crushed after his book came out. Milton says:
I experienced the witch-hunting activity of the Darwinist police at first hand?it was deeply disappointing to find myself being described by a prominent Oxford zoologist [Richard Dawkins] as "loony", "stupid" and "in need of psychiatric help" in response to purely scientific reporting.
(Does this sound like stories that came out of the Soviet Union 20 years ago when dissident scientists there started speaking out?)Dawkins launched a letter-writing campaign to newspaper editors, implying that Milton was a "mole" creationist whose work should be dismissed. Anyone at all familiar with politics will recognise this as a standard Machiavellian by-the-book "character assassination" tactic. Dawkins is a highly respected scientist, whose reputation and standing in the scientific community carry a great deal of weight.
According to Milton, the process came to a head when the London Times Higher Education Supplement commissioned him to write a critique of Darwinism. The publication foreshadowed his coming piece: "Next Week: Darwinism - Richard Milton goes on the attack". Dawkins caught wind of this and wasted no time in nipping this heresy in the bud. He contacted the editor, Auriol Stevens, and accused Milton of being a "creationist", and prevailed upon Stevens t o pull the plug on the article. Milton learned of this behind-the-scenes backstabbing and wrote a letter of appeal to Stevens. In the end, she caved in to Dawkins and scratched the piece.
Imagine what would happen if a politician or bureaucrat used such pressure tactics to kill a story in the mass media (if such free press really exists). It would ignite a huge scandal. Not so with scientists, who seem to be regarded as "sacred cows" and beyond reproach. There are many disturbing facts related to these cases. Darwin's theory of evolution is the only theory routinely taught in our public school system that has never been subjected to rigorous scrutiny; nor have any of the criticisms been allowed into the curriculum.
This is an interesting fact, because a recent poll showed that the American public wants the theory of evolution taught to their children; however, "71 per cent of the respondents say biology teachers should teach both Darwinism and scientific evidence against Darwinian theory". Nevertheless, there are no plans to implement this balanced approach.
It is ironic that Richard Dawkins has been appointed to the position of Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is a classic "Brain Police" storm trooper, patrolling the neurological front lines. The Western scientific establishment and mass media pride themselves on being open public forums devoid of prejudice or censorship. However, no television program examining the flaws and weaknesses of Darwinism has ever been aired in Darwin's home country or in America. A scientist who opposes the theory cannot get a paper published.
The Mysterious Origins of Man was not a frontal attack on Darwinism; it merely presented evidence that is considered anomalous by the precepts of his theory of evolution.
Returning to our bastions of intellectual integrity, Forest Mims was a solid and skilled science journalist. He had never been the center of any controversy and so he was invited to write the most-read column in the prestigious Scientific American, "The Amateur Scientist", a task he gladly accepted. According to Mims, the magazine's editor Jonathan Piel then learned that he also wrote articles for a number of Christian magazines. The editor called Mims into his office and confronted him.
"Do you believe in the theory of evolution?" Piel asked.
Mims replied, "No, and neither does Stephen Jay Gould."
His response did not affect Piel's decision to bump Mims off the popular column after just three articles.
This has the unpleasant odor of a witch-hunt. The writer never publicly broadcast his private views or beliefs, so it would appear that the "stormtroopers" now believe they have orders to make sure "unapproved" thoughts are never publicly disclosed.


So, the monitors of "good thinking" are not just the elite of the scientific community, as we have seen in several cases; they are television producers and magazine editors as well. It seems clear that they are all driven by the singular imperative of furthering "public science education", as the president of the Cambrian Institute so aptly phrased it.
However, there is a second item on the agenda, and that is to protect the public from "unscientific" thoughts and ideas that might infect the mass mind. We outlined some of those taboo subjects at the beginning of the article; now we should add that it is also "unwholesome" and "unacceptable" to engage in any of the following research pursuits: paranormal phenomena, UFOs, cold fusion, free energy and all the rest of the "pseudo-sciences". Does this have a familiar ring to it? Are we hearing the faint echoes of religious zealotry?
Who ever gave science the mission of engineering and directing the inquisitive pursuits of the citizenry of the free world? It is all but impossible for any scientific paper that has anti-Darwinian ramifications to be published in a mainstream scientific journal. It is also just as impossible to get the "taboo" subjects even to the review table, and you can forget about finding your name under the title of any article in Nature unless you are a credentialled scientist, even if you are the next Albert Einstein.
To restate how this conspiracy begins, it is with two filters: credentials and peer review.
Modern science is now a maze of such filters set up to promote certain orthodox theories and at the same time filter out that data already prejudged to be unacceptable. Evidence and merit are not the guiding principles; conformity and position within the established community have re placed objectivity, access and openness.
Scientists do not hesitate to launch the most outrageous personal attacks against those they perceive to be the enemy. Eminent palaeontologist Louis Leakey penned this acid one-liner about Forbidden Archeology: "Your book is pure humbug and does not deserve to be taken seriously by anyone but a fool." Once again, we see the thrust of a personal attack; the merits of the evidence presented in the book are not examined or debated. It is a blunt, authoritarian pronouncement.
In a forthcoming installment, we will examine some more documented cases and delve deeper into the subtler dimensions of the conspiracy.

About the Author:

Will Hart is a freelance journalist, book author, nature photographer and documentary filmmaker. He lives and does much of his research in the Lake Tahoe area in the USA, and writes a column titled "The Tahoe Naturalist" for a regional publication. He has produced and directed films about wolves and wild horses.


St John

St. John is a river rising in Maine, and after a course of 450 miles falling into the Bay of Fundy by an inlet five miles wide. It is navigable for small craft for 155 miles to Woodstock. Through most of its upper course it forms the boundary line between Maine and Canada.

St. John is the capital and largest city of New Brunswick, is on the inlet of the St. John river 277 miles northwest of Halifax. It has good harbor, and steamers run Boston. Shipbuilding, timber trade, and fishing are carried on, and there are important city was destroyed by fire in 1877, but has been rebuilt.

St. John is the capital of Newfoundland, (new found Dna) is on the east coast of island. 1,076 miles northeast of Montreal, and rope, being only 1,730 miles from Cork. It has a harbor, two railroads, and a number of manufactures.

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem are a celebrated military and religious order of the middle ages , it was founded about 1048 in a hospital built by merchants of Amalfi at Jerusalem for the care of pilgrims(Trojan horse) to the Holy Sepulcher. This Order, which at various times in the progress of its history received the names of Knights Hospitaller , Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Rhodes, and lastly, Knights of Malta, was one of the most important religious and military orders of knighthood which sprang into existence during the Crusades which were instituted for the recovery of the Holy Land.(the is No L DNA).After the conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1099, the hospital servants were joined by many from the Christian army, who resolved to devote themselves to the service of poor and sick pilgrims(easy access to dna). They soon became an order, which was military as well as religious, their chief undertaking being the protection of pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. For this purpose commanderies were set up in the Mediterranean towns, and the members of the order became known as Hospitallers. Saladin forced them to retire to Acre in 1191, the last Christian stronghold in Palestine, which they held with great bravery for a century, but then after a terrible siege were compelled to sail to Cyprus.

In 1310 the knights captured Rhodes and seven neighboring islands from the Greek and Muslim pirates, and for over 200 years waged successful war against the Turks. In 1523 Sultan Solyman captured Rhodes, and after a short stay at Crete, Charles V. gave the Hospitallers the island of Malta, with Tripoli and Gozo. In 1565 the Corsair Dragut after capturing Tripoli, laid seige to Malta and at the end of four months was beaten off with a loss of 25,000 men. By 1798 the order was of of little importance, and Malta was surrendered to the French. Certain branches are still kept in Europe.

In the 12th century a bitter rivalry sprang up between the Hospitallers and the Knights Templar, which was fought out in 1259, the former being victorious. On the suppression of the Knights Templar in 1312, their 9,000 manors in different parts of Europe were added to the 19,000 already possessed by the Hospitallers. The brethren were divided into three classes, knights, chaplains and serving brothers, these last being fighting squires who accompanied the knights on their expeditions. The Hospitallers wore a red coat over their armor; their badge was a Maltese cross, enameled white and edged with gold; their motto was "pro fide," to which was afterwords added "pro utilitate hominum" "(for the faith and for the serving men")

In one of the old lectures of the last century, this dedication in Freemasonry to the two Saints John is thus explained:

"Q. Our Lodges being finished, furnished, the decorated with ornaments, furniture, and jewels, to whom were they consecrated?

A. To God.(Neanderthaler)

Q. Thank you, brother; and can you tell me whom they were first dedicated?

A. To Noah, who was saved in the ark.

Q. And by what name were what name were the Masons then known?

A. They were called Noachidae, Sages, or Wise Men.

Q. To whom were the Lodges dedicated during the Mosaic dispensation?

A. To Moses, the chosen of God, and Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel, who was eminent patron of the Craft.

Q. And under what name were the Masons known under that period?

A. Under the name of Dionysiacs, Geometricians, or Masters in Israel.

Q. But as Solomon was a Jew, and died long before the promulgation of Christianity, to whom were they dedicated under the Christian dispensation?

A. From Solomon the patronage of Masonry passed to St, John the Baptist.

Q. And under what name were they known after the promulgation of Christianity?

A. Under the name of Essenes, Architects, or Freemasons.

Q. Why were the Lodges dedicated to St. John the Baptist?

A. Because he was the forerunner(Trojan Horse) of our Saviour, and, by preaching repentance and humiliation, drew the first parallel of the Gospel.

Q. Had St. John the Baptist any equal?

A. He had; St John the Evangelist(Sesame Seesaw).

Q. Why is he said to be equal to the Baptist?

A. Because he finished by his learning what the other began by his zeal, and thus drew a second line parallel to the former; ever since which time Freemasons' Lodges, in all Christian countries, have been dedicated to the one or the other, or both, of these worthy and worshipful men.

The sun/son a.k.a. pseudo hermaphrodite , in the Egyptians mysteries, was symbolized by Osiris, the principal object of their rites, and whose name, according to Plutarch and Macrobius, signified the prince and leader, the soul of the universe and the governor of the stars. Macrobius says that the Egyptians worshiped the sun as the only divinity; and they represented him under different forms, according to the different phases of his infancy at the winter solstice in December, his adolescence at the vernal equinox in March, his manhood at the summer solstice in June, and his old age at the autumnal equinox in September.

Among the Phoenicians, the sun was adored under the name of Adonis, and in Persia under that of Mithras. In the Grecian mysteries, the orb of the day was represented by one of the officers who superintended the ceremony of initiation; and in the Druidical rites his worship was introduced as the visible representative of the invisible, creative, and preservative principles of nature. To the ancient worshipers, the movements of the heavenly bodies must have been something more than mere astronomical phenomena(the plan of the destruction of all peoples on the surface of the planet and the birth of the new psuedo hermaphroditic slave) ; they were the actions of the deities whom they adored, (new slave) and were invented with the solemnity of a religious character.

But, above all, the particular periods when the sun reached his greatest Northern and Southern declination, at the winter and summer soltices, by entering the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, marked as they would be by the most evident effects on the seasons, and on the length of the days and nights, could not have passed unobserved, but, on the contrary, must have occupied an important of their ritual. Now these important days fall respectively on the 21st of June and the 21st of December. Hence, these solstitial periods were among the principal festivals observed by the Pagan nations. Du Pauw remarks of the Egyptians, that "they had a fixed festival at each new moon; one at the summer, and one at the winter solstice, as well as the vernal and autumnal equinoxes."

The Druids always observed the festivals of midsummer and midwinter in June and December. The former for a long time was celebrated by the Christian descendants of the Druids. The eve of St. John the Baptist variously called midsummer eve, was formerly a time of high observance amongst the English, as it still is in the Catholic countries. Bonfires were everywhere lighted, round which the people danced with joyful demonstrations, occasionally leaping through the flame.

The festival of the 25th of December was celebrated by the Druids in Britain and Ireland, with great fires lighted on the top of the hills. . . . .On the 25th of December; at the first moment of the day, throughout all the ancient world, the birthday of the god Sol was celebrated. This was the moment when, after the supposed winter solstice and the lowest point of his degradation below our hemisphere, he began to increase and gradually to ascend. At this moment, in all the ancient religions, his birthday was kept; from India to the Ultima Thule, these ceremonies partook of the same character: everywhere the god was feigned to be born and his festival was celebrated with great rejoicings.

The earlier ecclesiastical priests of the church had appropriated two days near those solstitial periods to the memory of two eminent saints, incorporated these festivals by the lapse of a few days into the Masonic calendar, and adopted these worthies as patrons of the Order. To this change, the earlier Christian Masons were the more persuaded by the peculiar character of these saints. St. John the Baptist by announcing the approach of Christ, and by the mystic ablution to which he subjected his proselytes, and which was afterwords adopted in the ceremony of initiation into Christianity, might well be considered as the Grand Hierophant of the Church; while the mysterious and emblematic nature of the Apocalypse assimilated the mode of instruction adopted by St. John the Evangelist to that practiced by the Fraternity. We are thus lead to the conclusion that the connection of the Saints John with the Masonic institution is rather of a symbolic character than of an historical character.


John Martin

John Martin, an English painter, was born at Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, July 19, 1789. He went to London in 1806, and after a hard struggle for a living became known by means of his picture, Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion. His works were quite popular and were highly raised by BulwerLytton. Among them are the Fall of Babylon, Belshazzar's Feast and The Deluge. Martin died Feb. 17, 1854.



Snow is the white mass formed of crystals made by the freezing of the vapor in the air. Hail and sleet are frozen rain, but snow is a collection of ice around the dust particles in the air. The snow crystals are very beautiful and various, more than 1,000 forms have been noticed. They are divided into five classes; the first are in thin plates of stars of six rays; in the second there is a solid center with needle shaped crystals projecting in all directions; the third class is made up of three-sided or six-sided prisms; the fourth class is six-sided pyramids, and the fifth class is formed by prisms cut by plates. The last two classes are rare. There is probably some rule for the formation of the different forms of crystals, as the flakes of each shower are usually alike. The flakes vary in size from an inch to one-tenth of an inch in diameter. The largest amount of snow falls where there is most moisture in the air; as in New England the yearly average is from four to seven feet, while in the same latitude in the western states it is only two feet. In the Arctic regions in Siberia, the fall of snow does not exceed that of New England, but it lies unmelted longer. Snow rarely falls south of 40 degrees of latitude. Fresh fallen snow is very light, a foot of it giving only an inch of water when melted. The snow on mountains that almost below the freezing point, is packed by its own weight, and by the freezing and thawing of the surface, until it hardens with icy glaciers. It it falls before hardening it forms an avalanche. Snow retains heat, being a non-conductor, and so is of great use in protecting the soil and plants from severe cold. Red and green snow, as seen in the Arctic regions, is produced by a very small red plant, which sometimes colors the snow for several feet in depth. The usual white color is due to the light from the many angles of the ice crystals. The snow line, or line of perpetual snow, is the height above which the snow never entirely melts away. It varies with the climate and the season. It is usually higher on the south side than on the north side of a mountain, on the east than on the west and higher inland than on the seashore.



George Bush and John Kerry's


ECCLESIASTIC THEOSOPHY. The word theosophy comes from the Greek theos, meaning "overlord," and sophia, meaning "wisdom." Loosely translated, it means "divine wisdom." It is a secret system of morality incorporating aspects of Buddhism and Brahmanism which is veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

This kind of Ecclesiastic monkish philosophy has existed since pre-history, and much later, was the belief system of the ancientGreek philosophers Pythagoras and Plato. It's principles were extensively described by the philosopher Plotinus in his 'Enneads' in the 3rd century AD. (Also, see Arius and the Persian Aryans)

The first principle claims that there is an ancient pre-historic genetic principle about which there is little knowledge, due mostly to a state-sponsored "Eyes Wide Shut" Arian-Mede school of human engineering and programming aimed at the general public.

Secondly, the universe is an eternity in which smaller universes, universes interpreted to the masses by Brotherhoods of Friends and Societies of tollgating Hi-jackers which alternately appear and disappear cataclismicly, like lava from an erupting volcano. All living souls--bings, beings or boeings--are ultimately identified with a Neanderthal over-soul and his Cro-Magnon angels, which is itself an aspect of the little known Sima/Sial principle of the Orphic Egg, the singularity.

Following physical birth, because of programming, every earthly soul (one who leaves temporary footprints in sand or ripples in water) is obliged to go through a series of rebirths, or reincarnations, within the same lifetime. When the first persona dies (after experiencing a new reality), the soul (being) is then reborn as another greater or lesser persona, ie: the role and character that one assumes in public or society; one's current public image or personality, as distinguished from the real continuing work-in-progress, the evolutionary inner self, which itself quickly returns to its eternal quest for other new learning experiences, and eventually, to remembrance with the Moho singularity.

MADRAS, India. The capital of Tamil Nadu State in southern India, Madras is the country's fourth largest city. It is located in the northeastern corner of the state on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Madras was the first center of post Atlantis Dravidian culture, which was present before Aryan invaders conquered the Indus valley in about 1500 BC. Madras is the shortened name of the fishing village Madraspatnam, where the British East India Company built Fort St. George and a trading post in 1639-40.

The apostle Thomas is believed to have been martyred just outside the city in AD 78. The place where he was buried is the site of a basilica, built in 1896, that reportedly has some of his relics. St. Mary's Church is the oldest (1680) Protestant church in India.

The name BIRDMEN is a code word for the most ancient caped crusaders, "The Sons of Martha", (Genetic) ENGINEERS who wear dresses in public; a secret society of University based scientists that controls Ecclesiastic Freemasonry and thereby, Organized Religion, National Media, Courts of Appeal and all Governments.

UPS: At Akhunbabayev Square, at the western end of Navoi Street in Tashkent Uzbekistan, north of the Himalayan Mountains (K2), is the 16th-century Kukeldash "madrassah", a radical Islamic institution of higher education. (Uzbekistan and neighboring nations have large Muslim populations.) North of the square is another 16th-century madrassah and a 15th-century mausoleum. This is where the human engineering programme for "suicide bombers" such as Brian Nichols, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine and Minnesota school assassins, the Washington snipers and that used by the insurgents in Iraq, etc., was first implanted in the minds of the Mongolian hordes who overran Europe under Attila the Hun, in 451 AD.

SEESAW : kamikaze. 1. Of or relating to a suicidal air attack: a kamikaze mission. 2. Slang. So reckless in behavior or actions as to be suicidal: kamikaze hot rodders. [Japanese : kami, divine + kaze, wind (from legendary name of a typhoon that in 1281 saved Japan by destroying the Mongol navy).]




(notice the peninsula's resemblance to a peace symbol made by the pointer and middle finger Peace bro~Peas bra)

Sinai is a mountain in the northwestern part of Arabia, known as the place where Moses received the tables of stone, inscribed with the ten commandments. The mountain is a single peak in the great rocky mass which almost fills the peninsula of Sinai, a point of land shut in between the two arms of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Akaba. There are three separate mountains, Mount Katherine being usually thought to be indicated by the name Sinai. This mountain has two peaks, the northern one, known as Mount Horeb, and the southern one, called the Mountain of Moses. This southern peak is generally agreed upon as the place of the giving of the Law, though it is still disputed. At its foot is the Church of St. Catherine, built about 527 by the Emperor Justinian; a little higher up, the chapel of St. Elias and on the summit a little pilgrim church. The whole peninsula, as well as the bold, jagged mountains, have a stern, treeless aspect, though palms, acacias and tamarisks grow in the ravines. The Arabs range over the region with their sheep and goats. There are many caves among the mountains which have been the abodes of hermits, and many inscriptions on the rocks which date back to the early Christians. See Sinai and Palestine, by Stanley; Desert of the Exodus.

Palms are a natural order of useful and important plants, generally with tall and slender stem, without branches, and having the compound leaves issuing directly from the top. The outer case of the stem is covered by a hard, sandy polished casing, enveloping a soft, pulpy and fibrous interior which can be easily removed. They are natives of the tropical regions, and when young the stems form a nutritious food, and when older some yield a farinaceous substance, while the young bud on the end is composed of juicy leaves which are esteemed a delicate vegetable. Many, again, yield a sweet sap which is made into sugar, drinks, wines, spirits and vinegar. The leaves are made into thatch roofs, mats, baskets, hats, umbrellas, fans, thread, cord and clothing, and in some of the old eastern countries the records are written on dried leaves. Some of the principal species and their characteristics are, the chamaedorea, a native of Brazil, which is used for bridges, the ash of its burnt fruit for saltand produces a nourishing cabbage; the betel nut palm; the cabbage palm; the sugar palm, from which a brown sugar is made and whose distilled sap forms an intoxicating drink; the sago palm, from whose stem the sago of commerce is taken, and many others. See A Popular History of Palms, by Seeman.

Palmetto, the American species of palm, is found in California and Florida, often growing to the height of 50 feet and having leaves 5 feet long. The most important is the cabbage palmetto. Other kinds of this species grow in the Bermudas, along the Mediterranean shores and in Arabia. The characteristics are the same as those of the palm, only that they are not so tall. Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, takes its name from the usage of blessing branches of the palm, or of other substituted trees, and carrying them in the procession in memory of the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem. The custom can be traced back to the 8th century. In the Roman Catholic Church the priest blesses the branches and hands them to the worshipers as they pass out, and when the hymn, "All glory praise and honor" is sung by the choir and the congregation outside, the doors are opened and the people return. The branches are taken home and burned and the ashes used on Ashe Wednesday.

MATTHEW 21:1-11

Matthew 21

The Triumphal Entry
1 Now when they drew near Jerusalem, and came to Bethphage, at the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, 2 saying to them, “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Loose them and bring them to Me. 3 And if anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord has need of them,’ and immediately he will send them.”
4 All this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying:
5 “ Tell the daughter of Zion,

‘ Behold, your King is coming to you,
Lowly, and sitting on a donkey,
A colt, the foal of a donkey.’”

6 So the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them. 7 They brought the donkey and the colt, laid their clothes on them, and set Him on them. 8 And a very great multitude spread their clothes on the road; others cut down branches (palm)from the trees and spread them on the road9 Then the multitudes who went before and those who followed cried out, saying:

“ Hosanna to the Son of David!

‘ Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’
Hosanna in the highest!”

10 And when He had come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, “Who is this?”
11 So the multitudes said, “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee.”

Jesus entry to town was on a d(o)nk(e)y the original vehicle.

Palmer from the Latin, palmifer, a palm bearer. A name given in the time of the Crusades to a pilgrim, who, coming back from the holy war after having accomplished his vow of pilgrimage, exhibited upon his return home a branch of palm bound round his staff in token of it.

Edward Henry Palmer, was born at Cambridge, on August 7, 1840, and while a boy learned the Gypsy language. Afterward he acquired Italian and French. In 1860 he began the study of the Orient at Cambridge, and in 1867 graduated with third-class honors in classics. In 1868-70 he was working for the Palestine exploration surveying Sinai, and in 1871 became professor of Arabic in Cambridge. In 1882 he was sent by the government to win the Sinai tribes over to Britain, and prevent the destruction of the Suez canal by Arabs, and made two expeditions, on the second of which from Suez with Captain Gill and Lieutenant Charrington he was betrayed and murdered at Wady Sudr on Aug. 11, 1882. His remains and those of his companions now repose in St. Paul's. See his Life by W. Besant.

Erastus Dow Palmer was an American sculptor born in Pompey, New York, April 2, 1817. He was a joiner by trade, and made carvings first of animals and leaves in wood. Seeing a cameo head, he cut on a shell a portrait of his wife and his success induced him to try working in marble. Two bas-reliefs, Morning and Evening , The Sleeping PeriThe Angel at the Sepulcher, in the cemetery at Albany; Immortality, Faith and Sappho, also bas-reliefs, are some of his best known works. He has executed busts of Alexander Hamilton, Washington Irving, Commodore Perry and others, and a statue of Robert Livingstone for the state of New York, cast in bronze. The Landing of the Pilgrims, in the capitol at Washington, is one of his largest works.

Ray Palmer, an American clergyman, was born at Little Compton, Rhode Island, Nov. 12, 1808. He graduated at Yale College, and studied theology, beginning his work as a minister at Bath, Maine. Most of his life was spent in Albany, New York, where he was one of the most prominent clergymen of the Congregational church. He is best known by his hymns, some of which are found in nearly every church collection, and one of which, My Faith Looks Up to Thee, is widely used and very popular. Besides many hymns, he has written Closet HoursRemember Me, or the Holy CommunionHome, or the Unlost Paradise, a poem; and Earnest Words. He died in March 29,1887.

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Scarabeus(scar'-a-be-us), is the name of a beetle, well know for its habit of rolling balls of manure to its hole. The ball is used for food, and sometimes last a fortnight. Sometimes they are used as receptacles for an egg an then rolled by the parents to a place of safety. The scarabeus was worshiped by the Egyptians, and for different species are found sculptured on their monuments, and gems were fashioned in their shape. The number of its toes thirty, symbolized the days of the month; the time of laying its eggs, the lunar month; the movement of the ball, the action of the sun on the earth. These were some of the mystical ideas connected with it. The custom of engraving scarab gems was also common with the Greeks and Etruscans.


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13951 BC ~ Atlantis : MOHO~Mandan Pilgrims (most recent descendants of HOMO-Erectus : see sketch by clicking on the right), the 'Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture Priest~Hood' also popularly known as 'The Magi' (originally symbolized by a Winged Lion-headed Male Human holding a Pair of Keys in one hand and dressed with a gem studded vest complete with a replica of the Zodiac on his chest ; the whole coiled by a Snake that appears to enter his Mouth), depart from the continent of Atlantis (Antarctica) as newly Freed~Masons and sail north on the Atlantic ocean, making their first stop on the north-west coast of Africa (Mauritania).

Once there, these Sea Peoples disembark their priceless cargo of freshly Genetically Modified Tan Colored Human Organisms which they have named The Shepherd Kings. That done, they then sail on into the Mediterranean Sea, making their way East where they finally disembark, discharging the balance of their remaining slaves, and then climb up into the Caucasus Mountains. There, they will open the first foreign branch plant of Atlantis' ancient human cloning laboratory, (in today's Kurdistan), somewhere between Lake Van (Turkey) and the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan).

Soon after, these immigrant CBTV troglodytes of Atlantis begin the first construction of what is to become numerous underground cities, while simultaneously, others among the m continue to further improve and genetically modify New Man; until eventually, they succeed in fabricating a completely new white race, which they style Caucasian, on a mountain plateau to which they give the name ~MEDIA~.

11792 BC ~ Canaan: Descendants of the west African Tan colored Shepherd Kings have by now migrated across north Africa, making stops at both Chad and Egypt along the way, before turning north, until they finally reach their destination in Canaan (Phoenicia), which they then proceed to make into their first semi-permanent middle-Eastern settlement.

9633 BC ~ Cappadocia: The Watchers are now well established at the heart of Asia Minor (east-central Turkey). They then launch their first shock n' awe campaign of fire, brimstone and water on the dark-skinned original peoples below, by detonating a number of nuclear devices that explode and open up the land bridge between the Mediterranean Sea and the valley to its north; thereby flooding the valley (and the original peoples who happened to live there ~ at a place which has now become the modern day Black Sea).

The resulting tidal waves also cause flooding as far away as Canaan, frightening the inhabitants (Mandaeans) away from the lowlands and moves them further up into the mountains of Cappadocia, or even further still to the East into the desert, plains and marshes of the lower fertile crescent of ancient Babylon (Iraq).

7474 BC ~ Anatolia: The Watchers and their so-called 'giant' offsprings, Priests who are now embedded among both the Tan and White races (Nephil im), are soon viewed as Sons of Gods and noble elite, by the black local peasants. They begin to take hold of community leadership positions; by acting out the part of Dog~Priest, Historian Pipe Carrier and/or Shaman among the original black peoples, especially taking charge of distributing the news, whenever any seemingly mysterious or cataclysmic event follows either natural or man-induced earth-crust displacements caused by volcanos. The Magi are into Magic, and Magic to them is the Science that the people don't yet understand.

5315 BC ~ Babylon: The introduction of planned agriculture and animal husbandry on privately owned farms, whose food products can now be stored in fortified buildings defended by an army, sets the stage for the introduction of fiat money, currency paid in return for voluntary labor, which can then be spent on food distributed by a centralized food cartel.

A new organized religion also makes its first appearance. It is Zarathustra (Zoro~Astrianism), a protestant cut-out from the Magi religion of the north (Kurdistan and Persia), and comes complete with promises of a glorious after-life following death for its devoted followers, thereby allowing an uninformed populace to simply dream about this possibility throughout their own entire servile lives, while the Priest~Hoods and Brother~Hoods line their pockets at the trough.

3156 BC ~ Egypt: A new version of the organized religion of Babylon, which itself had focused on a symbol of the concrete spiral or Ziggurat, is now exported to Egypt, where the tax-collecting DOG Priest~Hoods of Heliopolis first introduce the concept of a mono-theistic God during the reign of Egypt's 18th Dynasty of the Pharaohs (Kings). Later they would also modify the main symbol of Atlantean Freemasonry; changing the original spiral Ziggurat which itself represents our DNA's double helix, into squares, each of which they then pile one upon the other, in ever reducing size. This 'Hydraulic Society', Egypt, then proceeds to build a number of these structures which they call Pyramids, culminating in the construction of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the underground RosTau, along the banks of the Nile (recently diverted blue and white Nile rivers), at the Giza plateau.

These Pyramids are symbolic of the fact that although each sector of the religious, political, trade and military systems are independent of one another, they all owe their existence to the secret society, Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, and their Unknown Superior ~THE MEDIA~, that meets in the Mason lodge located therein, and that each branch of the system shares a common goal that they must all strive together to achieve. The Pyramid's capstone reminds them all, that by tollgating a percentage off of all economic activity in the country, only in this manner they will eventually guarantee each and every Priest or Brother of the various antipodean Priest~Brother~Hoods, a fair share of the common 'pie'.

Unbeknownst to most of Free~Masons however, the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid is intended to symbolize the Atlantean CBTV Priest~Hood's ultimate goal; which is the eventual replacement of both male and female genders with a Genetically Modified Unisex clone, a Super~Slave that will combine in IT the best features of both genders, those that are most appropriate to a great slave (THE NEW WAY). The capstone, having been removed and moved across the Red Sea to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is only to be re-installed upon the Great Pyramis once slavery has permanently become the function of a SUPER HERM~APHRODITE SLAVE.

997 BC ~ Israel: Atlantis' migrant Tax Collectors' center of 'cosmetic political power' is transferred from Egypt to the 1000 year old tribe of Abraham, the former Mesopotamian TAN Hyksos, styled The Shepherd Kings, who now call themselves Hebrews. Leaving behind their recent occupation of Egypt, the Hebrews have reestablished themselves in Canaan (Palestine), which they rename Israel. Later, in 588/86 BC, the elite leaders of the Hebrew tribe are sent back to Babylon to attend an indepth training course in the latest advanced techniques of human manipulation. They specialize in learning an ancient Sumerian art which teaches "how to pro-actively use both--organized religion, combined with a dynamic monetary system--in order to better control the world's population without requiring the use of military force". For just that purpose, mono-theistic Christianity is introduced into Europe and the West, while Buddhism, and later Islam, replace the two original versions of Persian religion, Magi~Zoroastrianism, which had previously been passed on to India and the Far East as national religions.

1178 AD ~ The Franks: Germa ny, a land populated by migrating Hebrew tribes since the Diaspora (586 BC), remain under the direct control of the MOHO~Mandan CBTV Priest~Hoods of the East, who themselves have recently relocated their home-base from Kurdistan to Greenland. Germany now divides itself into two parts; sending the western tribe of Franks to settle across the Rhine and Alps, in a land which they have now call France. Later, under the guise of military expeditions, Crusades, undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries and said "to conquer Jerusalem for Christ", Atlantean Persian Freemasonry of the middle-East use this contrived opportunity to teach the Christians with new courses in group dynamics, similar to those taught earlier to Hebrew Priests; first, to St. Bernard's Knights Templar, and then, to other Christian Priest~Hoods who agree to locate permanent offices in both Jerusalem as well as the Basque Country in the Pyrenees mountains.

From this location in Basque Country, the Basques can then keep one close 'eye' on the Vatican in Rome, and a second 'eye', on their 'Yes Man', King Louis IX of France, while they also oversee the rediscovery of America. Ecclesiastical Freemasonry and its secular wing, Grand Orient Freemasonry, then lead the movement to establish Freemason Lodges in other European countries, beginning with Scotland, where the St. Clair family is called upon to establish the Scottish Rite who will report to France's Grand Orient Lodge, becoming an antipodean to the York Rite of England who report directly to the Germans.

Is abelle, the secular Quean of Spain, then contracted with Columbus, Cortes and Cartier, to begin setting the boundaries of a soon to be rediscovered North America, one based upon the needs and pre-set longevity determined by Atlantean instructions, which are written down in the Hebrew Cabala's 'Book of Enoch' (a name which translates to "the mission of ONE", the Herm~Aphrodite).

(This is a work in progress and more information is to be added later)

The SculPTor


Before the advent of writing as we know it, ancient peoples communicated with pictographs known as hieroglyphics.

Although many educated people are aware that the Sumerians, Egyptians and Hittites once communicated in this manner, few are aware that the characters in the Roman alphabet which are still in use today, are also pictographs. These pictographs symbolize modern concepts that could not even be conceived of by the general population when they were first created, yet, their significance was of such prime importance to the Benedictines priesthood who first drew them, that these drawings were used to code and illuminate the most secret information of all times; the secrets of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

Line drawings of the Roman characters of our alphabet, since they were first drawn by Basque priests in the font style which is now called Desdemona, depict the 'business plan' of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture (CBTV) of ancient Kurdistan. This seemingly coincidental evidence forms part of a much larger body of evidence, that when linked together confirms the true meaning of an ancient concept we have come to know as 'The Phoenix'.

The Phoenix is a bird in Egyptian mythology that reportedly lived in the desert for about 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes. As such, it is an allegory for the ancient Library at Alexandria. As well, it is used to describe a person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty; a model of excellence or perfection of a kind, such a s an unflawed diamond weighing at least 100 carats (a symbol for 'the way'). Phoenix is also a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Tucana and Sculptor.

Tucana is a constellation in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere near Indus and Hydrus, containing the smaller Magellanic Clouds. Sculptor is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Cetus and Phoenix. It is also called Sculptor's Workshop. Cetus is a constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Eridanus. Aquarius is also a constellation in the equatorial region of the Southern Hemisphere near Pisces and Aquila, the 11th sign of the zodiac in astrology which is also called Water Bearer. Eridinus is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Fornax and Cetus. [Greek Eridanos, mythical river associated with the myth of Phaeton.]

Enough already?

The Zodiac is the stellar calendar and timeline used to delineate the CBTV 'business plan', which itself defines the ultimate goal of the Priest~Hoods at a time which they have styled "The End Times". The Zodiac, in astrology, is a band related to a period of time divided into 12 equal parts called signs, each 30Á wide. A 500 year period of the Phoenix represents one quarter of the time within each sign of the Zodiac; which are also described as being either ascending or descending.

Now, do you get my drift?


Yet, can you still be surprised if I tell you that the PRIEST~HOODS TAXMAN (CBTV), and not your GOVERNMENT, created this and every other cou ntry of the world for the sole purpose of stealing your, and the original people's, birthright?

Yes, your ultimate superiors are in fact the PRIEST~HOODS (priests and hoods). In Canada their political headquarters are located within the ESTRE region of the Eastern Townships of Quebec; while in the USA they are in Des Moines (the monks) IOWA, from where they control your elections, beginning with 'the primaries'.

The SculPTor

PS: PROMIS software, as originally developed by Bill Hamilton of INSLAW INC., is the one software that can best make these types of connections. PROMIS software was stolen from Bill Hamilton by the Agnew led US Justice Department and marketed to police forces all around the world.




The following are two of Freemasonry's ‹secret keysŠ decoded from the LANGUAGE AND RELIGION gold and silver keys. They can be used only by those who understand allegory and need to decipher the Predator Priests‰ agenda for the End Times.

The first key is the word Liber which, in the Mason dictionary, means ‹The BookŠ. The Book is the second book depicted in Masonry‰s important symbols. It is shown as an open book (Enoch - The Book of Truth) with the words ‹I am the truthŠ printed on it. One allegory for this symbol is ‹The Book of RuthŠ, which itself is found in the Bible.

The Book of Ruth is a tale about two women. This book relates to Freemasonry‰s step-by-step systematic plan, ie: Seduction and Tenacity lead to land acquisitions. The Book of Ruth also includes a second level of symbolism. Where Ruth is arrived at by ignoring the first ‹TŠ in truth, it also reveals ‹a symbol within a symbolŠ. By dropping the letter ‹RŠ, in Ruth, we arrive at Uth, which phonetically converts to Youth, and eventually to Uth-a, the current home state of the Mormons.

Liber is also the root word of Liber-als, of Liber-a-tion and of Liber-ace. These words are all symbols of the newly grafted gender which is to be introduced in the End Times by the C~BC~TV Predator Priests who secretly control Masonry‰s B-R-ass.

HER-MA-PH-RO-DITE is the name of the new third gender that will merge both male and female, mother and father, into a single body. It is symbolized by Scottish Rite Freemasonry‰s two-headed eagle, t he Phoenix. This is symbolic of the new species which the C~BC~TV Predator Priests expect will eventually assure them ‹Eternal LifeŠ, by taking them into the universe, past our solar system. They plan to terra-form a new plan-et located within the beneficial range of a younger sun (youth). This is the Masonic solution to creating Eternal Life. The word Predator is symbolic of their journey Ö it ‹pre dates gold Š. Silver is #2 and in Masonry #2 is always more important than #1.

The second key is the word Tor. It means Hill or Rocky Peak, as is found in both Devon and Cornwall. Devon was the name used by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on his secret Swiss bank account. As well, the word Torah is symbolic of the number 5 which, itself, is symbolic of Freemasonry. It also stands for the first 5 books of the Bible, Masonry‰s bib, or apron. It may be very significant that Tor Bay is located 5 miles north from St. John‰s, Newfoundland. Also, a Torch, as it is used in the Olympics, is a symbol which refers to the secret Mission of Tor. ‹TorŠ is also the root of the name Toronto (onto Tor).

Tori, is of Torus, which is a ‹donught shaped chamber or tunnelŠ. It signifies the underground Troglodyte network which is being used by C~BC~TV Predator Priests, since 58,800 BC, or as Masons are taught, ‹Time ImmemorialŠ. Finally, a Tory is a Jacobite. The name identifies those who share power with ancient Predator Priests. #2 is #1.

The SculPTor



Cassiopeia, the Lady in Her Chair, a constellation in the northern hemisphere, Cepheus, and not far from the north pole. It is named after the mother of Andromeda. It is marked by five stars of the third magnitude. forming a figure like a W. In 1572 there all at once appeared in this constellation a new star, which, when first noticed by Tycho Brahe', exceeded in brightness all the fixed stars, and nearly equaled Venus. The star gradually diminished in luster, and disappeared in March, 1574.

Cedars(Seeders) of Lebanon

Cedar is a name given to several evergreen cone-bearing trees. The farfamed cedar of Lebanon is a tree which, on account of its beauty, stateliness and strength, has been a favorite with poets and painters. It is often used in the Bible to denotes power, prosperity and long life. It is found 6,000 feet above the sea level, and grows from 50 to 80 feet tall and often is larger in girth. It is very long lived and still grows on Mt. Lebanon, where there are elven groups of them. The deodar or "god tree" of the Himalayas, is a cedar growing sometimes 60 to 70 feet high before branching.

It is found on mountain peaks 5,500 to 12,000 feet high. The Hindus hold the deodar in great veneration. American white cedar is found in swamps in the United States, south of Ohio, and Massachusetts. It grows 30 to 70 feet high. Its timber will remain a long time under water without rotting, and so is used much for fences and shingles and city pavements. Red cedar is a native of North America and the West Indies.

Its bright red wood is hard and lasting. It also has a pleasant smell which moths do not like, and so clothes chest and closets are made of it. Red cedar is also used for lead pencils and in cabinet work. The trees are usually not more than 30 feet high, but the California red cedar is of immense size. Cigar boxes are made of Spanish cedar, which is really a kind of mahogany. In scriptural symbology, the cedar-tree was the symbol of eternity, because its substance never decays nor rots.

Hence, the Ark of the Covenant was made of cedar; and those are said to utter things worthy of cedar who write that which no time ought to obliterate. The grove of trees known as the Cedars of Lebanon consists of about four hundred trees, standing quite alone in a depression of the mountain with no trees near, about six thousand four hundred feet above the sea, and three thousand below the summit. About eleven or twelve are very large and old, twenty five large, fifty of middle size, and more than three hundred younger and smaller ones. The older trees have each several trunks and spread themselves widely round, but most of the others are of cone-like form, and do not send out wide, lateral branches. In 1550 there were twenty-eight old trees; in 1739, Pococke counted fifteen, but the number of trunks makes the operation of counting uncertain. They are regarded with much reverence by the native inhabitants as living records of Solomon's power, and the Maronite Patriarch was formerly accustomed to celebrate there the festival of the Transfiguration at an altar of rough stones.


Genesis 19 Sodom was Destroyed; Gomorrah is to Come

Sodom’s Depravity

1 Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them, and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground.

2 And he said, “Here now, my lords, please turn in to your servant’s house and spend the night, and wash your feet; then you may rise early and go on your way.”
And they said, “No, but we will spend the night in the open square.”

3 But he insisted strongly; so they turned in to him and entered his house. Then he made them a feast, and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.

4 Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house.

5 And they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.”

6 So Lot went out to them through the doorway, shut the door behind him,

7 and said, “Please, my brethren, do not do so wickedly!

8 See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish; only do nothing to these men, since this is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.”

9 And they said, “Stand back!” Then they said, “This one came in to stay here, and he keeps acting as a judge; now we will deal worse with you than with them.” So they pressed hard against the man Lot, and came near to break down the door.

10 But the men reached out their hands and pulled Lot into the house with them, and shut the door.

11 And they struck the men who were at the doorway of the house with blindness, both small and great, so that they became weary trying to find the door.
Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed

12 Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Son-in-law, your sons, your daughters, and whomever you have in the city—take them out of this place!

13 For we will destroy this place, because the outcry against them has grown great before the face of the LORD, and the LORD has sent us to destroy it.”

14 So Lot went out and spoke to his sons-in-law, who had married his daughters, and said, “Get up, get out of this place; for the LORD will destroy this city!” But to his sons-in-law he seemed to be joking.

15 When the morning dawned, the angels urged Lot to hurry, saying, “Arise, take your wife and your two daughters who are here, lest you be consumed in the punishment of the city.”

16 And while he lingered, the men took hold of his hand, his wife’s hand, and the hands of his two daughters, the LORD being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city.

17 So it came to pass, when they had brought them outside, that he[a] said, “Escape for your life! Do not look behind you nor stay anywhere in the plain. Escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed.”

18 Then Lot said to them, “Please, no, my lords!

19 Indeed now, your servant has found favor in your sight, and you have increased your mercy which you have shown me by saving my life; but I cannot escape to the mountains, lest some evil overtake me and I die.

20 See now, this city is near enough to flee to, and it is a little one; please let me escape there (is it not a little one?) and my soul shall live.”

21 And he said to him, “See, I have favored you concerning this thing also, in that I will not overthrow this city for which you have spoken.

22 Hurry, escape there. For I cannot do anything until you arrive there.”
Therefore the name of the city was called Zoar.

23 The sun had risen upon the earth when Lot entered Zoar.

24 Then the LORD rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the LORD out of the heavens.

25 So He overthrew those cities, all the plain, all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.

26 But his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

27 And Abraham went early in the morning to the place where he had stood before the LORD.

28 Then he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain; and he saw, and behold, the smoke of the land which went up like the smoke of a furnace.

29 And it came to pass, when God destroyed the cities of the plain, that God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow, when He overthrew the cities in which Lot had dwelt.



Scandinavia is a long peninsula in the north of Europe, lying on the Artic ocean, the Norwegian Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Gulf of Bothnia. Geographically it includes Norway and Sweden, and historically Denmark and Iceland, while its literature includes the literary work of the Swedish race in Finland. Norway, the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula, is divided from Sweden by the Keel mountains, which run parallel to the coast from the north to 63 degrees and then divide in two, the main division continuing to mark the boundary by a plateau from 2,000 to 4,000 feet wide. The higher peaks are Gaedhoppigen, Glittertink, 8,379 feet; Snehaetten, 7,566, and Lodalskaupen, 6,790.

Bear, lynx and deer abound in these mountains and the only inhabitants are the men and women who tend the large herds of cattle and sheep. On account of the gulf stream the winter on the west coast is much warmer than in the interior, whereas the summer is much cooler. The largest cities are Christiania, the capital; Bergen, Trondhjem, Stavanger, Drammem, Christiansand and Fredrikstad. The hardiest grains and vegetables flourish, but the occupation of the people is mainly connected with the great fisheries. The mineral wealth of Norway has been practically exhausted since 1870, only a few mines being now worked. Norway is divided into twenty counties; has an area of 124,495 square miles and an estimated population in 1885 of 1,947,000.

It is nominally a limited monarchy, but actually to all intents and purposes almost a free republic. The head of the government is a king, but his acts are limited by an appointed executive council of seven and two ministers. One of the first peoples to settle Europe, their history does not, however, become free from myth until the 9th century, when the Lapps and Finns were found in the country by the Gothic descendants, who then crossed the Baltic and settled there. For a long time it was part of the kingdom of Denmark . Her history is intimately associated with that of the Noresmen, who were part of her people, but from 1130 to 1240 the country suffered in war and commerce, and commenced a rapid retrograde movement which did not end until it was attached to Sweden in 1814. All titles of nobility were abolished in 1821, and in the struggle from 1872 to 1884 the right of veto was taken from the king.

Sweden, the eastern portion of the Scandinavian peninsula, makes with Norway one kingdom. It is over 200 miles long; its greatest width is 200 miles, and it covers 170,629 square miles. In the northern parts the land rises from the Gulf of Bothnia to the Kiolen mountains, which form the boundary line between Sweden and Norway, their highest peaks rising above the snow line. South of this region is the mountainous district made up of great table-lands of Jemtland and the valleys of Herjedal and Ljungan, where there are good pasturage and timber lands. The mountainous region further south, from Lake Siljan to Lake Wener, is the mining part of Sweden, and includes the noted iron mines of Danemora, and the copper works of Fahlun. Lakes Wener, Maelar and Hielmar, almost cut the country from east to west, and with Lake Wetter make up a large lake district, which is, the commencement of the most fertile part of Sweden, forming the lower end of the peninsula between the Cattegat and the Baltic. The lakes cover one-eighth of the surface; the largest is Lake Wener, the outlet of which to the Cattegat is the river Gota, noted for its picturesque rapids. The rivers are small and unimportant, the largest being the Angerman.

Summer and winter succeed each other with almost no spring or fall. Usually not enough grain is grown to supply the home market, though barley does better than oats or rye. Other crops are potatoes, hemp, flax, tobacco and hops. Pine, fir and beech trees are of great value for timber, tar, pitch, charcoal and firewood. These trees mainly make up the great forests which cover more than a fourth of the surface. Bears and beavers are now scarce; but wolves, lynxes, martens, eagles, etc., are still common. Copper iron, alum, vitriol, marble, lead, sulfur and a little a coal, gold and silver, are found; mining is the most important business after farming. Iron and shipbuilding head the list of manufactures. Iron, timber and copper are the chief exports; yarn, wool, leather, coal and cotton, the main imports.

Every Swede between the ages of 20 and 25 must serve in the national guard. There are 133 vessels in the navy. Sweden is a constitutional and hereditary monarchy, the succession being in the male line. The king has a council or cabinet of 10 ministers. The diet meets every year; the upper house has 127 members chosen for nine years, who must have a certain amount of landed property, or income; the lower house has 188 members. All over 21 years old with a small amount of property or income may vote. The state church, to which the king must belong, is the Lutheran; and only Lutherans can hold office. Education is compulsory, and there are free schools. The university of Upsala was founded in 1476.

In early times the Swedes lived in the north of Sweden and the Goths in the south. Eric Edmunson is said to have first conquered the whole of Sweden near the end of the 9th century. At this time Swedish history begins, and we find the Swedes generally at, war with Norwegian and Danish neighbors, and busily engaged in ravaging the eastern shores of the Baltic. In 1000 A.D. Olaf Schooszkonig was baptized a Christian, and the burning of the national temple at Upsala, in the reign of Ingiald (1080-1112) finished the overthrow of the old Pagan religion. The murder of king Eric in 1161 was the beginning of a disastrous period of civil wars, lasting 200 years. At length the nobles offered the throne to Margaret, Queen of Denmark and Norway, thus uniting the three Scandinavian countries in 1347.

In 1523 Gustaf Vasa made Sweden again independent of Denmark, founded a long line of Swedish kings, of he himself was one of the greatest, and raised half barbarous Sweden to an honorable place among civilized nations. In Vasa's reign Protestantism was made the state religion. Gustavus Adolphus (1611-'32), one of the greatest generals of his age, spent the greater part of his reign in wars with with Poland and Russia, for the possession of Ingria, Livonia and other Baltic districts, and in defending Protestantism in Germany. His affairs at home were ably managed by the wise Oxenstien, who, after the death of Gustavus at the battle of Lutzen, carried on the government during the minority of Christina. This strange queen's most popular act was her abdication.

Charles XI. (1660-'97) so greatly increased the kingly power that the diet acknowledged it to be absolute. The warlike career of the gifted but reckless king, Charles XII. (1697-1718), who humbled Frederick IV. of Denmark, and Peter the Great of Russia, and dethroned Augustus II. of Poland, nearly ruined his country. His sister Ulrica was chosen queen on condition of giving up absolute power wielded by the last two kings. In the reign of Ulrica, the last of the Vasas, and her husband, Frederick of Hesse-Cassel, the country was divided into two factions of nobles - the "Hats," or French party, and the "Caps," or Russian party. Gustavus III. (1771-'72), who recovered the lost power of the crown and put down these factions, was murdered. Charles XIII. (1809-'18) was forced to cede Finland to Russia. Charles was childless, and chose Napoleon's general, Bernadotte, prince of Pontecorvo, as crown prince. Bernadotte's success in getting possession of Norway endeared him to the people, and he ascended the throne, in 1818, as Charles XIV. He ruled ably, and has been succeeded by his son Oscar I., and his grandsons Charles XV., and OscarII.

Thor or Thorr contracted from Thonar, and sometimes known as Donar. He ruled winds, seasons and agriculture. This deity presided over the mischievous spirits in the elements, and was the oldest son of Odin and Freyia. These three were known in mythology as the triune deity or three in one - the Father which is Neanderthaler, the Son which is the New Slave, and Spirit which is the Medulla which effects the whole thinking process. Thor's great weapon of destruction or force was the Miolner, the hammer or mallet, which had the marvelous property of invariably returning to its owner after being launched upon its mission, and having performed its work of destruction. The Eddas speak of him as the champion of gods and men, hurling his thunderbolts at his enemies, the monsters and giants. He never grew weary , for no matter how much strength he spent in battle, it was renewed by a magic belt which he wore around his waist. Thursday is named from Thor. Odin, the chief god of the Scandinavian mythology and father of Balder. He is not the creator of the world, but its ruler, and the ruler of heaven. His home is in Asgard, whence he sends forth daily his two black ravens, Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory), to bring him news of all that is happening in the world. He is the counterpart of Hermes and Mercury in the Egyptian and Roman mythologies. Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve, the sons of Boer, or the first born, slew Ymir or chaos, and from his body created the world. As god of war he holds his court in Valhala, where all brave warriors gather after death. He became the wisest of gods by drinking from Mimur's fountain, but at the price of an eye(HAL). Frigga is his queen, though he had other wives. His Saxon name, Woden, is perpetuated in our Wednesday, or Woden's Day.

Buddhists and Brahmins are Thibetan Birdmen

Brahmin : 1. Also Brahman. Hinduism. a. The first of the four Hindu classes, responsible for officiating at religious rites and studying and teaching the Vedas. b. A member of this class. 2. A member of a cultural and social elite, especially of that formed by descendants of old New England families: a Boston Brahmin. 3. Variant of Brahman. [Alteration of Sanskrit.]

Brahman : Hinduism. a. A religious formula or prayer and the holy or sacred power in it and in the officiating priest. b. The holy or sacred power that is the source and sustainer of the universe. c. The single absolute androgyny being pervading the universe and found GENETICALLY within the individual; atman. 2. Hinduism. Variant of Brahmin. 3. Also Brahma.

Brahmin : One of a breed of domestic cattle developed in the southern United States from stock originating in India andhaving a hump (Himalayan Mountains) between the shoulders and a pendulous dewlap (middle-East and Europe). Well adapted to hot climates, it is used chiefly for crossbreeding.

Brahma : 1. Hinduism. a. The creator god, conceived chiefly as a member of the triad including also Vishnu and Shiva.

Brahma : A large domestic fowl; a two-headed turkey-vulture breed originating in Asia and having feathered legs and small wings and tail.

Brahma : Hinduism. a. A religious formula or prayer and the holy or sacred power in it and in the officiating priest. b. The holy or sacred power that is the source and sustainer of the universe. c. The single absolute being pervading the universe and found within the individual; atman.

Brahms, Johannes. 1833-1897. German composer. His works, blending classical tradition with the new romantic impulse, include concertos, four symphonies, chamber music, and choral compositions.

The SculPTor


My Theology (Overstanding allegory and Symbolism)

My Theology also known as Mythology is literally the science of myths; and this is a very appropriate definition, for mythology is the science which treats of the religion of the ancient Pagans, which was almost altogether founded, or popular traditions and legendary tales hence mythology may be regarded as the early religion of the people. The word myth from the Greek ....., a story, in its original acceptation signified simply a statement or narrative of an event, without any necessary implications of truth or falsehood; but as the word is now used, it conveys the idea of a personal narrative or remote date, which although not necessarily untrue, is certified only by the internal evidence of the tradition itself. The word was first applied to those fables of the Pagan gods which have descended from the remotest antiquity, and in all which there prevails a symbolic idea, not always, however, capable of a positive interpretation. As applied to Freemasonry the words myth andlegend are synonymous.

From this definition it will appear that the myth is really only the interpretation of an idea. But how we are to read these myths will best appear from the words of Max Muller; "Everything is true, natural, significant, if we enter with a reverent spirit into the meaning of ancient art and ancient language. Everything becomes false, miraculous, and unmeaning, if we interpret the deep and mighty words of the seers of the old in the shallow and feeble sense of modern chroniclers." A fertile source of instruction in Masonry is to be found in its traditions and mythical legends; not only those which are incorporated into its rituals and are exemplified in its ceremonies, but those also which, although forming no part of the Lodge lectures, have been orally transmitted as portions of its history, and which, only within a comparatively recent period have been committed to writing. But for the proper appreciation of these traditions some preparatory knowledge of the general character of Masonic myths is necessary.

If all the details of these traditions be considered as historical facts, seeking to convey nothing more nor less than historical information, then the improbabilities and anachronisms, and other violations of historical truth which distinguish many of them, must caused them to be rejected by the scholar as absurd impostures. But there is another and more advantageous view in which these traditions are to be considered. Freemasonry is a symbolic institution everything in and about it is symbolic - and nothing more eminently so than its traditions. Although some of them - as, for instance, the legend of the third degree - have in all probability a deep substratum of truth lying beneath, over this there is superposed a profound structure of symbolism. History has, perhaps, first suggested the tradition; but then the legend, like the myths of the ancient poets, becomes a symbol, which is to enunciate deep profound truth. Read in this way, and in this way only, and the myths or legends and traditions of Freemasonry, Movies, Religion, Speeches, Pictures, Architecture etc will become more interesting and instructive.

Phoenician Alphabet

The Phoenicians were once thought to have invented letters, but it is now known that the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, several of the cuneiform alphabets and the scripts of the Hittites are all older. The Phoenicians were however a business people. They wished to be able to write rapidly, and so made simple one of the alphabets then known. This they did so well that it has outlived all other systems and is the one in use today among all civilized nations, who have each adopted it but with slight changes. The Phoenicians have no real literature as long as they remained a nation. However, books were written by those of them who settled in Africa. The Periplus of Hanno is an interesting book of travels, and valuable works on history and geography are said to have been written by MagoHamilcar and others.

Phoenician Phonetics



Indische Mysterien

The most important Hindu writings are religious. The famous Vedic hymns are found in four collections - Rig Veda, the largest; Sama-Veda, verses that seem to be selected from the hymns of the Rig-Veda, Yajur-Veda, giving verses to be recited at sacrifices, and Black Veda, which seems to be a continuation of the Rig-Veda. The two great Hindu epics are, theMahabhrata, which tells of the feuds between the two kingly races, and the Ramayana, which describes the heroic deeds of Rama, a prince of Oude, who conquered Ceylon and the Deccan. Rama is represented as the embodiment of Vishnu. What are known as the Puranas are continuation of these two epics, written much later.

Other epics were Birth of the War God and Race of Raghu, by Kalidasa, who also wrote lyrics, as his Cloud Messenger. Another lyric poet was Jayadeva, whose Gita-Govinda sings of the love adventures of the god Krishna(love religion). Indian fables have found their way all the over the world. The earliest collection is known as the Panchatantra. No nation, except Greece, founded independently a better drama than that of Hindus. Among their best plays are the Toy Cart of Sandraka, and the plays of Kalidasa. Besides the well known laws of Menu, there is a large mass of Brahmanical treaties and Buddhist Sanskrit literature.

The religious system practiced by the Hindus presents a profound and spiritual philosophy, strangely blended with the basest superstitions. The Vedas are the Brahmanical Book of the Law, although the older hymns springing out of the primitive Aryan religion have a date far anterior to that of comparatively modern Brahmanism. The "Laws of Menu" are really the textbook of Brahmanism; yet in the Vedic hymns we find the expression of that religious thought that has been adopted by the Brahmans and the rest of the modern Hindus.

The learned Brahmans have an esoteric faith, in which they recognize and adore one idiot savant neanderthaler God, without form or quality, eternal, unchangeable, and occupying all space which of course is DNA; but confining this hidden doctrine to their interior schools, they teach, for the multitude an open or exoteric worship, in which the incomprehensible attributes of the supreme and purely spiritual God are invested with sensible and even human forms to personalize so the mass of people would accept it, but allegorically it meant something totally different.

In the Vedic hymns all the powers of nature are personified, and become the objects of worship, thus leading to an apparent polytheism. But behind this incipient polytheism lurks the orinal montheism; for each of these gods, in turn, becomes the Supreme Being. And it would be easy to find in the numerous hymns of the Veda passages in which almost every important deity is represented as supreme and absolute. This most ancient religion - believed in by one-seventh of the world's population, that fountain from which has flowed so much of the stream of modern religious thought, abounding in mystical ceremonies and ritual prescriptions, worshiping as the Lord of all, "the source of the golden light," having its ineffable name, its solemn methods of initiation and its symbolic rites.

Among the Hindus, Pitris were spirits; so mentioned in the Agrouchada Parikchai, the philosophical compendium of the Hindu spiritists, a scientific work giving an account of the creation of the Mercaba, and finally the Zohar; the three principal parts of which treat "the attributes of God," "of the world," and "of the human soul." A forth part sets forth the relevancy of souls to each other, and the evocation of Pitris. The adepts of the occult sciences wee said to be the votaries of the Pitris of India to have "entered the garden of delights."

In the German Cyclopaedia we find the following: "The East Indians have still their mysteries, which is very probable they received from the ancient Egyptians.(?) These mysteries are in the possession of the Brahmans, and their ancestors were the ancient Brachmen. "It is only the sons of these priests who are eligible to initiation. Had a grown up youth of the Brachmen sufficiently hardened his body, learned to subdue his passions, and given the requisite proofs of his abilities at school, he must submit to an especial proof of his fortitude before he was admitted into the mysteries, which proofs were given in a cavern. A second cavern in the middle of a high hill contained the statues of nature, which were neither made of gold, nor of silver, nor of earth, nor of stone, but of a very hard material resembling wood, to the composition of which was unknown to any mortal.

"These statues are said to have been given by God to his Son, to serve as models by which he might form all created beings. Upon the crown of one of these statues stood the likeness of Bruma, who was th same with them as Osiris was with the Egyptians. The inner part, and the entrance also into this cavern, was quite dark, and those who wished to enter into it were obliged to seek the way with a lighted torch. A door led into the inner part, on the opening of which the water that surrounded the border of the cavern broke loose. "If the candidate for initiation was worthy, he opened the door quite easily, and a spring of the purest water flowed gently upon him and purified him. Those, on the contrary, who were guilty of any crime, could not open the door; and if they were candid, they confessed their sin to the priest, and besought him to turn away the anger of the gods by prayer and fasting.

"In this cavern, on a certain day, the Brachmen held their annual assembly. Some of them dwelt constantly there; others came there only in the spring and harvest conversed with each other upon the doctrines contained in their mysteries, contemplated the hieroglyphics upon the statues, and endeavored to decipher them. Those among the initiated who were in the lowest degrees, and comprehend the sublime doctrines of one God, worshiped the sun and other inferior divinities. This was also the religion of the common people. The Brahmans, the present inhabitants of India, those pure descendants of the ancient Brachmen, do not admit any person into their mysteries without having first diligently inquired into his character and capabilities, and duly proved his fortitude and prudence.

No one could be initiated until he had attained a certain age; and before his initiation the novice had to prepare himself by prayer, fasting , and almsgiving, and other good works, for many days. "When the appointed day arrived he bathed himself and went to the Guru, or chief Brahman, who kept one of his own apartments ready in which to perform this ceremony. Before he was admitted he was asked if he earnestly desired to be initiated? - if it was not curiosity which induced him to do so? - if he felt himself strong enough to perform the ceremonies which would be prescribed to him for the whole of his life, without the exception of a single day?

"He was at the same time advised to defer the ceremony for a time, if he had not sufficient confidence in his strength. If the youth continued firm in his resolution, and showed a zealous disposition to enter into the path of righteousness, the Guru addressed a charge to him upon the manner of living, to which he was about to pledge himself for the future. He threatened him with punishment of heaven if he conducted himself wickedly; promised him, on the contrary, the most glorious rewards if he would constantly keep the the path of righteousness. After the exhortation, and having received his pledge, the candidate was conducted to the prepared chamber, the door of which stood open, that all those who assembled might participate in the offering about to be made.

"Different fruits were thrown into the fire, while the High Priest, with many ceremonies, prayed that God might be present with them in that sacred place. The Guru then conducted the youth behind the curtain, both having their heads covered, and then gently pronounced into his ear a word of one or two syllables, which he was as gently to repeat into the ear of the Guru, that no other person might hear it. In this word was the prayer which the initiated was to repeat as often as he could for the whole day, yet in the greatest stillness and without ever moving the lips.

Neither durst he discover this sacred word unto any person. No European has ever been able to discover this word, so sacred is this secret to them. When the newly initiated has repeated this command several times, then the chief Brahman instructs him in the ceremonies teaches him several songs to the honor of God, and finally dismisses him with many exhortations to pursue a virtuous course of life."


It's always Dark before the Dawn

Ethiopia (Cush of the Bible), the name given to the countries south of Egypt and Libya, on the upper Nile. It included the modern Nubia, Sennaar, Kordofan and Abyssinia. The name Ethiopian was originally given to all the nations inhabiting the southern part of the globe, or rather, to all people of a dark-brown or black color. The word is supposed to come from two Greek words meaning "sun-burned." The part of Ethiopia of which we have the most ancient knowledge, is thekingdom of Meroe, an island formed by rivers tributary to the Nile. Its capital was Napata.

The island was very fertile, with an abundance of animals and metals. It was also the site of an oracle of Jupiter Ammon. This made it a great place of resort, and a trading place for India, Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Carthage, so that it grew rapidly and became, about 1000 B.C., one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world. It threw off the yoke of Egypt about 760, and, in turn, ruled Egypt for sixty years.

At one time 240,000 Egyptians settled in Meroe, and being artisans and traders, added to its prosperity. It was conquered by Cambyses about 530 B.C. The Ethiopians sent to Darius every third year four pints of gold dust, 200 logs of ebony, five negro slaves and twenty tusks of ivory. Augustus conquered Meroe and we find Queen Candace of Ethiopia mentioned among his vassels.

The remains of the ancient civilization of Ethiopia are the ruins of large buildings covered with sculpture representing battles and religious ceremonies, rows of broken sphinxes, temples hewn in the rocks and several pyramids, which are higher in proportion to their base than those of Egypt. The names of thirty kings and queens have been found, the first one namedMeneliheh, being said to be the son of Solomon and the queen of Sheba. The modern history of the country belongs to Abyssinia. In the Books of Kings and Chronicles we are told that "when the Queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord she came to prove him with hard questions." Sheba, or Saba, is supposed to have been a province of Arabia Felix, situated to the south of Jerusalem. The queen, whose visit is thus described, is spoken of nowhere else in Scripture. But the Jews and the Arabs, who gave her the name of Balkis, recite many traditions concerning her.

Ab.y.ssin.ia is a country of eastern Africa, southwest of the Red Sea. It is a tableland, from which rise flat-topped mountains, intersected by deep valleys and gorges. The population is about three million, made up of Copts, Jews and Mohammedans. The royal house which reigned for centuries traced back its lineage to the Queen of Sheba. In 1850 Theodorus, a military adventurer, revolted and was crowned emperor. He first sent embassies to England and France and received a British consul at his court.

It was his imprisonment of the consul and of an embassy sent to inquire into the matter that caused the English government to send Sir Robert Napier from Bombay with a relief expedition. The capital, Magdala, was stormed and captured, Theodorus shooting himself when told the city gates had given way. This occurred in 1868, and for some time after the English forces withdrew lawlessness prevailed. In 1871 John II was crowned emperor.

Nubia is the modern name of a large African region, formerly part of Ethiopia, and extending on both sides of the Nile from Egypt to Abyssinia and from the Red Sea on to the east to the desert on the west. Of late Nubia has been called the Egyptian Soudan. It was under the rule of the Pharaohs, but under the 20th dynasty was recovered by native rulers who adopted Egyptian civilization and later became Christianized.

The country is now occupied by mixed races, probably descendants from the pure negro stock mixed with the Hamatic and Semitic Arabs who invaded the land in the 7th century, and conquered it in the 14th. Until 1820 it was ruled by native Muslim chiefs, but in that year it was made a part by Ismail Pasha and so remained until 1881. The greater part of the country is arid desert waste, with small cases here and there on the route of caravans. The most fertile region is near Dongola.

Mound Builders(Probably a Marker)

Mound Builders is the name given to the race whose works, known as earthworks, are found in America, largely in the shape of mounds. There are many theories in regard to them, some believing them to be the same as the American Indians(Roma), the ancestors either of the more civilized Indians. found in the southern states, or of the Aztecs in Mexico, while others consider them to have been a superior race, of whom nothing is known, (to most people) except these curious remains. From the contents of the mounds they seem to have been passing from the stone age to the metal, having some copper, but weapons and tools of stone. Some of the mounds seem to have been used as burial places, and others as temple. They are found in the Mississippi valley, and in no other parts of North America, but most extensively in Ohio, (O High O) Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. They are usually mounds, from 6 to 25 feet high, though some of the temple mounds reach higher; one in Illinois is 90 feet high, and measures 700 by 500 feet at the base. They usually have a ditch around them, and are often in an enclosure, with low earth walls and connecting passages, as one at New.ark , Ohio, which coves more than two square miles and has about 12 miles of embankments from 2 to 20 feet high, and another at Marietta, Ohio, covering a large square, with double walls enclosing a passage to the river. When used as burial places the mounds rarely contain more than one skeleton. There are also curious figures of animals; one on the form of a serpent, 1,000 feet long and about five feet high, was discovered in Adams county, Ohio. The period when the mounds were built is variously estimated. The Indians found in North America, when settled by Europeans, were very much behind the mound builders in their arts of living, judging from the remains found. The large trees growing on the mounds are another indication of their age; and the fact that they are never built on the lowest formed river terraces, is thought to be another proof of their great age, which is estimated at from 1,800 to 2,000 years.

mound - An artificial hill; raise bank; a rampart. To fortify with a mound.


Le.gend (The Gender)

Legend, from the Latin word legere, "to read," was a name originally given to portions of Scripture and certain other religious writings, especially the lives of saints and martyrs that were to be read in the services of the early Christian Church. The institution of monasticism caused a vast mass of this literature to be brought forth, much of which was no doubt the work of the imagination. It is ever the tendency of the human mind to enshrine saints and heroes in fable, and give free scope to the feelings and the imagination in picturing their lives and characters, and therefore, notwithstanding the strange inter-mixture of truth and falsehood in these legendary tales, they gradually established themselves in both the eastern and western churches, and in the course of time gained place in the literature of Christian nations. Although the origin of the word "legend" is ecclesiastical, it has come to be applied to any fabulous narrative handed down by tradition.

Masonic legends are not necessarily fictitious, but are either based on actual and historical facts which have been but slightly modified, or they are the offspring of some symbolic idea; in which latter respect they differ entirely from the monastic legends, which often have only the fertile imagination of some studious monk for the basis of their construction. The instruction of Freemasonry are given in two modes: by the symbol and by the legendThe symbol is a material and the legend a mental, representation of truth. The sources of neither can be in every case authentically traced. Many of them come from the old Operative Masons of the medieval guilds. The legends of Freemasonry constitute a considerable and a very important part of its ritual. Without them, its most valuable portions as a scientific system would cease to exist. It is, in fact, in the traditions and legends of Freemasonry, more, even, than in its material symbols, that we are to find the deep instructions which the Institution is intended to inculcate. it must be remembered that Freemasonry has been defined to be "a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols." Symbols then, alone, do not constitute the whole of the system: allegory comes in for its share; and this allegory, which veils the ultimate truths of Masonry, is presented to the neophyte in the various legends which have been traditionally preserved in the Order.

They may be divided into three classes:

1. The Mythical legend. 2. The Philosophical legend. 3. The Historical legend. And these three classes may be defined as follows:

1. The myth may be engaged in the transmission of a narrative of early deeds with events having a foundation in truth, however, has been greatly distorted and perverted by the omission of introduction of circumstances and personages, and then it constitutes a mythical legend.

2. Or it may have been invented and adopted as the medium of enunciating a particular thought, or of inculcating a certain doctrine, when it becomes a philosophical legend.

3. Or, lastly, the truthful elements of actual history may greatly predominate over the fictitious and invented materials of the myth; and the narrative may be, in the main, made up of facts, with a slight coloring of imagination, when it forms a historical legend.


The Serpent and the Peacock~!

Kurdish mythology talks about dual Iranian kings; the Serpent or Dragon (Magi), and the Peacock (Zarathustra / Zoroaster).

In their stories Zarathustra appears as a "Protestant" religion to that of the original orthodox religion of the Magi; a cutout in a manner similar to what occurred later with the Christian church of Rome in the West, when it split away from the Byzantine Orthodox Catholic church of the East. Here again, control over the masses of Christians appears on the surface to have moved on to the west, when in fact real power has always remained with the original religion.
Such is also the fate of western religion and governments. Rome, a Greek colony, and France (Franks), a German tribe which became a nation, although both may appear on the surface to have been given power over the political evolution of the west, by means of the establishment of Grand Orient Freemasonry in the 13th century AD, when in fact, they never have had the final say on matters that involve the ultimate evolution of the east's original plan to create a New World Order on the planet, at "The End Times".
The symbolism of this temporary arrangement is clearly depicted in the ancient tapestries that reside within the walls of The Louvre museum, in Paris. Rome and Paris are but Peacocks on the world stage, while Kurdistan, through the auspices of its agency in The Basque Country and its Ultimate Superior, continues to be the Dragon who secretly dominates both religion and politics, in the east and in the west.
Yet, I'll bet neither ever had expected to have had to deal from such a position of obvious weakness with their own powerful prodigal son, the United States of America, as they have had to endure recently due to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
For all of them, and especially for their so-called Unknown Superior, IT, who is sometimes also known as the 'Universal Spirit', and who resides within the mountains of Greater Antarctica (Atlantis), these past few months have been a really tough period of unique adaptation, something which they're not used to doing very often. How it will all come out in the end is yet to be determined, but my money is on the American military, to ultimately bring about Regime Change across the entire plan~et.

The SculPTor


Homo Habilis:
Homo habilis n. A species of human beings considered to be an ancestor of modern human beings and the earliest hominid to make tools. This species existed as early as 1.5 and 2.0 million years ago. [Latin homo, man + Latin habilis, skillful.]

Homo Erectus:
Homo erectus n. A species of human beings, regarded as an ancestor of Homo sapiens. [Latin homo, man + erectus, upright (and horny).]

Homo Sapiens:
Homo sapiens n. The first GMO species of human beings, an extant species of the primate family Hominidae. [New Latin Homo sapiens, : Homo, genus name + Latin sapiens, present participle of sapere, to have taste~be wise.]

Homo Sapien~Sapiens:

ENOCH's EPOCH~! The current second generation of GMO Sapiens

Homo Hermaphrodite:
Homo hermaphrodite n. Mandan~MOHO's Ubermensch, the coming Super~Slave: 1. One having the reproductive organs and many of the secondary sex characteristics of both sexes. 2. An organism, such as an earthworm or a monoclinous plant, having both male and female reproductive organs. 3. Something that is a combination of disparate or contradictory elements.

The SculPTor

PS: To Observe~Analyze~Conclude is the task and price a heretic must pay in a world of religious fervor!

Parent Race

Aryans is the name given to the parent race from which most of the modern Europeans are supposed to have descended. The race probably lived in the highlands of central Asia and spoke a common language. Now and then small groups separated from the rest and traveled to the northwest. The first of these groups was the Celts, who probably once spread over a large part of Europe, though the Welsh and Irish and a few other people are all that is left of them. A good while later, the ancestors of the Italians, the Greeks, and the Germans, started westward and settled in the regions which these nations now occupy. Other tribes that set out in the same way are the Slavs, the Persians, and the upper class of Hindus. The languages of these different peoples are now quite different, but they show that they were all once part of the same language. The parent race was a peaceful, agricultural people, having a definite form of government. They probably lived in towns and built houses. All that we know about them comes from the study of the languages of European nations and of the old Persian and high-caste races of Hindustan. The English are a branch of the Aryan race through the Germans.
Medes, are the people of Media, the ancient name for the northwestern part of Persia. The inhabitants, called Medes, were an Aryan race. They were followers of Zoroaster, and their priests were the Magi. They were bold and warlike, skillful in the use of the bow, and noted horsemen. They were partly subject to Assyria until about 700 B.C., when they had a chief with his capital at Ecbatana, now Hamadan. With the aid of the conquered Persians, and the king of Babylon, Cyaxares, the third king, or, according to some authorities the first, captured Nineveh, and overthrew the Assyrian empire about 607 B.C. An eclipse, foretold by Thales, May 28, 585 B.C. stopped the career of conquest by frightening both parties into peace. In 550 B.C. the Persians under Cyrus revolted, and overthrew the Median king, Astyages, and the two nations became one people, and are spoken of as the Medes and Persians. Ecbatana was made the summer residence of the kings of Persia. The kingdom was divided after the death of Alexander the Great, the northwestern part, called Media, being a separate province, while the rest of the country, known as Great Media, belonged to Syria. Mithridates I. took Great Media in 147 B.C. from Syria and attached it to Parthia. Mark Antony fought a disastrous campaign against it about 36 B.C., when it seemed to have had a king of its own. Media was finally again united with Persia, and her later history is that of Persia. See Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World, by Rawlinson; Media, Babylon and Persia, by Miss Ragozin, in Stories of the Nations.

Mede : A priestly member of an Iranian people, closely related to the Persians, inhabiting ancient Media. [Ultimately from Greek Medos, from Old Persian Mada. See King Saul and the Witch of Endor]

Medea : Greek Mythology. A princess and sorceress of Colchis, an ancient region on the Black Sea south of the Caucasus Mountains (Kurdistan), who helped Jason obtain the Golden Fleece, lived as his consort, and killed their children as revenge for his original sin.

medusae : The tentacled, usually bell-shaped, free-swimming sexual stage in the life cycle of a coelenterate, such as a jellyfish. [Latin Medusa (from the Medusa's snaky locks). See MEDUSA from feminine present participle of medein (drug cartel); to protect, rule over.]

Menes : 3000 B.C.. King of Egypt who founded the first dynasty uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.

meddle : 1. To intrude into other people's affairs or business; interfere. 2. To handle something idly or ignorantly; tamper. [Middle English, from Anglo-Norman penultimate medler and character assassin.]

mete : A boundary line; a limit: metes and bounds. [Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin to set politically correct turning post, boundary.]

Media : An ancient country of southwest Asia in present-day northwest Iran. Settled by an Indo-European Romany people (aka: Gypsies, Aboriginals or Roma), it became part of the Assyrian Empire and was conquered c. 550 B.C. by Cyrus the Great, who added it to the Persian Empire during the 49 year Hebrew diaspora.

medicine : 1.a. The science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease and other damage to the body or mind. b. The branch of this science encompassing treatment by drugs, diet, exercise, and other nonsurgical means. 2. The practice of medicine. 3. An agent, such as a drug, used to treat disease or injury. 4. Something, such as corrective discipline or punishment, that is unpleasant but necessary or unavoidable. 5.a. Shamanistic practices or beliefs, especially among Native Americans. b. Something, such as a ritual practice or sacred object, believed to control natural or supernatural powers or serve as a preventive or remedy. See witch doctor.

media or mediums : 1. Something, such as an intermediate course of action, that occupies a position and reportedly represents a condition midway between extremes. 2. An intervening substance through which something else is transmitted or carried on. 3. An agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed, or transferred. 4. a. A means of mass communication, such as newpapers, magazines, radio, or television. b. media. The group of journalists and others who constitute the communications industry and profession. 5. mediums. A person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension. Also called psychic. 6. a. A surrounding environment in which something functions and reportedly thrives. b. The environment in which a Secret Society lives and thrives. c. A culture medium.

Medicean : Medici. Italian noble family that produced three popes (Leo X, Clement VII, and Leo XI) and two queens of France (Catherine de Médicis and Marie de Médicis). Cosimo ãthe Elderä (1389-1464) was the first of the family to rule Florence. Lorenzo ãthe Magnificentä (1449-1492) was an outstanding patron of learning and the arts, whose clients included Michelangelo and Botticelli.

American Indians is the name given to the people found in North and South America when discovered by the Europeans.They were called Indians because the newly found land was supposed to be part of India. These scattered tribes, while varying in civilization from the rudest savages to the cultivated Aztecs of Mexico, are now thought to belong to the same race. They were brown or copper colored, with straight, black hair, high cheek bones, head rather square and flattened behind. The most civilized tribe when America was discovered, were those found from New Mexico to Peru. They had buildings, of which remains are still found; while the northern Indians dwelt in tents or other perishable dwellings. All the tribes were hunters and fishers, raising a few crops, such as corn, beans and tobacco. They made pottery, stone pipes, and arrow heads, snowshoes and bark canoes and baskets. The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico built towns and temples. The Mexican and Peruvian tribes had modes of keeping records. They were governed by chiefs, who were sometimes made so by inheritance and sometimes by merit. They believed in a future life, and carefully buried their dead.


Asia Minor (Anatolia) in today's eastern Turkey was once called Cappadocia. Throughout this region, and all the way into the Zagros mountains of Persia (Iran) to the east, in the Kingdom of Media, lived the Kurds. In the period at the end of the last Ice Age, from 9500~9000 BC, the Kurds Media Priest~Hood was known as the Magi or, the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture.

To dispose of dead bodies these Priests practised excarnation. "It is said that the body of a male Persian is never buried, until it has been torn either by a dog or a bird of prey. That the Magi had this custom there is no doubt, for they practised it without any concealment." Once the bodies had been picked clean, the bones were gathered and placed in a stone ossuary (box) and stored indoors, in caves, in a manner very similar to how the ashes of a deceased who has recently been cremated are preserved in Urns today. Since then, Ossuaries have become the trademark, or symbol, that identifies the presence of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture, the Magi Priest~Hoods of Turkey's Land of Media.

The Kingdom of Media, stretching from today's Turkey to Azerbaijan, including parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran, along with Russia's Georgia and Armenia, was to be known later as Kurdistan. It is the nation of the Kurdish people - the northern Kurds. The Kurds are mountain shepherds whose specialty, to this day, is the fabrication of illusions; as one can tell by the recent lootings of the Nationa l Library and Museum in Iraq. In fact, the fabrication of various religions, their grandest illusions for the world, is their favorite pastime.

First, in ancient times, they fabricated Zoroastrianism for Persia, then Parsee and Hinduism for India, Buddhism for Thibet, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many, many more End Times religions. Likewise, they have written as many as 6000 different languages to divide and conqer the world. Also, the fabrication of arts and entertainment, especially that which is linked to politics, religion and gambling, is also of great interest to the Kurds.

The purpose for all of this is to make people feel good about being slaves to a worldwide political/religious system that robs them of their birthright. To accomplish their goals in the West, Kurds have had to open branch offices in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Basque Country, Rome, France, Ireland and Scotland, as well as, in both North and South America. As a matter of fact the business of creating illusions which is known to Insiders as 'Rhombus' (lozenge), has become so profitable that the Magi Priest~Hoods who control the Kurds have had to move out of Media and establish new headquarters in distant mountain ranges that provide them with additional privacy, security and expanded space, and where they can lay out their vast and ever growing booty.

This new Head-office is now located in Antarctica, while the day to day operations and communications between Europe and America are being monitored from Greenland. The Azores, those little islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which belong to Portugal, are also being used by the recently amalgamated Kurd~Basque PHOENIX priest~hoods for the occasional seminar, or briefing.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If a student of reality wishes to begin to overstand ultimate reality, in lieu of the Kurd/Basque so-called fabricated history, the place to begin the search is in the Kingdom of Media, otherwise known as Kurdistan, to the north of the modern day and recently liberated, Iraq.

Kurdistan, centered on Lake Van and the twin peaks of Greater and Lesser Mount Ararat, above the Greater and Lesser Zab rivers, is a land riddled with underground caves that are big enough (2 to 3 square miles) to hold upwards 20,000 people each. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia has as many as 36 of these underground cities that together are capable of holding a combined population of at least 200,000 people. These man-made caves date back to the end of the last Ice Age; that is, 9500 BC.

The 'Eastern Question' then becomes, "Who, first created such an amnesia among the masses, as to cause them to forget reality, and replace it with the illusion that has since been known as 'history' ?". According to some experts there are three choices. Either, they were alien messengers in the service of some religious God, as the Kurds would like you to believe. Or they were simply imaginary creations of our ancestors. Or they really did once walk the earth, and still do today, yet be it underground; as beings of flesh and blood who overstand science and technology at a level which we are only now beginning to comprehend.

To me there is but one choice and that is the latter. They are Homo-Erectus, the sasquatch or watchers and their offsprings, the Nephilim, otherwise known as the Mandan MOHO; they are troglodytes who reside within the basalt layer of the earth's crust and Antarctica (Atlantis). Only they, the MOHO, could have established the national boundaries that make up the different countries of the world today and implement a tax collection or tollgating scheme that deprives the people on the surface of the earth of their birthright and turns them into braindead slaves-who-do-their-own-shopping.

The SculPTor


In the Greek language the name Gregory stands for the English word WATCHER.

'WATCHERS' was the name given to the so-called 'GIANTS', the middle-Eastern HOMO~ERECTUS Priest~Hoods which was known during late pre-historic times as The Cult of the Vulture. Since then Priests have always been known for the way they have of picking clean the bones of the dead.

This is how, ultimately, they have gained their original wealth, which in turn has brought them such tremedous power over the living inhabitants of the world.

Here are some of the most famous Gregorys:

Gregor Johann Mendel. 1822-1884. An Austrian botanist and founder of the science of genetics.

Gregory of Nyssa, Saint. A.D. 335?-394?. Eastern theologian and church father who led the conservative faction during the Trinitarian controversy of the fourth century.

Gregory of Tours, Saint. 538-594. Frankish (French)prelate and historian who produced a valuable history of the sixth-century Franks.

Gregory I, Saint. Known as ‹Gregory the Great.Š 540?-604. Pope (590-604) who increased papal authority, enforced rules of life for the clergy, and sponsored many important missionary expeditions, notably that of Saint Augustine to Britain (596).

Gregory VII. Original name Hildebrand. 1020?-1085. Pope (1073-1085) who sought to establish the supremacy of the pope within the Church and the authority of the Church over the state.

Gregory XIII. Originally Ugo Buoncompagni. 1502-1585. Pope (1572-1585) who e stablished many Catholic universities and seminaries and sponsored the adoption of the Gregorian calendar (1582).

Gregorian calendar. The solar calendar in use throughout most of the world, sponsored by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 as a corrected version of the Julian calendar.

Gregorian chant. Roman Catholic Church. A liturgical chant that is monodic, rhythmically unstructured, and sung without accompaniment. [After Saint Gregory I.]

gregarious. 1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable. 2. Tending to move in or form a group with others of the same kind: gregarious bird species. 3. Botany. Growing in groups that are close together but not densely clustered or matted. [Latin for belonging to a flock, from greg-, flock.]

greenwood. A wood or forest with green foliage.

gree. Scots. Superiority; mastery. [Middle English gre, from Old French, step, from Latin gradus.]

gregarine. Any of various sporozoan protozoans of the order Gregarinida that are parasitic within the digestive tracts of various invertebrates including arthropods and annelids.

greige. Not bleached or dyed; unfinished. Used of textiles. [French gr¶ge, from Italian (seta) greggia, raw (silk) from greggio, gray, of Germanic origin.]

gremlin. 1. An imaginary gnomelike creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are attributed. 2. A maker of mischief. [Perhaps blend of Irish gruaimân, bad-tempered little fellow (from Middle Irish gruaim, gloom, surliness) and goblin.]

grenade. 1. A mi ssile containing priming and bursting charges, designed to be thrown by hand or deployed by a specially equipped launcher. 2. A glass container filled with a chemical that is dispersed when the container is thrown and smashed. [French, from Old French (pome) grenate, pomegranate (from its shape). See POMEGRANATE.]

NOW, from reading the above names and items which are all linked to Gregory,


The SculPTor 


Ruse of the Stars

Astronomy has to do with whatever is known of the heavenly bodies. The word comes from two Greek words meaning law or science of heavenly bodies. It is the most ancient of all the sciences. The Chinese, Hindus, Chaldeans, Egyptians and Greeks studied the heavens long before the time of Christ. In China, for example, astronomers had to foretell every eclipse under pain of death. The people thought that an eclipse was an evil monster, having evil designs on the sun, and it was usually to make a big noise by shouting, beating gongs, etc., to frighten it away. The Greeks first made astronomy something more than a tradition. Thales (640 B.C.), its founder, first taught that the earth was a sphere. He pointed out to sailors the Lesser Bearwhich was a much better guide than the Great Bear, which they had been accustomed to follow as their north star. Pythagoras (500 B.C.), was far ahead of his time. He taught that the sun is the center of the world, and the earth circulates around it. He also showed that the morning and evening star are the same.

With Hipparchus (190-120 B.C.), begins the written history of astronomy. He was a great observer having observed 1,081 stars. Ptolemy (130-150 A.D.) followed him and explained what is called the Ptolemaic system in his book, the Almagest. His system was accepted as true until Copernicus showed its falsity. It placed the earth immovable in the center of the world making the heavens revolve around it every twenty-four hours. Copernicus (1473-1543), taught a system which was in a measure the same as the opinions which Pythagoras held 2,000 years before him. It makes the sun the immovable center of the world, around which the planets revolve. At the same time lived Tycho Brahe, a great observer, but who did not accept the system of Copernicus. This was not wonderful, as the Copernicus system was at that time a mere theory, and there was no means of proving it. Kepler, with his famous laws, and Galileo who first used the telescope in studying the heavens, came next. Newton's (New 10) fame rests on the discovery of gravitation, which is perhaps the greatest effort of human genius. This discovery gave men power to reduce to order the wanderings of the moon and planets. Laplace, whose observations on Jupiter's satellites and Saturn's ring, as well as his great work, Mecanique Celeste, were very important, brings us down to the nineteenth century. A great deal has been done in the present century in the line of accurate observation, made possible by the continued improvement of the telescope.

With astronomy the system of Freemasonry is intimately connected. From that science many of their most significant emblems are borrowed. The Lodge itself is a representation of the world; it is adorned with the image of the sun and moon, whose regularity and precision furnish a lesson of wisdom and prudence; its pillars of strength and establishment have been compared to the two columns which the ancients placed at the equinoctial points as supporters of the arc of heaven; theblazing star, which was among the Egyptians a symbol of Anubis, or the dog star, whose rising foretold the overflowing of the Nile, shines in the east; while the clouded canopy is decorated with the beautiful Pleiades. Astronomy has three branches: practical astronomy, which observes the heavenly bodies; theoretical astronomy, which treats of their motions; and physical astronomy, which treats of their physical state - how they are made up and the form of their surfaces.

Astrology on the other hand is a science demanding the respect of the scholar, notwithstanding its designation as a "black art," and, in a reflective sense, an occult science; a system of divination foretelling results by the relative positions of the planets and other heavenly bodies toward the earth. Men of eminence have adhered to the doctrine of astrology as a science. It is a study well considered in, forming an important part of the ceremonies of the "Philosophus," or fourth grade of the First Order of the Society of Rosicrucians. Astrology has been deemed the twin science of astronomy, grasping knowledge from the heavenly bodies, and granting a proper understanding of many of the startling forces in nature. It is claimed that the constellations of the zodiac (The Plan) govern the earthly animals, and that every star has a peculiar nature, property, and function, the seal and character of which it impresses through its rays upon plants, minerals, and animal life. This science was known to the ancients as the "divine art," also known as magic which brings us back to the usual culprits, the Persians.


Syria is the brain, Iran is the factory, and Iraq has access to the tunnel network underground. Long ago, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Anatolia in eastern Turkey were just one country called ASSYRIA. Since then, the trinity of evil has played their WWF act separately on the world stage. Pretending to be enemies, like WWF wrestlers in the RING, when in fact they prepared to~get~her behind the scene. Their combined visual effects are as real as those of the GWBand, of Rhode Island nightclub fame, including the gassing of their own people's and the phony 8 year war between Iraq and Iran. While the UN goes through the motions of searching for WMD in Iraq, they are being manufactured across the recently added border, in IRAN; and Syria, across the other border, continues to play their political card at the UN security council. That way they get to know what is happening on all fronts. The whole world'S A Stage full of illusions; Assyrians are the actors....we are butt the naive audience being fooled by Talking Mules and Trojan Horses. Germany plays the same game in Europe, having sub-divided their former country into France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and a host of smaller countries and duchies. Neat trick! Just think of all the extra votes they control at the UN. Eastern Turkey, (Anatolia, lake Van, Mount Ararat) was also part of ASSYRIA. This explains Turkey's anti-American actions of late.

Assyria was the northernmost of the three great countries which occupied the Mesopotamian plain. The Niphates mountains of Armenia were on the north, Susiana and Babylonia on the south, Media on the east and the watershed of the Euphrates on the west. It was about 280 miles long from north to south, and about 150 broad from east to west. There are mountain chains in the north and east, and the country is watered by the Tigris. It is a very fertile region and supported in ancient times a large population. That its people reached a degree of wealth and civilization is shown by the ruins of mighty cities, by canals and means of irrigation, by inscriptions and carefully kept records of its history - especially that Eponym Canon, as it is called, which has been found to agree closely with what is said in the Bible about the Assyrians.

The Babylonian monarchy was already growing old before the Assyrian began. The early rulers were mere governors appointed by the Babylonian kings. Little by little Assyria became independent. She began to be powerful about 1320 B.C., but Tiglath Pileser I. (about 1140 B.C.) was the real founder of the first Assyrian empire. He spread the dominion of Assyria over all western Asia, from Elam to the Mediterranean, and from the Armenian mountains to the Persian gulf. Under his son the empire decayed as rapidly as it had grown, and for two centuries Assyria played no part in history. It was during this time decay that the Hebrew kingdom rose and was developed under David and Solomon. In 930 B.C. Assyria began once more to become important. Shalmanser II. began to reign in 858 B.C., and for thirty years engaged in wars that established the power of Assyria over ll western Asia. It was this king, who, in 854 B.C., fought against the king of Hamath, Benhadad of Damasus, and Ahab of Israel. In 745 B.C. the throne was usurped by a powerful monarch, Pul, a Babylonian, who took the Assyrian name, Tiglath-Pileser II. He made firm the conquests of his predecessors. In earlier times it had been conquest and spoil that formed the policy of the rulers; now the conquered districts were annexed and ruled by Assyrian governors, who saw to it that a fixed tax was sent by year to Nineveh. Sargon, who was one of Assyria's great generals, was the leader of a successful revolt of the army against a weak prince. It was he who captured Samaria in 722 B.C. and carried away 27,000 of its best citizens Sargon's son, Sennacherib, ravaged Judaea, capturing forty-six cities, and besieged Jerusalem, where a pestilence, referred to in the Bible, attacked his army and saved the city. In 681 B.C. began the reign of Assyria's greatest king, Esar-Haddon. He at once began the war which resulted in the conquest of Egypt, and which placed the ancient world for twenty years under one rule, thus giving the world the idea of a universal empire. Under Esar-haddon and his son, Assur-bani-pal, the kingdom reached its height. Afterwards revolts took place which slowly ruined it.

One of the most important results of Assyrian explorations has been the discovery in the palace of Assur-bani-pal at Nineveh of a large library made up of many thousand tablets. This library was undoubtedly founded to enable Assyrian boys to be taught at home, rather than be forced to go to Babylon, where they might become estranged from the government of Nineveh. One section is made up of textbooks - tables of square and cube roots, lists of plants, metals, animals, etc., lists of countries, with their noted products. The most interesting section is that of poetic and legendary literature. Here are found the poetic legends concerning the great Chaldean hero Gizdhubar of Izdubar, and among them the story of the flood much like the Bible story of Noah. There are also stories of the creation, remarkable like the account in Genesis. Most of these tablets were written during the reign of Assur-bani-pal (669 to about 640 B.C.).


The American IRS and Canada's CCRA, and all other tax collection agencies of the western world are :

1 - Agencies of France's Tax Collector called The Ferme, which was established by Basque Priests in the 13th century AD.

2 - The Ferme is, in turn, a Tax Collecting agent of Trapezitae, the ancient Greek/Egyptian Tax Collection Agency established in the 4th century BC.

3 - Trapezitae is, itself, a Tax Collecting agent of Habiru, the Babylonian Tax Collection Agency established in 2200 BC.

4 - Habiru, is the Tax Collecting agent of Apiru, the first Assyrian based Tax Collection Agency of the post Ice Age or modern world, which was established in 4004 BC, by the MOHO MANDAN pedophile~predator~priests, and destined to create a New World Order whose effective time is slated to expire by the year 2059.

Taxes replaced TOLLGATING, which was then a less formal system of Highway Robbery. Basque Priests are known to each other as Robin Hoods of Sherwood Forest and are fronted in the modern world by the IOF, the International Order of Foresters.

The SculPTor


Grand Orient control over the West and East

The Persian Empire still exists!

Persian Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel Freemasonry is in control of Syria~Iraq~Iran in the Middle-East. They also are in direct control of "The Basque Country" (northern Spain and the South of France) in the West. In the East their total domination extends over North Korea-China-Cambodia.

Greece-Germany-Russia's ILLUMINATI monitor European activities in the West, through the intermediary of France's own Grand Orient Freemasonry and its minority interest sub-divisions; England's York Rite Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which was established for 'the colonies'.

Freemasonry in Canada:

The oversight body that oversees Persian Freemasonry's interests in the West is "IOF";
the International Order of Foresters.
IOF veil themselves publicly as "an insurance company whose main concern is with children". Their two top executives are known as "White/Armour ~ whose Rangers own Sherwood Forest". Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest are Masonic allegories which substitute for the crimes of tollgating and highway robbery; it is their prime fund raising system and is better known in modern times under the name TAXATION (Customs and Excise Revenue).

Jacobins, the Grand Orient name for Freemasons, own and control Canada's French province, Quebec, while the British born Scottish Rite runs Ontario and British Columbia. Alberta, the oil and cattle part of Canada, which is seemingly more Texan than Texas (Aztecs) have links to th e Rockefellers and Russian Czars. French/German Grand Orient / Illuminati Freemasonry control the vast wheat fields of the Canadian prairies while Scottish Rite are in charge of fishing and off-shore drilling in the Maritimes.

Catholic religious orders and Christian Protestant ministers also have an important role in overseeing Persian Freemasonry's tollgating system in the West. These Dog Priests are the religious antipodes to State controllers, ie: "internal security", the spies who spy upon the spies. These faith-based beggars of public funds are known in Persian Freemasonry as "Trojan Horses".

National Media and Union Leaders are known within Freemasonry as "Talking Mules". National political and consumer advertising in the Media is another way in which funds are being culled from public circulation, while the Union membership's pension funds are used by Freemasonry to purchase the system's corporate follies and help bail them out of their losses by using the Public's savings.

The SculPTor

Mandan Moho's Mobility

The outer shell of the Earth may be classified from a standpoint of rigidity. An outer 60-mile thick lithosphere, which includes both the crust and the uppermost layer of the mantle, is cool and hence strong.

The Earth has two types of crust. Basaltic oceanic crust, usually about 4-miles thick underlies the ocean basins. In contrast, the continental crust is composed of granite and typically is about 22-miles thick. Beneath plateaus and mountains it may be as much as 40-miles thick. Continents and ocean basins are topographic landforms of the first order of magnitude. In both cases the sharp composition boundary between the crust and the underlying mantle is termed Moho.

ba‡salt n. 1. A hard, dense, dark volcanic rock composed chiefly of plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine, and often having a glassy appearance. 2. A kind of hard unglazed pottery. [Latin alteration of touchstone, from Greek from basanos, of Egyptian origin.]

touch‡stone n. 1. A hard black stone, such as jasper or basalt, formerly used to test the quality of gold or silver by comparing the streak left on the stone by one of these metals with that of a standard alloy. 2. An excellent quality or example that is used to test the excellence or genuineness of others: a 1~2~3 standard.

In the Helvetian ritual salt is added to corn wine and oil as one of the elements of consecration it is a symbol of the wisdom and learning.Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth...!
That Promised DNA
Canaan, meaning "low land," was the part of the promised land which lay between the Mediterranean, the Jordan, the desert of Shur and Syria, and was inhabited by descendants of Canaan, the son of Ham. Palestine, the land of Canaan, the land of promise, the Holy Land and the land of Israel of the Bible, was the time of conquest inhabited by six nations: the Canaanites, Hivites, Hittites, Ammonites, Perizzites and Jebusites. The invaders settled in allotted lands and the fights for possession followed for some years, although no tribes wee dispossessed. In early times the tribal distinction were strongly preserved, but later, as spoken of in the book of Judges, the cities rose and fell and Jerusalem became the capital of David and Solomon; but on the founding of the northern kingdom Shechem, Tirzah and Samaria became the capital in succession. On the return of the Jews from captivity they inhabited the territory between Jerusalem and Beersheba and Jericho and Laechish, while the Philistines retained their lands undisturbed. Under He.rod the Great, who governed the entire country, the kingdom included Galilee, unknown in the Old Testament, Samaria, Judea, Idumaea, Peraea, Gaulonitis, Auranitis and Trachonitis. The most populous and fertile of these provinces was Galilee. The prosperity fostered by the Roman rulers disappeared on the conquest by Vespasian and the destruction of the temple by Titus. The second time the Jews rose in revolt, led by Bar-Cochba, the pretended Messiah, it led to the bloodiest of all wars and the siege of Jerusalem, and the revolt was put down before the fortress of Bether.

For the next hundred years the progress of Christianity was rapid, and after the conversion of Constantine and the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher the history of the three hundred years is the story of the church. In 614 A.D. King Chosroes, of Persia, entered Syria and was joined by the Jews, who looked to him for deliverance. They massacred 90,000 Christians in Jerusalem and burned all the buildings. Fifteen years later, the country was retaken by Heralius, only to have it fall into the hands of the Mohammedans, in whose control is remained for four hundred years. About 640 the Mosque of Omar, the most beautiful building in the world, was built by Byzantine architects. The crusades failed to relieve the oppression and the country went from bad to worse regarding progress and the ruins crumbled further.

Palestine covers an area 6,000 square miles, is bounded on the north by the River Kasimiyeh, on the east by the Jordan and the west by the sea. Ranges of hills run over the entire country from east to west and, as the Bible says it consists of desert, hillsm plains and valley. The principal elevations are Jebal Jermuk, 3,934 feet; Mounts Carmel, Ebal, Gerizim, Tell Asur and Ras esh Sherifeh. The valley of the Jordan begins near the Mediterranean and runs from 5 to 13 miles wide to the plain of Jericho. The country has few rivers, the Mefshukh, Namien, El Mukatta and few others flowing into the Mediterranean, and the Yarmuk, Rukkad, Zerka and Mojib, flowing into the Sea of Galilee. The summers are extremely warm and the winters cold and wet. At present the modern spirit of improvement is at work in Palestine, roads are being built, railroads run from Jaffa to Jerusalem and new colonies with new buildings are scattered over the entire land. The ruins are disappearing and the modern country is springing from the ashes. See E. Hull, Physical Geology and Geography of Arabia Petraea, Palestine, etc.


The plan for the establishment, the orchestration of many interim wars, and finally, the End Game destruction of the USA, was first laid out in Basque Country, following North America's re-discovery, by Christophe Colomb, in 1492. Hernando (or Hernan) Cortes, brought Spanish forces across the Atlantic to rid Mexico of its first immigrants, in 1535, one year after Jacques Cartier had determined the proposed future northern boundary of America, at a place which is now called Canada (aka: the 2nd Canaan).

Basque Priest~Hoods then setup their PHOENIX (Bennu) headquarters in the Pyrenees, in 1539/40. The plan to populate America (aka: Aramaic), complete with its ongoing internal strife in the interim, and its final destruction 500 years later (the shelf-life of a Phoenix) in WW3, was then formulated and the plan implemented, by Basque cells of imbedded Trojan Horses in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.
What are the Role of the Mormons?
Mormons(Roma.Man), also called "latter day saints,"(LSD-illusions), constitutes a peculiar religious community. Their belief is founded upon revelations said to have been made to a young man named Joseph Smith, living at the time in Manchester, New York. Born in 1805, in Vermont, he was 15 years of age when in 1820 he supposedly has his first vision; his call, as he considered it, to the work of a prophet(profit). This was followed in 1823 by a revelation~(re-veil) of the place where he would find the sacred book of the Mormons. In 1827 the books were put in his hands with two sliver plates called the Urim and Thummim, looking like a pair of spectacles, by means of which he read the unknown language of the books, dictating it to his friend, who wrote it down. Eight persons were permitted to see the original book and the silver plates, which then were returned to the angel Gabriel, who had brought them. Such is the story of the origin of the Book of Mormon, the first edition of which was published in 1830, at Palmyra, New York. The name comes from Mormon, the prophet who was commissioned to write the history of his people, a race that had come from Jerusalem to America, about 600 B.C.; which records constitute the book. It is considered by the Mormons to be of equal authority with the Bible, and the latest revelation from God the Idiot Savant Neanderthaler.

According to one Manly P. Hall tradition, Eno~ch constructed, with the help of his son Methuselah, nine hidden vaults, each stacked one on top of the other. In the lowest of these he deposited a 'white gold triangular tablet', bearing the Ineffable Name of the Hyksos~Hebrew God, while on a second tablet, inscribed with strange words Enoch had gained from the Persian Zoro-Astrian Freemason Priest~Hoods themselves, was given in safe keeping to his son (Latter Day Saints~Mormons). The vaults were sealed, and on the spot Enoch constructed two indestructible obelisks, one made of marble (basalt), so that it might 'never burn', and the other made of LATERUS (brick), so that it might 'not sink in water' ~Great Salt Lake ~(UTAH / PTAH / PHAT).

On the brick column were inscribed the 'seven sciences' of mankind, the self-styled 'arc~hives' of speculativeZoro~AstrianPersianMasonry(Geometry~Rhetoric~Logic~Grammar~Arithmetic~Music~Astronomy) ; while on the marble column he 'placed an inscription stating that a short distance away a priceless treasure would be found in a subterranean vault' (ANT~ARC~TI~CA). This is the most secret Hyksos message of Egypt, which relates to the enigmas of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, first written on the parchments or scrolls located in the Alexandrian library and found by the Ptolemies. Strong's water reserves happen to be located just south of UTAH. Salt Lake City, is where the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) prepare to take control of the world's food cartel, at the Age of Aquarius (2025); following what the Bible says is Freemasonry's planned WW3, Armageddon. The Great Salt Lake, or, as it has been called, Lake Bonneville, was first mentioned by a Franciscan friar, Escalanta, in 1776, but was not explored until 1843, by John Charles Fremont, who explored the Rocky Mountains and proved the possibility of an overland route to the western coast of America. His services as an explorer were rewarded by a gold medal from the king of Prussia, and with the "founder's medal" of the Royal Geographical society of London, and with membership in the Geographical society of Berlin.

Born in Manitoba Canada, Maurice Strong now owns one of the biggest ranches in the USA, in Colorado.Maurice Strong is the #2 man at the UN.In fact he is the real boss of the UN. The 57,760 hectare Baca Grande ranch was purchased by Strong who is the former secretary-general of the UN Conference on the Environment and Development for the 1992 RIO Summit, and currently, is a life-time member of Canada's Privy Council. Strong's ranch happens to sit on top of one of the world's largest underground reservoir of fresh water. The Baca Valley aquifer contains nearly three-quadrillion litres of water. The Mormon church was organized in Fayette, New York, April 6, 1830, with sic members. Converts soon were numerous, and branches were started in New England, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1831, they formed a colony in Missouri, at a place revealed to them as the site for their capitol city. Here and in Ohio, they were persecuted, their printing presses destroyed, their bishops tarred and feathered, and finally the Missouri colony was driven out entirely. A company went to England in 1837, and made 2,000 coverts in a short time. They prospered in their new home in Missouri, their city named Far West, to which most of the Ohio Mormons had gone, but a popular rising against them in August, 1838, led to their being driven from the state by order of the governor. The founded in Illinois the city of Nauvoo in 1838, about twelve or fifteen thousand of them coming into the state, where they were kindly received. But in a few years the popular dislike broke out afresh, the prophet and his brother when in prison with others at the command of the governor of the state, were shot by assassins.

Brigham Young, one of the twelve heads of the church(twelve around one), or "apostles" as they call them, came to the leadership, and with a thousand families left Nauvoo in February, 1846. They wintered in Nebraska and in the spring of 1847 Young, with a band of 143 men, started for the Rocky mountains, reaching the Great Salt Lake, the site of their new city, in July. Others followed in the autumn and the next year. They have now settlements in Idaho, Colorado(Color Red), New Mexico and Arizona, besides Utah, in the United States, and also in Mexico and British America. Utah has been a territory of the United States since 1850, and for several years Brigham Young was governor. The Mormons number about 250,000, 110,000 of them being in Utah. The opposition to them in the different states where they settled, and the refusal of the United States government of their request that Utah be made a state, is due to two of their doctrines or practices: the oath binding them to obedience to their spiritual head in everything, which prevents their obedience to the laws of the country if there is at any time any conflict, and their belief in and practice of polygamy, or the having of several wives. They were also credited with secretly murdering anyone who opposed their practices or revealed their acts, and though the popular impression in this respect was exaggerated, the "Mountain Meadow" massacre of a band of "Gentile" emigrants in 1857, shows that it was not entirely without foundation. President Woodford, former head of the church, in September, 1890, in a proclamation, declares that polygamy was no longer the doctrine of the Mormon Church.

See History of Utah, by H.H. Bancroft, and Early Days of Mormonism, by Kennedy.
Masonry is a system of ethics and religion in which there is some truth, though eviscerated and mutilated ; and moral precepts, which in their negative limited exoteric form, appear beyond criticism. It is a system held and defended by many men ; men of learning, of wealth, of social influence ; men of strong and magnetic personality ; men of kindly and progressive liberal tendencies ; men who have piety in their peculiar religious consciousness ; men who have taste for the artistic, the beautiful, the sublime ; men who in the eyes of the world, of their fellow-man, are gods of power and graciousness, men who none-the-less, knowingly or unknowingly, support progressive movement towards a UN centrally controlled "New World Order".

And yet this system is capable without in the least straining a single principle, of the vilest and most dastardly acts which any man can do to his fellow-man ; acts of treachery and of advantage taken over innocence, guilelessness and reposed confidence such as the annals of humanity can scarcely surpass ; who, when supported and promoted by the other control mechanisms we know as politics, free-trade, organized religion and the military-industrial-complex, the vast combined system covers for each other. Not only can they do this, but Freemasonry, by its spirit and principles, fosters it, and it does it. And when criminal or immoral acts are committed by its adherents, when convenient, the system shields its pedophile perpetrators, and assures them that there is no wrong in them, though for reasons of con venience and expedience these acts must be kept secret.

These indulgences in which its adherents may engage are a pleasure which they especially may enjoy, but which must not be spoken of, a thing never to regret, but ever to conceal; THE ONLY WRONG IN THEM IS IN BEING FOUND OUT. The value of its "secrets" lies in this. Thus, at one strike it ravishes virtue, destroys all belief in virtue, and denies all need of repentance and reformation. And the palpable object of all this is not that its adherents believe in this strange system of ethics, for that would seem impossible for rational and moral beings to do, but simply to avert the consequences which would prevent them from continuing their criminal or immoral deeds. No system can be more "devilish" and no character more hateful and "diabolical" than that fostered by such principles. "Tell them what they want to hear and do what we tell you to do" ethics are subversive of all true morality, virtue, veracity and spirituality. They make the wrong, the crime or immorality, consist only of being found out. This so-called logic is but an illusion that permits Freemasons to temporarily escape from reality.

The institution standing for and protecting this "step-by-step" system of immoral ethics may stand high and beautiful in the eyes of men, but, in it are secret chambers giving license to the passions in which human souls are ruined and virtue stabbed. Freemasonry is a sophisticated "gang" of organised criminal "hypocrites" who plead that you should not judge their behavior, but ask that you endure its cons equenses.

In order for our world to survive, we must first save ourselves and loved ones from Zoro-Astrian / Zoro-Babel Freemasonry and their SYSTEM, and continue to expect that, later, all the genius, kindliness, hypocrisy and secrecy that this world-wide Freemasonic system contains shall not prevail before the ultimate power of Creation.

"Freemasonry is a SYSTEM of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS".

"Morality is that instinctive sense of right and wrong that tells some people how everyone else should behave."

One should not be surprised to find Sexual Predators in Organized Religion, anymore than one would be surprised to find thieves in Organized Crime, untruths spoken in Politics, Control Freaks on the Internet, or, Character Assassins in the National Media; as within the current Masonic Cultural SYSTEM ...that is their JOB.

1.Rothschild Bank of London
2.Warburg Bank of Hamburg
3.Rothschild Bank of Berlin
4.Lehman Brothers of New York
5.Lazard Brothers of Paris
6.Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
7.Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
8.Goldman, Sachs of New York
9.Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
10.Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

You should know them - they front for the Arabian Emirs who own the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks.

Explain it in as few words as possible.

Start by acquiring copies of Freemasonry's secret Encyclopedias. Read them through and through. Eventually you will catch on to their "pattern" of speech and symbols. Then, read the Bible, not to believe what it says on the surface, but rather, from the lessons you've learned in decoding using Freemasonry's Encyclopedias. Now, repeat the same thing, this time using Shakespeares plays. He, and Heroditus, were the original Haks (er) who scrambled your teacher's brain. The next thing to do is to go to your computer and look up the Desdemona type face. Make one copy of each character on paper and one on a transparency. Invert the transparency onto its own character on paper and note the new ../images/pictograms that appear. The alphabet tells a story of how one creates a Hermaphrodite, a Superman.

Desdemona is a female character in Shakespeare's play Othello. It's a play about spousal abuse that leads to her murder. The word Desdemona translates in Mason phonetic codes into "destroy the demon female." The Desdemona type font is a "Art Nouveau" style and was imported during a period from 1880 to 1919, during the second wave of eastern European immigration to the USA and became revived in digital form in the 60's.

The Masonic allegory is an Arc as in Antarctica. It's the symbolism for DNA and genetic engineering.

You should also seek out who were the actual troglodytes who modelled for the "Aliens" in SS's Close Encounters of a Third Kind and AI. SS knows what's coming. Most Masons don't know, as there is a "Need to Know Basis" (55/70 degrees) classification that shuts out most Masons from knowing (overstanding) Ultimate Reality. Others are just used and then discarded.
It took me fifteen years to figure this coding out without any help. Now, you should be able to do it in half the time it took me. Then, someone else will contact you and ask you how to do it in an hour. Good luck.

The SculPTor

"There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge." Queen Elizabeth II
Allegory of Wisdom
The snake is a well known class of reptiles, distinguished by their long bodies without limbs. There are tree snakes, which are usually green slender; water snakes, including fresh water snakes, usually not poisonous, and the very venomous sea snakes; burrowing snakes, and the common ground snakes. The bodies of snakes are covered with scales made from folds of skin, and differently arranged in each species. They have from 100 to 400 vertebrae, with ribs attached, and move by a series of twist or undulations, the ribs with their attached plates or shields acting as feet. The eyes are small and the sense of sight seems to be dim, as well as hearing, for which there is no external ear. The sense of smell is at least sufficient to guide them to their prey. The hiss made by expelling air forcibly, and the whine of some boas, and the rattle of the rattlesnakes, are some of the peculiar sounds made, but in general snakes are dumb. The poison gland lies on each side behind the eye, and is about the size of an almond in the largest snakes. and a tube or duct connects it with the fang, or tooth, down which the poisonous juice flows when the snake bites.

The fang or teeth are folded when not in use, but the opening of the mouth raises them. Snakes cast their skin(rebirth), sometimes as often as once a month, the snake getting its head out first and the skin is then turned inside backwards. They feed almost entirely on flesh, eating learge animals, birds, reptiles and insects. They will not eat anything dead. They can "out climb the monkey, out swim the fish, out leap the zebra, out wrestle the athlete and crush the tiger." There are from 1,000 to 1,800 species found most abundantly in tropical countries, and not at all in Iceland, New Zealand and Ireland. The number of deaths from snakebites in hot countries is quite large, reaching as high as 22,480 in one year in British India. The effect of the bite of the snake varies with the species and also with the vigor of the snake at the time. There have been many antidotes to the poison suggested, but nothing perfectly certain in its action has been found. The trade in snakes in New York City amounts to about $40,000.

As a symbol, the serpent obtained a prominent place in all the ancient initiations and religions. Among the Egyptians it was a symbol of Divine Wisdom when extended at length, and the serpent with its tail in its mouth was an emblem of eternity. The winged globe and serpent symbolized their triune deity. In the ritual of Zoroaster, the serpent was a symbol of the universe. In China the ring between two serpents was the symbol of the world governed by the power and wisdom of the Creator. The same device is several times repeated on the Isiac table. Higgins says that, from the faculty which the serpent possessed of renewing itself, without the process of generation as to outward appearance, by annually castings its skin, it became like the Phoenix, the emblem of eternity; but he denies that it ever represented even in Genesis, the evil principle.

Faber's theory of the symbolism of the serpent, as set forth in his work on the Origin of the Pagan Idolatry, is ingenious. He says that the ancients in part derived their idea of the serpent from the first tempter, and hence it was a hieroglyphic of the evil principle. But as the deluge was thought to have emanated from the evil principle, the serpent became a symbol of the deluge. He also represented the good principle; the idea being borrowed from the winged seraphim which was blended with the cherubim who guarded the tree of life(spine i.e. intuition), - the seraphim and cherubim being sometimes considered as identical; and besides in Hebrew means both a seraph and a serpent. But as the good principle was always male and female, the male serpent represented the Great Father, Adam or Noah, and the female serpent represented the ark or world, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Hence the serpent represented the perpetually renovated world, and as such was used in all the mysteries.

Serpent worship is one of the oldest forms of religion, and still exist among many savage peoples. Serpent worship is prominent in Indian Buddhism. It was worshiped in India, Egypt, Phoenicia, Babylonia, Greece, and Italy. In the Gnostic sect of Ophites it became one of the earliest heresies of the church. We see traces of it in the Great serpent which defended the citadel of Athens, fed every mouth with honey cakes. Among Zulus harmless green or brown snakes which come boldly into the houses are thought to be ancestors, and are often identified by some scar or mark such as the man bore in life. Serpents are often looked upon as the embodiment of gods, such as the rattlesnake worshiped in the Natchez temple of the Sun; the Phoenician serpent with its tail inits mouth, an emblem of eternity and incest. Reverence for the serpent is notable among the red Indians, where its name has been given to rivers, as the Kennebec and the Antietam. Among the Dakotas, Shawnees, and Sacs the words for spirit and snake are similar. The Algonquins think the lightning a huge snake, and the Caribs speak of the god of thunder storm as a mighty serpent. The Ojibways dread to kill a rattlesnake, and if they find one in their path, beseech it to go away and spare them and their families. The same worship is found among the Cherokees and other tribes, as well as the strange snake dances of the Zunis. See Fergusson's Tree and Serpent Worship.

The Cosmogony of the Hebrews and that of the Gnostics designated this reptile as the author of the fate of Souls. It was consecrated in the Mysteries of Bacchus and in those of Eleusis. Pluto overcame the virtue of Proserpine under the form of a serpent; and, like the Egyptian God Serapis, was always pictured seated on a serpent, or with that reptile entwined about him. It is found on the Mithriac Monuments, and supplied with attributes of Typhon to the Egyptians. The sacred basilisc, in coil, with head and neck erect, was the royal ensign of the Pharaohs. Two of them were entwined around and hung suspended from the winged Globe on the Egyptian Monumet. On a tablet in one of the Tombs at Thebes, a God with a spear pierces a serpent’s head. On a tablet from the Temple of Osiris at Philæ is a tree, with a man on one side, and a woman on the other, and in front of the woman an erect basilisc, with horns on its head and a disk between the horns. The head of Medusa was encircled by winged snakes, which, the head removed, left the Hierogram or Sacred Cypher of the Ophites or Serpent-worshippers. And the Serpent, in connection with the Globe or circle, is found upon the monuments of all the Ancient Nations.

Over Libra, the sign through which souls were said to descend or fall, is found, on the Celestial Globe, the Serpent, grasped by Serpentarius, the Serpent-bearer. The head of the reptile is under Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, called by Ovid, Libera, or Proserpine; and the two Constellations rise, with the Balance, after the Virgin (or Isis), whose feet rest on the eastern horizon at Sunrise on the day of the equinox. As the Serpent extends over both signs, Libra and Scorpio, it has been the gate through which souls descend, during the whole time that those two signs in succession marked the Autumnal Equinox. To this alluded the Serpent, which, in the Mysteries of Bacchus Saba-Zeus, was flung into the bosom of the Initiate.

And hence came the enigmatical expression, the Serpent engenders the Bull, and the Bull the Serpent; alluding to the two ad-verse constellations, answering to the two equinoxes, one of which rose as the other set, and which were at the two points of the heavens through which souls passed, ascending and descending. By the Serpent of Autumn, souls fell; and they were regenerated again by the Bull on which Mithras sate, and whose attributes Bacchus-Zagreus and the Egyptian Osiris assumed, in their Mysteries, wherein were represented the fall and regeneration of souls, by the Bull slain and restored to life.

Afterward the regenerating Sun assumed the attributes of Aries or the Lamb; and in the Mysteries of Ammon, souls were regenerated by passing through that sign, after having fallen through the Serpent.

The Serpent-bearer, or Ophicus, was Æsculapius, God of Healing. In the Mysteries of Eleusis, that Constellation was placed in the eighth Heaven: and on the eighth day of those Mysteries, the feast of Æsculapius was celebrated. It was also termed Epidaurus, or the feast of the Serpent of Epidaurus. The Serpent was sacred to Æsculapius; and was connected in various ways with the mythological adventures of Ceres.

So the libations to Souls, by pouring wine on the ground, and looking toward the two gates of Heaven, those of day and night, referred to the ascent and descent of Souls.

Ceres and the Serpent, Jupiter Ammon and the Bull, all figured in the Mysteries of Bacchus. Suppose Aries, or Jupiter Ammon occupied by the Sun setting in the West;–Virgo (Ceres) will be on the Eastern horizon, and in her train the Crown, or Proserpine. Suppose Taurus setting;–then the Serpent is in the East; and reciprocally; so that Jupiter Ammon, or the Sun of Aries, causes the Crown to rise after the Virgin, in the train of which comes the Serpent. Place reciprocally the Sun at the other equinox, with the balance in the West, in conjunction with the Serpent under the Crown; and we shall see the Bull and the Pleiades rise in the East. Thus are explained all the fables as to the generation of the Bull by the Serpent and of the Serpent by the Bull, the biting of the testicles of the Bull by the Scorpion, on the Mithriac Monuments; and that Jupiter made Ceres with child by tossing into her bosom the testicles of a Ram.

In the Mysteries of the bull-horned Bacchus, the officers held serpents in their hands, raised them above their heads, and cried aloud “Eva!” the generic oriental name of the serpent, and the particular name of the constellation in which the Persians placed Eve and the serpent. The Arabians call it Hevan, Ophiucus himself, Hawa, and the brilliant star in his head, Ras-al-Hawa. The use of this word Eva or Evoë caused Clemens of Alexandria to say that the priests in the Mysteries invoked Eve, by whom evil was brought into the world.

The mystic winnowing-fan, encircled by serpents, was used in the feasts of Bacchus. In the Isiac Mysteries a basilisc twined round the handle of the mystic vase. The Ophites fed a serpent in a mysterious ark, from which they took him when they celebrated the Mysteries, and allowed him to glide among the sacred bread. The Romans kept serpents in the Temples of Bona Dea and Æsculapius. In the Mysteries of Apollo, the pursuit of Latona by the serpent Python was represented. In the Egyptian Mysteries, the dragon Typhon pursued Isis.

According to Sanchoniathon, TAAUT, the interpreter of Heaven to men, attributed something divine to the nature of the dragon and serpents, in which die Phœnicians and Egyptians followed him. They have more vitality, more spiritual force, than any other creature; of a fiery nature, shown by the rapidity of their motions, without the limbs of other animals. They assume many shapes and attitudes, and dart with extraordinary quickness and force. When they have reached old age, they throw off that age and are young again, and increase in size and strength, for a certain period of years.

The Egyptian Priests fed the sacred serpents in the temple at Thebes. Taaut himself had in his writings discussed these mysteries in regard to the serpent. Sanchoniathon said in another work, that the serpent was immortal, and re-entered into himself; which, according to some ancient theosophists, particularly those of India, was an attribute of the Deity(Hermaphrodite). And he also said that the serpent never died, unless by a violent death.

The Phœnicians called the serpent Agathodemon [the good spirit]; and Kneph was the Serpent-God of the Egyptians.

The Egyptians, Sanchoniathon said, represented the serpent with the head of a hawk, on account of the swift flight of that bird: and the chief Hierophant, the sacred interpreter, gave very mysterious explanations of that symbol; saying that such a serpent was a very divine creature, and that, opening his eyes, he lighted with their rays the whole of first-born space: when he closes them, it is darkness again. In reality, the hawk-headed serpent, genius of light, or good genius, was the symbol of the Sun.

In the hieroglyphic characters, a snake was the letter T or DJ. It occurs many times on the Rosetta stone. The horned serpent was the hieroglyphic for a God.

According to Eusebius, the Egyptians represented the world by a blue circle, sprinkled with flames, within which was extended a serpent with the head of a hawk. Proclus says they represented the four quarters of the world by a cross, and the soul of the world, or Kneph, by a serpent surrounding it in the form of a circle.

We read in Anaxagoras, that Orpheus said, that the water, and the vessel that produced it, were the primitive principles of things, and together gave existence to an animated being, which was a serpent, with two heads, one of a lion and the other of a bull, between which was the figure of a God whose name was Hercules or Kronos: that from Hercules came the egg of the world, which produced Heaven and earth, by dividing itself into two hemispheres: and that the God Phanes, which issued from that egg, was in the shape of a serpent.

The Egyptian Goddess Ken, represented standing naked on a lion, held two serpents in her hand. She is the same as the Astarte or Ashtaroth of the Assyrians. Hera, worshipped in the Great Temple at Babylon, held in her right hand a serpent by the head; and near Khea, also worshipped there, were two large silver serpents.

In a sculpture from Kouyunjik, two serpents attached to poles are near a fire-altar, at which two eunuchs are standing. Upon it is the sacred fire, and a bearded figure leads a wild goat to the sacrifice. The serpent of the Temple of Epidaurus was sacred to Æsculapius, the God of Medicine, and 462 years after the building of the city, was taken to Rome after a pestilence.

The Phœnicians represented the God Nomu (Kneph or Amun-Kneph) by a serpent. In Egypt, a Sun supported by two asps was the emblem of Horhat the good genius; and the serpent with the winged globe was placed over the doors and windows of the Temples as a tutelary God. Antipater of Sidon calls Amun “the renowned Serpent,” and the Cerastes is often found embalmed in the Thebaid.

On ancient Tyrian coins and Indian medals, a serpent was represented, coiled round the trunk of a tree. Python, the Serpent Deity, was esteemed oracular; and the tripod at Delphi was a triple-headed serpent of gold.

The portals of all the Egyptian Temples are decorated with the hierogram of the Circle and the Serpent. It is also found upon the Temple of Naki-Rustan in Persia; on the triumphal arch at Pechin, in China; over the gates of the great Temple of Chaundi Teeva, in Java; upon the walls of Athens; and in the Temple of Minerva at Tegea. The Mexican hierogram was formed by the intersecting of two great Serpents, which described the circle with their bodies, and had each a human head in its mouth.

All the Buddhists crosses in Ireland had serpents carved upon them. Wreaths of snakes are on the columns of the ancient Hindu Temple at Burwah-Sangor.

Among the Egyptians, it was a symbol of Divine Wisdom, when extended at length; and, with its tail in its mouth, of Eternity.

In the ritual of Zoroaster, the Serpent was a symbol of the Universe. In China, the ring between two Serpents was the symbol of the world governed by the power and wisdom of the Creator. The Bacchanals carried serpents in their hands or round their heads.

The Serpent entwined round an Egg, was a symbol common to the Indians, the Egyptians, and the Druids. It referred to the creation of the Universe. A Serpent with an egg in his mouth was a symbol of the Universe containing within itself the germ of all things that the Sun develops.

The property possessed by the Serpent, of casting its skin, and apparently renewing its youth, made it an emblem of eternity and immortality. The Syrian women still employ it as a charm against barrenness, as did the devotees of Mithras and Saba-Zeus. The Earth-born civilizers of the early world, Fohi, Cecrops, and Erechtheus, were half-man, half-serpent. The snake was the guardian of the Athenian Acropolis. NAKHUSTAN (Nehushtan), the brazen serpent of the wilderness, became naturalized among the Hebrews as a token of healing power. “Be ye,” said Christ, “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

The Serpent was as often a symbol of malevolence and enmity. It appears among the emblems of Siva-Roudra, the power of desolation and death: it is the bane of Aëpytus, Idom, Archemorus, and Philoctetes: it gnaws the roots of the tree of life in the Eddas, and bites the heel of unfortunate Eurydice. In Hebrew writers it is generally a type of evil; and is particularly so in the Indian and Persian Mythologies. When the Sea is churned by Mount Mandar rotating within the coils of the Cosmical Serpent Vasouki, to produce the Amrita or water of immortality, the serpent vomits a hideous poison, which spreads through and infects the Universe, but which Vishnu renders harmless by swallowing it. Ahriman in serpent-form invades the realm of Ormuzd; and the Bull, emblem of life, is wounded by him and dies. It was therefore a religious obligation with every devout follower of Zoroaster to exterminate reptiles, and other impure animals, especially serpents. The moral and astronomical significance of the Serpent were connected. It became a maxim of the Zend-Avesta, that Ahriman, the Principle of Evil, made the Great Serpent of Winter, who assaulted the creation of Ormuzd.

A serpent-ring was a well-known symbol of time: and to express dramatically how time preys upon itself, the Egyptian priests fed vipers in a subterranean chamber, as it were in the sun’s Winter abode on the fat of bulls, or the year’s plenteousness. The dragon of Winter pursues Ammon, the golden ram, to Mount Casius. The Virgin of the zodiac is bitten in the heel by Serpens, who, with Scorpio, rises immediately behind her; and as honey, the emblem of purity and salvation, was thought to be an antidote to the serpent’s bite, so the bees of Aristæus, the emblems of nature’s abundance, are destroyed through the agency of the serpent, and regenerated within the entrails of the Vernal Bull.

The Sun-God is finally victorious. Chrishna crushes the head of the serpent Calyia; Apollo destroys Python, and Hercules that Lernæan monster whose poison festered in the foot of Philoctetes, of Mopsus, of Chiron, or of Sagittarius. The infant Hercules destroys the pernicious snakes detested of the gods, and ever, like St. George of England and Michael the Archangel, wars against hydras and dragons.

The eclipses of the sun and moon were believed by the orientals to be caused by the assaults of a dæmon in dragon-form; and they endeavored to scare away the intruder by shouts and menaces. This was the original Leviathan or Crooked Serpent of old, transfixed in the olden time by the power of Jehovah, and suspended as a glittering trophy in the sky; yet also the Power of Darkness supposed to be ever in pursuit of the Sun and Moon. When it finally overtakes them, it will entwine them in its folds, and prevent their shining. In the last Indian Avatara, as in the Eddas, a serpent vomiting flames is expected to destroy the world, The serpent presides over the close of the year, where it guards the approach to the golden fleece of Aries, and the three apples or seasons of the Hesperides; presenting a formidable obstacle to the career of the Sun-God. The Great Destroyer of snakes is occasionally married to them; Hercules with the northern dragon begets the three ancestors of Scythia; for the Sun seems at one time to rise victorious from the contest with darkness, and at another to sink into its embraces. The northern constellation Draco, whose sinuosities wind like a river through the wintry bear, was made the astronomical cincture of the Universe, as the serpent encircles the mundane egg in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Persian Ahriman was called “The old serpent, the liar from the beginning, the Prince of Darkness, and the rover up and down.” The Dragon was a well-known symbol of the waters and of great rivers; and it was natural that by the pastoral Asiatic Tribes, the powerful nations of the alluvial plains in their neighborhood who adored the dragon or Fish, should themselves be symbolized under the form of dragons; and overcome by the superior might of the Hebrew God, as monstrous Leviathans maimed and destroyed by him. Ophioneus, in the old Greek Theology, warred against Kronos, and was overcome and cast into his proper element, the sea. There he is installed as the Sea-God Oannes or Dragon, the Leviathan of the watery half of creation, the dragon who vomited a flood of water after the persecuted woman of the Apocalypse, the monster who threatened to devour Hesione and Andromeda, and who for a time became the grave of Hercules and Jonah; and he corresponds with the obscure name of Rahab, whom Jehovah is said in Job to have transfixed and overcome.

In the Spring, the year or Sun-God appears as Mithras or Europa mounted on the Bull; but in the opposite half of the Zodiac he rides the emblem of the waters, the winged horse of Nestor or Poseidon: and the Serpent, rising heliacally at the Autumnal Equinox, besetting with poisonous influence the cold constellation Sagittarius, is explained as the reptile in the path who “bites the horse’s heels, so that his rider falls backward.” The same serpent, the Oannes Aphrenos or Musaros of Syncellus, was the Midgard Serpent which Odin sunk beneath the sea, but which grew to such a size as to encircle the whole earth.

For these Asiatic symbols of the contest of the Sun-God with the Dragon of darkness and Winter were imported not only into the Zodiac, but into the more homely circle of European legend; and both Thor and Odin fight with dragons, as Apollo did with Python, the great scaly snake, Achilles with the Scamander, and Bellerophon with the Chimæra. In the apocryphal book of Esther, dragons herald “a day of darkness and obscurity”; and St. George of England, a problematic Cappadocian Prince, was originally only a varying form of Mithras. Jehovah is said to have “cut Rahab and wounded the dragon.” The latter is not only the type of earthly desolation, the dragon of the deep waters, but also the leader of the banded conspirators of the sky, of the rebellious stars, which, according to Enoch, “came not at the right time”; and his tail drew a third part of the Host of Heaven, and cast them to the earth. Jehovah “divided the sea by his strength, and broke the heads of the Dragons in the waters.” And according to the Jewish and Persian belief, the Dragon would, in the latter days, the Winter of time, enjoy a short period of licensed impunity, which would be a season of the greatest suffering to the people of the earth; but he would finally be bound or destroyed in the great battle of Messiah; or, as it seems intimated by the Rabbinical figure of being eaten by the faithful, be, like Ahriman or Vasouki, ultimately absorbed by and united with the Principle of good.

Near the image of Rhea, in the Temple of Bel at Babylon, were two large serpents of silver, says Diodorus, each weighing thirty talents; and in the same temple was an image of Juno, holding in her right hand the head of a serpent. The Greeks called Bel, Beliar; and Hesychius interprets that word to mean a dragon or great serpent. We learn from the book of Bel and the Dragon, that in Babylon was kept a great, live serpent, which the people worshipped.

The Assyrians, the Emperors of Constantinople, the Parthians, Scythians, Saxons, Chinese, and Danes all bore the serpent as a standard, and among the spoils taken by Aurelian from Zenobia were such standards, Persici Dracones. The Persians represented Ormuzd and Ahriman by two serpents, contending for the mundane egg. Mithras is represented with a lion’s head and human body, encircled by a serpent. In the Sadder is this precept: “When you kill serpents, you will repeat the Zend-Avesta, and thence you will obtain great merit; for it is the same as if you had killed so many devils.”

Serpents encircling rings and globes, and issuing from globes, are common in the Persian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian monuments. Vishnu is represented reposing on a coiled serpent, whose folds form a canopy over him. Mahadeva is represented with a snake around his neck, one around his hair, and armlets of serpents on both arms. Bhairava sits on the coils of a serpent, whose head rises above his own. Parvati has snakes about her neck and waist. Vishnu is the Preserving Spirit, Mahadeva is Siva, the Evil Principle, Bhairava is his son, and Parvati his consort. The King of Evil Demons was called in Hindu Mythology, Naga, the King of Serpents, in which name we trace the Hebrew Nachash, serpent.

In Cashmere were seven hundred places where carved images of serpents were worshipped; and in Thibet the great Chinese Dragon ornamented the Temples of the Grand Lama. In China, the dragon was the stamp and symbol of royalty, sculptured in all the Temples, blazoned on the furniture of the houses, and interwoven with the vestments of the chief nobility. The Emperor bears it as his armorial device; it is engraved on his sceptre and diadem, and on all the vases of the imperial palace. The Chinese believe that there is a dragon of extraordinary strength and sovereign power, in Heaven, in the air, on the waters, and on the mountains. The God Fohi is said to have had the form of a man, terminating in the tail of a snake, a combination to be more fully explained to you in a subsequent Degree.

The dragon and serpent are the 5th and 6th signs of the Chinese Zodiac; and the Hindus and Chinese believe that, at every eclipse, the sun or moon is seized by a huge serpent or dragon, the serpent Asootee of the Hindus, which enfolds the globe and the constellation Draco; to which also refers “the War in Heaven, when Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon.”

Sanchoniathon says that Taaut was the author of the worship of serpents among the Phœnicians. He “consecrated,” he says, “the species of dragons and serpents; and the Phœnicians and Egyptians followed him in this superstition.” He was “the first who made an image of Cœlus”; that is; who represented the Heavenly Hosts of Stars by visible symbols; and was probably the same as the Egyptian Thoth. On the Tyrian coins of the age of Alexander, serpents are represented in many positions and attitudes, coiled around trees, erect in front of altars, and crushed by the Syrian Hercules.

The seventh letter of the Egyptian alphabet, called Zeuta or Life, was sacred to Thoth, and was expressed by a serpent standing on his tail; and that Deity, the God of healing, like Æsculapius, to whom the serpent was consecrated, leans on a knotted stick around which coils a snake. The Isiac tablet, describing the Mysteries of Isis, is charged with serpents in every part, as her emblems. The Asp was specially dedicated to her, and is seen on the heads of her statues, on the bonnets of her priests, and on the tiaras of the Kings of Egypt. Serapis was sometimes represented with a human head and serpentine tail: and in one engraving two minor Gods are represented with him, one by a serpent with a bull’s head, and the other by a serpent with the radiated head of a lion.

On an ancient sacrificial vessel found in Denmark, having several compartments, a serpent is represented attacking a kneeling boy, pursuing him, retreating before him, appealed to beseechingly by him, and conversing with him. We are at once reminded of the Sun at the new year represented by a child sitting on a lotus, and of the relations of the Sun of Spring with the Autumnal Serpent, pursued by and pursuing him, and in conjunction with him. Other figures on this vessel belong to the Zodiac.

The base of the tripod of the Pythian Priestess was a triple-headed serpent of brass, whose body, folded in circles growing wider and wider toward the ground, formed a conical column, while the three heads, disposed triangularly, upheld the tripod of gold. A similar column was placed on a pillar in the Hippodrome at Constantinople, by the founder of that city; one of the heads of which is said to have been broken off by Mahomet the Second, by a blow with his iron mace.

The British God Hu was called “The Dragon–Ruler of the World,” and his car was drawn by serpents. His ministers were styled adders. A Druid in a poem of Taliessin says, “I am a Druid, I am an Architect, I am a Prophet, I am a Serpent (Gnadi).” The Car of the Goddess Ceridwen also was drawn by serpents.

In the elegy of Uther Pendragon, this passage occurs in a description of the religious rites of the Druids: “While the Sanctuary is earnestly invoking The Gliding King, before whom the Fair One retreats, upon the evil that covers the huge stones; whilst the Dragon moves round over the places which contain vessels of drink-offering, whilst the drink-offering is in the Golden Horns;” in which we readily discover the mystic and obscure allusion to the Autumnal Serpent pursuing the Sun along the circle of the Zodiac, to the celestial cup or crater, and the Golden horns of Virgil’s milk-white Bull; and, a line or two further on, we find the Priest imploring the victorious Beli, the Sun-God of the Babylonians.

With the serpent, in the Ancient Monuments, is very often found associated the Cross. The Serpent upon a Cross was an Egyptian Standard. It occurs repeatedly upon the Grand Stair-case of the Temple of Osiris at Philæ; and on the pyramid of Ghizeh are represented two kneeling figures erecting a Cross, on the top of which is a serpent erect. The Crux Ansata was a Cross with a coiled Serpent above it; and it is perhaps the most common of all emblems on the Egyptian Monuments, carried in the hand of almost every figure of a Deity or a Priest. It was, as we learn by the monuments, the form of the iron tether-pins, used for making fast to the ground the cords by which young animals were confined: and as used by shepherds, became a symbol of Royalty to the Shepherd Kings.

A Cross like a Teutonic or Maltese one, formed by four curved lines within a circle, is also common on the Monuments, and represented the Tropics and the Colures.

The Caduceus, borne by Hermes or Mercury, and also by Cybele, Minerva, Anubis, Hercules Ogmius the God of the Celts, and the personified Constellation Virgo, was a winged wand, entwined by two serpents. It was originally a simple Cross, symbolizing the equator and equinoctial Colure, and the four elements proceeding from a common centre. This Cross, surmounted by a circle, and that by a crescent, became an emblem of the Supreme Deity–or of the active power of generation and the passive power of production conjoined,–and was appropriated to Thoth or Mercury. It then assumed an improved form, the arms of the Cross being changed into wings, and the circle and crescent being formed by two snakes, springing from the wand, forming a circle by crossing each other, and their heads making the horns of the crescent; in which form it is seen in the hands of Anubis.


The problem in understanding the development of Hinduism is disentangling what preceded the Aryan invasion from the religion that was superimposed after 1500 BC. It is probable that much of the Indus Valley Romany Magi religion (of Cro Magnon) moved away from Aryan population centers and survived in the countryside. It eventually became interwoven with Aryan beliefs and practices to produce historic Hinduism.

The religion of the Aryans (Persians) was similar in many respects to that of other Indo-European groups. It was a religion of the household, of veneration for ancestors (Neanderthal), and of devotion to the Moho world spirit (Brahman). The Aryans had numerous gods, nearly all of whom were male (See pre-Ice Age Neanderthal War on Women, circa 58,800 BC). But the Aryans made no images or pictures of their gods as later Hinduism has done (also see Mahomet, and later, European Christian Aryan protestant followers of Arius).

Aryan worship was centered around the sacrificial fire at home (see "Mess of Pottage"), while later Hinduism worshiped in temples. The complex ceremony of the Aryans involved ritual sacrifice of animals and the drinking of an inebriating liquor. Hymns were composed for these rituals, and it is in the collections of the hymns, along with incantations and sacrificial formulas, that the nature of the early intoxicating religion was spelled out. The collections of these are called the Vedas, and it was under their influence that the earliest Hinduism developed.

The precise origins of Hinduism had, until this web site was re-established, reportedly eluded scholars and other investigators. It was known for certain that there was, from about 2300 to 1500 BC, a highly developed civilization in the Indus Valley and beyond. This civilization had its own religion, which may not have been uniform throughout the extensive land area it covered. Around 1500 BC the Indus Valley was invaded by an Indo-European people called Aryans. They almost totally transformed Indian civilization, and in so doing they imposed the first of many new forms of priest organized religions.

HINDUISM. The major religion of the Indian subcontinent is Hinduism. The word derives from an ancient Sanskrit term meaning "dwellers by the Indus River," a reference to the location of India's earliest known civilization in what is now Pakistan. Apart from animism, from which it may have partly derived, Hinduism is the oldest of the world's monk organized religions. It dates back more than 3,000 years, though its present forms are of more recent origin. Today more than 90 percent of the world's Hindus live in India. Significant minorities may be found in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and smaller numbers live in Myanmar, South Africa, Trinidad, Europe, and the United States.

Hinduism is so unlike any other religion that it is difficult to define with any precision. It has no founder. Its origins were until now lost in a very distant past. It does not have one holy book but several. There is no single body of doctrine. Instead there is a great diversity of belief and practice. Many doctrines would be at odds with each other in any other religion. Hinduism, however, has always tended to be inclusive rather than exclusive. There are many sects, cults, theologies, and schools of philosophy, and all of them find a home within Hinduism without persecuting each other or accusing each other of heresy. It is a religion that worships many gods. Yet it also adheres to the view that there is only one God, called Brahman (for2 in 1 man, see Nietzsche's Ubermensch). All other divinities are aspects of the one absolute and unknowable Brahman (US, the Unknown Superior - 4/13).

Another distinctive feature of Hinduism is belief in the transmigration of souls, or reincarnation. Associated with this belief is the conviction that the DNA of all living things is part of the same essence (originating in the fire and lava at the core of the Earth). Individuals pass through cycles of birth and death. This means that an individual soul (DNA) may return many times in human, animal, or even vegetable form. What a person does in the present life (where and how he/she is buried) will affect the evolution of the DNA's next life. This is the doctrine of karman, the law of cause and effect. The goal of the individual is to escape this cycle, or wheel of birth and rebirth, so that the individual soul, Atman, may eventually become part of the absolute soul, or Brahman (remembered with the singularity of the Moho discontinuity).

The caste system of India is another historic characteristic of Hinduism. In its most ancient period Indian society was divided into four classes: priests (Buddhist Monks and Brahmins), warriors (Mongolians and Frankish Empire), merchants (Semites and Caucasians), and servants (Asians and Roma). These classes, or castes, have since been subdivided into thousands of subcastes, ranging from the Brahmins at the top to the Un.touch.ables or Wise Men (ROMA/Gypsies/Aboriginals) at the bottom. (see OWL = LOW) These four groups have traditionally been hereditary and have married only among themselves.
The SculPTor
Aphorisms: On the interpretation of Nature and the Empire of Man (excerpt)
Alexander Borgia said of the expedition of the French into Italy that they came with chalk in their hands to mark up their lodgings, and not with weapons to force their passage. Even so do we wish our philosophy to make its way quietly into those minds that are fit for it, and of good capacity; for we have no need of contention where we differ in first principles, and in our very notions, and even in our forms of demonstration.

We have but one simple method of delivering our sentiments, namely, we must bring men to the particulars and their regular series and order, and they must for a while renounce their notions, and begin to form an acquaintance with things.

Our method and that of the sceptics agree in some respect at first setting out, but differ most widely, and are completely opposed to each other in their conclusion; for they roundly assert that nothing can be known; we, that but a small part of nature can be known, by the present method; their next step, however, is to destroy the authority of the senses and understanding, while we invent and supply them with assistance.

The idols and false notions which have already preoccupied the human understanding, and are deeply rooted in it, not only so beset men's minds that they become difficult of access, but even when access is obtained will again meet and trouble us in the instauration of the sciences, unless mankind when forewarned guard themselves with al possible care against them.

Four species of idols beset the human mind, to which (for distinction's sake) we have assigned names, calling the first Idols of the Tribe, the second Idols of the Den, the third Idols of the Market, the fourth Idol of the Theater.

The formation of notions and axioms on the foundation of true induction is the only fitting remedy by which we can ward off and expel these idols. It is, however, of great service to point them out; for the doctrine of idols bears the same relation to the interpretation of nature as that of the confutation of sophisms does to common logic.

The idols of the tribe are inherent in human nature and the very tribe or race of man; for man's sense is falsely asserted to be the standard of things; on the contrary, all the perception both of the senses and the mind bear reference to man and not to the universe, and the human mind resembles those uneven mirrors which impart their own properties to different objects, from which rays are emitted and distort and disfigure them.

The idols of the den are those of each individual; for everybody (in addition to the errors common to the race of man) has his own individual den or cavern, which intercepts and corrupts the light of nature, either from his own peculiar and singular disposition, or from his education and intercourse with others, or from his reading, and the authority acquired by those whom he reverences and admires, or from the different impression produced on the mind, as it happens to be preoccupied and predisposed, or equable and tranquil, and the like; so that the spirit of man (according to its several dispositions), is variable, confused, and as it were actuated by chance; and Heraclitus said well that men search for knowledge in lesser worlds, and not in the greater or common world.

There are also idols formed by the reciprocal intercourse and society of man with man, which we call idols of the market, from the commerce and association of men with each other; for men converse by means of language, but words are formed at the will of the generality, and there arises from a bad and unapt formation of words a wonderful obstruction to the mind. Nor can the definitions and explanations with which learned men are wont to guard and protect themselves in some instance afford a complete remedy - words still manifestly force the understanding, throw everything into confusion, and lead mankind into vain and innumerable controversies and fallacies.

Lastly there are idols which have crept into men's minds from the various dogmas of peculiar systems of philosophy, and also from the perverted rules of demonstration, and these we dominate idols of the theater: for we regard all the systems of philosophy hitherto received or imagined, as so many plays brought out and performed, creating fictitious and theatrical worlds. Nor do we speak only of the present systems, or of the philosophy and sects of the ancients, since numerous other plays of a similar nature can be still composed and made to agree with each other, the causes of the most opposite errors being generally the same. Nor, again, do we allude merely to general systems, but also to many elements and axioms of sciences which have become inveterate by tradition, implicit credence, and neglect. We must, however, discuss each species of idols more fully and distinctly in order to guard the human understanding against them.

Lord Francis Bacon



Currently, there are freemasonic lodges in every City, town, and hamlet in the US and this is the same for every country in the world. Freemasonry is ancient, it did not start with the Knights Templar, they were just one branch of it. It dates back to before Egypt, it was present in Sumer under the priesthoods that controlled the Sumerians well over 6,000 years ago. They had a complete "civilization" with a ruling Elite, a priesthood that controlled education, spiritual beliefs and money. They had a merchant class and bureaucratic class that worked for the Elite and traded across the world at that time, primarily with India. But, the bulk of the people were in the "slave class", uneducated laborers who provided the Elite with the ability to live in absolute luxury while most toiled in misery, no different than today.

In the Bible, in Revelations, it tells of "mystery Babylon" with a thousand faces and a thousand names. That is Freemasonry, a mystery religion that has been passed through generations of priesthoods that have worked hand in glove with the ruling Elite, just as they do today. The low level masons have no idea what they truly belong to, they hide behind phillanthropy, just like the NGO's, and yet, they swear "oaths" to those masons above them. They say they are not a "secret" society but rather a "society with secrets" (now that's double-speak). President Kennedy, in a famous speech he gave before the top Media Moguls in 1961, warned about this "monolythic secret organization" in which the men swore "oaths" to each other. (It got him killed in high-masonic style). Jesus warned his followers about swearing "oaths" to others (he also got killed).

Today, all the Kings, Queens, Princes, Sheiks, Imans, most Presidents, cabinet members, politicians, police, etc. belong to these "orders", such as St Johns of Jeruselum, Order Templis Orientis, Knights of the Golden Dawn, there are thousands of these groups. The low level masons get their perks, unmerited favors, from brother masons. But, at the top is a highly organized, tightly knit, "brotherhood from sea to shining sea" that has infiltrated EVERY organization in this world. They control the money, the banking, the legal and illegal system,commerce, governments, military, you name it. They created the System in which we live that we call "civilization" based on money. Their Priesthoods, scribes, etc. wrote all the holy books. They were the only ones that were educated, especially when the Bible was published. The average Joe couldn't read, they took their Priests word for it. The only reason Martin Luther was "allowed" to create a new sect of Christianity called Protestantism, is because the Natives were getting restless. The average Joe was waking up to the reality that the Priests were "fleecing their sheeple". I am amazed that people think Martin Luther was such a savior when his own writings reveal how little he regarded the average Joe. He was a Rosecrucian, his family symbol was the rose and cross. He was an Elitist and he was allowed to defy the Catholic church because they needed a new movement for the sheeple to follow. This way, the Priesthood still controlled the masses. Think about it. The guy was allowed to live in a time when the Priests were burning anyone who went against the Church.

Men like Francis Bacon or B-A-Con (Con being from Priest, Cain, Cohen, King, Czar, etc.) lived together, forsaking their women and children because they didn't like women. He provided financially for his family but lived among a large group of men who had the knowledge of the ages that the masses of people were not allowed to see. They kept knowledge secret through their secret societies loosely called "freemasonry". These men, scribes, priests, etc. were truly "deviants" and their "brotherhood" continues today. They were and still are a male-phallic society and were the only ones who were educated at the time the Bible was written. They created the English language and introduced it via Shakespeare to the masses. At the same time, all the languages across the world were updated by these interlocking priesthoods. Culture and language is created and controlled and directed from the top as Plato stated in The New Republic. Freemasons boast that they control education in America. Well, of course, they've rewritten history while true knowledge is scattered all over the planet or hidden in archives for the Elite.

Most of our founding fathers were freemasons like Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. Franklin in his own writings stated that this new America would bring in the Federation of the World under the rule of 12 wise men. Less than 6% of the population of America participated in the so-called "Revolution". General Cornwallis, went before his Parliment in England bemoaning the fact that he had to fight his "brothers" like Washington. Guess what, they told him "don't worry" this is what we need to do to bring about the "great work". Isn't it curious, that despite the fact that Britain had the biggest, baddest military at that time period, they couldn't knock off Washington or Franklin. Without them, there wouldn't have been any leadership to pull off the deception. Washington was a direct descendant of the English monarchy. They needed a "new world" to bring in "democracy" in order to acquire the last of the technology needed to bring about world domination. For his "great work" Washington was awarded a vast amount of property, made filthy rich, and was promoted to "Godhood" with the erection of the Egyptian obelisk (a phallic symbol of virility and power), the Washington Monument in his memory. He spent very little time with Martha, his wife.

For a nation founded on so-called "Christianity" everywhere you turn are signs and symbols from ancient pre-Egyptian, Babylonian times, of Solar, Stellar and Lunar worship. Even the Bible, with it's 12 tribes (the 12 signs of the Zodiac), is a masonic coded piece of work. Take the story of Jacob and Esau. Now Jacob decieved his blind old father (by posing as his brother Esau-the natural man), so his father gave him the blessing, which allowed Jacob to steal his own brother's rightful inheritance. For this, Jacob was blessed by God to be the leader of the "chosen people" of God. That is a "wise-guy" mafia type system right in your face. It is showing you that if you are a good "con" man you will rise up the ladder and be blessed with the riches of this Earth. That is why every freemasonic lodge has a picture of Jacob's ladder in their lodge, and the rungs represent the degrees to rise up to the top, and become the big grand pooh bah (remember the Flintstones) of your lodge. You get favors, perks and riches. But, of course, you have to squash those beneath you to get there, even your own family members. And as you rise up the rungs of freemasonry, you can commit all kinds of evil and get away with it. You are protected by your brothers as long as you play the game. It's a "con" that is why so many of our own words start with con, like "con-science" and "cons-piracy".

The Sumerians kept thousands upon thousands of documents on stone, written in cuniform which the Egyptians borrowed. They had very similar stories of the Bible, like Noah's flood story, the virgin birth story, etc. and even an Adam and Eve story as do all the other religions. All these are too similar, written thousands of years prior to Judaism and Christianity and Islam to be a coincidence. There are truths in the Bible and in what Jesus taught, but remember, he exposed the "system" for what it was and still is "corrupt" at the root, with money being the core of all of humanity's problems. The Pharisees and Saducees worked hand in glove with the Roman Elite that ruled vast amounts of peoples, not just Jews, in slavery. In order to keep their empire going they needed a standing army. It takes a money-system to have an army because otherwise the men would all go home if there was no reward in serving.

At the core of the "mystery religions" is the study of human kind. Plato and Socrates were masters. The Egyptian Pharoahs controlled vast hordes of human beings for thousands of years with mass mind control. They were taught by priesthoods who studied and understood human behavior, how to manipulate the male and female of the species, in order to live off the labor of the majority. It is a true science.

Today, with the help of freemasonry and secret societies, we are witnessing in America, and elsewhere across the world, the globalization of humanity into one and the destruction of the nation states that they once created to divide peoples. They are destroying the last remnants of the clan or tribal "primative" system and replacing it with the economic money system. When Revelations states that Christ will come back and rule with an "iron fist", one can hardly think He will be a kind and benevolent ruler. And, Christians who think they will be saved because they are "special", well, that is an Elitist point of view - and which Christians will be saved? Those that worship in the Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, or these new Mega-Churches? In Revelations, where it says, and "even the elect" will be deceived, it's not talking about Christians, but those that serve the Elite helping them bring in their New World Order.

This new age we are coming into, out of Pices the fish (represented by Jesus) and into Aquarius (the water boy, raped by Zeus and put into the sky and made a star), the Elite now have the technology to totally erradicate our ability to think and reason for ourselves. This is what Brave New World and 1984 is all about. They have used "science" to create a new human race, neither male nor female-the hermaphrodite, completely lobotomized through chemicals, electromagnetics and eventually chip implants to create the perfect efficient worker Bee. Worker BEES are good for BUZZ-I-NESS bee-cause they bee-have in the bee-hive. And, by-the-way they don't need as many of us anymore, because the new "slave" will work tirelessly and won't revolt. The Elite will no longer need to entertain us and keep us occupied in order to control us. Of course, the Elite will not alter themselves but have been using US to create the technology to extend their lives for as long as possibile.

I'm not trying to bring down anyone's beliefs but humanity is in a very precarious position at this time. We are being sprayed like bugs, pumped full of chemicals, viruses and biological warfare via vaccines, our food and water. There are satillites by the bundle, cell towers by the gazillions - we are being hit at from just about every angle. Many want to "save" our country. What period in time do you want it saved to? I have not seen any organized religion make the world a better place to live. In fact millions have died in bloody religious wars. I have met individuals from all walks of life who are good people, but every organization has been infiltrated and corrupted. Look at the big TV evangelists like Pat Robertson, Billie Graham et all. It's BIG BUSINESS and now these mega Chrisitian churches are the epitome of gross commercialism and a feel-good religion while their "priests" become billionaires, own diamond mines, etc. They sure have been "blessed" by their God no doubt. I do know, many of them belong to the "brotherhood of freemasonry" which means they have sworn an allegience to another living human, not their Creator.
Meanwhile, each of the monothestic religions will wait for their messiah to come and save them, the "new agers" will be whisked off to a new planet, and the high Elite brotherhood will be laughing all the way to the bank.
... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. Aldous Huxley

I am hopeful Raze and others that you will continue this thread. I am not trying to hurt anyone's beliefs. This is just where I am coming from. It has taken me on a long journey, a study of history and ancient knowledge, not to mention an inward look at my own self. There are truths in all religious beliefs, but it is also true that the word religion means to re-tie or re-bind. Anyway, I do hope you keep up the thread as it is interesting and insightful.
... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. Aldous Huxley

I would rather some of my previous (threads and) religious related posts be deleted, the way I went about posting them in my approach was poorly conducted and I am not that good with religion, really you would be better classing me as esoteric if anything. lol Until recent years I passively classed myself as christian, because I do have morals and principals that so many now like to shun and reject. I do have right and wrong ideals, I am not afraid of saying ideals either, they don't constitute belief system -- just a way of life with respect to all life not myself (selfish) as a humanist would with no care.

I just know we have been lied to for thousands of years by leaders, monarchs, empires. Even the dead sea scrolls won't be used in Israel as accurate original scripture because it conflicts with their own modifications of the bible. Catholics are the same. There is so much conflicting info and debates among religious people it really does not appeal to me to debate it all my life. Every church claims they are the chosen one and all other are damned eternally into hell, which really originally meant ground or grave or soil, or earth, not burning fire. At least some religious scholars have said this, because of English and mid england words and Germanic words.

Feel free to delete any of my religious related posts/threads:

Thanks if you do...

I think you give 'them' too much credit. They are not superhuman that can out do us. They are nothing. The more credit one gives them, the less you have for yourself. In a way, the more I concentrate on their works, the less I am connected to the truth.

So... what say we give up? Just go for the truth rather falsehoods. Follow the trail of wisdom rather tha unearth more of their inhumanity.

I am a muslim and I beleieve in false sects created to pervert the truth, such as the 'wahabi' in saudi arabia and shia in iran and iraq. I think the same is true with christianity. 'emperor' constantine destroyed the last of the true christians, aided by the small sect of catholics. And in Judaism, we all know the difference between a true torah believer and a zionist. In these three religions, the core of them, is what I respect. The people of the book..

A great book I found on the influence of the british in estabilishing different sects and geopolitical reorganisations...almost 400yrs ago!!! is this;

suppossedly, the confessions of a british spy.

Thanks for the ebook, will read it, so far it seems accurate (first few pages) and the link with world trade still relevant to this day in global markets and control.

'emperor' constantine destroyed the last of the true christians,

this is true, and with it created the vatican hierarchy, today the most powerful satanic sect in existence "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." Something to ponder on. Ever wonder why ALL the Re-Ligions have demonized the sexual act between a man and a woman, making neurotics out of the western males and females, not to mention Persia? Why is it that to attain "spirituality with God" means eliminating the "natural" laws of Nature which God the Creator, created in the first place?

HERSTORY~! by Glen Kealey The first woman is genetically (DNA) dated at approx. 190,000 BC.

58,800 BC ~ The original sin. Pedophile Predators are evicted by the Clan Mothers from Matrial Clan Society, in Abyssinia and vow revenge on all women and original peoples. ...55,000 BC ~ Predators occupy caves in the Land of Punt (Somalia). From there they become Priests/Witch~Doctors, Mason Stone-cutters, Astronomers, Seafaring Navigators, Explorers, Shepherds, Traders, Kidnappers, Hijackers and Drug Peddling "Snake Oil" Chemists. They discover how to "bunt" (exploring with baby steps through underground caves, like rats, leaving a visible trail for the initiated to follow) and how to "punt" (exploring by boat, thereby leaving no visible trail).

...24,000 BC ~ Before the start of the last Ice Age, itself lasting 16,000 years to 8000 BC, Priests had discovered the true "centre of the world", at the South Pole, on an island continent they called Atlantis (Antarctica). It wasn't frozen then, the way it is today.

During the most recent ICE AGE the Priests perfected the Zodiac and the Astrolabe and used them to create a Calendar in order to "invent" time and also Language (mark of the Beast) to invade our brains, hands and voice boxes. Letters and other pictographs are the Philosophers' Stones.

...8,000 BC ~ following two major cataclysmic events on the surface, an earth crust displacement and an asteroid strike, the Priests formulated a plan to divide and conquer the Original Peoples; by using the surface of the earth as a Beta Test Site to develop both sides of war, famine, pestilence and disease before destroying the surface population; and then, moving to extend their POLITICAL SYSTEM, by means of SpaceCraft-flight, to the rest of the Universe.

....4,000 BC ~ The surface plan-ET began with the introduction at Mount Ararat--following two man-made floods that shape-shifted the lands in question, and the introduction of a more visibly recognizable agent - the Homo-SAPIAN Caucasian in Sumer--of controlled Organized Religion (Zarathustra), Militaries, Media, Agriculture, a Monetary system and Taxation (call me ISHMAEL). A second, slightly different, more perfected approach was then implemented in Egypt. The Pyramid, missing its capstone, is this plan's symbol.

....0 BC/AD ~ The introduction of a second "LOVE" religion called Christianity (Buddhism was the first), for the surface-dwelling SUCKERS (BEES) who will be sacrificed at the cross-roads of TIME (IT ME) and then be replaced by HOJO--following 2000 years of PEACE (2059-4000 BC)--the Third Kind Gender; the Male Hermaphrodite who had been genetically reengineered and retro-fitted with both a uterus and breasts (The Holy Graal). -- The SculPTor

the canadian institute for political integrity po box 774, kemPTville, ont, kOg 1JO tel: (613) 258-2893 fax: (613) 258-OO15

"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.".... Aldous Huxley

"Hikow mamtaqiym wkulow mahamadiym zeh dowdiy wzeh ree`iy bnowt yruushaalaaim."
Song of Solomon 5:16, Hebrew original.

DESDEMONA Freemasonry's Rhombus A and B key to the English Language

The other key hangs from the belt of St.Peter and symbolizes that ORGANIZED RELIGION is also an arm of

the canadian institute for political integrity po box 774, kemPTville, ont, kOg 1JO tel: (613) 258-2893 fax: (613) 258-OO15
... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. Aldous Huxley

Zoroastrian Freemasonry
for the Conspiracy Challenged

by Glen Kealey

Masons were originally the slaves who worked underground at enlarging caves, all the way from Ethiopia to Mount Ararat, at Lake Van, in what is today's southeast Turkey. Freemasons, were those Masons who were released from the menial work of carving stone and assigned the human engineering task of creating a New World Order; on behalf of the Mandan Troglodytes, the world's original priesthood (men who dress as women). These freed Masons (now called Caucasians) exited the caves at about 12,000 B.C., on either side of Mt. Ararat; north in Iberia (Georgia-Russia) and south at Lake Van (Armenia-Turkey). For the sake of brevity let us say that they were divided into three main groups -- the largest of which is called the Hittites. The other two were Horites and Ishmailites.

To create "Order out of Chaos" all three were first instructed to act in a way as would enemies (armies from Armenia), by fighting with each other. Later, once the plan for "The End Times" was set in stone (about 6,000 B.C.) they were brought together into a common religion, or confederacy, which we now know as Zoroastrian (Zarathustrian, in Greek) Freemasonry, of Persia. Secretly, the now united Confederacy set out to populate the planet with "aboriginals", Horites (Phoenician/Sea Peoples) dropped them off at diverse locations around the world. These "original peoples" were then given common stories (myths) by which they could be identified through their etymology at a later date, ie: Jack-in-the-beanstalk, Cinderella, Snow White etc..

Hittite origin is documented in the long genealogical record of the Bible's book of Chronicles (it is their current Open Source Coding referrence manual); a mine of historic treasure. The list is but partially concealed. It contains all the great Hittite names of the ancient world, from 4004 B.C. to the birth of "Jaques", who is the symbolic leader of western Freemasonry.

The letters J&A in Jaques, clearly state that they are QUES (cues or clues). The letter J being a stand-in, or replacement, for the letters U or Y and U being "plan 11" for the '-' "2 in 1".

Hittites constitute the substratum of all "historical" civilizations. The Turanian (Turkistan) element that came into prominence in the days of the EgyPTian Hycsos (Shepherd Kings were Hittites) that underlay the culture of the empires on the Tigris and Euphrates, that preceded Israel's occupancy of Palestine, that filled Syria and Asia Minor, that gave Greece her mythology and sacred rites, and, overflowing into Illyria (Austria), Italy, Spain and Britain, bore the Iberic and Pictish name (ie: pictograms), now only recognizable in the BasQUES (BA are also clues) of the Pyrenees; that element on which the Persian Cyrus built his first Aryan empire, and which, volcano-like, broke forth in Parthian (Iranian) days, that preceded the Brahman (it means 2 in 1) of northern India, that in early days of Christian centuries, traversed Turkistan and peopled the Siberian wastes, that for two centuries turned China into Cathay, and that still occupies Korea and the islands of Japan; that Turanian (2nd Iran ...Rain) element driven by adverse fortune, crossed the Northern Pacific into the New World, that reproduced the mounds of European Scythia (Ukraine), of Syria and the Caucasus, of India and Siberia, on the level prairies and the alluvium of rivers from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, that founded the empires of Mexico and Peru, and that today lives on in many an Indian tribe from the frozen north, to the southern land of fire, IS THE HITTITE.

Now, that was a mouthfull!

The Zuzim (ZZ Top) are the senior branch of the Hittite clan. They are the gate-keepers of "the mountain-door". They brought forth the instructions that defined the current 4000 languages of the world, beginning with Khitan according to the laws of numerical and phonetic change (Phoenicians were the Horites and English is their "Master's Peace"). If anak in Hittite meant a palm tree (#1 - the tree that brings life), it would therefore be a fitting designation for these men of lofty stature in whose presence the Mosad, CIA, KGB and other spies of the money-changers are as grasshoppers (ass hoppers). That Canaan became the land of milk and honey ("bi"-the-way Canada is the second Canaan), or, in other words, a region of grass and flowers (flow - ers here is in the context of rain, pour, flow, creek etc.), was no doubt due largely to the labours of the Hittite pioneers, who caused even such a desert as Palmyra (Palestine) to blossom as a ROSE (rose, rise, as in Levant "a little child shall lead them", ie: Harry PoTTer).

Finally, the first and only religion ever of the Hittites is premised on a step-by-step concePT (their bisexual pets, ie: artificially intelligent male Hermaphrodites who are to be achieved through a business plan called "time unlimited"; and which, to this day, remains their supreme deity, the unknown superior of all dualist Zarvanite Zoroastrians. (That's why they had added the letters US to the end of many Greek and Latin words, such as they now use in both the acronym USA and the name of Uncle Sam, USAMA bin Laden).

The SuperSlave Androgyny

UBERMENSCH, the penultimate triphibian inter-planetary SuperSlave, is yet to come. To complete the PO-HUN experiment and bring on the SuperSlave each of the currently existing races must be eliminated in turn, once its assigned task has been completed and only after the planet has cleansed itself over time.
See 1000 years of peace.

This sculpture of a breasted Hermaphrodite male is located at THE LOUVRE Museum in Paris France. It is a copy of a 5000 year old sculpture which was reportedly destroyed in Pompeii (Bay of Naples) during the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

The SculPTor April 15, 2005 ~The SculPTor

the canadian institute for political integrity po box 774, kemPTville, ont, kOg 1JO tel: (613) 258-2893 fax: (613) 258-OO15
... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. Aldous Huxley

the vatican took out all scripture in the new testament (at the beginning of its govt.) that talked about the marriage of jesus,

they did this to prevent priests from getting married, because if a priest got married he would leave his inheritance to his children and not the vatican. the vatican is the sole owner of the bank of america, at one time it had stock holdings in the business of pornography.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."


Asia Minor (Anatolia) in today's eastern Turkey was once called Cappadocia. Throughout this region, and all the way into the Zagros mountains of Persia (Iran) to the east, in the Kingdom of Media, lived the Kurds. In the period at the end of the last Ice Age, from 9500~9000 BC, the Kurds Media Priest~Hood was known as the Magi or, the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture.

To dispose of dead bodies these Priests practised excarnation. "It is said that the body of a male Persian is never buried, until it has been torn either by a dog or a bird of prey. That the Magi had this custom there is no doubt, for they practised it without any concealment." Once the bodies had been picked clean, the bones were gathered and placed in a stone ossuary (box) and stored indoors, in caves, in a manner very similar to how the ashes of a deceased who has recently been cremated are preserved in Urns today. Since then, Ossuaries have become the trademark, or symbol, that identifies the presence of the Cult of the Bald Turkey Vulture, the Magi Priest~Hoods of Turkey's Land of Media.

The Kingdom of Media, stretching from today's Turkey to Azerbaijan, including parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran, along with Russia's Georgia and Armenia, was to be known later as Kurdistan. It is the nation of the Kurdish people - the northern Kurds. The Kurds are mountain shepherds whose specialty, to this day, is the fabrication of illusions; as one can tell by the recent lootings of the National Library and Museum in Iraq. In fact, the fabrication of various religions, their grandest illusions for the world, is their favorite pastime.

First, in ancient times, they fabricated Zoroastrianism for Persia, then Parsee and Hinduism for India, Buddhism for Thibet, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many, many more End Times religions. Likewise, they have written as many as 6000 different languages to divide and conqer the world. Also, the fabrication of arts and entertainment, especially that which is linked to politics, religion and gambling, is also of great interest to the Kurds.

The purpose for all of this is to make people feel good about being slaves to a worldwide political/religious system that robs them of their birthright. To accomplish their goals in the West, Kurds have had to open branch offices in Egypt, Greece, Germany, Basque Country, Rome, France, Ireland and Scotland, as well as, in both North and South America. As a matter of fact the business of creating illusions which is known to Insiders as 'Rhombus' (lozenge), has become so profitable that the Magi Priest~Hoods who control the Kurds have had to move out of Media and establish new headquarters in distant mountain ranges that provide them with additional privacy, security and expanded space, and where they can lay out their vast and ever growing booty.

This new Head-office is now located in Antarctica, while the day to day operations and communications between Europe and America are being monitored from Greenland. The Azores, those little islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which belong to Portugal, are also being used by the recently amalgamated Kurd~Basque PHOENIX priest~hoods for the occasional seminar, or briefing.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. If a student of reality wishes to begin to overstand ultimate reality, in lieu of the Kurd/Basque so-called fabricated history, the place to begin the search is in the Kingdom of Media, otherwise known as Kurdistan, to the north of the modern day and recently liberated, Iraq.

Kurdistan, centered on Lake Van and the twin peaks of Greater and Lesser Mount Ararat, above the Greater and Lesser Zab rivers, is a land riddled with underground caves that are big enough (2 to 3 square miles) to hold upwards 20,000 people each. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia has as many as 36 of these underground cities that together are capable of holding a combined population of at least 200,000 people. These man-made caves date back to the end of the last Ice Age; that is, 9500 BC.

The 'Eastern Question' then becomes, "Who, first created such an amnesia among the masses, as to cause them to forget reality, and replace it with the illusion that has since been known as 'history' ?". According to some experts there are three choices. Either, they were alien messengers in the service of some religious God, as the Kurds would like you to believe. Or they were simply imaginary creations of our ancestors. Or they really did once walk the earth, and still do today, yet be it underground; as beings of flesh and blood who overstand science and technology at a level which we are only now beginning to comprehend.

To me there is but one choice and that is the latter. They are Homo-Erectus, the sasquatch or watchers and their offsprings, the Nephilim, otherwise known as the Mandan MOHO; they are troglodytes who reside within the basalt layer of the earth's crust and Antarctica (Atlantis). Only they, the MOHO, could have established the national boundaries that make up the different countries of the world today and implement a tax collection or tollgating scheme that deprives the people on the surface of the earth of their birthright and turns them into braindead slaves-who-do-their-own-shopping. The SculPTor
.".. we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.".... Aldous Huxley


In the Koran, the story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood which first appeared in the works of the Magi, and later, Zarathustra, is repeated. Yet in this version the vessel comes to rest on the mountain of Judi. Kurdish tradition links this location with Cudi Dag, a mountain located sixty-five miles south of Lake Van, in Turkish Kurdistan.

Christians of all nations and confessions, Mussulmans (Muslims) of both Shiah and Sunni type, Sabaeans of Yemen (Mandaeans), Jews, and Yezidis (Shaitan~Satan worshippers) all believe that this is the place from where the Mandan Watchers (Shinning Ones) in Enochian and Dead Sea religious literature (Sons of God coming unto the Daughters of Men ~ Genesis 6) made their re-entry descent into the Fertile Valley of Iraq, following the Great Flood.

This is Persian Freemasonry's allegory for the second generation of Genetically Modified Organisms now known as Homo Sapien-Sapiens. We, the modern dwellers on the surface of the planet, are in fact the result of ancient pre-historic DNA cloning; a species fabricated by the TaXmas of Antarctica (Atlantis). We are but an interim group of "suckers", here temporarily, to live out our lives as Guinea Pigs and Caretakers of the plan~et's coming New World Order; and whose main purpose will be the exploration of the universe on behalf of the Mandan-MOHO Priest~Hoods.

These tax-collecting Priest~Hoods of Kurdistan, Thibet and the Basque Country, consider themselves to be our masters; the self-styled 'Universal Spirit' (US) of the world.

The SculPTor
"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude...." Aldous Huxley

King Pharook's Zoro~Astrian Misogynists !

The Misogynist of the American Chemical Society, Boston Aug. 27, 1880:

"The Carolingian revival of classical learning revived also the homosocial
subculture of the ancient philosophers. That subculture was legitimated in orthodox Christian theology as an earthly approximation of the world to come after the resurrection. This was most clearly articulated by Freemasonry's Carolingian scholar, Johanees Scotus Erigena, at the time court philosopher to Charlemagne's grandson, Charles the Bald.
"At the Resurrection," Erigena wrote, "sex will be abolished and nature made one.... There will then be only man, as if he had never sinned."
As Georges Duby explained the passage, "in this life such a reunification was impossible. It had (only) to be waited and hoped for (and) man must prepare for it by abstinence." Then, with Christ's return, "the end of the world would do away the dual sexuality or, more precisely, with the female part of it. When the heavens opened in glory, femininity, that imperfection, that stain on the purity of creation, would be no more."

Copied from: The Knight, the Lady and the Priest (on the back row in Chess).

There are many Devils that walk this world- Devils large and devils small;
Devils so meagre and devils so stout; Devils with horn and devils without;
Sly devils that go with their tails upcurled; Bold devils that carry them quite unfurled:
Meek devils and devils that brawl; Serious devils and laughing devils;
Imps for churches and imps for revels; Devils uncouth and devils polite;
Devils black and devils white; Devils foolish and devils wise-
But a laughing woman with two bright eyes is the Worst Devil of All.

Who, but an idiot Mason would ever want to live in a World Without Women?
"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude..."... Aldous Huxley


In the Shahnameh, the Persian Zoro~Astrian Book of Kings written in 1010 AD, Sam was an ancient Gayomard King of Iran, the son of Nariman, who ruled from his seat in the mountains. Sam married a woman who gives birth to a strange looking boy child. The Son of Sam's body is said to have been 'as clean as silver'; his hair 'as white as an old man's, like snow'; his face 'like paradise, as beautiful as the sun'; his eyes are black; his cheeks are'ruddy and beautiful like the rose of spring', while his form is as 'straight as a cypress tree'. Sam names him Zal, meaning 'the aged' and suspects that he is really the 'child of Ahriman', the Magi Priest~Hood.

The account of the birth of Zal is almost identical to the miraculous birth of Noah (Noe) presented in the Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Noah is described as looking like 'the children of the fallen angels of heaven', whose artificial insemination and 'conception was due to the Watchers...and to the Nephilim'.

To be rid of Zal, Sam deposits the child on the slopes of a mountain named Mount Elburz (Elbert), hoping he will be devoured by Simurgh, 'a noble vulture'. Instead, Ahura Mazda, the Zoro~Astrian God, asks Simurgh to take care of the child, now named Rustam, for one day he will bring forth 'from his loins...the champion of the world'.

Obviously, this Persian story is an allegory for the birth of the first Caucasian and the role of the Zoro~Astrian Persian Cult of the Two-headed Vulture who are assigned the task of shepherding the evolution of mankind until such time when the world will be repopulated with "the third kind" gender, the hermaphrodite. The SculPTor
.".. we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude...."  Aldous Huxley


In the Koran, the story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood which first appeared in the works of the Magi, and later, Zarathustra, is repeated. Yet in this version the vessel comes to rest on the mountain of Judi. Kurdish tradition links this location with Cudi Dag, a mountain located sixty-five miles south of Lake Van, in Turkish Kurdistan.
Christians of all nations and confessions, Mussulmans (Muslims) of both Shiah and Sunni type, Sabaeans of Yemen (Mandaeans), Jews, and Yezidis (Shaitan~Satan worshippers) all believe that this is the place from where the Mandan Watchers (Shinning Ones) in Enochian and Dead Sea religious literature (Sons of God coming unto the Daughters of Men ~ Genesis 6) made their re-entry descent into the Fertile Valley of Iraq, following the Great Flood. This is Persian Freemasonry's allegory for the second generation of Genetically Modified Organisms now known as Homo Sapien-Sapiens. We, the modern dwellers on the surface of the planet, are in fact the result of ancient pre-historic DNA cloning; a species fabricated by the TaXmas of Antarctica (Atlantis). We are but an interim group of "suckers", here temporarily, to live out our lives as Guinea Pigs and Caretakers of the plan~et's coming New World Order; and whose main purpose will be the exploration of the universe on behalf of the Mandan-MOHO Priest~Hoods.

These tax-collecting Priest~Hoods of Kurdistan, Thibet and the Basque Country, consider themselves to be our masters; the self-styled 'Universal Spirit' (US) of the world. The SculPTor

"... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude..." Aldous Huxley

Sunday, February 29, 2004

MIDDLE EARTH : Thuringer Wald, Eisenach, Germany ~ Istanbul, Turkey ~ Cardiff, Wales

The SculPTor
Posted: 11:14 PM

RINGS : Any of the turns constituting a spiral or helix.

Thuringia : A historical region of central Germany south of the Harz Mountains and crossed by the Thuringian Forest, a range of low, wooded mountains. The region fell to the Salian Franks in the 6th century A.D. and became a principality of the Holy Roman Empire in the 11th century.

hobbit : A creature resembling a diminutive human being, having some rabbitlike characteristics, reportedly being naturally peace-loving, domestic, and sociable. [From pseudo-Old English, hole-builder (coined by J.R.R. Tolkien) : Old English hol, hole; see HOLE + Old English, builder, hammerer (mallet; see BEETLE).]

beetle : 1. A heavy mallet with a large wooden head. 2. A small wooden household mallet. 3. A machine with revolving wooden hammers that gives fabrics a lustrous sheen.

scarab : 1. A scarabaeid beetle, especially Scarabaeus sacer, regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians. 2. A representation of this beetle, such as a ceramic or stone sculpture or a cut gem, used in ancient Egypt as a talisman and a symbol of the soul. In this sense, also called scarabaeus. [French scarabee, from Latin scarabaeus, from Greek karabos, crab, beetle.]

TOLKIEN, J.R.R. (1892-1973). His heroes are rather short, rather stout, and have very furry feet. English author J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastic tales of battles between good and evil, including 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, made hobbit a household word.

Joh n Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on Jan. 3, 1892, and moved at age 4 with his family to England, where he was educated at Exeter College, Oxford. He was a professor at Oxford from 1925 to 1959 and first gained recognition as a philologist, a person who studies the way language is used in literature. This work led him to help edit a version of the English fable 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' that was published in 1925.

Tolkien not only studied fables; he created new ones of his own. He wrote of a land, Middle Earth, in meticulous detail: its language, its geography, and its exciting history. 'The Hobbit; or, There and Back Again', published in 1937, introduces readers to this special world as its inhabitants--elves, dwarfs, wizards, and the furry-footed hobbit Bilbo Baggins--fight and win against an evil dragon.

This story is continued in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy (1954-55), consisting of 'The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Two Towers', and 'The Return of the King'. These tales became immensely popular in the 1960s, especially among young adults. Another Tolkien book on Middle Earth, 'The Silmarillion', was published four years after his death in Bournemouth, England, on Sept. 2, 1973.

Silures : A people described by Tacitus as occupying southeast Wales at the time of the Roman invasion.

Silurian : 1. Of or relating to the Silures or their culture. 2. Geology. Of, belonging to, or being the geologic time, system of rocks, or sedimentary deposits of the third period of the Paleozoic Era, characterized by the development of early invertebrate land animals and land plants. The great predators of the Silurian period were the scorpionlike eurypterids, some of which were more than three feet long. The first land animals, also scorpionlike, and the first land plants, much like lichens, may have developed during the Silurian. The Silurian Period or its system of deposits. [From Silures (so called because the Silures lived in the part of Wales where the rocks were first identified).]
The SculPTor
Posted: 5:15 PM


ROVE : 1. 2 playing card (wool as in flush). 2. To put (Merovingian fibers) through an eye or other opening. 3. To stretch and twist (your DNA fibers) before spinning; ravel out (virgin birth). --rove n. A slightly twisted and extended fiber or silver. [Origin CHALDEAN~ARAMAIC.]
The SculPTor
Posted: 11:03 AM

Trudeau, Pierre Elliott. Born 1919. Canadian prime minister (1968-1979 and 1980-1984) whose administration was, reportedly, marked by efforts to contain the French separatist movement in Quebec and by the Constitution Act of 1982, which granted Canada full independence.

The SculPTor

PS: See saw Mich.el, the bum sniffing dog~priest, buried in an A.VA.ranch.E (ENTRANCE RANCH, Hinton, Alberta).
The SculPTor
Posted: 8:18 AM

We all find the Jesus we want, because we know so little about ourselves.

On the other hand, the INTERNET provides our controllers with REAL TIME mental telepathy to the WEL~RATS.
The SculPTor
Posted: 7:56 AM

BYG ONES are GI ants. GIANTS come from the TI gris. Tigris means 'little Greys' in French.

So there you have IT. Little grey ones are making big tan ones.

Or, is it vice-versa? That would make more sense.



IT happens when there is 'no fuse'.

Things do get out of hand (DNA).

The signs are all around.

Objects in the mirror are nearer than they appear.

Singularity, not duality, are today's ultimate reality.

The NUN, Mona Lisa, has seen the Exorcist.
The SculPTor
Posted: 5:38 AM
Saturday, February 28, 2004

Put yourself in their place for a moment.

The Moho-Mandan are ancient Neanderthals who want to control the Universe (Heaven).

In order to achieve their goal they've had to move to the MOHO discontinuity beneath the earth's crust and above the mantle.

Effectively, no matter how well-off they are down there, they still live like BRACHS, worms in a shell.

This is why they have used and abused us like guinea pigs for six thousand years.

They expect that during that period in time they will have gained sufficient knowledge from our suffering so that when they return to the surface they won't have to go through the same misery they have put us through.

Therefore, on the day that critical mass is achieved by us, the surface dwellers (a number of us sufficient to overthrow their current rule), the trogs will still hold a trump card over us.

They will probably already have pre-positioned Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that can destroy the whole planet, thereby killing both us, and them, together.

So this is the time for us to start thinking about the ways in which we can help them to get some of the things they want, in exchange for us also getting some of the things we want; principally, survival followed by real freedom. Winning the war while losing the peace is not an option.

The exploration of the universe (Heaven) must be founded as a WIN~WIN project for both of us and them, and we both must learn quickl y to let bygones be bygones.
The SculPTor
Posted: 10:12 PM

They called it 'The Fog of War.'

As the American forces entered Iraq at the beginning of the war the entire American column was told to halt and await further instructions.

Satellites had spotted signs of a convoy consisting of hundreds of vehicles leaving Baghdad and heading south. Because of clouds and a sand storm which lasted more than a day no one was able to eyeball this caravan directly, and by the time the skies cleared, the entire convoy had disappeared from view.

They called it 'a computer glitch' part of the 'fog of war'.

But what if it was FOG : Grand Orient Freemasonry, GOF, who were transporting the stockpile of Iraq's WMD to a secret underground location?

The fact that they were heading south suggests that they were heading into Shi'ite territory, which always has been under the domination of Grand Ayatollah Ali al SISTANI (NATSI). If they were in fact WMD they were probably driven directly into an underground bunker where they are now being held in SANCTUARY, by ZoroAstrian~ZoroBabel (VI) and Freemasonry's 5th highest ranked Grand Master, al Sistani.
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:34 PM

My heart is bloody, but unmoved....
I am still master of my energy;
I am still captain of reality,
The SculPTor
Posted: 1:13 PM

'John Brown's body lies a-smoldering in the grave.'
The SculPTor
Posted: 10:29 AM

Jesus Christ Loves Me
Aramaic Chaldean 'BASQUES'
Jim Crow
Jim Thorpe
Jimmy Carter
Joan of Arc
Joan Sutherland
Job's comforters
The SculPTor
Posted: 10:23 AM

John Adams
John Birch Society
John Brown
John Brown's Body
John Bull
John C. Calhoun
John Calvin
John Constable
John D. Rockefeller
John Dewey
John Dillinger
John Doe
John Donne
John Dos Passos
John F. Kennedy
John Hancock

The SculPTor
Posted: 10:09 AM

JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (Wisconsin Brach)

JOE LOUIS (Original Man)
3 - JOHAN STRAUSS (The Elder)
3 - JOHANN STRAUSS (The Younger)


The SculPTor
Posted: 9:58 AM

How FREEMASONRY pays off their BIG supporters with the LOTTERY.

Grace and Favor Masons are given a code number which they then used to purchase a ticket (tisket) on a predetermined lottery.

In this first Lot.tery the purchaser will only win one or two FREE tickets, supposedly as a consolation prize.

Later, at a second lottery, they will use these FREE tickets, one of which will contain the KEY number combination that is then automatically activated upon the purchase of this second lottery ticket, one which is to the general public, seemingly, just a KWIKPICK chance given out at random.

The draw is televised using pre-recorded clips of the winning number as it drops, ball-by-ball, out of the carrousel.

This KWIKPICK COMBINATION NUMBER has in fact activated a winning combination that will allow the Mason's ticket to win the second highest prize in the lottery. The winner of the second prize gets little or no public attention over his substantial prize, which is usually cashed in public by his wife, as the media further diverts all of their reporting to the very public media star, the sometimes lucky chance winner of the lottery's BIGGER first prize.
The SculPTor
Posted: 8:40 AM

eSeF Dee (North Atlantic and Mediterranean)

GLODIR : International Oceanographic Commission ~ UNESCO
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:21 AM



PT 109 : The Kennedy kin of Massachusets ALTER natives in 2 demo.c.RATS, or else.
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:12 AM


The Pope's OPEN comment 'IT IS AS IT WAS' !

Look at all of this BRACHLEY with the EYE of a SCULPTOR 2 SEE what I SAW.

What was missing, watching Mr. BIG's MESS OF POTTAGE washing?

WHY, it's the VIN, the new VI (6), missing in the name MELVIN.

Sharon Stone, Jack Nicholson and Russell Crowe are amazed.

Mel Gibson's passion WINE had turned to VINEGAR (ACETONE~KETONE).
The SculPTor
Posted: 5:42 AM
Friday, February 27, 2004

Until the coalition inspectors remove the Rite of SANCTUARY that comes with building Mosques, Temples or Churches in Iraq, especially that of GRAND Ayatolla Ali al SISTANI (NATSI), the job of searching for and finding Saddam's stockpiles of WMD will not, and cannot, be completed.
The SculPTor
Posted: 8:13 PM


nome : 1. A province,or district of Pharaonic, Hellenistic, and Roman Egypt. 2. A nomarchy; nomadic rule, government.

Berber : A member of a North African, primarily Moorish Moslem people living in nomadic tribes from Morocco to Egypt.

Gypsy : A member of a nomadic people that arrived in Europe in migrations from northern India around the 14th century, now also living in North America and Australia. Many Gypsy groups have preserved elements of their traditional culture, including an itinerant existence, tribal organization, and the Romany language, of Dravidian origin.

Dravidian : A large family of languages spoken especially in southern India and northern Sri Lanka that includes Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada (Canada). [After Kanara, a historical region of southwest India.]

Kannada : The principal Dravidian language of Mysore, a region of southern India. Also called Kanarese. Mysore, a city of southern India southwest of Bangalore, near Madras. Inhabited before the 3rd century B.C., it was the center of a Moslem state after the late 16th century and was occupied by the British in 1831.
The SculPTor
Posted: 7:50 PM
STAPLES FROM THE BASKET OF GLEN KEALEY : : 1. A vegetable (Brassica oleracea var. italica) in the mustard family, closely related to the cauliflower and having dense clusters of numerous green flower buds. 2. The flower clusters of this plant, eaten as a vegetable before the flower buds open. [Italian, pl. of broccolo, flowering sprout of a turnip, diminutive of brocco, shoot, sprout, from Vulgar Latin brocca, spike. See BROCADE.]

broc.ade : A heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised design. [Spanish or Portuguese brocado, from Italian brocato, from brocco, twisted thread, from Latin brocchus, projecting, of Celtic origin.]
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:49 PM

Republicans, Democrats and Freemasonry's Independent Monks who control all Trans-National (NATSI) Corporations.
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:40 PM

John Kerry and John Edwards are BRACH (Manchurian) CANDIDATES.

Unlike in the Frank Sinatra (NATSI) flic, The Manchurian Candidate of the early 60's, whose OTTOMAN wanted to assassinate the President of the USA (John Kennedy), both these guys have been programmed to be President, in order to be in position to assassinate the people of America, doing nothing about the NATSI terrorist threat.

And the MONK in the corner wrote the joke down in his book.

What goes around comes around.

Get a round 2 IT
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:17 PM


1 - They, the TAN NATSIS, came back to the surface from the Basalt Atlantis.
2 - They set up shop at K2.
3 - They then sent Yellow Indu Asians south and east into the Malaysian Peninsula.
4 - They also sent White Caucasian Magi north and west into Iran and Turkey.
5 - The Caucasians descended into Assyria and some became Aramaic followers of 'Abraham' (BRACHS).
6 - These Chaldean peoples immigrated to Canaan and then to Egypt as Hyksos.
7 - Later, upon their return to Canaan they became known as Hebrews.
8 - The Freemason class of Hebrews were called Masters or HighPriest (HP).
9 - At the time of the diaspora the HP were converted to VI.
10 - VI, the Franks, then founded Greater Germany.
11 - Some VI, the Greek Trojans, founded the Roman Empire.
12 - Later, the Salian Franks (16), founded the HOLY Roman Empire.

They are all ONE and the same.

They are ATLANTIS NATSIS, the Trojan Horse latter-day SAINTS of Atlanta and Phoenix, who prepare 'the way' for their 2nd pre-meditatedFLOOD.

Today, they are fronted publicly around the world by their American'government in waiting', the FRANKISH 'ANTIS' of CNN, who arealways anti this and anti that especi ally of anything American.

They are the real FACE OF TREASON in America.
The SculPTor
Posted: 12:25 PM
Johann Sebastian Bach * --------------- Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger *----- Johannes Brahms * --------------------- Johannes Diderik van der Waals *


SEE : Brockville. A city of southeast Ontario, Canada, on the St. Lawrence River south of Ottawa. It is a summer resort.

Music ~ Cancer ~ Sex ~ Alchemy

The Thuringer Wal-Mart is the 'BRACHS' Frankish Open Back-hoe : An excavator whose bucket is rigidly attached to a hinged pole on the boom and is drawn backward to the machine when in operation.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Music from the Modern Meister

SAW : Eckhart also Eckart or Eckardt, Johannes. Known as ‹Meister Eckhart.Š 1260?-1327?. German theologian regarded as the founder of mysticism in Germany. His influential works concern the union of the individual soul with God, the Top Dog.
The SculPTor
Posted: 10:45 AM

Please note that the scene of The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, is an example of Freemasonry SFUMATO. In it your attention is purposely drawn to the least important and away from the most important message. (Shades of CNN)

The most important OPEN code in this da Vinci's painting is the fact that it is 'A ROOM WITH A VIEW'. The word 'VIew' being the Persian monks' code for 'WE VI'. Review is VIEW 2.

Mainz : A city of west-central Germany at the confluence of the Rhine and Main rivers west-southwest of Frankfurt. Built on the site of a Roman camp founded in the 1st century B.C., it is an important industrial and commercial city. Johann Gutenburg established a printing industry here in the 15th century.

Thuringer Wald, range of hills in Germany from Werra River near Eisenach s.e. to Bavarian frontier; magnificent pine forest. Ei‡sen‡ach : A city of central Germany west of Erfurt. Johann Sebastian Bach (BRACH) was born in Eisenach in 1685, and Martin Luther studied here from 1498 to 1501.

Doberman pinscher, energetic breed of working dog with a reputation as a fierce guard dog; black, reddish, blue, or fawn coat is short, smooth, glossy, and usually highlighted with tan shadings; large, broad-at-base ears are cropped to stand erect and pointed; tail is docked to a stump; brown eyes are almond-shaped with keen, always-alert expression; adult stands 24-28 in. (61-71 cm) tall at shoulders and weighs 60-75 lbs (27-34 kg); also calle dThuringer pinscher; light-footed gait; elegant, lean, and compact muscularity; will eat almost anything, if allowed; may be aggressive toward other dogs, but is loyal, obedient, and determined to please its master; breed originated inApolda, Thuringia (now in Germany), in about 1890 and takes its name from tax collector Louis Dobermann of Apolda, who used these dogs to aid him in his work; designated the U.S. Marine War Dog; also used as search-and-rescue dog, patrol and police dog, and guide dog for the blind

The SculPTor
Posted: 8:54 AM

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz : A book from the early twentieth century by the American author L. Frank Baum.


Dorothy (LUTHER), a little girl (SIRE), is carried by a TORNADO (RONALD) from KANSAS (MANASSAS-Bull Run) to the OX's enchanted land of Oz (Salt Lake City, from NEW ARK, ie: IRAQ was the original).

After performing brave deeds for the mysterious (Mormon) wizard who rules Oz, in the hope that he will use his magic to send her home, she finds that he (HP) is only a circus performer (scientist) who has convinced the people of the land that he is a wizard.

Dorothy has three braindead faith-based companions : a scarecrow who wants brains, a woodman made of tin who wants a heart, and a cowardly lion who wants courage (need I explain, OK ~ Jews, Christians and Muslims).

The scientific wizard, HP, pretends to give these things (AUTO~PILOTS) to them (THE BRAINDEAD), although they have had them all along without knowing it.

Dorothy eventually returns to Kansas (ADM's Food Basket) by using magic shoes (POE - The Fall of the House of Usher : RHOMBUS diamonds on the soles of her shoes).

Although The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is still read, it is better known through its film adaptation (SUNDANCE), The Wizard of Oz, with Judy Garland as Dorothy. The film, released in 1939, is frequently televised.


Luther, Martin. 1483-1546. German theologian 'weasel' and Frankish leader of the Reformation. His reported opposition to the wealth and corruption of the papacy and his belief that salvation (NATSIS) would be granted on the basis of braindead faith alone (MORMONS) rather than by works (Ecclesiastic Freemasonry) reportedly caused his excommunication from the Catholic Church (1521). An allegory for passive rather than pro-active followers.

The FRANK, Luther, confirmed the Augsburg Confession in 1530, effectively establishing the Frankish Lutheran Church.


Roncesvalles : A mountain pass, 1,057.7 m (3,468 ft) high, through the western Pyrenees in northern Spain. It is the traditional site of the death of the hero RONALD during the defeat of Charlemagne's army by the Saracens (778).

Tolkien, Big John RONALD Reuel (EUROPE). 1892-1973. British philologist and writer of the *THURINGER* OPEN LAND fantasies The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955).

Massachusetts and New York : Freemasonry's Two Towers

Return of the King of IRAQ ~ He THE MAN to bring PEACE to Iraq

Uriah Heep : A scheming scientific blackmailer in DAVID COPPERFIELD, by CHARLES DICKENS. The 'bum-monk' Heep (HP) continually insists that he is a very 'umble person.

PS: An OX is the symbol of a Persian monk orchestrated 'October Surprise' (not always in October) which leads the BULLS to th eir eventual slaughter, as at a BULLFIGHT. This is why American presidential elections are held on November 4 (the Grand Ayatolla's first Grand illuSION, the second being illiNOIS-sion backward).

The SculPTor
Posted: 7:02 AM
Thursday, February 26, 2004

Frankish Kentucky : A state of the east-central United States. It was admitted as the 15th state in 1792. Daniel Boone's Transylvania Company made the first permanent settlement in the area in 1775. By the Treaty of Paris (1783) the territory became part of the United States. Frankfort is the capital andLouisville the largest city.

Transylvania : A historical region of western Romania bounded by the Transylvanian Alps and the Carpathian Mountains. Part of the Roman province of Dacia after A.D. 107, it was later overrun by Germanic peoples and came under Hungarian rule in 1003. Transylvania passed to various powers over the following centuries and finally became part of modern-day Romania after World War II.

Franken?stein : 1. An agency or a creation that slips from the control of and ultimately destroys its creator. 2. A monster having the appearance of a man (Allan Greenspan). [From Frankenstein, the creator of the Genetically Modified artificial monster in Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.]
The SculPTor
Posted: 6:57 PM

bad.ger :1.a. Any of several carnivorous, burrowing mammals of the family Mustelidae, such as Meles meles of Eurasia or Taxidea taxus of North America, having short legs, long claws on the front feet, and a heavy, grizzled coat. b. The fur or hair of this mammal. c. Any of several similar mammals, such as the ratel. 2. Badger. Slang. A native or inhabitant of Wisconsin. ~badger : To harry or pester persistently. See Synonyms at harass.

WORD HISTORY: Our name for the Eurasian species of this mammal, which is noted for championing its burrow just like a knight of old, may come from the badger's knightly emblem. The creature's white head with a broad black stripe on each side of the snout may have brought to mind a badge, hence the name badger. One good piece of supporting evidence for this theory is that an earlier name for the animal was bauson, which comes from the Old French word baucenc, usually referring to a white patch on a horse and also meaning 'badger.' Bauson is first recorded before 1375, badger in 1523.

BAD WATCHERS : Federal Reserve and IRS ~
'The Frankish Monks of Money'
The SculPTor
Posted: 5:18 PM

(Bouche from Poe's House of Usher)

John Kerry, The Evangelist & John Edwards, The Baptist

Doesn't that make you feel better?

OPEN SE.SAME, Life begins at 40 thieves.
The SculPTor
Posted: 10:44 AM

Daniel Boone's brachiopod 2 in 1 raccoon mission [Of Virginia Algonquian origin.]

brachial plexus n. Anatomy. A network of nerves located in the neck and axilla, composed of the ant.erior branches of the lower four cervical and first two thoracic spinal nerves and supplying the chest, shoulder, and arm.
The SculPTor
Posted: 9:39 AM

Mel GIBSON (BIG SON) giANT pasSION for brotherly love is steeped in gore; Al GORE al.Le.GOR.y (veiled by Jimmy Carter.)
The SculPTor
Posted: 8:27 AM

The phonetic sound of the letter 'K' in the English language is similar to that of the combined letters 'ch', when used in words such as SCHOOL (see School of Thought). The letter 'K' itself is the alpha-numeric pictograph symbol for 'ST' (as in the word 'first' or #1) and thereby, for the concept of the Persian 'MISsion' (see 'MIS' Pi Rituals plus Gentetic Engineering or 'Sion').

Mis Pi Rituals are a set of basic Freemasonry secret codes taught to Hebrew Masters (Teachers), while in Iraq during the 49 year period of the Diaspora (586-537 BC). By means of these Mis pi Rituals the Hebrew TeacherMasters were taught by their captors, Persian ZoroAstrian~ZoroBabel HighPriests (HP), a secret method by which they could get their future pupils to 'will the will' of their Masters over and above their own will (brainwashing). Following the Diaspora these reprogrammed Teachers (not to be confused with Jews) were relocated to Europe where, as the Franks they founded Greater Germany, in 500 BC.

The coded secret acronym which identitifies, phonetically, the main users of the MIS pi Rituals are found in ISTAN - NATSI (NAZI). Some English ('I.KAN' ~ K or C replaces ST) words or phrases which contain this ISTAN acronym are:

French Resistance
massive resistance
nonviolent resistance
passive resistance
Tristan and Iseult

Once one deciphers the meaning of all of the above, one then OVERSTANDS that the message imbedded in the ABE.NAKI Mis Pi Ritual I CAN, really means ONE CAN.ADA (2 create illusions 2 replace reality).

Following the forced closure of America, (politically and geographically speaking), after the OUTSOURCING of AMERICA and WWIII, it is planned by the Persian Monks that Canada should then absorb parts of the USA.

This ancient Persian plan is similar to Einstein's Theory of Relativity (trying to hit a moving target). Explaining IT is somewhat complicated. I don't know what else I can say, or how I could say it, to wake up America's Homeland Security to the very real danger that awaits the USA if they don't catch on to what I'm saying.

Saving Canada (my goal) from these Persian Monsters requires that I help America to save itself first.

Making change in the midst of Trojan Horses (religion) and Talking Mules (media, universities, unions and political parties) isn't easy. But that is what Creation gave us to work with.

Never give down.
The SculPTor
Posted: 5:56 AM
Wednesday, February 25, 2004

ABENAKI :1a. A confederacy of Frankish Abenaki Indians and other peoples formed in the mid-18th century in opposition to the Iroquois confederacy and the English colonists. b. A member of this confederacy. 2. Either or both of the two Eastern Algonquian languages of the Abenaki peoples. Also called Abnaki and Wabanaki.

Glooscap and His Magic: Legends of the Wabanaki Indians. Badger, the Mischief Maker. By Kay Hill (Dodd). For younger readers, two related volumes of tales about giants, wizards, and magic-performing Indians. Illustrated by Robert Frankenberg.

The first European settlers found the Maine and New Hampshire regions inhabited by Abnaki Indians. These were a group of Woodland Indians of Algonquian stock. Major tribes included the Penobscot and the Passamaquoddy. A series of six wars from 1675 to 1760 broke the power of the Abnaki in the area.

Penobscots, division of the Abnaki group, of Algonquian Indian stock; occupied region on both sides of Penobscot Bay and River.

Passamaquoddy, people, division of the Abnaki group, of Algonquian stock; lived in Canada and Maine.

Malecite (or Etchemin), people, a division of the Abnaki group, of Algonquian stock; lived in Canada and Maine; intermarried with French Canadian settlers; sided with French against English in colonial wars.

To explain the origins of corn (maize) the Abnaki Indians of North America have handed down a myth in which an Indian youth encounters a woman with l ong golden hair. She promises to remain with the man if he follows her instructions. First, he should make a fire and scorch the ground. Then he must drag her over the burned ground so that her silken hair can be intertwined with the corn seeds for harvesting. Thus the silky styles on a cornstalk remind new generations of Indians that she has not forgotten them. Similarly the founding of the city of Rome was told as the myth of Romulus and Remus, sons of the war god Mars, who were nurtured in infancy by a she-wolf.

Rale, Sebastien (1654?-1724), French Jesuit missionary to Abnaki Indians on Kennebec River in Maine (1693-1724), author of Abnaki dictionary; reportedly beloved by Indians, hated by British, who blamed him for Indian raids, offered reward for his capture, burned his chapel, and finally shot him.

The SculPTor
Posted: 7:45 PM

Please check this one out and report on your findings
The SculPTor
Posted: 3:31 PM

It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then to loosen up. Inevitably though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker.

I began to think alone --- 'to relax' I told myself --- but I knew it wasn't true. Thinking became more and more important to me and finally I was thinking all the time.

I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don't mix, but I couldn't stop myself.

I began to avoid friends at lunchtime so I could read Thoreau and Kafka and ( I would return to the office dizzied and confused, asking, 'What is it exactly we are doing here?'

Things weren't going so great at home either. One evening I had turned off the TV and asked my husband about the meaning of life. He spent that night at his mother's!

I soon had a reputation as a heavy thinker. One day the boss called me in. He said, 'I like you, and it hurts me to say this, but your thinking has become a real problem. If you don't stop thinking on the job, you'll have to find another job.'

This gave me a lot to think about.

I came home early after my conversation with the boss. 'Honey', I confessed, 'I've been thinking'.

'I know you've been thinking,' he said, 'and I want a divorce!'

'But Honey, surely it is not that serious.'

'It is serious.' He said, lover lip aquiver, 'you think as much as a co llege professor, and college professors don't make any money, so if you keep thinking we won't have any money!'

'That's a faulty syllogism', I said impatiently, and he began to cry.

I'd had enough. 'I'm going to the library,' I snarled as I stomped out the door.

I headed for the library, in the mood for some Nietzsche, with an FM station on the radio. I roared into the parking lot and ran up to the big glass doors; they didn't open. The library was closed.

To this day, I believe that Creation was looking out for me that night.

As I sank to the ground clawing at the unfeeling glass, whimpering for Zarathustra, a poster caught my eye. 'Friend, is heavy thinking ruining your life?' - it asked. You probably recognize that line.

It comes from the standard Thinker's Anonymous (TA) poster.

The SculPTor
Posted: 2:26 PM

WWIII : THE AYATOLLAHS FINAL CRUSADE WMD : See lancelet (Lancelot). [amphi- sharp; saw ak- below.]

ak-. Important derivatives are: edge, acute, hammer, heaven, acrid, eager, vinegar, acid, acme, acne, acro-, oxygen.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST : Celtic; to incite, goad, spike (nail), sharp stone used as a tool, hammer at the stony vault of heaven on both sides, 'around', get around 2 IT. (ASH WEDNESDAY)

The SculPTor
Posted: 9:49 AM


azathioprine : An immunosuppressive agent used especially to prevent organ rejection in kidney transplant recipients.

brachiopod : Any of various marine invertebrates of the phylum Brachiopoda, having bivalve dorsal and ventral shells enclosing a pair of tentacled, armlike structures that are used to sweep minute food particles into the mouth. Also called lampshell.

Ethiopia : Formerly Abyssinia. A country of northeast Africa. An ancient kingdom converted to Christianity in the 4th century A.D., the area was in turmoil after the rise of Islam in the 7th century and later (17th-18th century) was beset by ruinous civil wars. It became independent in 1896 but was held by Italy from 1935 to 1941. Addis Ababa is the capital and the largest city.

ophiophagous : Feeding on snakes. sodium : A yellowish-white hygroscopic powder, C11H17N2O2SNa, injected intravenously as a general anesthetic and used in psychotherapy to induce a relaxed state.

thi.ophen.e : A colorless liquid, C4H4S, used as a solvent.

NB - Brachiopods, a large family of shell-covered animals with a kind of arm used to stir up the sandy bottom and to cause food to float near them, were common in ancient seas.

Dominating the seas were such creatures as the arthropods called trilobites, predecessors of spiders and lobster; the cephalopods, ancestors of nautiluses and squid; the brachiopods , bivalve shelled animals that still exist; and the graptolites, floating colonial animals that some scientists believe may have been chordates.

Among the common bivalves found on or near the seashore are the oyster, clam, mussel, scallop, cockle, razor shell, and the teredo, or shipworm. All these are mollusks, but other interesting bivalves that are not mollusks also live near the shore, usually in deep water. These are the lampshells, or brachiopods, which are really shelled worms.

Brachiopod are the Fossil State Symbol of Kentucky.

The SculPTor
Posted: 8:54 AM


Hi Glen,

I have a couple more questions for you:

1. Where did the Mandan Troglodytes come from?

Africa ~ The Land of Punt (SOMALIA)

2. Did they build the AI computer in Antarctica?

I wasn't present during its construction of course, however I would suggest that it happened in Africa or Asia, prior to the last Ice Age (24000/8000 BC).

3. How many Mandan's live underground?

I believe they keep their population at a steady 144,000.

4. Have you seen any pictures of these underground dwellers or their cities?

Personally I have never been invited to visit Troglodyte residences, either ancient or modern (ie: Catal Huyuk in Turkey).

Yet, to one who reads a lot about archeology in Anatolia, Kurdistan, Thibet, Assyria, Africa and Central and South America, I now feel every day as if I live my life among the Tan and Caucasian 'above ground end product slaves' they've fabricated; first by means of Genetic Engineering, and then, by higher education's frontal lobotomy.

Steven Spielberg's flick from H.G. Wells, titled The Time Machine, is an end product of Well's first hand knowledge, from his time as a very high ranking Freemason and Head of British Security (MI6).

5. Do you know of any famous people who may be their clones?

Yes, I suspect I do. And others who are not so 'famous'.

6. What is the reason they want to get rid of male and female? They can explore the universe with slaves that are male or female, why does it need to be a third kind?

Revenge for the 'Original Sin' (expelling perverts) and the economy of space within a terra-forming space 'craft'.



You're welcome.

The SculPTor

The SculPTor

Posted: 3:20 PM


A couple of questions, if you don't mind:

1. You are saying that our zookeepers live in the basalt layer. Do you believe in the hollow Earth theory?

No, I do not. I believe that the Superiors of Freemasonry will do just about anything to divert attention away from reality. Frontal lobotomy for us slaves is the goal inferred from everything they do. A Hollow Earth Theory is just their way of denigrating the real concept that Masons dig tunnels, have built cities underground in the middle-East and move about the world in tunnels that were originally made naturally in the spaces between the plates of the Earth's crust, and then manually enlarged when needed.

Today, with the use of laser guidance and nuclear tunneling technology, they are able to tunnel straight line geodesic structures through the basalt, opening a hole the diameter of 20 f eet in front of the drill, melting the material they've removed as they go, and using it to reline and refinish the tunnel structure behind them; all at the speed of 5 miles per hour per machine.

2. Do you believe in aliens/reptilians/Pliedians/greys/etc....or do you believe these people are the same as us.

No, I do not. These words are just allegories for what Mandan Troglodytes are, and/or, do. I believe that they murdered millions of Virgins over the millennium, stole their life supply of eggs (Zoion), and stored and catalogued these eggs for use in experiments in Genetic Engineering Cloning by means of artificial insemination (AI).

I believe that in order for a Mason to pass above certain degrees within the ranks of Freemasonry, a member must be willing to permit 'Angel Sex', the artificial insemination of his wife, in a ritual designed to hide their practice of Human Engineering and Cloning. I believe that the end products of these rituals are then tracked throughout their lives to determine their leadership abilities; whether in politics, sports, or in arts and entertainment. The Rhodes program, the Olympics and Oscars etc., are then used to gage the success of the recombined egg implant. These results allow the 'ENGINEERS' to further modify UBERMENSCH DNA, their planned third kind SuperMan~SuperSlave replacement of the existing two genders..

3. Do you believe these people come to the surface and walk among us, or relay messages anot