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Officials: Jakarta hotel blasts kill 9, wound 50 AP

  • JAKARTA, Indonesia – A pair of powerful explosions at two luxury hotels killed nine and wounded at least 50 people in an upscale Jakarta neighborhood Friday morning, sending debris and glass flying onto the streets.
    Anti-terror forces were at the scenes of both blasts, but did not yet want to speculate about the possibility of an attack by militants.
    "There were bodies on the ground, one of them had no stomach," said a man who lives near the hotels and who arrived at the Marriott before emergency services. "It was terrible."
    Alex Asmasubrata, who was jogging by the hotels, said he first heard a loud explosion at the Marriott. Five minutes later, a bomb followed at the Ritz.
    The blasts were caused by "high explosives," Security Minister Widodo Adi Sucipto told reporters at the scene, without elaborating. He said they exploded two minutes apart.
    He said a New Zealander was among those killed, and that thirteen other foreigners were among the injured.
    Two U.S. officials said one American is believed to have been injured but that has not yet been confirmed. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the situation publicly.
    The police operational chief Arief Wahyunadi said the bombs were planted in the Ritz-Carlton's Air Langga restaurant and the basement of the Marriott, which was attacked in 2003. Twelve people died in that assault, which was blamed on Southeast Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiyah.
    There has been a massive crackdown by anti-terror officials since then, and it has been more than three years since a major terrorist attack in Indonesia.
    The Manchester United football team was scheduled to stay at the Ritz on Saturday and Sunday nights for a friendly match against the Indonesian All Stars, the Indonesian Football association said.
    Because of past attacks, most major hotels in Jakarta take security precautions, such as checking incoming vehicles and requiring visitors to pass through metal detectors. Still, international hotels make attractive targets, since the nature of their business requires them to be relatively open and accessible.
    Associated Press writer Lara Jakes contributed to this report from Chicago

Australian Weekend News Exclusive

Australian Weekend News special London reporter Richard Lake discovers the birth of Flash Cam

Original Australian Weekend News  Buildings in Perth Western Ausralia 1990's

Meet Mr Wijat

 and His Team

Erf the Worm,

Marvin the Marvelous and Al Wijat

Fighting for Truth Justice and the Australian Way

Mr Wijat and his little greenie mate ERF the Worm fighting for Truth Justice and the Australian Way


Has Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards been framed for the Claremont Serial Killings?


The AWN investigators have spoken to a witness who says that the Macro Task Force acting for the Western Australian Police Service and the Western Australian Government have deliberately set up Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards .. as a political stunt to help the Liberal Party win the next Western Australia state elections in March, 2017 and to help the real Claremont Serial Killers escape who are responsible for other murders from ever being expose, prosecuted and tried .... The same witness knows some of the people who were involved in the Claremont Serial Killings and other murders and disappearances of innocent young women in Perth, Western Australia ... The Western Australian Police, the Western Australian Police Commissioner, Karl O'Callaghan, 
the Western Australian Attorney General, Michael Mishin, the Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett, the Western Australian Minister for Police and the Western Australian Government have shown no interest is looking at or knowing about any other evidence regarding the Claremont Serial Killings and other murders and disappearances of innocent young women in Perth, Western Australia ... other that alleged evidence that  is said in the media that is meant to proven beyond reasonable doubt that Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards is the Claremont Serial Killer, and that Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards was able and capable single handed to carry out the abduction and murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon .. with a serious public implication that Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards is also responsible for the abduction of Sarah Spiers ....
No logical straight thinking person could ever believe that Telstra worker Bradley Robert Edwards could have been able to single handed and with contacts with corrupt police and other very powerful people and networks .... to be able to abduct and Ciara Glennon with the heat of the massive Macro Task Force constantly combing the streets of Claremont with undercover operatives and other massive police resources ......
Any logical and thinking person would have to question all this and say that something does not add up here..


 Bradley Robert Edwards (pictured left) was arrested and charged with the murders of two other women who 
 disappeared from Claremont in 1996 and 1997 - Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27

  Western Australian Police Search Kewdale  House of Bradley Robert Edwards


"Devils Garden ....The Darkest Side of Perth"

A new film is being produced called "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth", which will publicly expose Police Corruption in Western Australia ran rife from  the 1950's to 2016 and continuing, with a corrupt section of police being involved in committing crimes, in condoning criminal activity and protecting certain people form being investigated and prosecuted form crimes that they committed... their were people like the late billionaire building magnate, Len Buckeridge who were given the green light to commit what ever crimes they wanted, including murder, assault, rape fraud, robbery etc.. these people were given what they called 
"the Green Light" by Police to commit whatever crimes they wanted without fear of investigation or prosecution ...

There is also a new books coming out this year  "Living Next Door To A Psychopath" and "The Darkest Side of Perth" and a previous book called "Devil's Garden"ISBN: 978174664669 published by Random House in 2007 by  well known Queensland Crime writer Debi Marshall with an in depth investigation into the Claremont Serial Killings and various miscarriages of justice in Western Australia policing and prosecution... and the contraversal series of books  entitled "The Triumph of Truth ( Who Is Watching The Watchers?) written in the 1990's which were illegal and clandestinely removed from the Western Australia Alexander Resource Reference Library in about the year 2000, which the film "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth" takes material from .....
The 1960's American TV Police and Crime Series Called Dragnet used to say at the beginning of each episode ... " These are true stories from Police and FIB files, however the true names have been changed to protect the innocent..."
The film  being produced called "Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth", are is a set of true stories about  police and prosecutors in Perth, Western Australia being involved in committing crimes and covering up for criminal who have committed serious crimes, and deliberately charging people who they know have not committed the crime they have been charged for ..... which  will leave all the true names to expose and shame the guilty ....
One of the producers of the film 
"Devils Garden... The Darkest Side of Perth" say ..... "... there seems no doubt that the Western Australian Police are not going to properly investigate and charge the real Claremont Serial Killers and those that helped carry out these most serious  crimes and covering up those responsible for such serious crimes .... so the film will in effect bring the truth to light so at least the parents, families and friends of the victims and the general public can get to know the truth.... the problem is that a proper police investigation and inquiry would lead investigators too close to their own ranks and powerful business people and politicians who were either involved or know who are involved and are prepared to help cover the truth up..."

Book published by Random House in 2007 by well known Queensland crime writer Debi Marshall called The Devil's Garden

Leonard Walter Bruckeridge, billionaire building magnate, whose BCG companies  were backed with billions from the Chinese Triads and Zionists Business Networks ....

  who had till his death in March 2013 the Green Light by Western Australian Police to commit what ever crimes he wanted without ant fear of proper investigation and/or prosecution ...

 similar to the Green Light that members of the NSW Police gave the criminal Neddy Smith.... please see the ABC Underbelly TV Series for more information on Neddy Smith and NSW Police Officer Roger Rogerson....The Who's Who is business, legal, court, media and political circles at Len Buckeridge's memorial service held at the Cottesloe Civic Centre in Cottesloe March 2014 ... because of the massive financial wealth and prosperity that Len Buckeridge and his BGC Companies crought to Perth and Western Australia with billions of dollars  of Triad and Zionist money laundered through the BGC Companies form around 1980 to the March, 2013 when Len Buckeridge died.... Len Buckeride was given a memorial send off fit for a king .... now one has been interested in all the well published proof of criminal offences committed by Len Buckeridge over the years which he was never prosecuted for because of his power over the Western Australian Police, the Western Australian Politicians, the Western Australian Legal Circles and the Western Australian Prosecution and Courts ..... Len Buckeridge not only built a reputation of being above the law.... but Len Buckeridge became the law ... judge ... jury ... and executioner ....

   2003 picture of Len Buckeridge, right, with workers at the Fremantle Docks in Perth- WA                       

   Len Buckeridge's De-Facto Wife -Tootsie whose real name according to court documents is  Siok Pauy Koh  ...and Len Buckeridge at the Hyatt in 2003

In family Court transcripts Len Buckeridge was accused by raping his sister-in-law  ... and when her brother stated to Len Buckeridge he was going to make a formal police complaint, 

Len Buckeridge threatened to have his legs broken, thus he and his sister were too sacred to bring the matter to the police...

Building workers stated that they witnessed Len Buckeridge hearing complaints about the quality of the BGC concrete on his building sites ... 

then is response Len Buckeridge stated that is anyone wants to formerly complain about the quality of the BGC concrete ... I will have their  and their family's legs broken...

The Rupert Murdoch owned News Corporation Australian Newspaper, the Australian published a public statement made by Len Buckeridge that he wanted to be made public ... which stated..
" .. I have already paid money in advance to Hit Men to have all the main union leaders in Australian murdered if anyone dares to carry out the union threats to have me murdered.... 

so the result of my murder will be the murder of all the main union leasers in Australia ..."
It was well known publicly that Len Buckeridge hated the unions, did not like employing workers who were members of a union and spend hundreds of millions helping the Liberal Government break the Waterside Union and other unions in Australia...

In a court statement under sworn  oath .... Len Buckeridge stated that he had unions threatening his life on a daily basis  ...

Tributes flow for WA business giant Len Buckeridge,

 who died today age 77 after an illness

MARCH 12, 2014


                                       Len Buckeridge's de-facto wife Tootsie (Siok Pauy Koh) and Len Buckeridge at the Hyatt in 2003

Len Buckeridge  publicly stated at a Liberal Party Conference held in Perth Western Australia, which was attended by John Winston Howard, Liberal Party Australian Prime Minister to Mr Howard … “… did your mother let you out for the day…?”. In another public statement which was published in the Western Australian and Australian Newspaper, Len Buckeridge made it  quite publicly clear that he had paid a lot of money up front to professional hit men, to have all of the main union leaders in Australia murdered if any of the threats that Len Buckeridge said he had received from union member members to have Len Buckeridge murdered, were every carried out … as a result of Len Buckeridge contining to use his financial and political power to destroy all the unions unions that building workers belonged to in Western Australia and the Waterside Workers Union that operates Australia wide. It is a criminal offence to pay a hit man to have a person or people murdered, for any reason whatsoever, yet, here was Len Buckeridge openly stating to newspaper journalists in Western Australia and Australia wide that he had prepaid hit men to murder all the union leaders if anyone murdered Len Buckeridge for any reason. So why wasn’t Len Buckeridge charged with some criminal offence relating to this very public statement, which he never denied making when a copy of this statement was published in the Western Australian and Australian newspapers.  In fact Len Buckeridge was extremely pleased that these main stream well read newspaper were put into print Len Buckeridge’s statement, which were more like a promise to have all the main Australian and Western Australian union leaders murdered , rather than a threat that he may have them murdered if they dared to have him murdered. The alleged threats to murder Len Buckeridge allegedly made by people representing union leaders that were upset about Len Buckeridge and is billions is cash money available to him, and his GGC companies making all possible attempts to destroy unions in Western Australia, and the Waterside Worker’s Union Australia wide, were never proven to be real threats as they were never made a public threats.

  Len Buckeridge with Tony Abbott and Premier Colin Barnett at a Liberal Party function at the Hilton Hotel

WA business giant Len Buckeridge, one of the state’s richest men, has died, aged 77, after a long battle with illness.

The Peppermint Grove billionaire businessman died at his home at 8.15am yesterday, his sister Margaret Halcombe said.

Mr Buckeridge, who was worth an estimated $2.56 billion, was the head of construction group BGC (Buckeridge Group of Companies), which has built a number of Perth’s major buildings, the most recent being Perth Arena, now feted as a state-of-the-art concert and sports venue.





Murdoch’s News International admits role in phone-hacking scandal

James Murdoch may face jail 

for News of the World hacking scandal
 British cell phone hacking scandal escalates:?U.K. companies are pulling ads from the News of the World, a British tabloid caught up in scandal after allegations were made that its employees hacked into the cell phone of murdered schoolgirls and the families of London terror victims.

Rebekah Brooks has been accused of arrogance during a NoW staff meeting. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
 Rebekah Brooks was confronted by angry News of the World staff on Friday when she updated them on the decision to close the title and
said that advertisers thought it was a "toxic" brand. Brooks, who has been removed from a new management committee set up to handle the fallout from the phone-hacking affair by the paper's owner, News International, was accused of arrogance by one employee. The unnamed employee said: "You're calling our newspaper toxic. There is an arrogance there that you'd think we'd want to work for you
again." He was applauded as he spoke.  Brooks said: "We know there's no toxicity attached to you guys in the room." She added that everyone at the paper had been betrayed by people they had trusted. The former News of the World editor, who began her career as a trainee on the title, told the paper's 200 staff: "This is not exactly the best time in my life" but claimed the paper had become toxic and said advertisers would not support it.
 Brooks told staff – many of whom had not been able to use the internet or log on to their computers after arriving for work at the company's
London offices – that the title would have faced two years of upheaval had it remained open, given the forthcoming public inquiries into
press standards and the original police investigation into phone hacking. She said staff would be found jobs elsewhere in the organisation if possible.
 Brooks claimed she wanted to remain as chief executive of the company because she was acting as a "lighting conductor" for the paper's
critics in the wake of the phone-hacking affair. She spoke of the "team spirit" displayed when she launched the controversial "Sarah's Law" campaign under her own editorship following the murder of Sarah Payne at the hands of a convicted paedophile.

In one heated exchange, Brooks was asked directly why she hadn't resigned. She replied that staff would understand why she had not done
so in 12 months' time, but added that she understood why people where angry with her.

In an email to all News International staff, Brooks repeated some of what she had told employees in her address in the News of the World
newsroom on the second floor of News International's new offices. The email ended by saying: "The News of the World staff have the toughest
and most important job of all. I know they will produce a final issue that will make us all proud."
She also made clear in the email that News International chairman James Murdoch had instructed the management and standards committee – set up last month to handle the company's response to the hacking scandal – to report directly to two directors at News Corp, its ultimate parent company.
 It also emerged that Scotland Yard had requested that no News of the World journalist be allowed back into the building after this week's
paper is produced on Saturday without being accompanied by security. It is understood that News International resisted that request, but as staff worked on the final edition, they were also scrambling to save contact details stored on computers in the knowledge they would be lost if they failed to do so. After staff were told on Thursday that this Sunday's edition would be its last, the TV sets were turned off and the lights went out at the
News of the World's newsroom on the second floor of News International office block in London . Soon after, executives began to make plans to ensure the paper appears. The Sun's news editor was ordered to cut short his holiday and come into the office this morning to provide cover in case News of the World journalists didn't report for work. The National Union of Journalists has been "inundated" with calls from staff at News International titles asking about membership and rights, despite the fact the company doesn't recognise the NUJ. A News International insider said staff could see the camera crews gathered outside the entrance to the paper's old building across the road in Wapping. He said there had been rumours the paper might not publish for one week only, or carry no advertising, but "nothing like this".

He said that when "[the Sun editor] Dominic [Mohan] came out of his office and addressed everyone [on Thursday afternoon], his voice was cracking as he told us the news, he was completely shell-shocked like he couldn't believe what he'd just been told".  The insider added: "The whole building feels quite funereal really. It has been pretty quiet and after the huge news of yesterday everyone seems to be keeping their heads down. It is a very weird atmosphere. The issue really is what happens and how it will be after Sunday when the last News of the World is run. Everyone wants to know what is going on."
The News of the World's political editor, Ian Kirkby, told Sky News: 
"We are committing to the editor, if nothing else. Colin Myler ... deserves a decent farewell."


ccSimon Jackson <>,
Francis Bacon <>,
"Watson, Heather (HMCS-RCJ, RCJ-Chancery)" <>,
Sophie Ruffles <>,
Tony Nurse-Marsh <>,
Marie-Claire Bleasdale <>,
"William Moffett (Radcliffe Chambers - Chambers)" <>,,,
JKandler <>
Please note the film being made called
Nighmare in Garratt Close
Judge Paul Morgan
Jonathan Barry Kandler
Nathan Tietelbaun.
Bude Nathan Iwanier Attorneys
Marie Clare Bleasdale Barrister
and others
the real  names have kept to expose the guilty
Yours Faithfully
INL News Group





Rupert Murdoch says no free news.
Click here to find out why?
Click here to find out why Rupert Murdoch wants to sue the BBC for losses
Murdoch Papers Open Fire on the BBC
Murdoch Buying UK Election
ABC Slams Murdoch's Attack on the BBC
The World's Most Powerful Men

Yahoo News - 09 July, 2011New editor for James Kleck  writes an editorial statement on

headed ..."  Rebekah your part of the family now.."..... Rupert Murdoch

Crystal Ball.
Should Murdoch get his hands on bskyb then,the name  "Brooksky" 
will come as no surprise to anyone. You only have to look at the photo of Rebekah Brook and Rupert Murdoch to see there's more to it, as the saying goes, A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORD, so i say no more, you decide.
John  Why haven't the police got search warrants for all Murdoch properties and so secured any evidence - are they still on the take ???
NORTH OF THE BORDER 10 hours ago Report Abuse

the red head must have been sleeping with both dad and son, no wonder her hair is that way
  murkydoc haha i like that name.........

 come on brookes straighten up your hair..

  Presumably Rebecca will be arrested and charged - 
 she can hardly claim she didn't know

R. Suppards Did you ask your reporters how they managed to get so many scoops over so many years Rupert or, as I suspect, were you only interested in profit at any price?. Furthermore I have a bet that you won't have the guts to tell us.

CARL ALL of these people are in the same Masonic fraternities, that is why the rich tend to get away with murder (literally in some cases).

Kenny what do you expect from a jew or is he a catholic now. their god is money that is why the more you pay for a seat at the synagogue the closer to the front you get , and remember if you are not jewish you are not welcome at their temple. the reason being that they believe only in the old testament and it says that they are the chosen people. that is why they thing they are better than the gentiles.
anonymous you cant say no to israel because they keep bringing your guilty conscience of the holocaust to bare. nthey use that as a sympathetic weapon then they go on their hunt to make their political gains. Most of the banking and media is owned by the jews and they have even infiltrated various areas of american govt - if it was that easy middle east would have wiped out israel in a heart beat - notice how it is one country surrounded by so many muslim countries - seems rather strange doesnt it. The jewish lobby is there to make sure israel stays and the views of all jews are protected. You can't even hold an opinion against them before they attack you as if what they say is the only correct opinion. They don't practice democracy they practice communist ideology - there is no sense of people - it is just them vs everyone else.
Hair Ball Murdochs find a hole,lie in it and die!!!.Save us,the public,a lot of money on this now pending court case. And that other thing,It who knows nothing,LIAR!!! and you know it.Ashamed to call you family.
V for Vendetta  Arrest him as soon as he lands and make sure he can't do a "clean out" It does seem a touch strange that for something of the nature that has occurred at a newspaper, both, brooks and Coulson have both claimed they had no knowledge of these practices. 
I suppose I can believe Mrs Brooks as there could be two reasonable explanations as to why she is still in gainful employment while the poor unfortunate muck rakers which are still in this venerable titles employ will loose their jobs....The first of these completely believable explanations is Mrs Brooks must have been busy beating up her husband for the 42nd at this time at this point during their deliriously happy marriage.....
Second completely believable explanation as to why Mrs Brooks is still enjoying gainful employment is she Is,,, Or Has,, Or Promised to,,, shagging one or more of the Rupert household.......!!!!!
Including Ms Rupert...!!!
As for Mr Coulson,,, I just really believe he's just a lying git who will do anything to avoid reprecussions of his actions....!!!
As for ,,, the person sitting in ten Downing st,,, saying he was just giving someone a second chance,,,, 
There are tens of thousands of people in this country who have lost their jobs,, trying to keep a roof over their heads,, trying to feed their families,, will be trying to keep their children warm this coming winter with the increacesd in fuel prices.
What would they give "For a second chance...?????"
And what did he do when he offered this clown from the gutter press a position on his staff even though he was definately aware of the allegations against this prat...???
He believed every word he told him.....!!!
Does not appear checked..!!!
Now it appears we will be getting another Sunday toilet tissue in place of the one that will depart this Sunday,,, and no doubt it will be read avidly by people who's entire existence is based around the Xfactor and who are intellectually challenged by Shaun the Sheep and think Jeremy Kyle is the person who will save this contry from certain doom....!!!!!

not another sheep #
One EVIL @#$% paper down in this zionazis empire now we can take down the SCUM aka the sun this evil paper and its evil staff do not deserve to be bought by the decent people of this country for tooo long you have bought this vile filth thinking it was about democracy now you know its all about creating an evil mind set in us the british public to support evil polices of israel. remember it was a zionist who did this to this nation and it fallen soliders its fallen victims of evil and their familes it was a zionist who embodies everything israel is about. david cameron is in the pocket of this zionist and must be thrown out at the next election
You only have to look at the photo of Rebekah Brook and Rupert Murdoch to see there's more to it, as the saying goes, A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORD, so i say no more, you decide.
John Why haven't the police got search warrants for all Murdoch properties and so secured any evidence - are they still on the take ???

I saw it coming One can only hope that murkydoc and brookes will both be detained for questioning in the near future. The fact that an executive is reported to have wiped millions of emails signals the desparation surrounding this disgusting affair. If there was nothing to hide why wipe these files? This may well end up being a farce of knowing full well who's done what, but the available evidence fails to impress the judge and jury.# What a shambles (again). Hopefully the bskyb issue will not go murkydocs way, and that the share price continues to slide. These scumbags only know the financial bottom line, not how to treat workers and public with respect and dignity. They deserve our obsolute contempt.
michael He certainly is here to cover things up. If he meets up with the PM or any other MP then it should be in public and the whole thing recorded There should be no meetings with politicians or police unless those 2 things are guaranteed.
billy will someone jump out and shout BOO at this old criminal, with any luck he will have a stroke. sooner he goes the better. one less criminal in the world is always a good thing

Hugh Rebekah Brooks is teflon coated. It's a common compound associated with a megalomaniac. Of course Murdoch will stick to her, they are both made of the same evil compound. She will still rake in the money from her evil overseer and master.
Mike M  I have never EVER read one Murdoch's papers and now you all know why. That does sound a bit smug, but HAIL to the Guardian for sticking with it and socking it to them. I really hope that BSKYEB falls flat on its face... I have never subscribed to it either. The Murdochs are ceratinly not fit and proper people to run a media empire... the fact that Murdoch funds Fox News speaks for itself... its prurient, zenophobic, rascist, claptrap and untruthfull to boot. If this government allows Murdoch to buy the whole of BSB then all hell will let loos.
Nigel 52 minutes ago Report Abuse Well Brookes the awful slag said herself in that taped meeting, that "In a years time, when it's all come out, everyone here will except this was the right decision". So erm, you know a lot more than your letting on then?! And we all thought Fred Goodwin was a *unt

ROBERT I bet AC & DC meet up with him.Every one of them are corrupt. And when are they going to arrest the bent coppers.

Roma Fri 08 Jul 2011  
Hooray the THREE POWER CRAZY ENORMOUS PIGS are going to tumble! Cameron, Murdock and the Metropolitan police have been rumbled! Good old Prescott the old wolf has helped to blow their power house down! Love from Goldilocks ! I am glad I did not get into their CONCLAVE.They appear to prefer Gingerlocks! I can't bear to read the Times,the Sun and the News OF the World! bI want to go to the LEFT house not the RIGHT house!
LABOURHATER Fri 08 Jul 2011 WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER POWER CRAZY PIGS - MILLIBAND/MILLIBAND & HARMAN! As for Prescott, all he's good for is a bit part in an advert! You need to the NUTHOUSE not the lefthouse!
Crazy H  Rupert Murdoch and his hench men need to be arrested and sent to prison. They took journalism too a sick level. Murdoch and his empire also pressure the UK government to follow a foreign policy drawn up by Israeli think tanks. A Policy that is detrimental to the UK A policy that alienates the UK from other middle eastern countries. Think of the benefit our economy could have if we trade and make good with middle eastern countries; but instead we are forced to make enemies to satisfy the hawks of the Israeli government.. The USA also faces the same problem with Aipac. WE WANT THE ZIONIST ISRAELI LOBBY and media machine TO STOP BLACKMAILING OUR GOVERNMENTS and forcing them to FOLLOW POLICY DRAWN UP MY ISRAEL enforced BY RUPERT MURDOCKS EMPIRE. The politicians fear of they go against there agenda then the press with kill there political career it as simple as that.

Richard Evans, Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch / PA

'Maybe she has dirt on one of the Murdochs'

Our News Editor Richard Evans argues why Rebekah Brooks is just as slippery as a Murdoch. 'Not a lot will change'

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Murdoch: NOTW Closure 'A Collective Decision'

Rupert Murdoch has said the decision to close the News Of The World was "a collective decision", as staff at the Sunday tabloid prepared its last ever edition.

The Sunday tabloid will double its print run to five million in expectation of bumper sales as the 168-year-old newspaper comes to an end.

Mr Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation - the parent company of News International (NI), which publishes the NOTW - made the comments on the final day of a media conference in Idaho.

The 80-year-old is due in London tomorrow on a scheduled visit.

Sky News sources said staff at NOTW were today putting together the tabloid's final edition with "dignity" amid a feeling of "anger and injustice".

On Twitter, the paper's deputy political editor Jamie Lyons wrote: "At my NOTW desk for the last time. Let's go out with a bang".

It is likely editor Colin Myler will lead all his employees out together after the last-ever issue has been put to bed.

Leaving his home this morning, Mr Myler said: "[It's] very sad, but they're a wonderful team of journalists, so they're the people I'm thinking about today."

Later, in a message to staff he said he knew they would "produce a paper to be proud of".

"I could not have been more proud or privileged to have you as my colleagues," he said.

"You have made enormous sacrifices for this company and I want you to know that your brilliant, creative talents have been the real foundation for making the News Of The World the greatest newspaper in the world."

He added: "Let's try to make the most of this incredibly sad but historic day.

"It's not where we want to be and it's not where we deserve to be."

Helen Moss, news and features sub editor at NOTW said emerged from the paper's Wapping site to tell reporters it was "an extremely sad day".

She said: "We're all extremely emotional. But every single one of us working up there today is very proud of working for the News of the World.

"We're very proud of our colleagues, we're very proud of our editor, and we go out with heads held up high.

Earlier, a 63-year-old man - understood be to a private investigator who worked for the tabloid - has been released on bail.

Former NOTW editor Andy Coulson and former royal reporter Clive Goodman were released on Friday night on police bail after being arrested earlier.

Speaking outside his home this morning, Mr Coulson said: "I think this is a very sad day for the News of the World.

"More importantly to the staff who, in my mind, are brilliant, professional people and I really feel for them."

Shares in BSkyB - owner of Sky News - tumbled amid fears over the future of News Corporation's bid for the satellite broadcaster.

By the end of trading on Friday the price of shares had fallen 7.6% to 750p .

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron has come under pressure to name a judge quickly to head the inquiry into phone hacking at the NOTW .

It comes after News International denied reports that police are investigating suspected deletion of emails by an executive.

The Guardian reports Scotland Yard is probing claims that a member of staff deleted "millions of emails" from an internal archive.

Police refused to comment on the allegations but a NI spokeswoman said the assertion was "rubbish". 

"We adopted a documented email retention policy in line with our US parent's records management policy," she said.

"We are co-operating actively with police and have not destroyed evidence."

Meanwhile, NI's chief executive Rebekah Brooks hinted to staff that more revelations were ahead, warning of "another very difficult moment in this company's history".

She met News Of The World employees and defended her decision not to resign, saying she wanted to "fight and get this paper's reputation back".

In a recording of the meeting leaked to Sky News , she appeared to suggest further damaging revelations were ahead and added, "in a year's time every single one of you in this room might come up and say, 'OK, well I see what you saw now'."

After his release from Lewisham police station in southeast London, Mr Coulson said: "There is an awful lot I would like to say, but I can't at this time."

The 43-year-old, former director of communications at Number 10, was released on police bail until October.

Mr Goodman, who was re-arrested by police in connection with alleged police payments, has also been released on bail until October.

The 53-year-old was held after a dawn swoop by officers at his home in Surrey.

Officers conducted a search of his property and his desk at work at the Daily Star Sunday, as well as Mr Coulson's residence.

Mr Goodman was jailed in 2007, along with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, for phone hacking.

Mr Coulson resigned from Downing Street in January this year, saying the drip-drip of claims about hacking under his editorship was making his job impossible.

The reports concerning Mr Cameron's former spin doctor follow Thursday afternoon's news that this Sunday's edition of the best-selling tabloid is to be its last.

The axe fell on the newspaper after a series of increasingly damaging phone hacking allegations left its reputation in tatters.

The bombshell announcement came as advertisers deserted the paper in droves and police revealed 4,000 people may have had their phones hacked.

The BBC claimed the parents of murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman could have been targets while The Guardian reported murder victim Milly Dowler's phone was also accessed illegally.

The NOTW also stands accused of paying thousands of pounds illegally to corrupt police officers.

Cameron said he gave Coulson a "second chance" after he quit the News of the World

Cameron said he gave Coulson a "second chance…

Anger of bewildered staff at News of …

AFP via Yahoo! UK & Ireland 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:21 AM

Murdoch: NOTW Closure 'A Collective Decision'

Murdoch: NOTW Closure 'A Collective …

Sky News via Yahoo! UK &Ireland

avid Cameron stressed that Britain's …

Ex-News of the World royal editor arrested

Ex-News of the World royal editor a …

Reuters via Yahoo! UK & 

demonstrator dressed as Rupert Murdoch …

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a news conference at number 10 Downing Street in London

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks …

"....There are no comments yet...."

File photo of Rebekah Brooks, chief …


You only have to look at the photo of Rebekah Brook and Rupert Murdoch to see there's more to it, as the saying goes, A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORD, so i say no more, you decide.

News of the World to shut: James Murdoch

News of the World to shut: James Mu …

AFP via Yahoo! UK & Ireland 

Murdoch due in Britain to tackle hacking crisis

Murdoch due in Britain to tackle hacking …

AFP via Yahoo! UK & Ireland 

Murdoch Folds News Of The World Over Hacking

Murdoch Folds News Of The World Over …

Sky News via Yahoo! UK & 

Prime Minister David Cameron arrives …

Murduch said "...the allegations were deplorable and unacceptable..."

michael d Fri 08 Jul 2011 The CEO at this stage has not been proven at fault, however there is evidence that things could have been managed so much more sympathetically towards those harmed and hurt by the voicemail listenings and families, staff and the general public. I am disappointed that the NOTW lied to parliament and agree that there should be consequence towards those SM who arranged that confirmation to Government. The statements delievered by Murdoch etc have not really been very sympathetic, but more strategically driven. I did give up reading this paper years ago, and now i know why.
Zadrack Fri 08 Jul 2011
The Face of Evil and Immorality. Hitler had his delusion of the 'Aryan Supremacy'. This man's delusion of 'Power Is In Control of Media' crookedly written all over his contorted face. Most probably from birth. Delusion is a mental disease that leads to the distortion of perceptions of human facets such as Integrity,Morality, Respect of Self and Others,Truth-From-Fiction,The Importance of adherence to The Laws Of The Land. Hence, in the total sum of measuring the standing of a human being in society does not depend on the Amount of Dollars one has in his/her own Bank Account. There is more to the standing of a media mogul than the gazing into a stagnant pool and the enjoyment of his own reflection in it.

Dave Fri 08 Jul 2011 
Spat the dummy and put two fingers up to the rest of us. The maniac is irritated so heads will roll. 200 or more in this case. What else can he do before it's all over. Stop reading his papers is about all us lesser mortals can do.

Sellingarenadotcom Fri 08 Jul 2011
Evil Evil and more Evil is all that is written on the faces of the culprit NOTW and its journalists.and their propagation of immoral media practices. They lost the credibility of human rights and with their powerful owner they have cut right deep into the devils meal. Time to say a nasty GOODBYE to ruper mudoch, his family, his empire and his sorry appologies. BSKYB deal should be cancelled completly for he has not shown he is a fit and proer person.
They have damaged lives in other to sell papers and now they too ARE BETTER OFF DAMAGED.

Murdoch is deplorable and unnacceptable in my opinion. He should be banned from holding a broadcasting licence

SLam 22 hours ago Report Abuse 
 and yet, for all the comments below, Murdoch and his like know that the public memory will last for 3 weeks or until the next major diversion or "once in a lifetime" offer in his panoply of media channels.
He is shrewd enough to know that the average person has got more to worry about than the discovery of his minions' crimes and will seek to soothe their ire with empty offers and "unmissable", "cattle-class" holidays................and the majority will fall for it (again).

So the dance will continue.

R Fri 08 Jul 2011 #
I think that the Murdoch family are too sharp, and their statement about being innocent of being responsible regarding all the skullguggery associated with the phone hacking etc. is nonsence

simon Fri 08 Jul 2011 #
what a shame what happened to collective responsibility and moral?

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