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Corrupt Chair Of Friends Of Israel W.A - Bob Kucera

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Perth, Western Australia- 1971 – Did five “University of Western Australia’ students plot and attempt to bomb the offices of the Department of Labour – then go onto highly successful political and judicial careers?

Did a corrupt detective ( Hamburger Bob Kucura) cover p the bombing and fit up innocent people to protect the “Famous Five”?

1. Kim Beasley, known and “Bomber Beasley” who went high in the  Australian Politics and become the Defence Minister.

2. Mr Jim McGinty, who went onto become the Attorney General  of Western Australia and the Labor Party opposition leader of Western Australia

3. Eric Stephen Ripper, who became the Labor Party opposition leader of Western Australia
4.Carmen Lawrence who became the Labor Party Premier of Western Australia

5.Rene Lucien Le Miere, who went on the become a Supreme Court Justice#


Corrupt Chair Of Friends Of Israel W.A - Bob Kucera

Brendon O'Connell

Published on Nov 10, 2016

Bob Kucera has a VERY dark past as a former Detective in the West Australian Police. He protected ultra left wing Trotskyites who tired to blow up a conscription center in St Geroges Terrace, Perth, W.A. Why? Well we're not sure but he went on to serve in the state Labor party with a few of them when Kucera entered state politics. Who were the "famous five" Kucera protected while he fitted up an innocent man for the bombing? Well none other than former federal Labor leader Kim "Bomber" Beazley - former Labor state leader, disgraced Carmen Laurence; former Labor state attorney general Jim McGinty. No! I kid you not. Watch this video as former state copper and private investigator Terence Mclernon takes you through the case and shows Bob Kucera for what he is - a corrupt piece of crap. Let us also not forget Kucera's role in fitting up the Mickelberg brothers. Now I see why Bob Kucera was made the Chair of the Friends Of Israel committee. How was that business class flight to occupied Palestine Bob? Meet any nice ladies while you were over there? I see that Ultra Left Wing Trotskyites and Israel go together. As if we never knew. Terence is a living legend. He has more dirt on WA personalities than you can poke a stick at. He has just had the largest defamation fine awarded against anyone in Australia - ever. Stay tuned for more on that with dodgy billionaire miners hiding over a billion in gold at the dodgy Perth Mint - just wait for it.


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Brendon O'Connell

Published on Nov 10, 2016

Corrupt Chair Of Friends Of Israel W.A - Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera has a VERY dark past as a former Detective in the West Australian Police. He protected ultra left wing Trotskyites who tired to blow up a conscription center in St Geroges Terrace, Perth, W.A. Why? Well we're not sure but he went on to serve in the state Labor party with a few of them when Kucera entered state politics. Who were the "famous five" Kucera protected while he fitted up an innocent man for the bombing? Well none other than former federal Labor leader Kim "Bomber" Beazley - former Labor state leader, disgraced Carmen Laurence; former Labor state attorney general Jim McGinty. No! I kid you not. Watch this video as former state copper and private investigator Terence Mclernon takes you through the case and shows Bob Kucera for what he is - a corrupt piece of crap. Let us also not forget Kucera's role in fitting up the Mickelberg brothers. Now I see why Bob Kucera was made the Chair of the Friends Of Israel committee. How was that business class flight to occupied Palestine Bob? Meet any nice ladies while you were over there? I see that Ultra Left Wing Trotskyites and Israel go together. As if we never knew. Terence is a living legend. He has more dirt on WA personalities than you can poke a stick at. He has just had the largest defamation fine awarded against anyone in Australia - ever. Stay tuned for more on that with dodgy billionaire miners hiding over a billion in gold at the dodgy Perth Mint - just wait for it.

Eric Stephen Ripper AM (born 13 September 1951) is a retired Australianpolitician. From 2008 to 2012 he was Leader of the Opposition and leader of theLabor Party in Western Australia.

He grew up on a wheat/sheep farm near Nyabing. Ripper later attendedChurchlands Senior High School and the University of Western Australia, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education. Before entering politics, Ripper had a career as a teacher.

He entered the Parliament of Western Australia in 1988, after winning a by-election in the Electoral district of Ascot. That seat was abolished for the general election held a year later, and Ripper followed most of his constituents into the recreated seat of Belmont. Ripper served as Minister for Community Services and Minister for Disability Services in the Lawrence Ministry (1991–1993). Labor was defeated in the 1993 election, and Ripper served as an opposition frontbencher for eight years. By 1997, he had become Deputy Leader of the state Labor Party, and hence Deputy Leader of the Opposition, under Geoff Gallop. Labor regained government in 2001, and Ripper was named Deputy Premier of Western Australia. At various times during Gallop's tenure, he served as Treasurer, Minister for Government Enterprises, Minister for Energy and Minister Assisting the Minister for Public Sector Management in the Gallop government. When Gallop announced his retirement from politics in 2006 whilst off-duty as Premier, Ripper briefly served as acting premier until Gallop's official resignation as Premier when Alan Carpenter was elected as state Labor leader and premier. Under Carpenter, Ripper served as Deputy Premier and Treasurer. Ripper succeeded Carpenter as WA leader of the ALP on 23 September 2008. In January 2011, Labor MP Ben Wyatt intended to challenge Ripper for the Labor leadership, but withdrew after finding minority support amongst caucus.

On 17 January 2012, Ripper announced that he would stand down as Opposition Leader at a caucus meeting on 23 January, and retire from parliament at the2013 state election. Mark McGowan, who had been managing opposition business in the House, was elected unopposed as his successor. Ripper retired at the 2013 state election and Ripper's seat was won by Glenys Godfrey of the Liberal Party, the former Mayor of Belmont. Ripper lives in Rivervale and has two sons. His partner is former Education Minister Ljiljanna Ravlich.

4. Carmen Lawrence who became the Labor Party Premier of Western Australia

Carmen Mary Lawrence (born 2 March 1948) is a retired Australian politician; a former Premier of Western Australia who led Labor to the 1993 state election. She was the first woman to become Premier of a State of the Commonwealth of Australia. After leaving the State Parliament of Western Australia Lawrence became a Member of the House of Representatives in the Australian federal parliament. Lawrence became the first directly elected Federal President of the Australian Labor Party in 2003. She retired from parliament in November 2007.

5.Rene Lucien Le Miere, who went on the become a Supreme Court Justice

Rene Lucien Le Miere (born February 1952) is a judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He migrated to Western Australia from Jersey in 1965, with his family. In 1978 he was admitted to practise as a barrister in Western Australia and joined the WA Bar Association in 1988, was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1993. He was a member of the Law Society 1983-1991, and served as president from 1989-1990. Le Miere was appointed to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 2004. He was educated at Aquinas College, Perth and the University of Western Australia.

Carmen Mary Lawrence (born 2 March 1948) is a retired Australian politician; a former Premier of Western Australia who led Labor to the 1993 state election. She was the first woman to become Premier of a State of the Commonwealth of Australia. After leaving the State Parliament of Western Australia Lawrence became a Member of the House of Representatives in the Australian federal parliament. Lawrence became the first directly elected Federal President of the Australian Labor Party in 2003. She retired from parliament in November 2007.

Carmen Lawrence was born in Northam, in the agricultural district of Western Australia and spent her early childhood in the towns of Gutha and Dongara.

She was one of seven children of Ernest Richard Lawrence, a farmer, and his wife Mary Norma (née Watson).

From the age of six she was educated at various Roman Catholic boarding schools: Marian Convent at Morawa; Dominican Ladies College at Dongara andSanta Maria College at Attadale from which she matriculated in 1964 with distinctions in six subjects, a General Exhibition for Academic Achievement and a Special Subject Exhibition in economics

In 1965, Lawrence enrolled at the University of Western Australia in Perth. In 1968 she graduated as a Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours, having won five prizes including that for the most outstanding graduate throughout the Faculties of Arts, Economics and Commerce, Law, Architecture and Education. In 1968 she was Senior Student in Saint Catherine'sresidential college. She was politically active from an early stage. While at UWA she lobbied, successfully, to have the Campus Beauty Contest abolished. In Melbourne in the early 1970s she helped to found the Victorian Branch of the Women's Electoral Lobby. She tutored at the University of Melbourne in 1971 and 1972, tutored and lectured at the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) from 1973 to 1978 and was a lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Western Australia from 1979 until 1983. During this period she continued with post-graduate research, having won two scholarships for PhD studies in psychology, and received the doctoral degree in 1983, for her dissertation Maternal Responses to Infant Crying. From 1983 until her election to parliament in 1986, Lawrence was employed in the Research and Evaluation Unit of the Psychiatric Services Branch of the Department of Health of Western Australia.

 Entry to State Parliament

During this period, Lawrence joined the Labor Party. She unsuccessfully contested the seat of East Melville at the 1983 election against sitting Liberal Party member Anthony Trethowan, but was more successful in 1986 when she won the seat ofSubiaco following the retirement of long-serving Liberal-turned-independent Dr Tom Dadour. In 1988, following the sudden departure of Brian Burke as Premier, she was appointed Minister for Education. At the 1989 election, her seat of Subiaco was abolished in a redistribution, and she won the new seat of Glendalough.

The Western Australian Labor government was in a state of crisis as a result of corruption allegations against the cabinets of two successive premiers, Brian Burke and Peter Dowding, the so-called "WA Inc" period.

Premier of Western Australia

In February 1990, Dowding was forced by his colleagues to resign. Lawrence, a prominent opponent within the Labor Party of Brian Burke's Right faction, of which Dowding was a member, replaced him as Premier on 12 February 1990.

Carmen Lawrence was the first female Premier of an Australian State. However, she was not the first female head of government of a province of the Commonwealth of Australia; being preceded by Rosemary Follett, who became Chief Minister of the ACTon 11 May 1989.

On 19 November 1990, Lawrence called a Royal Commission into matters related to the WA Inc deals, after considerable public and media pressure. The commission hearings began on 12 March 1991, and within months, the Labor party became a minority government as three left-wing MPs left the party to sit as independents. Coverage of the commission hearings dominated media headlines for most of the period from then until the 1993 election.

Two significant matters which characterised Lawrence's premiership were a public demand for a strong legislative response to juvenile crime and problematic investments in public transport infrastructure.

Juvenile crime

Between mid-1990 and early 1992, a number of high-speed chases involving cars stolen by repeat juvenile offenders resulted in the deaths of 10 people, including a businessman and several young parents. All received considerable media attention, most notably from 6PR's Howard Sattler. On 25 December 1991, 22-year-old Margaret Blurton and her infant son Shane were killed in a crash involving Billy-Jean Abrahams, a 14-year-old aboriginal offender in a stolen motor vehicle.[3] Margaret's husband Peter survived, and gained public sympathy through bedside interviews to print and electronic media. A candlelight vigil was organised outside Parliament House on 4 January 1992, and exactly a month later, responding directly to the public call for action, Lawrence and deputy leader Ian Taylor tabled the Crime (Serious and Repeat Offenders) Sentencing Bill 1992,[4]which was rushed through parliament despite the advice of a committee that it was "unworkable and unsustainable". Peter Blurton established the Margaret and Shane Foundation to channel both his own grief and the immense public sympathy into a workable force to fight for the rights of crime victims. The law, however, turned out to be defective and Lawrence later declared it to have been a mistake. The Act was repealed in June 1994.

Transport infrastructure

The other matter which preoccupied the Government was the ongoing construction of the Northern Suburbs Transit System, later to be known as the Joondalup railway line, which proceeded throughout Lawrence's term as Premier. She officially opened the line on 20 December 1992 and travelled on it with community leaders and selected members of the public, but the line was not opened for regular services until 21 March 1993. The Perth City Busport (now known as the Esplanade Busport), was opened on 30 November 1991 in an effort to centralise services travelling through the central business district—however, due to its distance from St Georges Terrace, it was branded a "white elephant" by the media and failed to significantly impact onCBD traffic. However, the station is still in use, and has since been integrated into the rail network following the opening of theMandurah railway line in December 2007.

Easton petition

On 5 November 1992, a petition was tabled in the Legislative Council by Labor MLC John Halden which contained an allegation that the Opposition Leader Richard Court had leaked confidential information to a party in a divorce case. The petitioner was Brian Mahon Easton, a former Western Australian public servant. The alleged recipient of the leaked information was his former wife, Penny Easton. On 9 November 1992, she committed suicide. In Parliament on the following day, in response to an Opposition question, Lawrence denied prior knowledge of the petition. This episode subsequently became known as the "Easton affair".

Election defeat

In the election held on 6 February 1993, the Lawrence government was defeated by the Liberal-National coalition and Richard Court, who had replaced Barry MacKinnon as opposition leader just a year earlier, became Premier. Lawrence remained asOpposition Leader until early 1994.

In December 1993, Carmen Lawrence, Jim McGinty and Geoff Gallop joined in a petition to the High Court of Australia to challenge the franchise system for the Western Australian Legislative Council. The system of vote-weighting tended to favour the conservative parties and was a long-term obstacle to the ALP gaining control of the Council. On 20 February 1996, the High Court rejected the challenge on the basis that the law was not unconstitutional.

Federal Political Career

Entry to Federal Parliament and Cabinet Ministry

On 12 March 1994, following the resignation of former Federal treasurer and member for Fremantle, John Dawkins, she won aby-election for the seat and entered federal politics. Fremantle is a safe Labor seat which had once been held by Labor Prime Minister John Curtin, and later, Whitlam-era Education Minister Kim Beazley senior.

On 25 March 1994, she was appointed Minister for Human Services and Health and Minister assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women in the Keating government.

The Royal Commission[edit]

In May 1995, Premier Court requested the establishment of a Royal Commission to determine the circumstances of the tabling of the Easton affair petition. On 14 November 1995, the Royal Commission released a report which found that Lawrence had misled the Western Australian Parliament concerning her knowledge of and role in the tabling of the petition. Paul Keating denounced the Commission as a political stunt and accused the Commissioner, Kenneth Marks QC, of bias.

At the 1996 federal election, the Keating government lost office and, following Paul Keating's resignation of the leadership, Kim Beazley, a Western Australian, became the new Leader of the Opposition.

Lawrence was appointed to the Opposition frontbench as Shadow Environment Minister. On 21 February 1997, she was charged with three counts of perjury resulting from the findings of the Marks Royal Commission. She stood down from the shadow ministry pending her trial. She was acquitted on 23 July 1999.

Later political life

In September 2000 Beazley approved her reappointment to the Labor frontbench, and appointed her shadow minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, the Arts and Status of Women.

During the 2001 federal election campaign, Lawrence strongly disapproved of Beazley's support for the government's policy of detaining asylum-seekers (see Tampa affair). In December 2002 she resigned from the Shadow Cabinet, describing the party's policies on asylum and immigration as "brutal and inhumane".

She announced on 29 March 2007 that she would not recontest her seat in the Parliament at the 2007 Australian federal election.

Presidency of the ALP

During 2002 the Labor Party approved a series of reforms proposed by new Opposition leader Simon Crean, among them the direct election of the party's National President by the party membership (the post had previously been filled by election at the party's National Conference) and a reduction of the union's representation at party conferences from 60% to 50%. Lawrence emerged as the candidate of the party's Left faction for the post, and the election took place in November 2003. Although she did not win an absolute majority of the votes, Lawrence topped the poll and was elected President, taking office on 1 January 2004, shortly after Mark Latham succeeded Crean as party Leader. She used the position to campaign in favour of a policy of better treatment for asylum-seekers entering Australia.[9] Her term as National President ended on 1 January 2005, when she was succeeded by Barry Jones.

After Parliament

As foreshadowed in her announcement of March 2007, Lawrence did not contest the federal election held on 24 November 2007, thereby retiring from Parliament. She was succeeded as Member for Fremantle by Melissa Parke, also of the ALP.

Following her departure from the federal Parliament, Lawrence was engaged for a term, in 2008, as a Professorial Fellow at the University of Western Australia. Her brief was to conduct collaborative research with a focus on the origins of fanaticism and extreme behaviour, including terrorism, under the auspices of the University's Institute of Advanced Studies.

5.Rene Lucien Le Miere, who went on the become a Supreme Court Justice

Rene Lucien Le Miere (born February 1952) is a judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He migrated to Western Australia from Jersey in 1965, with his family. In 1978 he was admitted to practise as a barrister in Western Australia and joined the WA Bar Association in 1988, was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1993. He was a member of the Law Society 1983-1991, and served as president from 1989-1990. Le Miere was appointed to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 2004. He was educated at Aquinas College, Perth and the University of Western Australia.

Kim Christian Beazley, AC (born 14 December 1948), is a former Australian diplomat and politician who was theDeputy Prime Minister of Australia from 1995 to 1996. He subsequently served as the Leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and Leader of the Opposition from 1996 to 2001 and again from 2005 to 2006.

Beazley was a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1980 to 2007. He was a minister in the governments of Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, and was Keating's Deputy Prime Minister from 1995 to 1996. He then became the Leader of the Opposition and led the Labor Party through the federal elections in 1998 and2001, both of which Labor lost. He returned to the leadership in 2005, but then retired from Parliament at the 2007 election having lost the leadership of the Labor Party to Kevin Rudd after a 2006 challenge.

Beazley was Ambassador of Australia to the United States from 2010 to 2016, when he was succeeded by Joe Hockey.  He is currently the National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Beazley was born in Perth, Western Australia.[4] His father, Kim Beazley Snr, was the Labor MP for Fremantle from 1945 to 1977 and education minister in the Whitlam Government (1972–75). His mother, Betty Judge, was an Australian athletics champion and record-holder. Beazley's uncle, the Reverend Syd Beazley, was one of the more than 1,000 prisoners of war who died in the sinking of the SS Montevideo Maru in July 1942.

Beazley contracted polio as a child, at the age of six. He was educated at Hollywood Senior High School and theUniversity of Western Australia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and subsequently a Master of Arts. Then, on a Rhodes Scholarship, he attended Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated with a Master of Philosophy.  At Oxford, he befriended Tony Blair, who would become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Geoff Gallop, later to be Premier of Western Australia. After he returned to Australia, Beazley tutored and lectured in politics at Perth'sMurdoch University. He was recruited to Labor's right-wing faction by Graham Richardson and John Ducker,  before being elected MP for the seat of Swan at the 1980 election.

Beazley supports the Fremantle Dockers in the Australian Football League.

Political Career

Career in government

Beazley became a protege of Bob Hawke, Labor leader from 1983, and in that year he was appointed Minister for Aviation in Hawke's first ministry. He wasMinister for Defence, with a seat in Cabinet, 1984–90.[8] In this role he was responsible for establishing the Royal Australian Navy's submarine program, which was beset with some technical problems and cost over-runs. Beazley has had a lifelong interest in military matters; his consequent enthusiasm for this portfolio, and particularly for military hardware, earned him the nickname "Bomber Beazley".

Beazley was then Minister for Transport and Communications (1990–91),Finance (1991), Employment, Education and Training (1991–93), and Finance again (1993–96). He supported Hawke in his leadership battles with Paul Keating in 1991, but retained his position when Keating deposed Hawke and became Prime Minister in December 1991. Beazley was Deputy Prime Minister 1995–96.

Beazley's hold on Swan grew increasingly tenuous over the years. He saw his majority more than halved in 1990, and was nearly defeated in 1993. With Labor sinking in the polls during the run-up to the 1996 election, Beazley shifted toBrand, a slightly more secure seat south of Perth.

First term as Labor leader[edit]

In the 1996 election, Labor was heavily defeated by the Coalition under John Howard. Keating resigned, and Beazley was elected unopposed as Labor leader. He had the difficult task of rebuilding a party that had just suffered the second-worst defeat of a sitting government since Federation.

Beazley, however, quickly made up ground on Howard as the Coalition's poll numbers sagged, particularly when Howard broke his previous promise not to introduce a Goods and Services Tax (GST). Beazley led the ALP contingent at theConstitutional Convention in February 1998 which was called to discuss the issue of Australia becoming a republic. Beazley advocated "minimalist" change and described transition to a republic as "unfinished business" for Australia. He said that foreigners "find it strange and anachronistic, as many Australians now clearly do, that our Head of State is not an Australian". The ALP proposed appointment of a president by two-thirds majority of parliament. In his opening address, Beazley told the Convention:
    "Our nation is a republic in all but name. We argue that we as a nation should recognise the reality of our small "r" republican arrangements by making the necessary adjustments to place the capping stone on that structure -- a Head of State who is unambiguously Australian -- a Head of State who is one of us."
In the October 1998 election, Labor polled a majority of the two-party vote and received the largest swing to a first-term opposition since 1934. However, due to the uneven nature of the swing, as well as the Coalition's large majority going into the election, Labor came up eight seats short of making Beazley Prime Minister. Beazley did, however, manage to slash Howard's majority by more than half, from 45 seats to 13.

In mid-2001 Labor was well ahead in the opinion polls and seemed set to win the election due at the end of the year, but in August the Tampa affair occurred when the Howard government refused to allow the MV Tampa, a Norwegian freighter, to set down on Australian soil at Christmas Island several hundred asylum seekers whom the crew had rescued from an unseaworthy boat in international waters. Beazley's compromise stance was pilloried as wishy-washy. Beazley's momentum was also stalled by the September 11 attacks. When the November 2001 election was announced, Howard had taken a commanding lead in the polls and seemed set for a huge victory. But Beazley's dogged campaigning regained some of this ground and Labor suffered only a net loss of two seats to the Coalition.

Opposition backbencher

Beazley resigned the Labor leadership after the election and was succeeded by Simon Crean. But by 2003 Crean had failed to make any headway against Howard and Labor MPs began to fear that Howard would easily win the election due in 2004. Crean's opponents persuaded Beazley to attempt a return to the leadership by challenging Crean. The LaborCaucus (parliamentary Labor Party) re-elected Crean in June 2003, not convinced that Beazley offered a better alternative. Some Beazley supporters, most notably Stephen Conroy, continued to plot against Crean, and Beazley refused to rule out a further challenge.

On 27 November 2003, Crean's closest supporters told him that he had lost their confidence, then on the next day when Crean announced his resignation from the Labor party leadership. Beazley immediately announced that he would becontesting the leadership when the Labor Caucus met on 2 December 2003. His only opponent was the party's economic spokesperson, Mark Latham. Latham defeated Beazley by 47 votes to 45. After the ballot, Beazley announced that he would remain in politics as a backbench member and would recontest his seat at the 2004 election.

In June 2004 Beazley battled claims he had a "special relationship" with Ratih Hardjono[11] when he was Defence Minister; it was alleged this relationship posed a security risk

In July 2004, however, Latham arranged for Beazley to return to the Labor front bench as Shadow Defence Minister. This followed controversy over Latham's policy of withdrawing Australian troops from Iraq by the end of 2004. Beazley's return to the front bench was generally seen as a move by Latham to reassure Australian public opinion that a Labor government would not put the U.S.-Australian alliance at risk.

Ambassador of Australia to the

United States

In office: 17 February 2010 – 22 January 2016

Nominated by: Kevin Rudd

Preceded by: Dennis Richardson

Succeeded by: Joe Hockey

Leader of the Opposition

Elections: 1998, 2001

In office: 28 January 2005 – 4 December 2006

Monarch: Elizabeth II

Governor-General       Michael Jeffery

Prime Minister  John Howard

Deputy Jenny Macklin

Preceded by    Mark Latham

Succeeded by  Kevin Rudd

In office: 19 March 1996 – 11 November 2001

Monarch: Elizabeth II

Governor-General: Sir William Deane

Peter Hollingworth

Prime Minister: John Howard

Deputy: Gareth Evans

Simon Crean

Preceded by    John Howard

Succeeded by  Simon Crean

Leader of the Labor Party

In office

28 January 2005 – 4 December 2006

Deputy Jenny Macklin

Preceded by    Mark Latham

Succeeded by  Kevin Rudd

In office:

19 March 1996 – 11 March 2001

Deputy Gareth Evans

Simon Crean

Preceded by: Paul Keating

Succeeded by  Simon Crean

9th Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

In office:20 June 1995 – 11 March 1996

Prime Minister  Paul Keating

Preceded by    Brian Howe

Succeeded by  Tim Fischer

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party

In office:20 June 1995 – 19 March 1996

Leader Paul Keating

Preceded by    Brian Howe

Succeeded by  Gareth Evans

Minister for Finance

In office:23 December 1993 – 11 March 1996

Prime Minister  Paul Keating

Preceded by    Ralph Willis

Succeeded by  John Fahey

In office:9 December 1991 – 27 December 1991

Prime Minister: Bob Hawke

Paul Keating

Preceded by: Ralph Willis

Succeeded by: Ralph Willis

Minister for Employment, Education and Training

In office:27 December 1991 – 23 December 1993

Prime Minister  Paul Keating

Preceded by    John Dawkins

Succeeded by  Simon Crean

Minister for Transport and Communications

In office:4 April 1990 – 9 December 1991

Prime Minister  Bob Hawke

Preceded by    Ralph Willis

Succeeded by  John Kerin

Leader of the House

In office:15 February 1988 – 11 March 1996

Prime Minister  Bob Hawke

Paul Keating

Preceded by    Mick Young

Succeeded by  Peter Reith

Minister for Defence

Kim Beazley. Then and Now. | BigFooty AFL Forum › ... › Not Footy Related › Society, Religion and Politics

Nov 27, 2005 - 25 posts - 10 authors

When Kim Beazley lost the federal election in 2001 I have never seen a more relieved man. ... Bomber Beasley is back only because Labor has no-one else. This time around he .... I don't know if it has an overly positive effect

“..When Kim Beazley lost the federal election in 2001 I have never seen a more relieved man. He dodged the bullet in leading our country post Sept 11, 2001. He wasnt strong enough then, so what, if anything, has changed about this man that will make a strong and worthy leader of our country?...” skipper kelly, Nov 27, 2005

skipper kelly said:

When Kim Beazley lost the federal election in 2001 I have never seen a more relieved man. He dodged the bullet in leading our country post Sept 11, 2001. He wasnt strong enough then, so what, if anything, has changed about this man that will make a strong and worthy leader of our country?

2. Grown a backbone(possibly transplanted?)

3. Inspired by Howard...... as in "if that little wimp can do it, so can I" 
Jumpin' Jimmy, Nov 27, 2005


Jumpin' Jimmy said:

1. Maturity
2. Grown a backbone(possibly transplanted?)
3. Inspired by Howard...... as in "if that little wimp can do it, so can I"

In other words, nothing. skipper kellyNov 27, 2005

skipper kelly said:

When Kim Beazley lost the federal election in 2001 I have never seen a more relieved man. He dodged the bullet in leading our country post Sept 11, 2001. He wasnt strong enough then, so what, if anything, has changed about this man that will make a strong and worthy leader of our country?

KB (sounds like a beer?) is a former defence minister with views similar to the Liberals in that area... so I dont fully understand this thread.


littleduckNov 27, 2005

KB (sounds like a beer?) is a former defence minister with views similar to the Liberals in that area... so I dont fully understand this thread.


littleduckNov 27, 2005

Did that corrupt detective then go onto assist in the fitting up of the famous Mickelberg Brothers – then go onto high level Labor Politics?

In Labor Politics he ( Hamburger Bob Kucura) served with the very same people he ( Hamburger Bob Kucura) protected

“.. Truth is often much stranger than fiction….”

“..How do very hard left Tryskyites get into power when they grown up..”

Good morning ladies and gentleman … My name is Terence McLernon

I am an ex police officer of WAPOL

Private investigator and now claim to be thde author of Crime Books having written five books called

The Fifth Estate

And the Sequal of the Fifth Estate written on famous Western Australian Police Officers such as:

Ex deputy Commissioner of WAPOL – Hamburger Bob Kucera Ex head pf the Fraud Squad and

Colin ‘Circles’ Page p Circles meaning that every bit of a circle in bent.


Ex head of the CIB Don Hancock lost his head on the way home from the races

Supreme Court Justice Rene Lemere who I took 4 years to get rid of him handing my defamation case

Brendon O'Connell

Published on Nov 10, 2016


Corrupt Chair Of Friends Of Israel W.A - Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera has a VERY dark past as a former Detective in the West Australian Police. He protected ultra left wing Trotskyites who tired to blow up a conscription center in St Geroges Terrace, Perth, W.A. Why? Well we're not sure but he went on to serve in the state Labor party with a few of them when Kucera entered state politics. Who were the "famous five" Kucera protected while he fitted up an innocent man for the bombing? Well none other than former federal Labor leader Kim "Bomber" Beazley - former Labor state leader, disgraced Carmen Laurence; former Labor state attorney general Jim McGinty. No! I kid you not. Watch this video as former state copper and private investigator Terence Mclernon takes you through the case and shows Bob Kucera for what he is - a corrupt piece of crap. Let us also not forget Kucera's role in fitting up the Mickelberg brothers. Now I see why Bob Kucera was made the Chair of the Friends Of Israel committee. How was that business class flight to occupied Palestine Bob? Meet any nice ladies while you were over there? I see that Ultra Left Wing Trotskyites and Israel go together. As if we never knew. Terence is a living legend. He has more dirt on WA personalities than you can poke a stick at. He has just had the largest defamation fine awarded against anyone in Australia - ever. Stay tuned for more on that with dodgy billionaire miners hiding over a billion in gold at the dodgy Perth Mint - just wait for it.


London Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack hitting the central computers of the health service of England other countries..

How convenient … our usual enemies  continue ..

Brendon O'Connell

Published on May 12, 2017


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NoRace 8 hours ago

Im doing the Talpiot Transhumanism/ethno nationalist connection to 911 2 hours from now

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Brendon O'Connell Anatoly Fomenko Proved that the City of Jerusalem as described in the book of Nehemiah is Actually the Kremlin. But who would believe that?

jaleel al-Askari 8 hours ago

i thought,.....operation talpiot when i heard this aswel,.........about the (((russian hackers))) you know mental illness, contagious :)

varinia spartacus 3 hours ago

jaleel al-Askari TALPIOT sprung to my mind as well. I noticed a symbol on my phone yesterday appearing for a short period. got paranoid so I deleted FACEBOOK APPLICATION AND MESSENGER, funny it never appeared again!

Thejewish Question 8 hours ago

Perfect analysis of Ryan Dawson.. he is a complete fraud and will never say the "J" word... Amongst many other Shillish things

View all 4 repliesian pennack 7 hours ago

Tom Tapp....The Jewish Bankers have us over a barrel. They plan to take everything we own in time. Remember to put the blame where it belongs. JEWS.

Tom Tapp 7 hours ago

Brendon O'Connell We are all in need of money....

bozzotheclown 9 hours ago

ryan dawson is a shill. I said a while ago to you.

Otto Skorzeny 2 hours ago

@Mr O'Connell What about 7/7/2005 in London Mate - never hear you mention or share yer thoughts on this False Flag.. Would love to Know what your whole take is on that Intelligence Operation....... Love yer Work Mate and I also Love Dawsons Work(his Old Research) - Ryan has maybe one of The Best Documentaries on 9/11ever made on that Mossad/USA Led attack.. Altho very Few researchers ever mention the Important Assassination carried out in the Panjshir(Afghanistan) ONE Week previous to 9/11 in Preparation for that Countrys Invasion - Shah Massoud Leader of the Northern Alliance and Hero whom was instrumental in Expelling the Russians from that country.... His Murder made it possible for the Israelis/USA to install their Own Puppet NA Leader which they would then heavily rely on and use to Fight the Taliban.. Keep up the Good Fight Mate.....

Brendon O'Connell 8 hours ago

Shill or fucktard? Let his "work" speak for itself. Let mine speak for me.

Tom Tapp 8 hours ago

You keep saying "you are a good looking guy"... when you speak of Ryan Dawson....kinda strange. Look at his black eyes?

Tom Tapp 7 hours ago (edited)

Brendon O'Connell In industry and life sure good looks help ....being tall like Comey helps. Sure Syrian girl is hot but but but has his "good looks" that you attribute to him, helped him??? Has nothing to do w analysis...

Brendon O'Connell 8 hours ago

Things like good looks help in the fight. Look at Syria Gal. Hardly riveting analysis.

Santissimo 4 minutes ago

Finally, Ry Dawson is being called out. Ry is a prick.

jamboman84 32 minutes ago

Operation Talpiot was the first thing i thought of when i saw this story. Recently finished reading Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics, great read, highly recommend it.

Stevo Devo 2 hours ago

That sumo drone quote was damn gold mate! Fuqing hilarious! You mean to say he was offended? Self deprecating humour is a dying Aussie art.

Stevo Devo 2 hours ago

not shape shifting lizards, but their familiars. He he you're a cheeky qunt. Love it!

varinia spartacus 3 hours ago

the queen of England does have a warrant for arrest that she won't answer! and they did hang around with paedophiles, so no smoke without fire!


TexasPsychoK 4 hours ago

I've done it, and no one will actually believe that America is not as traitorous or the Jew is not as evil. I've shown them from the Bible, Dr. Martin Luther, and everything. Most my friends think I'm obsessed with Jews. Would the Mormon Church help? They took up for Christopher Bollyn.... I'm looking for a church that MIGHT take an interest. Judge Poe is owned by Jews so... yes. My uncle mocked me and said let me guess... you want to go back to greenbacks. Bring back the third reich(and he knows people... he was a big dog, and knows Ross Perot, Bush(who would laugh it off), and some of this. Hez is owned by Israel.

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brad maguire 4 hours ago

thanks for the info on dawson, did have concerns over the black rings under his eyes. Too bad he is full of useful info on geo-politics, but it could be being fed to him. Youtube is full of money grubbing fucks, who would rather talk shit about other media outlets/personalities and anything political other than Israel. And those that do talk about Israel are extreme psychopaths like ken okeefe, who end up saying all the right things, but then being caught in some kind of fraud, as in his case a ponzi scheme, to fund his young girlfriend and his tropical paradise, while talking shit about igaan for pointing out his b.s. The shit is deep, and hard for an average Joe to wade thru. I think I'll give you money in the hopes you can do more videos, but if you go all O'keefe on us, I'm about ready to say fuck all this bullshit, see if I can get a passport, and go move to Syria, if I can't get into Palestine, to pay off my genetic blood debt, while praying the rest of my fellow dumb Americans start paying attention to the disgusting mess in the GAZA, and start asking for a refund for 50 years of genocide funding from Israel.

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Axe Man 4 hours ago

Nice demolition of the pretty boy Dawson, had some hope for him at first years ago but he very quickly went into Jew denial mode. You are right, if they won't talk about the inherent racism and supremacism of Judaism and how that is manifest as power structures in our world they are either an idiot or a shill, useless or worse either way.

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Dallas 5 hours ago

Until people are dragged from their home handcuffed, all their computer equipment confiscated they'll never truly understand. I agree Brendon, until you experience it personally it will probably not completely make sense to people. Take care & good luck to you. I hope you get justice soon x


copyLain 5 hours ago

Can we see the "In case of death" video?


TexasPsychoK 5 hours ago

Mexico is at war almost as... insane as Syria as we speak. Lots of stuff happening right across that border and NOT ONE AMERICAN CARES. It's not Roman Catholic broke Mexicans doing an uprising. That far too late wall... well, they're freaking poor. Yes, it's dirty and the rich are super rich, but we know what that's about. I wish I could believe whatever we hear about Turkey is Erdogan and him fighting off the globalists(Israel.)

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TexasPsychoK 5 hours ago

Jung's awesome, but yes... I'd love a Christian Monarchy.


TexasPsychoK 5 hours ago

He's on drugs. He hates Christians. Look... no church cares here. Lots of Christians got 7 day bans as did I on Facebook for all the Operations I threw out including that one of which you spoke. Of course I probably dropped a hard J and they just shared what I said. My insurance has gone up to where... and I cannot get Obamacare. I would not. It's David Icke. And all the Bill Cooper nutjobs who never mentioned Jews. IT'S HILARIOUS. Bill Cooper said Ulysses S. Grant was not against those carpet bagging Jews.

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rndmbrowser 5 hours ago

About Dawson, he seems focusing on unimportant subjects lately, but you we were too harsh on him. He could be having real medical condition explaining his bad health. They could be bribing him with donations to stay off important subjects. I don't think that is an excuse but how many people you think would resist such offers.


Jane Doe 5 hours ago

Hello, Sending blessing health, peace of mind & soul & luv, Joy, anyone who thinks he is crazy these sick evil will take down a plane with 326 people on it to kill 1, bring down building, send people to die in wars for oil, gold ,organs, kid, women, men just to abuse for sex brownstone them for black mail . Please wake up. Blessing you all.


Frater Oculus 6 hours ago (edited)

I've seen video of Charles at the Rothschild's bank trying to figure out what is going on, asking "there's not going to be another financial crisis, is there?" They seemed like they were totally at the mercy of

   The Fifth Estate, The Sequel; If the Hat Fits, Wear It- 2007,

 Terence J. McLERNON.

    The Fifth Estate The Sequel    If the Hat Fits, Wear It

   This book covers some aspects of the twistings and turnings of Western Australian politics. The Labor Government and the Australian Labor Party are split with differences, factional hatreds
    and allegiances, personal favours, 
and  private interests. 
    The Government should be junked, but the economy is so buoyant that kindergarten  kiddies could manage it. 
   But it is streets ahead of the Liberal and National Parties.

   The power behind the Labor throne is Jim McGinty, Premier and ex-journalist  Alan Carpenter being a compromise.
   Chapters 4 and 5 are about how two prostitutes made a professional tour to Port Hedland, allegedly with an unofficial "permission" from some police, in spite of the police superintendent's  express prohibitions of     gambling and prostitution in the area.  The women tried to get a sporting  club to hold a raffle, with one of them as the prize!
    Chapter 6, "The Fat Wallet Mob 'Flow Charts'"
      details the story of people involved in mining  
and other shares.  Some of the people are supposedly ex-bankrupts and ex-prisoners.
  In chapter 7 WA Attorney-General Jim McGinty is said to have been sent a copy of the  
previous book, by a contact of
  Mr Ray Mickelberg, one of the family that it is said had been  
wrongly convicted over the Perth Mint Swindle.
   Mr McGinty allegedly returned the book in a plain envelope.  Requests for a response finally  were rewarded.
   The chapter exposes alleged police false evidence in the case of a failed attempt to blow up  the office where military conscription records were kept in Perth decades ago.
   The author praises Brian Burke and Julian Grill for lobbying to stop the gigantic firm Xstrata  from leaving vanadium in the ground in recent years.  Parliamentarian John Bowler acted to save it,  
    but was banished to the back bench in a hypocritical move, though he had sav
ed the WA taxpayer 
   from losing the value to the people of the $32 million spent for this mine.


   Read about a dodgy internet website, Croatia, Laurie Connell's failed investment bank Rothwell's,  a Malaysian Sting, and why Scaley hanged himself at a Christian Brothers' orphanage.
 Then there's the story of Tommy Trantrum being sent from Clontarf Boys' Town, freeing him from a paedophile Christian Brother, to a farm where he shot the farmer's wife and as a result  went to prison.
 Then follows page after page about the four Christian Brothers' orphanages in WA – Clontarf,  Castledare (both in Perth), Bindoon, and Tardun.
   Fifteen Brothers allegedly either had sex or quasi-sex, and/or gave cruel beltings to a boy  called Fred Smith.  Urinating on him and bare-bottom beltings are described, with the names
  of the paedophile-sadistic offenders.

   The exposé of the Christian Brothers by Barry Coldrey, and the campaigning and publications  of the late Bruce Blyth are covered.


   Jim McGinty had spent time at a Roman Catholic seminary.  His sister Susan became a nun.  Father Anthony McMahon was sent to Kwinana parish.
   "Now, Jim is a cousin of mine but it could not be alleged that we are close.   No, not close at all." (p 130)
   Leo McVeigh at the age of five was being babysat by the priest and the nun, and while with  the priest only was allegedly sexually abused.  (The priest and the nun fell in love and married.)  
   He told Church authorities in 1998.  He tried to get the police's sexual abuse unit to investigate,  but it didn't.  The author thinks that the relationship with highflyers is why no apology was made,  nor justice served.
   "Holy Double Cross" is the story of the widow Mrs Catherine Musk who in 1947 left £47,000  in trust (worth millions now) so that suitable Bindoon boys would be helped to be set up on their own farms. (p 157) 
     None of the money went to the boys. The Church went to court to ask it to  allow the balance, $167,000 in 2006, to be used for scholarships for deserving students to attend  at
    Bindoon a commercial agricultural college –

   run by the Brothers.  Paying themselves again.  
  See Gary Adshead's report, The West Australian, January 24, 2006. (p 159) 

   Senator Andrew Murray (retired June 30, 2008) tried to help justice.

   On page 174 the author writes "Mr Kucera had made a habit of falsifying witness statements.   

 Way back in 1972 … Mr Kucera … had a confession from Ripley.  The similarity between the  fabrications in the Mickelberg case … 
   Ripley unjustly got 5 years jail and Kucera a feather in his cap."

  The Fifth Estate Book Cover by Terrance JMcLernon
The Fifth Estate- Every Bit of a Circle is Bent by Terance J McLernon

 The Fifth Estate - If the Hat Fits Wear It by Terance J McLernon

Every Bit of a Circle is Bent;  The Fifth Estate - Book

Every Bit of a Circle is Bent;  The Fifth Estate - Book III

McLERNON, Terence; 2009

Skilfully sledging the crooked scammers who continue to plunder the community chest, Terence McLernon extends his 
knowledge as a former police officer and private investigator to unravel the corrupting structure of white collar crime.

His unforgiving exposure of the iniquities of High Church sexual abuses continues unabated. 
   Indeed, the visit of the Pontiff to Australia for a World Youth Day provides a vehicle for his wry observation that 
if he had been Police Commissioner, "? and some short Italian with a name starting with Rat, whose predecessors
 infamously used stand
 over tactics to make a huge fortune from tithing, landed his jumbo jet on my beat, then, surrounded by armed bodyguards, 
alighted wearing a dress and little red booties -- claiming to be JC’s representative on Earth -- I would immediately have him
 arrested, drug-tested and his plane searched for missing orphans."
   Extract from Chapter 11: The prosecutor was a Mr Lloyd Rayney from the office of the DPP. Now where have we heard
 that name before? Mr Rayney is now probably best known, rightly or wrongly, as the only person of interest in the murder 
of his wife, Corryn. Mr Rayney was so described by the Officer in Charge of the Police inquiry into the murder, one 
Detective Sergeant Jack Lee. Strangely enough, as matters often are in Perth investigative circles, the said officer then 
promptly took up a posting to a country Police Station to further his chances of promotion in the future. Good for him, 
of course, but not so good for Mr Rayney who is still left with Jack Lee’s tag but as yet uncharged.

 Directories:  Main 20  Australia 2  Esperanto  Experiments  Freedom  Georgist  Globalism  Molestation 150  Religion 2  Submission 7 

CONTENTS 1   19  Translate  Links  Events  Books  HOME  Global > >

One instantly thinks of that infamous Assistant Commissioner of Police, Caporn, who had control of the inquiries into 
the Claremont serial killings only to tag and eventually name a public servant as the main suspect for over a decade only 
to be wrong again. This act caused untold harm to the reputation of the public servant and wreaked havoc on his
 and his family’s life.
   Then again, Mr Caporn did go on to redeem himself by getting an unfortunate indigent, Mr Andrew Mallard,
 sent down for the murder of a shopkeeper for 12 years hard before the real murderer was outed by someone else. I
t was whilst resting on his wonderful success in the Mallard conviction that Caporn led a decade long inquiry into 
the murder of numerous young women in the suburb of Claremont, once again unsolved as investigations concentrated 
on one suspect seemingly to the exclusion of others, as in Mallard, Button, Mickelberg, etcetera and so on. 

   [INTERNET: http://www. blackdogsbarking. com/books/ content/books/ circles/11- lang-hancock. php . ENDS.]

[(E-mail of July 23, 09) 2009] 



Information Clearing House -

When in Doubt, Keep Killing.

Karl Rove Blasts Obama for 'Outsourcing Afghanistan'

Is This What “Shielding Afghans From Violence” Looks Like?

STRANGE AUSTRALIAN JUSTICE,,5228330,00.jpg&imgrefurl=

Shameful Mickleberg case in Australia:

Justice still being sought

The case of the forged fingerprint

Two brothers jailed over the infamous 1982 Perth Mint swindle are suing a former government minister over their wrongful convictions. Ray, Peter and the late Brian Mickelberg were convicted in 1983 of defrauding the Perth Mint of $653,000 in gold bullion in exchange for worthless cheques.

Ray, who served eight years of a 20-year jail sentence, and Peter, who spent six years behind bars for the scam, fought for years before a legal appeal was successful and their convictions were overturned in 2004. The success of their eighth appeal was largely due to a confession by corrupt detective Tony Lewandowski, who admitted that detectives, including lead detective Don Hancock, had fabricated evidence.

After their conviction was overturned, the Mickelbergs launched a civil suit against the West Australian government and six police officers involved in their case for an estimated $11 million in compensation. News Ltd reported the Mickelberg brothers were now also suing former police assistant commissioner and Labor minister Bob Kucera over their wrongful conviction. The latest suit comes after the brothers reportedly bought for $5,000 a box of sensitive police documents that were found at Lewandowski's ex-girlfriend's home in Thailand.

Mr Kucera, who was not one of the detectives involved in the case, has been accused of being part of the police conspiracy to support the Mickelbergs' wrongful conviction. Two of the detectives closely involved in the case have since died, Mr Hancock was killed in a bikie car bomb attack in September 2001, and Lewandowski committed suicide in May 2004. Brian Mickelberg had his conviction overturned after nine months jail. He died in a light plane crash in 1986

Report here

Background on the case:

Raymond and Peter Mickleberg made four unsuccessful attempts to have their convictions overturned - three appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal, at which Mr Lewandowski and Mr Hancock testified, and an appeal to the High Court. 

Mr McGinty said Mr Lewandowski had admitted that he and Mr Hancock had fabricated confessions from the brothers, and had lied at the trial and the appeals. He had also admitted that Peter Mickelberg was stripped naked and beaten by interviewing officers during the investigation. 

Mr Lewandowski had said he had not come forward earlier because he had not wanted to cross Mr Hancock, who died in a car bombing in what police believe was a payback killing by Gypsy Joker bikie gang members after the murder of a gang member in 2000. Mr McGinty said Mr Lewandowski's belated admission - if it were truthful - would strike at the heart of public confidence in the justice system. "This is one of the most high-profile police investigations we have seen in Western Australia, and if it was found that convictions were obtained by police fabricating evidence, the ramifications are enormous." Mr McGinty has referred Mr Lewandowski's affidavit to the royal commission into alleged police corruption, which is due to recommence hearings on July 1. 

The robbery on June 22, 1982, was the most audacious ever staged in Perth - an ingenious swindle which saw 49 gold bars spirited out of the impregnable Mint to a mystery hiding place. Although the evidence against the Mickelbergs was compelling - in particular Ray Mickelberg's fingerprint on one of three fake cheques used to pay for the gold - the brothers insisted from the start that the police had framed them. They said the detectives, led by Don Hancock, had lied at their trial in the District Court, had fabricated confessions by all three, and had planted the damning fingerprint. 

It would have been easy for the police to get hold of a mould of Ray's finger, they said. One of his hobbies was casting hands, in brass, plastic, rubber and perspex. There were about 20 of the hands in his Marmion Beach home when the police first arrived, and several were taken away for inspection. 

In 1989, 55 kilograms of gold pellets, said to have been from the swindle, were found outside a Perth television station, accompanied by a note protesting the Mickelberg brothers' innocence and claiming that a prominent Perth businessman was behind the swindle.

Report here

Meet Australia's judge Go-Lightly

A former teacher who had a relationship with a 14-year-old schoolgirl and then threatened her to stay silent has escaped jail after civil libertarian judge Ian Dearden [above] accepted the actions were at the "less serious end" of sexual offences. Attorney-General Linda Lavarch immediately set in train a possible appeal after Steven Peter Quick, 29, walked from Southport District Court, despite pleading guilty to indecently dealing with a child and taking an indecent image. 

Judge Dearden said "blind Freddy" could have seen that the relationship, which included Quick filming the girl as he caressed and sucked her breasts, was "a complete no-go zone" and a jail term would normally be imposed. But Judge Dearden, a former Queensland Council of Civil Liberties president, accepted a defence submission that there were "exceptional circumstances" that warranted Quick being given a wholly suspended 18-month prison sentence and community correctional order. These included that the offences were at the "less serious end" of sexual offending, that Quick was "crippled psychologically" by his guilt and had been publicly shamed.

Quick was a maths and science teacher in central Queensland in 2004 when he formed a "close friendship" with the girl. In the September 2004 school holidays, Quick drove the girl to a location near Bundaberg, where he filmed the girl as he sucked and caressed her breasts. When the Crime and Misconduct Commission launched an investigation, Quick rang the girl and told her to lie for him or he would "come back to hurt her". 

Calling for at least three months of actual jail time, Crown prosecutor Bob Falconer said Quick had "flagrantly ignored" the trust placed in him. Defence solicitor Bill Potts said while the relationship was "very inappropriate", the schoolgirl had initiated much of the contact and she and Quick had planned to run away to "a happier place". 

But Judge Dearden said he accepted a psychologist's report that Quick was "crippled psychologically" with remorse, had no pedophilia tendencies, was unlikely to re-offend and did not pose a danger to the community. Judge Dearden cited a Court of Appeal decision that set a precedent for suspended sentences for indecent dealing offences in "exceptional circumstances". He told Quick the suspended sentence "should not be seen in any way as a lessening of the punishment". A spokesman for Mrs Lavarch said she had asked the Director of Public Prosecutions for a report on a possible appeal against the decision.

Report here

More on judge Dearden

Yesterday was not the first time Judge Ian Dearden has given a controversial soft sentence. In February this year, Brisbane man Brett Ashley Connor appeared before Judge Dearden charged with with possessing 90 child porn images. The judge sentenced Connor to nine months' jail wholly suspended because of mitigating factors including Connor's co-operation with authorities and the lack of apparent distribution of the images.

In March this year, brothers Shammi and Shamal Chand escaped jail in Dearden's court after pleading guilty to savagely bashing an invalid pensioner with a baseball bat. Handing both brothers wholly suspended jail sentences, Judge Dearden said he took into account their own misery following the death of their father, the difficulties Shammi Chand faced supporting his extended family and Shamal Chand's battle with drugs and mental illness.

In August last year, Judge Dearden also said he would "take a punt" on serial fraudster Julia Antonia Villiers who faced court charged with defrauding a Brisbane beauty clinic. Despite previously serving time for stealing as a servant and breaching a subpoenaed sentence, Judge Dearden handed Villiers a 12-month intensive correctional order.

Judge Dearden's appointment to the bench in February last year was criticised by Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg, who questioned how the former Queensland Council of Civil Liberties president could remain impartial.

Ray and Peter Mickleberg who both spent year in gaol for crimes they did not commit, who were stre up by corrupt polcie, a corrupt judge and corrupt prosecutors all in aid of protecting the real criminal who comitted these crimes with other Inspector Ron Hancock, who was in charge of the actual Perth Mint Swindle Investigation that the Micklebergs where charged for..Inspector Ron Hancock took the wrong people on in the end by shooting a member of a bikie gang in Kalgoorlie after as he accused himn of insulting his daughter at a pub he owned in Kalgoolie near his gold mine..which he used as a front to sell the gold he stole from the Perth Mint with a false $1 million Perth Building Society Cheque ...the bikie gang in response planted a bomb under Ron Hancocks car outside his home and he and his freind died in the explosion...
We suppose that Ron Hancock must have lived and believed the old saying..
"live by the sword and die by the sword.."
Note: It was clear the Micklebergs had nothing to do with the death of Ron Hancock..

The Mickleberg Stitch

Mickelberg v The Queen [1989] HCA 35; (1989) 167 CLR 259

This version of the judgment has been prepared by: Dr Robert N Moles and Bibi Sangha
Underlining where it occurs is for editorial emphasis]

External link to full text of Mickelberg v The Queen
Australian legal cases homepage
A state of Injustice - table of contents
Losing Their Grip - The Case of Henry Keogh - table of contents

Mickelberg 2004 West Australian Supreme Court - appeals allowed

Mason CJ

This case involves the convictions of Raymond and Peter Mickelberg [RM and PM; together “the Ms”]. I am in agreement with Toohey and Gaudron JJ. My comments relate to the submission that:
this Court has power to receive fresh evidence in an appeal from a Court of Appeal [CA];
to the effect of the concession made in this Court by counsel for the respondent that pins were placed in the WABS cheque when it was photographed in Canberra by Dr Hilton Kobus and not before;
to Peter Mickelberg's contention, raised in this Court for the first time, that his convictions are unsafe and unsatisfactory;
to the test to be applied by an intermediate appellate court when deciding to set aside a conviction on the ground of fresh evidence.

The Ms sought to place before this Court additional evidence which was not before the CA. Over the years this Court has consistently maintained that it has no power to receive fresh evidence in the exercise of its appellate jurisdiction. They argued that the relevant decisions are wrong and should not be followed. Before turning to the argument, I should identify the nature of the additional evidence on which they sought to rely.

The Ms sought to establish:
That evidence given by police witnesses as to the date of the photographing of the fingerprint on the WABS cheque was wrong.
That evidence given by police witnesses that the print had disappeared when the cheque was returned by Dr Kobus from Canberra was wrong.
That the negatives tendered in evidence purporting to be the original negatives of photographs of the fingerprint taken by Dr Kobus in Canberra, are not the original negatives but are copies which must have been made by the police after the originals had been sent by Dr Kobus from Canberra. According to the Ms the originals are not in evidence.
That, following his conviction, PM gave instructions to appeal against his conviction for conspiracy.
That the chassis number said by the police to be that of a burned-out car in Wanneroo was not the chassis number of a 1965 Ford Falcon sold by Mr and Mrs Allen in May 1982. According to the Ms the significance of the new evidence is that it would throw a cloud of doubt over the inference to be drawn from the presence of RM's print on the WABS cheque. The evidence is intended to provide an explanation for PM's failure to appeal within time against his conviction for conspiracy. A subsequent application for an extension of time was refused. The evidence is intended to displace part of the evidence linking PM with the conspiracy, that is, his connection with the car allegedly used in the execution of the conspiracy.

The Crown did not accept the additional evidence and sought the opportunity to test it by cross-examination and to adduce evidence in reply should the Ms argument prevail. S73 of the Constitution confers upon the High Court jurisdiction "to hear and determine appeals from all judgments, decrees, orders, and sentences" of the persons and bodies referred to. The Ms contended that this power should be widely construed, that it contains no fetter preventing the Court from considering fresh evidence and that prima facie, apart from policy considerations, the Court is empowered to receive fresh evidence for the general purpose of doing justice.

The powers of the Court "are of the widest character which true appellate jurisdiction may possess":  Victorian Stevedoring and General Contracting Co Pty Ltd and Meakes v Dignan 1931, and that s.73 contains no express fetter preventing the Court from considering fresh evidence. But unless the reception of fresh evidence is truly a part of the Court's appellate jurisdiction, then the absence of such a fetter is irrelevant.

The authorities in this Court stand clearly for the proposition that the reception of fresh evidence is not a part of the appellate jurisdiction of the Court. The Ms challenged the reasoning on which these authorities are based on the ground that the reasoning depended on old English authorities which have been overtaken by more recent decisions. They made the point that, at a time when an appeal lay from this Court to the Privy Council, the Court was influenced by the circumstance that the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords did not receive fresh evidence. As it is now clearly established that both the CAppeal and the House of Lords receive fresh evidence, there has been a material development which justifies reconsideration of the existing authorities.

In Ronald v Harper 1910 this Court unanimously rejected the submission that it had jurisdiction to receive further evidence in support of an application for a new trial; it said the Court had no such jurisdiction, and referred to Flower v Lloyd 1877 UK, where the CA decided that it had no power to receive fresh evidence and that it would be a dangerous practice to allow it. Birch v Birch 1902 UK expressed the same opinion. However, the references were not central to the reasoning in the cases and made the point of policy that it would be undesirable for the Court to exercise such a power. The other members of the Court made no reference to the position of the CA and confined themselves to the jurisdiction of the High Court under the Constitution. Barton J was "strongly disposed" to think that there was no such jurisdiction. O'Connor J observed:    

"It is abundantly clear from sec.73 of the Constitution that the High Court can review a judgment of a State Court only by way of appeal. Acting on that view the Commonwealth legislature, in equipping this Court for the discharge of its duty, has recognized its authority to act in respect of the judgments of State Courts exercising State jurisdiction in no other way than by appeal. To determine as a Court of first instance the facts upon which these new grounds of appeal rest would be obviously to exceed the jurisdiction vested in this Court by the Constitution."

Griffith CJ said that it was clear that the primary judgment "would not be set aside unless there were, at least, a reasonable probability that the new evidence sought to be given would make a difference in the result". However, this was neither a statement of principle nor the formulation of a test for the receiving of fresh evidence, but merely an indication that the plaintiff had not been harmed by the Court's lack of jurisdiction.

Since Ronald v Harper, this Court has consistently maintained that it lacks power to receive fresh evidence, whether due to Constitutional limitation or to the absence of express statutory authority: see Victorian Stevedoring; Davies and Cody v The King 1937; Grosglik v Grant (No. 2) 1947; Crouch v Hudson 1970.

Underlying this uninterrupted stream of authority are 2 propositions.
1 An appellate court, in hearing an appeal, is called upon to redress error on the part of the court below. In deciding whether there was error, the appellate court looks to the materials which were before the court below. It is otherwise if, according to the statute governing the jurisdiction of the appellate court, the appeal is by way of rehearing. Then the court of appeal is not restricted to the materials on which the court below gave its decision and may receive additional evidence, including evidence as to matters which have taken place subsequent to that decision: Victorian Stevedoring contrasted the appellate functions of the Privy Council and the CA UK. The PC's prerogative jurisdiction was to decide whether the judgment complained of was right when given on the materials before the court below:  Ponnamma v Arumogam1905; Donegani v Donegani 1835; but cf Judicial Committee Act 1833.

The appeal to the CA UK, on the other hand, was by way of rehearing: Victorian Stevedoring, and enabled it to receive further evidence when hearing an appeal. Thus, the Court was entitled and ought to hear the case as at the time of rehearing: Attorney-General v BirminghamTame, and Rea District Drainage Board 1912. But the jurisdiction of the CA differed from that of a court hearing an appeal in the strict and proper sense of the term. The Court of Appeal's discretion to receive further evidence has been much discussed in England:Curwen v James 1963; Murphy v Stone-Wallwork (Charlton) Ltd 1969; Mulholland v Mitchell 1971; McCann v Sheppard 1973. But that discussion throws no light on the answer to the question presently under consideration. It seems that the House of Lords has power to receive further evidence in civil appeals. Just what is the source of the power is not altogether clear. Murphy v Stone-Wallwork: "Your Lordships' House has no similar rules of procedure governing your Lordships, but I have no doubt that your Lordships have ample power to admit further evidence ..."

The Directions as to Procedure applicable to Civil Appeals to the House of Lords provides for the making of an application for leave to introduce fresh evidence. The Rule appears to assume the existence of an authority to receive such evidence but the authority is not identified.Barder v Caluori 1988: "In appeals from the High Court to the CA, and from the CA to your Lordships' House, there is a discretion to admit evidence relating to supervening events where refusal to admit it would plainly cause serious injustice." The reference was to a supervening event which invalidates an assumption or estimate made at the time of the hearing of a matter. The calculation of damages may be based upon an assumption which is invalidated or falsified by subsequent events. That is a special situation because the court below has made an assumption or estimate as to a specific matter which has later been proved to have been erroneous.

The principle that justice requires cases to be decided as far as practicable upon the basis of facts, rather than assumptions or estimates in relation to those facts and subsequently found to be incorrect, may require such cases to be treated differently. The House of Lords' power to receive further evidence, is not, in my view, a reliable guide to the jurisdiction of this Court under s73 of the Constitution. The power of the English courts to set aside orders or to order new trials on the basis of further evidence was significantly affected by the Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873 (UK) which vested in the CA the jurisdiction to order a rehearing; Re Barrell Enterprises 1972. The developments in the law in this respect in England are therefore not of direct relevance to the interpretation of s.73 of the Constitution which governs the appellate jurisdiction of this Court.

The second basic proposition underlying the stream of authority already mentioned is that s.73, in conferring appellate jurisdiction on this Court, contains nothing to suggest that the Court is "to go beyond the jurisdiction or capacity of the Court appealed from": Victorian Stevedoring,. Indeed, by differentiating between original and appellate jurisdiction and by making different provisions for their exercise, the Constitution reinforces the notion that, when it refers to the appellate jurisdiction, it is speaking of appeals in their true or proper sense.

Isaacs J (dissenting) in Werribee Council v Kerr 1928 stated that no appeal from a State court exercising federal jurisdiction could be a rehearing because it would involve this Court exercising original jurisdiction as State judicial power. Whether this could be done under ss75 and 76 and 51(xxxix) of the Constitution is not a matter that needs to be discussed. Victorian Stevedoring referred to The Commonwealth v Brisbane Milling Co Ltd 1916 which inclined to the view that it was not possible to confer the additional power on the Court by way of a grant of original jurisdiction. There are two statements which may appear to be inconsistent with the course of authority in this Court. The first is Scott Fell v Lloyd 1911: "If necessary in the interests of justice the Court could send the case back to the Supreme Court for the purpose of obtaining further evidence." There may well be cases where this course may properly be followed: Pantorno v The Queen 1989. But it must be read subject to the cases which follow it and especially Ronald v Harper.There is no foundation in M's submission that the decisions of this Court are based upon misconceptions about the powers of the English Court of Appeal or that the jurisdiction of that Court is a reliable guide to the appellate jurisdiction of this Court under s73.

It remains for me to consider the argument that the grant of appellate  jurisdiction necessarily gives the appellate court power to do complete justice between the parties and that such a power entails the power to receive further evidence.

There is force in the argument that, in the light of contemporary notions of justice, a grant of appellate jurisdiction to a court should be understood as empowering the court, in its discretion, to receive further evidence with a view to determining whether the decision of the court below was erroneous and, if so, what order should be made in its place. On the other hand, the authorities make it clear that in 1900 a mere grant of appellate jurisdiction would not be understood as carrying with it a power to receive further evidence. Moreover, the division between the original and appellate jurisdiction of the Court makes it all the more difficult to sustain this aspect of the argument. As noted inVictorian Stevedoring, to do complete justice between the parties litigant by making an order which the court below had not jurisdiction or power to make "smacks rather of original jurisdiction". However, it may be that the existence of a discretion to receive evidence of supervening facts on matters which were the subject of assumption or  estimation in the courts below: Barder v Caluori; is properly part of appellate jurisdiction. It may be that appeals in Constitutional cases stand in a different position; the Court possesses an original jurisdiction in Constitutional matters. For the purposes of disposing of the present case, it is not necessary to decide these questions. Accordingly, I reserve my opinion on them.

My conclusion is that the Court has no power to receive the further evidence which the applicants seek to adduce . That conclusion should not be understood as denying the capacity of Parliament to confer on the Court power to receive fresh evidence in appeals, at least in those appeals which involve the exercise of federal jurisdiction.

Closely related to the further evidence which Ms sought to introduce was the use which they attempted to make of a concession made by the Crown that pins had not been placed in the WABS cheque before it was sent to Canberra on 16 July and that pins were placed in the cheque when it was photographed in Canberra by Dr Kobus. Both elements of the concession are relevant to the question: when was the photograph of the cheque which was admitted into evidence at the trial taken? The Crown submitted that the concession itself amounted to fresh evidence.

True it is that the presence of the pin marks in the cheque was not observed at the trial and that it could have been noticed then. To the extent that the evidence relates to the actual presence of pin marks in the cheque, the evidence is not fresh. But the facts which are the subject of the concession are facts which were not proved or admitted at the trial or in the Court of Criminal Appeal. No doubt material which explains or records what happened in the courts below, including the trial court may be introduced in an appeal in this Court. But the concession is not material which falls into this category. Although the concession seeks to explain something that was put in evidence at the trial, it asserts new facts relevant to the issues which arose for determination at the trial. The concession amounts to further evidence. The fact that it is undisputed evidence does not suffice to give this Court jurisdiction to consider its effect.

I agree with the conclusion of Toohey and Gaudron JJ that the CA failed to determine the whole case referred to it and that the question whether PM's convictions are unsafe and unsatisfactory is fairly arguable. I agree also that special leave to appeal should be granted to PM to enable the Court of Criminal Appeal to consider, by reference to the whole of the evidence, excluding of course the further evidence sought to be adduced in this Court, whether his conviction for conspiracy is inconsistent with the acquittal of BM and whether his convictions are unsafe and unsatisfactory, notwithstanding that the convictions were not challenged in the CA on these grounds. Although the failure to argue the points in that Court would in other circumstances be a strong reason for refusing special leave to appeal, the fact that the Executive Government referred the whole case to the CA for determination under s21 of the Criminal Code (WA) is a decisive countervailing factor.The reference indicates the existence of public concern about the propriety of the convictions. That concern will not be satisfied unless there is a judicial decision resolving the contention that the convictions are unsafe and unsatisfactory, when that contention is fairly arguable. Largely related to that question is the argument that PM's conviction for conspiracy cannot stand alongside BM's acquittal.

Whether or not the reluctance of this Court to grant special leave to appeal on the basis of argument presented for the first time in a case before this Court is founded upon the nature of its appellate jurisdiction or, as I am inclined to think, the exercise of discretion is a question which was not argued before us. But it would be surprising if there was a want of jurisdiction when the Court has made many statements dealing with the way in which a discretion may be exercised to allow a point not argued in the courts below to be raised within this Court for the first time. It is clear that only in exceptional  circumstances is special leave to appeal granted when the point relied upon was not taken at trial or in a Court of Criminal AppealMillard v The King 1906; Giannarelli v The Queen 1983. Equally, a point cannot be raised for the first time on appeal when it could possibly have been met by calling evidence below: Coulton v Holcombe 1986; Water Board v Moustakas1988; Pantorno v The Queen. However, that is not the case in relation to the points which PM now seeks to raise. They are points of law based necessarily upon the facts as proved in evidence in the courts below, and as such may be entertained in this Court in the interests of justice: O'Brien v Komesaroff 1982; Pantorno v The Queen.

It is unnecessary to decide the question in order to grant special leave to Peter Mickelberg. The points relied upon in this Court for the first time fell within the scope of the reference to the CA and should have been pronounced upon by that Court as part of its consideration of the whole case. This Court therefore possesses jurisdiction to consider the matter on appeal for the same reasons as I have already given in favour of the grant of special leave.

The final matter concerns the appropriate test to be applied by an appellate court in deciding whether to set aside a conviction on the ground of fresh evidence. It is established that the proper question is whether the court considers that there is a significant possibility that the jury, acting reasonably, would have acquitted the appellant had the fresh evidence been before it at the trial. This test was endorsed in Gallagher v The Queen 1986: "no form of words should be regarded as an incantation that will resolve the difficulties of every case"; the court would need to conclude that "a jury might entertain a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the appellant"; the use of the expression "significant possibility" did not involve a different standard. I am in agreement with those statements. We were not asked to reconsider the correctness of the decision in Gallagher. I would grant the application by PM for special leave to appeal and allow the appeal to the extent necessary to allow consideration whether his conviction for conspiracy is consistent with the acquittal of BM and whether his convictions, or any of them, are unsafe or unsatisfactory. I would refuse the application by RM for leave to appeal.

Brennan J

Toohey and Gaudron JJ have canvassed the grounds of appeal which were argued in this case. I agree with the conclusions which they have arrived at. This Court has uniformly refused to receive fresh evidence in the exercise of its appellate jurisdiction in criminal cases. The principle was stated in Davies and Cody v The King 1937: "The only power of the court as a court of appeal is to consider and determine whether the judgment of the court appealed from was right upon the materials before that court ... In this case the court is invited to consider fresh evidence. The court has no power to consider that evidence."

The cases in this Court have spoken uniformly on this subject. I am unable to agree with Toohey and Gaudron JJ that, although this Court generally has no power to consider fresh evidence, the concession made in this Court by counsel for the Crown as to the photograph of the print on the cheque can be regarded in deciding whether the decision by the CA was correct. The jurisdiction of this Court is to pronounce the judgment which the CA should have pronounced: Craig v The King 1933; Pantorno v The Queen 1989 and therefore this Court is required to determine "whether the judgment of the court appealed from was right upon the materials before that court". That function cannot properly be performed by reference to materials that were not before the court appealed from. This Court is not a court of criminal appeal and it is not fitted to receive, test and evaluate evidence which has not been considered in the court appealed from. In an appeal which challenges the evaluation by the CA of the sufficiency of evidence to support a conviction or the cogency of fresh evidence not produced at the trial, this Court cannot have regard to facts which were not before the CA. The notion that the correctness of the decision of the court appealed from can be determined by reference to materials not before that court is inconsistent with the appellate nature of the jurisdiction exercised by this Court.

Their Honours leave open the question whether there is any practical difference between the formulations of the test for determining whether fresh evidence is such as to warrant the quashing of a conviction. The formulation which, in my respectful opinion, was settled by this Court inRatten v The Queen 1974; and in Lawless v The Queen 1979, is whether the jury, if the fresh evidence had been laid before it together with the evidence given at the trial, would have been likely to have entertained a reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused. That was the formulation to which I adhered in Gallagher. The test has sometimes been expressed not in terms of "likely" but in terms of "might" Stafford v DPP 1974 UK; Gallagher; or in terms of "significant possibility"; Gallagher. Although I agree with Toohey and Gaudron JJ. that it is not necessary to elaborate in this case upon the differing nuances of these formulae or to decide between them, my preference for the "likely" formula remains.

That said, I come to the same conclusions as their Honours - indeed, I come to the conclusion in the case of RM more readily. In the case of PM, it is apparent that the evidence against him has not been subjected to the critical examination necessary to determine whether his convictions are supportable. I agree that the reference of PM's case to the CA required that examination to be made and that the matter should be remitted to that Court accordingly. That Court has authority to consider fresh evidence. In so saying, I do not imply any departure from the distinction to which I referred in Chamberlain v The Queen (No.2) 1984; between a case where the CA is satisfied that, on the evidence before the jury, it would be unsafe, unjust or dangerous to allow a verdict of guilty to stand and a case (such as Ratten) where the CA is satisfied that, had fresh evidence been available and produced at the trial, a different verdict would have been likely.

I would refuse RM leave to appeal. I would grant special leave to appeal to PM and allow his appeal, setting aside the order made by the CA in his case and remitting his case to the CA for determination in accordance with the judgments of this Court.


A police whistleblower in a corrupt political system -Frank Scott

Western Australian Police officer FRANK SCOTT exposed corruption in the Western Australian Police Force

Both major political parties in West Australia espouse open and accountable government when they are in opposition, however once their side of politics is able to form Government, the only thing that changes is that they move to the opposite side of the Chamber and their roles are merely reversed. The opposition loves the whistleblower while the government of the day loathes them.

It was therefore refreshing to see that in 2001 when the newly appointed Attorney General in the Labor government, Mr Jim McGinty, promised that his Government would introduce whistleblower protection legislation by the end of that year. He stated that his legislation would protect those whistleblowers who suffered victimization and would offer some provisions to allow them to seek compensation. How shallow those words were; here we are some sixteen years later and yet no such legislation has been introduced. Below I have written about the effects I suffered from trying to expose corrupt senior police officers and the trauma and victimization I suffered which led to the loss of my livelihood.

 Whilst my efforts to expose corrupt police officers made me totally unemployable, those senior officers who were subject of my allegations were promoted and in two cases were awarded with an Australian Police Medal. I describe my experiences in the following pages in the form of a letter to West Australian parliamentarian Rob Johnson. 1 Hon. Robert (Rob) Frank Johnson MLA JP Suite 2, Endeavour House Corner Endeavour Road and, Banks Ave, Hillarys WA 6025 (08) 9307 8311

Dear Mr. Johnson

My name is Frank Scott and I am a former detective sergeant who was discharged from the Police Service after alleging that some members of the police hierarchy were corrupt. I had intended to contact you last year when I saw the “death notice” you placed in the paper after Peter Ward had died. I had no idea that you and he were friends but I am sure that if you knew Peter well, you would have found him to be an extremely honest person and one that went out of his way to help people who needed legal assistance.

During the time when Peter was the Ministerial advisor to the Police Minister, he was contacted by an informant who claimed that Detective Sergeant Colin Pace had been receiving corrupt payments from prostitutes and illegal gaming operators whilst he was the officer-in-charge (OIC) of Port Hedland CIB. The informant also told Peter to contact me and I would be able to provide evidence of a corrupt association between detective sergeant Colin Pace and race horse trainer, Bob Meyers. This incident occurred when I was the sergeant-in-charge of the CIB Bank Fraud section and detective senior sergeant Pace was my direct supervising officer.

I was able to glean evidence that sergeant Pace had concealed a letter of complaint and supporting documentary evidence which had been forwarded to the Fraud Squad for investigation by a large corporation who came to the conclusion that race horse trainer Bob Meyers had presented them with a fraudulent cheque.

He was then responsible for falsifying the file register which I maintained to record details of all the investigations carried out by my subordinate officers. Detective sergeant Les Ayton who subsequently became the Deputy Commissioner of Police was also a serving member of the Fraud Squad at the time of this incident and had a close friendship with sergeant Pace.

Both of them had previously served in the Fraud Squad together years earlier when the Commissioner of Police, Brian Bull was the Senior Sergeant-in-Charge of the Fraud Squad. As a result of the allegations of corruption levelled at sergeant Pace, the Minister of Police forwarded a memo to the Police Commissioner requesting that an investigation be initiated to determine whether it was appropriate for sergeant Pace to be promoted to the rank of Inspector.

 The Commissioner of Police Mr Brian Bull conducted two corrupt internal investigations into the antecedent conduct of sergeant Pace and both these investigations exonerated him from any malfeasance. In his report to the Minister, the Commissioner claimed that the allegations made against sergeant Pace were totally unfounded and he had an excellent service record which warranted his promotion. To support his findings, the Police Commissioner attached a statement prepared by brevet Inspector Les Ayton as a character reference attesting to sergeant Pace’s merit for promotion.

When brevet inspector Ayton was promoted to rank of superintendent as the inaugural OIC of the Police Internal Affair Unit which had been created by the Commissioner of Police to investigate police corruption, I provided him with overwhelming evidence that clearly established that Inspector Pace was corrupt and had been for many years. I also informed him of the corrupt conduct of several other high ranking members of the police hierarchy that included the chief superintendent in charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch and the chief superintendent in charge of Crime Services.

One of my allegations against them which superintendent Ayton failed to investigate related to the incompetent or corrupt manner in which these officers had condoned the outlaw motor cycle gang “The Coffin Cheaters” to illegally supply and distribute vast amounts of prohibited drugs, launder large sums of money, and illegally trade in liquor at their annual Bindoon concerts.

In addition, I advised him of the inappropriate manner in which some of these members of the police hierarchy had invited a notorious criminal and the head of this organised crime gang to attend and address a police briefing prior to that concert.

At that briefing which comprised some 20 sectional leaders including myself, the head of this outlaw motor cycle gang began to give us instructions as to how we were to perform our duties at that concert.

 It was sickening to watch senior police management cower to his demands, knowing that this criminal and his criminal mates would be free to peddle their drugs at their concert with total impunity. I was the only one who challenged his commands and I became extremely concerned with his overtly close relationship with some senior police officers.

 Later, after examining records at the Liquor and Gaming Branch, I was able to ascertain that the Director of Liquor Licensing had refused to grant a Liquor Permit to the “Coffin Cheaters” in a Liquor Licensing Court hearing two years earlier. In his written decision, he concluded that many of “Coffin Cheaters” club members had extensive criminal records and a total disregard for the law and therefore were not fit and proper persons to be involved in the sale of liquor on such a large scale as was intended at the Bindoon Rock Festival.

In his written decision, he wrote; “My third concern is whether the Club is a fit and proper person, or body of persons, to hold the permit. One of the objects of the Liquor Act is to ensure that liquor is not sold by persons who are not fit and proper to do so. In this case, the Club is not a legal entity (although it is related to companies which are). The Club comprises about 15 members. Many of those members have a long history of criminal offences.

Mr Withnell, for example, has several convictions for offences in the mid 1979’s.

These include assault, carrying an offensive weapon, disorderly conduct, possessing an unlicensed firearm, and, most seriously rape. For the last of these, he was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment with hard labour. He has received other gaol sentences for serious assault and a further eight years imprisonment in 1979 for robbery with violence. Other members, such as Patrick McKay, Bradley Wood, Christopher McKay, Peter Jewell, Mark Ashelford, Gut Turtun, Larry Allen, Trevor Walton, George Cole and Jeffrey White have also been convicted of many serious offences in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

These cover a wide range of offences against the person and property, as well as unlawful possession of drugs and firearms. Some occurred within the last year or two. (In mid – 1987, for example, Jeffrey White was sentenced to 18 months gaol for receiving stolen goods)

While in most case, the most serious offence occurred several years ago, the nature and extent of the offences have led me to conclude that many of Club members have a disregard for the law and that, as a result, they are not fit and proper persons to be involved in the sale of liquor on such a large scale as is intended at the Bindoon Rock Festival. Despite the fact that there was a Liquor Licensing Court ruling that the members of Coffin Cheaters outlaw motor cycle gang were not fit and proper persons to be issued with a Liquor Permit, senior police officers continued to allow this organised crime gang to sell liquor at their annual concert. It was inconceivable that they would also consider it appropriate for the head of this outlaw motor cycle crime gang to be invited to address a police briefing and allocate duties to police officers who had a responsibility to ensure that his criminal motor cycle gang complied with their legal liabilities. I advised superintendent Ayton that I strongly suspected some senior police officers were consorting with one of the most feared criminals in West Australia and had assisted him in circumventing a court decision by allowing his crime gang to continue to conduct their annual Bindoon rock concerts. I also advised him that I led a team of undercover officers inside the compound during that concert where we obtained photographic evidence of the illegal manner in which it had been conducted and evidence of the vast amount of prohibited drugs which were being openly distributed at the concert.

Once the chief superintendent-in-charge of Crime Services had discovered that I had that photographic evidence, he seized those photographs from me and was attempting to stifle my endeavours to commence criminal proceedings against the “Coffin Cheaters” licensee company and its approved manager.

 Superintendent Ayton listened to my allegations and I expected that he would conduct a covert investigation into my claims.

 I certainly did not consider that he would immediately approach those members of the hierarchy who were subject of my allegations and informed them of my complaint against them. Needless to say that was the end of my police career and the following day I received a telephone call from the chief superintendent of Crime Services who demanded that I attend his office forthwith.

The MclernonFile 
Tel: 0411
 491 744


The last of the Hard Men

I understand that is the way the former Chief of the CIB, Donald Hancock loved to refer to himself, using the monicker, Hard Man. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. This bloke was best referred to as a businessman licensed to carry arms. His main claim to fame was the fact he had the Mickelberg brothers convicted of the Mint Swindle. History has now seen them exonerated and paid compensation. Instead of taking the way of the hard men, Hancock and his cohorts took the short easy way. There was not enough evidence for a conviction, so take the law into your own hands and manufacture some!

I understand that is the way the former Chief of the CIB, Donald Hancock loved to refer to himself, using the monicker, Hard Man. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. This bloke was best referred to as a businessman licensed to carry arms. His main claim to fame was the fact he had the Mickelberg brothers convicted of the Mint Swindle. History has now seen them exonerated and paid compensation. Instead of taking the way of the hard men, Hancock and his cohorts took the short easy way. There was not enough evidence for a conviction, so take the law into your own hands and manufacture some!

Verbals were the order of the day and plenty of Hancock’s followers were ready and willing to oblige. Just fill in the empty gaps with snippets of half evidence that the court accepts on the bent copper’s word that it is a confession. Throw in a couple of random beltings, reports of perpetrators breaking out in tears of remorse and “Wham Bam, thank you Ma’am”, a successful collar goes down, Guilty.

Hancock went to his grave as the only murder suspect over the shooting of a man in the back from ambush at night in the dark from a distance, all allegedly over a few words to a barmaid. The barmaid was Hancock’s daughter working in the family pub. There was a farcical inquiry led by his old drinking buddies and as they went round and round the garden like pet ducks all the evidence disappeared and Hancock walked away, free.

There were two competing sets of rules for this high ranking and highly rank cop, one for him and his feckless lot and another for the rest of the community. Cop it sweet.

Infamously Hancock was once recorded by Ray and Peter Mickelberg on a covert tape that is illuminating of his techniques, bullying and scornful disregard for lawful conduct. It was played to the High Court of Australia.

His words, to coin a phrase, speak for themselves …

Hancock: I don’t know what you expect.

Ray: To live by certain rules.

Hancock: Well, are there rules?

Ray: You tell me there are.

Hancock: No. There might be guidelines but no rules. I could have gone harder.

Ray: Do you think it would have been wise?

Hancock: Pride comes into it. Don’t ever challenge me to do something because I’ll fucking well do it all right. You can rest assured about that.

Ray: You’re mean, Don.

Hancock: I’m not a mean person, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve done things in my life that you never did, and harder things, worse things, and if I’ve got to do them again, well, I’ll do them.

Ray: In the line of duty?

Hancock: That’s it, yes. What I believe is my line of duty – to get the job done.

It was a pretty bizarre statement that Hancock considered himself to be a harder and tougher man than Ray Mickelberg who had served as a frontline SAS commando in action in Vietnam.

The term Hard Men should be reserved for men named in the following true story of bravery. Hancock surrounded himself with men like Lewandowski and Colin Circles Pace, hardly inspirationally brave men themselves, either. Pace was allowed to resign from the force labelled as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and corrupt to the core. ‘Weak Men’ is more apt a title befitting these Bent Cops. I do not pretend to talk for the Good Lord but it would appear he frowns on the corrupt members of the Police force. Lets face it, Hancock died a horrible death by bombing, Lewandowski hung himself, and the Pace ending is yet to unfold.

Maybe their victims are the hard men, some spent 12 years or more in jail and summoned the strength to stay alive in horrible conditions of degradation and pain. Others lost families, fortunes and futures due to these alleged Hard Men taking short cuts rather than doing their jobs properly. They are given enormous powers in the cause of good but that is not enough and they exaggerate themselves as some kind of saviours; vigilantes in the cause of themselves!

These very men rarely feel the true sting of justice. The general community waits patiently but hopelessly for the administration of an all embracing and equal application of Justice.

The likes of McGinty and Cock and the judiciary fail to punish the well known perpetrators of official evil. The judges only see what is put before them.

To finish this series of three books I wish to detail a story showing not all cops are bad, only a very few, hence the following story of bravery, loyalty and honesty. Even the gunman could be said to be brave and honest ‘to his own choice of lifestyle’. Problem was, he kept coming back on most weekends for a couple more potshots at the local coppers. There could only be one ending.

It is a true story of Hard Men.

There was this tough local guy who had done some heavy time in Victoria’s infamous Pentridge Prison. Coming back to the West after his extensive jail training he was imbued with an abiding hatred of ‘coppers’. He blamed them for his bad luck, although he was not much of a thief. He was much better as a stand over man using his guns to intimidate victims. Donald Harley Stewart started his violent life of crime as a car thief, moving to Melbourne in his teens, using a stolen car. He was stopped in South Australia and a rifle was found in the car. His two year stint in a reformatory was cut short when he escaped and continued to Victoria, always using stolen cars. Eventually the Victorian police caught up with him and instead of sending him back to South Australia to complete his time there, they had a bundle of their own charges and he went down for six months. Almost immediately after release he went back inside again on car theft charges. Throughout this period his family supported him and encouraged him to go straight which, for a time he did.

But within two years he was back to his car thieving. He had ‘acquired’ a car which he hid in the bush. Police were staking it out, waiting for the thief to return. Alert as a prowling animal, he sensed the presence of the police, but this time he was armed with a pistol. Not knowing this, the police called to him to stop when he was only a short distance from the car. Stewart took to his heels with the police in pursuit. He turned and fired about six shots at the detectives, one of whom answered with a similar barrage. Stewart was unharmed but Detective Lloyd Taylor was hit in the leg.

Just 20 years of age, Stewart was now being pursued by armed squads of police who were now fully appraised of his venomous intent to harm them.

A short time later he was surprised in a house which he was in the process of burglarizing. The occupant took off after Stewart but gave up the chase when a bullet whizzed past him. A high speed car chase around the inner Perth suburbs ended when he crashed off the side of the road. Running to a house, the woman inside was quick enough to lock her door and keep Stewart out. Police surrounded him and called for him to surrender. Even then Stewart went for his gun until he was knocked down with a bullet in the back.

Astonishingly, he was scarcely hurt because of the faulty charge in the police bullet.

With the multiplicity of charges against him, the sentence of ten years did not seem excessive to the police and public. The sentencing Judge told the gunman, “It seems that you will let nothing stand in the way of your criminal intentions and you will use a firearm whenever it suits your purposes.”

At this point, Stewart’s father abandoned him and told a Perth newspaper that he no longer had a son. He attributed his wife’s early death to her son’s criminal conduct and disowned Stewart.

With remissions for good conduct, Stewart was freed after six years. He began legitimate work and was probably the victim of genuine bad luck. There was an allegation of theft at his work, seemingly not to involve him, detectives thought. However, he was sacked shortly after. It was the fulcrum point of his life after which he embraced entirely a life of violent crime and passionate hatred of all police. He was set for revenge. He connected with a career criminal from Sydney who was soon arrested and turned on Stewart to reduce his time in jail. The police were now equally as focused on Stewart as he was on them. A showdown was inevitable.

After serving a four month sentence for which he had been shopped by his Sydney ‘mate’, Perth detectives were distinctly uneasy because Stewart had continuously voiced his hatred to prisoners who passed the information to the screws. He specifically targeted three police in his vicious rantings: Detective Sergeants Parker, Leitch and McLernon.

Stewart collected weapons as others collect old chairs or stamps. He lived by the gun and made preparations to die by the gun. Hiding out in the Perth hills he found an isolated farm and proceeded to dig a caravan into the ground hidden by trees and shrub. Into his hidey hole he stored an arsenal of explosives, weapons and ammunition. Perhaps he was preparing for the Red Chinese invasion. And as is the want of country boys, he took to going to town of a weekend but with one major difference. He went armed and angry, looking for bear. In his twisted view of life, the police were his target, fair game, although at that time the general copper went around his beat unarmed.

On one occasion Stewart telephoned Detective Sergeant Owen Leitch, later to become Commissioner, to warn him that he was on the prowl and armed for a fight. “Just wait,” he prophesied. A local newspaper published a somewhat edited version of the conversation where Stewart asks Detective Leitch, “I heard you were looking for me.”

“Nah, Don,” replied Leitch. “We were just wondering where you were and what you were doing.”

But the police indeed had serious cause for concern. They suspected that Stewart had stolen two cases of gelignite from a quarry near Perth and their apprehension grew as several cars were blown up. They were Ford Zephyr vehicles, the same as detectives drove. Stewart was sending his message of intended violence. There was a wave of car thefts and burglaries which the police attributed to Stewart. Of more concern was the theft of a radio from a taxi that was capable of tuning into the police broadcast band. Stewart could monitor the efforts to track him down.

Then in March 1959 a beat copper in the inner north of Perth near the Museum observed a car which he soon confirmed as a stolen vehicle. The keys had been left in the ignition so the smart young constable took the keys and hurried off to Central where he reported his find to the desk sergeant. Another young constable, A.H. Howell, was sent back to the scene to keep an eye out. Stewart returned and was immediately suspicious that the keys were gone. He had his hotwiring gear and was in the process of stealing the car he had already stolen when Constable Howell arrived. Stewart took off on foot with Howell in pursuit. Stewart then stopped and turned, yelling out, “Stop, or I’ll let you have it!”

Howell kept going and Stewart fired two shots at the game unarmed young cop who was unharmed, luckily. The gunman disappeared into the dark streets of Northbridge. However, he left behind a daunting treasure trove of his serious intention to create harm and havoc in Perth. In his abandoned vehicle there was a rifle, the stolen police style radio and a stick of gelignite.

Five days later Detective Sergeants John McLernon and Harry Cann saw Stewart in another stolen vehicle in an inner city street. Stewart was now in full aggression mode and had made telephoned threats against the children of Owen Leitch, John McLernon and other detectives. The detectives followed the gunman to a house in Murray Street, Perth, where he jumped from his car.

McLernon was my father and he had a pretty tough background himself. He had enlisted at the age of 20 and served four years as a sapper in the Second World War in the Australian 2/4th Field Squadron. He and his mates saw much deadly action in the New Guinea and Borneo campaigns. Many times he operated behind enemy lines. On occasion the Americans would co-opt him and for a period he was seconded to the brutal island hopping campaign in service with the US 7th fleet chasing Japanese out of the Pacific. He was decorated for valour. This was the man, one of the true Hard Men, that Stewart ill-advisedly started firing upon.

Cann and McLernon challenged Stewart, giving him a chance to throw down his arms. He opted for the hard way. He drew a pistol. As he drew down on McLernon, Cann fired and hit the gunman’s holster. McLernon then opened fire with a shotgun and wounded the tough. As the two officers closed with Stewart, he reached down and pulled a second pistol from an ankle holster and took a shot at McLernon. Undeterred, McLernon snapped down on Stewart with his 12 gauge shotgun sending the gunman to his destiny and epitaph.

An iconic photograph was published in the Perth Daily News of John McLernon with his shotgun cracked open and across his shoulders as he laconically made his way from the battleground. His hat was tilted back on his head and a cigarette dangled from a face showing exhaustion and tension. A hard man with a hard job and with equally hard men to back him in the job.

As police backtracked Stewart’s movements they located his secret base in the rough bushland of Perth’s hills at Serpentine on the South Eastern outskirts. A luxury Jaguar car was hidden in the trees under a tarpaulin and a caravan at the site was covered with camouflage material and branches. Suitcases of stolen goods and money was uncovered as well as an underground armoury which had been booby-trapped. Cake tins had been loaded up with explosives. There were trip wires and traps all around and a large cache of explosives.

Yet here were the coppers of the day, hats on as always, hanging around with curiosity and disdain for their personal safety as they looked over the shoulders of the bomb squad, still smoking the inevitable cigarette. They had no fear.

John McLernon fought against totally dedicated and skilled Japanese soldiers intent on killing him head on with anything to hand, bayonet, bomb or bullet. He was cited for valour.

Stewart knew what he was up against and went out to a certain doom, armed and up front.

Hancock, on the other hand, was sly and weak, allegedly shooting an unarmed man in the back at night at a bush campfire, using a sniper’s rifle. He and his ilk are the scourge of honour, yet he was given the hero’s funeral by his fawning colleagues under the false flag of being the Last of the Hard Men.

No, it was the John McLernon’s, the Harry Cann’s and the Frank Scott’s who were the tough, dauntless hard men who kept the peace and the law in the manner of Men of Honour. We seem to have forgotten them and the many men and women in the Police Force today who do their job with honesty and ethics, for they still exist.

The Fifth Estate I

The Fifth Estate-The Sequel-If the Hat Fits, Wear It, 

The Fifth Estate Book III -Every Bit of the circle is Bent by TerranceJ McLernon


The Mclernon File Tel: 0411 491 744fi 

Chapter 2    

 Mad As A Cut Snake

FRANK SCOTT IS UNDENIABLY a brave man. Anyone who stands up and speaks out against corruption in our community knowing that he will become a target both literally and physically qualifies as a hero in my view. Such a man is Frank Scott, who emerged in the mid nineties as a whistleblower who had had a gutful of bent coppers during his stint in the CIB. As with earlier honest jacks who had raised the flag for honesty, he was berated, impugned, marginalized, threatened and forced from the job. As with Frank “Spike” Daniels who had blown the whistle a decade earlier, they were forced into early retirement by the oft used subterfuge of fake psychiatric reports which, naturally, led to the trumpeted conclusion by their bent colleagues to ingenuous reporters: “Bloody mad as a cut snake!”

But neither of the two brave Franks were mad. They were bold and they were honest and they paid the price of undercutting the Fifth Estate and its necessary support staff in the ranks of the WA Police Force. Years of harassment of Frank Scott have made him a stronger man although there were periods of dark and desperate despair. But Frank Scott fought on, eventually documenting his earlier days at the coal face which is related later here in this book. At this moment time has advanced to the infamous Mickelberg reversals when bent cop and belated whistleblower, Tony Lewanadowski, finally admitted on oath that he and other cops had lied and fabricated evidence to convict the Mickelberg brothers over the Great Mint Swindle. On 12 June 2002, in reaction to the affidavit of Lewandowski which had been dropped into the public mire by Attorney General Jim McGinty a few days earlier, Frank spoke to Luke Morfesse of the West Australian newspaper. It was quite astonishing really, having an ex-cop verify the basic essentials of policing in Western Australia. The investigative skills, according to Frank Scott, included bashing, fabrication and intensive research in the saloon bar of the Great Western Hotel. Frank told Morfesse that as a detective sergeant in the much vaunted CIB, he was routinely involved in bashing suspects. Keep in mind, in this Fair State a bashing is what is described in other “civilized” communities as “torture”.

Frank Scott told the newspaper that during his ten-year-stint he was taught the art and craft of bashing and fabrication by his ‘superiors’.

“I was taught that way and so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Everybody did it,” he said. “I didn’t see it as being corrupt because there was no financial benefit, you were simply doing your job, which was to catch crooks. “Half the time, because of the restrictions on admissibility of evidence, a jury didn’t know what police knew. But if the jury was able to get the same information as police had then they would have come to the same conclusion.” The one-time police whistleblower is comfortable with his claims, because what he calls an investigative tool never involved verballing or giving a hiding to anyone who he believed was innocent. “It didn’t happen on a regular basis and it would never have happened, say, in the fraud squad with a white collar crook,” he said. “It really only happened with hardened crims because it was the only language they understood. That was how the game was played.” Back when the CIB was based at police headquarters in Adelaide Terrace, the game also involved spiriting away suspects to suburban CIB offices such as Belmont.

“It was not uncommon to take someone to a suburban CIB to do the interview where you could give them a hiding without everyone around the place hearing the interview,” Mr Scott said. He claims that in the 1980s it was not uncommon for the verballed confessions of suspects obtained by some of his former CIB colleagues to be used as evidence in trials, as was the case with the Mickelbergs. “Some of those blokes could solve any crime in Perth almost without leaving the saloon bar of the Great Western Hotel,” he said. “They obviously knew the person did it but they were just too lazy to do the ground work to provide proper evidence to get a conviction. Some of those blokes could solve any crime in Perth almost without their beer getting warm.” Seems like a job made in heaven.

In the following year when the Royal Commission into police corruption was wandering around with the fairies, Frank had written to the Chief Investigator, Mario Da Re, offering his specialised knowledge to assist the inquiry. “Some time ago now, I told you that I had prepared an affidavit which was going to be tabled in Parliament. This affidavit relates to a series of allegations made by Michael Murphy. One of his allegations was that the DPP improperly failed to prosecute Murphy’s business associates in stealing $30 Million worth of gold from his gold tenement. “He also alleged that Roger Bryer and a person called Waller were somehow involved with the mint swindle and his views on this matter were tabled in Parliament by John Fischer in an affidavit. My affidavit supports the fact that Roger Bryer was allegedly involved in laundering gold bullion. It was not tabled in Parliament and may be of some use to you as intelligence. I have attached the contents for your information.” His affidavit was a bit of a mind blower, coming in on top of the Lewandowski revelations.

I am a former Police Officer who served in the Western Australian Police Service for a period of twenty two years including ten years in the Criminal Investigation Branch and five years in the Liquor and Gaming Brach. I was involuntarily discharged from the Western Australian Police Service on 20 April 1993, after I had provided the Officer in Charge of the Police Internal Affairs Unit, Superintendent Ayton, with information regarding the conduct of several high ranking officers which I considered to be corrupt. One of the Officers I refer to in the above paragraph was the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Detective Chief Superintendent Donald Hancock. A comprehensive submission of my allegations of corruption by some senior police officers has been forwarded to the Royal Commission investigating Police corruption. During the early part of my Police service in the Criminal Investigation Branch, I was acquainted with a person known to me as Roger Bryer of the El Trovadore. At that time it was Police Departmental Policy to prohibit junior police officers from frequenting the Il Trovadore Club and other illegal gaming houses in the Northbridge area.

In 1979, my acquaintance with Mr Bryer was rekindled during the Miss Universe Pageant where I was a member of the police security team and Mr Bryer was a sponsor of one of the contestants. I had further and regular contact with Mr Bryer when I was transferred to the C.I.B. Dealers Squad and Mr Bryer was the proprietor of a gold bullion and second hand jewellery store called the Great West Gold Exchange situated then on the corner of Hay and William Street, Perth. I became a regular visitor to the premises during my term as a detective in the Dealers Squad and became friendly with Mr Bryer. I was transferred from the Dealers Squad to the Drug Squad in 1980.

On 2 December 1984, I was transferred to the Central Police Station in uniform branch and during routine patrols, I noticed that the Great West Gold exchange had moved its business premises to William Street, near the intersection of Brisbane Street, Northbridge. I again renewed my acquaintance with Mr Bryer in early 1995 and visited him occasionally during my patrols. During one such visit, I informed Mr Bryer that I was soon to commence my annual leave. Mr Bryer asked me if I could supervise his premises while he went on a business trip to Queensland where he was negotiating a business deal with a publicly listed company called Ariadne Limited. I took the opportunity to do so. On one day during the week whilst I was supervising the premises, a staff member drew my attention to a male person attending the business premises with a significant quantity of gold to sell. The staff member informed me that this same person had frequented the premises on about six previous occasions and had sold similar amounts of gold.

On each occasion this gold was in excess of 99% pure and she suspected it to be gold bullion melted down. The male person informed the staff member that he would return within a fortnight with two kilograms of gold of the same quality. I was told this person gave the name of Tony Carbone who I subsequently learned was an associate of John Asciak, Geoffrey Barlow and Brian Chambers, all of them being known drug traffickers. After Carbone left the premises, I examined the gold he had sold to the Great West Gold Exchange, and the register recording the past sales of gold so that I could note the previous times Carbone had sold gold bullion to the Great West Gold Exchange. I wrote down the times, dates, quantity of gold, the amount paid in exchange for the gold and also the assay results and amount paid by the Perth Mint to the Great West Gold Exchange. At the time when I took these notes, I asked the staff member to keep my inquiry confidential from Mr Bryer as I intended to have a covert investigation carried out to ascertain the origin of the gold. I strongly suspected that this gold might have been stolen from the Perth Mint some years previously.

I then contacted Detective Inspector William Round who was a personal friend of mine and was also the second in charge of the Task Force investigating the Perth Mint swindle. I advised Detective Inspector Round what had occurred and requested that he place Carbone under Police surveillance so that evidence could be gleaned regarding the suspected gold and the antecedent details obtained of Carbone’s movements. On the following day, I was contacted by Sergeant Peter Grant who called me from Kalgoorlie and advised me that he had just been transferred to the Gold Stealing Staff and that Detective Chief Superintendent Don Hancock had authorised him to return to Perth to conduct an investigation into the information I had supplied to Detective Inspector Round. I was extremely surprised that Hancock knew about this investigation as I had expected Round to only advise the surveillance team.

A day of so later Grant attended at my private residence and I reiterated to him the importance of confidentiality as I was investigating a client of the Great Western Gold Exchange without the proprietor’s knowledge and I needed to protect my informant. I informed Sergeant Grant that I had made arrangements with the staff member to contact me and advise me when Carbone was to return to the Great Western Gold Exchange, to sell the two kilos of gold. Some two weeks later the staff member called me at home to advise that Carbone had been in touch and stated that he would be in the following morning with the gold. I immediately contacted Sergeant Grant and asked him to alert the Police Surveillance Squad in readiness for their job.

The following morning I received a telephone call from the staff member who was very agitated. When I inquired what the problem was, she told me that Mr Bryer had said he had noticed two male persons loitering and acting very suspiciously near the premises and suspected that they were preparing to rob the Great Western Gold Exchange. She then advised him that the two ‘suspects’ might in fact be police officers conducting an investigation on my behalf. Shortly later when Carbone arrived at the premises these two persons entered the shop and identified themselves as detectives and apprehended Carbone. I understand that the two detectives back at HQ then requested to view the Register and compared the dates that Carbone had previously attended at the premises with the times, dates and details that I had already provided Sergeant Grant. I also understand that Carbone was taken away for questioning and his vehicle and premises were searched. I cannot recall if any charges were preferred against Carbone but in later discussions with Sergeant Grant, I was advised that no gold had been recovered. I am unaware if the two detectives took possession of, or if they photocopied the register but these details should be contained in the relevant police file recording this incident.

I have always considered that this investigation was purposely carried out in a deliberately incompetent manner with a view to compromise the investigation so that the truth and origin of this gold would never be established. In May 2004, Frank continued his account of bizarre police conduct in another affidavit including the extraordinary response to his allegations of corruption when he was appointed to investigate his own investigation and to report the outcome to one of the senior officers he had accused! During my police career, I was appointed as a probationary detective on 2 December 1974, and was promoted through the ranks of the Criminal Investigation Branch, where I worked for 10 years, reaching the rank of detective sergeant. Whilst in the CIB I worked in various squads including Midland C.I.B., motor squad, combined operations, dealers’ squad, drug squad, general crime squad and fraud squad. I was transferred to the uniform branch on 2nd December 1984 after being charged with a disciplinary offence. I remained in the uniform branch until May 1987 when I was transferred to the liquor and gaming branch. In December 1991, I went on sick leave after reporting alleged corrupt or improper conduct by Detective Chief Superintendent Don Hancock and Chief Superintendent Les McMillan to the head of the Police Internal Affairs Branch, Superintendent Ayton, who then instructed me to investigate my own allegations and report my findings to Chief Superintendent McMillan. I was discharged from the police service on medical grounds in April 1993 at the rank of First Class Sergeant.

Whilst a serving member of the CIB, I was promoted to the rank of detective sergeant on 1 April 1982 and was transferred in that capacity to the general crime squad. One of my first tasks in that squad was to investigate the theft of about $50,000 in unsigned travellers cheques from the ANZ bank situated at the intersections of Hay and Barrack Streets, Perth. My inquiries lead to the arrest of David Christopher Mills who was charged and convicted with the theft of the traveller’s cheques and received an eighteen month prison sentence. After he had been charged, I gleaned further evidence which strongly indicated that he had committed a similar offence in Sydney involving a large amount of unsigned travellers cheques. Soon after I was seconded to a task force to investigate the murder of a Mandurah woman whose skeletal remains were found in bushlands near Pinjarra. The Perth Mint swindle occurred at about the same time but I did not work on any investigation into that offence. In June 1983, I was transferred to the CIB Bank Fraud Section where detective sergeant Bill Round was the officer in charge. Bill and I became close friends and have remained that way until recently. In about June or July of 1983, David Christopher Mills was due to be released from prison and I strongly suspected that he had the travellers’ cheques stolen from Sydney hidden in a bank safety deposit box under an assumed name. I approached senior sergeant John Horton, the officer in charge of the Scientific Bureau and asked him if he could install a phone tap for me to assist my endeavours in locating the stolen travellers cheques. Strictly speaking, the phone tap was illegal, but in those days it was commonly used as an investigative tool and I considered I had reasonable grounds for using such a method in assisting my investigation. Horton told me that he could not do any more phone taps as he had received strict instructions from John Porter, the then Commissioner of Police, not to install any further telephone taps, because they had nearly been caught out installing a telephone intercept on the Mickelberg’s phone.

I continued my investigations and a provisional warrant was issued for the arrest of Mills after he was released from prison. He challenged the extradition process and lawyer, Kate O’Brien represented him in his appeal. He was unsuccessful and was eventually extradited to NSW. Sometime while I was preparing my evidence for the committal hearing in Sydney, I had a conversation with Bill Round where I told Bill what Horton had said to me about the Mickelberg’s phone being tapped. Bill expanded on what Horton had told me. He said that the technicians in the Scientific Branch possessed a red VW kombi van similar to the vans used by the “PMG”, the phone company at the time. During the installation of the telephone intercept at the closest junction box, one of the brothers had walked past and wanted to know what the technicians were doing. I don’t know what information was obtained about the Perth Mint swindle from the phone taps, but during that conversation, Bill said to me that he, and the other officers involved in the Mint investigation, knew that the Mickelbergs were guilty and that they just had to give them a little bit extra to get them over the line. Bill also told me that senior members of the police CIB hierarchy regularly installed listening devices in squad rooms so that they could glean information of corruption and misconduct which could then be used to blackmail the officers concerned

In December 1984, I was transferred from the CIB fraud squad and did not have much contact with Bill until about July 1987 when the Police Minister had received information regarding the alleged corrupt activities of Colin Pace who was the senior sergeant in charge of the fraud squad when Bill and I worked together in the cheque section. An investigation was carried out into the possible corrupt association between Sergeant Colin Pace and race horse trainer Bob Meyers and one of the allegations related to a dishonoured cheque presented by Bob Meyers which had been forwarded by the complainant to fraud squad for investigation. I was the officer in charge of the CIB Bank Fraud Section at that time and both Bill and I provided information to senior police investigators which could have established that there was a corrupt association between Pace and Meyers. The investigation exonerated Pace of any malfeasance and in October that year Bill and I went to Hong Kong together on a holiday. There we discussed the corrupt manner in which that investigation had been carried out.

Bill advised me that he and Alan Bickford started the West Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence and one of their major targets was Bruce Moms who was a member of the Mr Asia Drug Syndicate. Bill told me that they conducted illegal telephone taps and he made extracts of those intercepts which were kept at the office of BCI. Further, he said that during the illegal telephone taps, they received information which revealed that there was a corrupt association between Bruce Morris and other organised criminals with several high ranking police officers including Colin Pace. Upon returning to work, I made inquiries at BCI and located the file which Bill referred to. I photocopied some extracts which would corroborate what he told me in Hong Kong. I carried out further investigations and was able to obtain overwhelming evidence which would establish a corrupt association between Colin Pace and Bob Meyers. I reported my findings to Peter Ward, a ministerial adviser to the Police Minister as I had no trust in senior police officers. On 7 September 1995 I made my allegations of corruption by senior police officers public and the details of some of my allegations including the illegal telephone taps were published in the West Australian newspaper which resulted in the Commissioner of Police establishing a joint task force of State and Federal Police to investigate my complaints. It took some two years before the task force reported the findings of their investigation to the Minister for Police.

On or about 26 June 1996, I spoke to the then labor opposition leader, Mr. Jim McGinty and advised him that John Porter, an executive member of the Official Corruption Commission and former Commissioner of Police knew of, and condoned the installation of telephone intercepts on Mickelberg’s phone. Porter resigned from the Official Corruption Commission shortly after the leader of the opposition raised some issues which showed that the former Commissioner of Police would have a conflict of interest because of calls for a judicial inquiry into the Perth Mint swindle. Prior to being interviewed by the task force, code named “Tartan”, Bill Round allegedly told me that he would lie to the investigators about his involvement in illegal telephone taps as any admission by him would result in him being charged and the corrupt police officers who were the subject matter of the illegal telephone taps would get away with their crimes. After a discussion with Bill regarding the consequence of any admission, I was present when he drafted a letter to the Commissioner of Police seeking indemnity from prosecutions. Some time later he told me that he had been informed by the investigators attached to “Operation Tartan” that his request had been considered by John McKecknie, the then Director of Public Prosecutions and that McKecknie had refused his application for an indemnity from prosecution.

When the Labor Party won the next elections, I approached the Attorney General, Jim McGinty and provided him with a copious amount of documents which would support my allegations of police corruption and he publicly announced that he had forwarded these documents to the Royal Commission for examination. On 4 February 2003 I met with two Royal Commission investigators who told me that my specific allegations would not be examined by the Royal Commission but there was a possibility that the treatment I received at the hands of senior police officers after I had attempted to expose senior police corruption would be investigated.

Somewhat ironically, Frank concluded his extraordinary affidavit with this observation: I was extremely surprised that the Attorney general did not include my allegations in the terms of reference for the Police Royal Commission as both he and the Premier called for my allegations to be investigated when the Labor Party was in opposition. Frank made a further effort to expose and have investigated his very serious allegations when he wrote to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) which was now rebadged as the newly painted and refitted Corruption and Crime Commission, CCC. This time he expressed considerable dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Attorney General Jim McGinty. In response to the Corruption and Crime Commissions’ recent call for submissions dealing with the unauthorized release of confidential information by Government Agencies, I wish to lay a formal complaint alleging improper or corrupt conduct by the Attorney General, Mr. McGinty.

As you are aware, the Labor Party pledged to hold a Royal Commission into allegations of corruption within the West Australian Police Service in the lead up to the last State elections and then when it was successful in forming Government, it delayed the establishment of the Royal Commission for some twelve months. During this period of time, I had regular contact with the staff of the newly appointed Attorney General, Mr. McGinty and provided him with copious amounts of documents which supported my claims of corruption by senior police officers. I expected that the Attorney General would examine these documents when formulating some of the terms of reference to be investigated by the Royal Commission. Of particular concern to me, was the association of several high ranking police officers with members of the Mr. Asia Drug Syndicate and some of the documents which I supplied Mr. McGinty clearly showed that the West Australian police service regularly installed illegal telephone intercepts to glean information.

During some of these illegal telephone intercepts, information was obtained that the Mr. Asia Drug Syndicate was laundering large sums of money through the Perth racing industry and was assisted in this criminal activity by some police officers attached to the CIB consorting squad who received corrupt payments. When in opposition, both Mr. McGinty and Dr. Gallop were very critical that the Government had failed to establish a Judicial Investigation into allegations of police corruption after the Tomlinson Report was tabled in Parliament, and on or about 26 June 1996, I telephoned Mr. McGinty and advised him that the Commissioner of Police had condoned the installation of an illegal telephone intercept on the Mickelberg’s telephone.Despite the fact that he knew in June 1996 that the Police Service had acted corruptly in the manner in which evidence was obtained to convict the Mickelberg brothers of the Perth Mint swindle, he failed to refer this matter to be investigated by the Royal Commission. Furthermore, when Tony Lewandowski, a member of the police investigation team that charged the Mickeberg brothers confessed that he and Don Hancock had assaulted and fabricated evidence against one of the brothers to sustain a conviction, the Attorney General immediately showed the affidavit prepared by Lewandowski to his ministerial colleague and former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bob Kucera who is one of the officers who is suspected of committing perjury during the many appeals by the Mickelberg brothers’ against their conviction. My specific complaint against the Attorney general is that by showing that affidavit to Kucera, when he was fully aware that some police had acted corruptly and that Kucera was one of the officers suspected of committing perjury, he had compromised any further investigation and maybe guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. I understand that he and Mr. Kucera are close friends and are now related through marriage and this may be the reason why this investigation was thwarted.

I am also concerned that the Attorney General may have colluded with Kucera in a similar fashion when dealing with the documentary evidence which I bought before him and therefore the manner in which the Terms of Reference for the Police Royal Commission were selected could also be perceived as being corrupt. I have attached two sworn affidavits which I have prepared in relation to this matter and I have also included correspondence between myself, Mr McGinty, Mr Kucera and the shadow Police spokesman for your examination. I feel this matter should be investigated by the Corruption and Crime Commission and I look forward to being advised the results of such investigation. Fortunately Frank didn’t hold his breath awaiting an outcome as he became more and more marginalized by the Fifth Estate. By now he was pretty much in the state of agitation that he was accused of by his corrupt ‘colleagues’ in the CIB being Mad as a Cut Snake!

International Women's Day: WA Police celebrate centenary of women in the force

ABC Radio Perth  By Emma Wynne

PHOTO: In 1989 Jennifer Milligan's photo was made into crime prevention cut-outs. (Supplied: WA Police)

PHOTO: Two constables in the Women's Police Unit find a distressed young child in the early 1960s. (Supplied: WA Police

This year WA Police is celebrating 100 years since women joined the force

MAP: Perth 6000

From humble beginnings, starting out with just two, women now make up 22 per cent of officers.

The first women to join the force in Perth were Helen Dugdale and Laura Chipper; they were employed as constables in 1917 when the Women's Police Unit was established.

They did not wear a uniform or undertake the same training as male officers, but from the outset they were paid the same as men of their rank.

"When they started, the criteria was that they had to be between 25 and 30 and they had to have a nursing background," Commander Jo McCabe toldABC Radio Perth.

Dugdale was a widow who previously worked at the state children's department while Chipper had been the matron of a rescue home.

"The main reason why they were there was for moral welfare of women and children, particularly young girls," Commander McCabe said.

"So they were out patrolling the street and helping with wayward girls and children."

They were expected to carry a handbag and wear a hat and gloves while they patrolled the streets and parks, and were also not allowed to marry while in the force.

"Right up until the mid 1970s, women had to resign if they wanted to marry," Commander McCabe said.

Handbags and heels on the front line

Change came for women officers in 1976, when the marriage rule was dropped.

So too was the Women's Police Unit, and for the first time women were allowed to join their male colleagues in the recruit schools and general policing rounds.

They were also issued with uniforms which included a hat, dress, handbag and heeled shoes — it was an outfit that posed some challenges.

Commander McCabe is the director of the Women in Policing centenary events planned for this year and is collecting stories from women who served in the force in the early days.

She said one woman had shared the story of making an arrest in the Perth CBD while wearing the original uniform.

"They had the handbags to keep the handcuffs in, but she had to lock the bag.

"So here she was affecting an arrest in Hay Street Mall, she had to bend down, put her handbag on the ground, unlock it, get the handcuffs out and do the arrest.

"If the offender had run off I'm not sure what she would have done."

Trousers for women were added to the uniform in the early 1980s but were initially controversial.

"One officer told me that when she first got her pants she was only allowed to wear them on night shift, she wasn't allowed to be seen in them," Commander McCabe said.

"It was just a reflection of society and the way we were back then."

A young girl enters a 'dangerous profession'

In 1984 there were 77 women police officers in Western Australia — in 2017 there is more than 1,400.

Commander McCabe joined the force in 1988.

PHOTO: Commander Jo McCabe, now and with her daughter in 1996. In those days female officers did not get paid maternity leave. (Supplied: WA Police)

"It was something I always wanted to do. I was at high school and one of the police officers came and gave a talk and I thought, 'what a wonderful career'.

"My family were very proud, a little bit worried I think as a young girl going into such a dangerous profession.

"But it was embraced by my family."

She has worked as a constable in Carnarvon and been a detective and overseen the service in Pilbara as superintendent.

'Men making decisions for women'

Over her 29-year career, Commander McCabe has seen huge changes for women in the force.

"I joined in 1988 as a 20-year-old, and our agency was like many others — simply reflecting the beliefs and expectations of the community.

"When I reflect back now, I realise it was men making decisions for women, so the policies were always going to reflect the entrenched values and beliefs of the times.

"We didn't have access to maternity leave or part-time [work] so we just accepted that as the norm.

"I had my first child in 1994, took three months off without pay, and on return I had to find another officer who was willing to job share with me before it was accepted.

"However, it was challenging to find someone to agree to job share because the policy restricted your time at rank and subsequently you were held back from promotion, which had a financial impact."

WA Police now offers officers maternity and paternity leave, a change she credits to the "the brave and courageous women who challenged the things that we just accepted".

Celebrating the policing pioneers

In 2015 Commander McCabe was promoted to oversee policing innovation and improvement.

"Our 100th anniversary coincides with some important initiatives about equality and opportunity we are working on for the future," she said.

PHOTO: Constable Bridget Bachs became WA's first woman traffic patrol officer in 1977. (Supplied: WA Police)

"But we need to acknowledge all the groundwork that those policing pioneers laid for women over the past century.

"Somebody had to step up and rise to the challenge of forging a career path for women in the agency, and they deserve our thanks and recognition."

The WA Police centenary of women celebrations will include events in every regional district, a strong contingent of women at this year's Anzac Day march and a Women in the Police pavilion at the Perth Royal Show in September.

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More stories from Western Australia

Pay dirt- From the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, sex workers are doing brisk business

From the Pilbara to the Bowen Basin, sex workers are doing brisk business - and they won't take any threats to their livelihood lying down.

CAROLINE OVERINGTON The Australian 1June 30, 2012

IT is 6pm on a Thursday in the West Australian mining town of Karratha and Vicki, the madam at the local brothel, is just back from picking up a young blonde from the airport.

"Angel" is carrying her dinner, a whole roast chicken in a plastic bag, and she's got an air of anticipation about her, much like a young woman about to go on a backpacking holiday. "It's my first time in Karratha," she says after we've been introduced, "but I hope the rumours are true!" And what rumours would they be? "I heard there's plenty of men and they've got plenty of money, they're short of female company and they want to party."

Angel is a FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) prostitute, one of hundreds to descend upon Australia's roaring mining towns - from the Pilbara in the West to the Bowen Basin in central Queensland. From a purely mercantile point of view she has a lot in common with her clients: she lives in one of the eastern states but she's flexible about where she'll work; she's willing to put in long, hard shifts (sex workers can see between 10 and 12 men a night) and she expects to be well rewarded for her efforts. FIFO prostitutes routinely make as much as $10,000 a week, 10 times the average weekly wage.

Angel is here for seven nights' work in Karratha's little brothel called the Port of Call, a three-bedroom, brick-clad building on the local industrial estate, but most FIFO prostitutes prefer to work privately, booking their own rooms in 1970s-style mum-and-dad motels. It might not be everyone's idea of a proper job, but many of the women interviewed for this story were firmly of the view that since prostitution is now either largely legal in Queensland or officially tolerated in WA, touring the boom towns is a perfectly legitimate way to get a slice of the mining pie. But perhaps not for long. A bill before the WA parliament will make most forms of FIFO sex work illegal, while in Queensland, motel owners are pressing the state government for a law that would enable them to ban FIFO sex workers from working at their premises.

Asked what she thinks of this, Angel, 24, a full-time sex worker and stripper, shrugs and says, "Well, some people are busybodies, aren't they? They think their morals are better than mine." She'd be happy to talk more but it's 7pm, the brothel is open and a young miner, still in overalls and steel-capped boots, comes bounding in the door. Angel's first night riding the mining boom has officially begun.

"MEN go to the mines hoping to make money. Women go for the same reason," says University of New England professor John Scott, who has been studying the sex industry for years. "It's part of the frontier tradition. You get a lot of hard-working men, fortunes being made, buildings going up everywhere, bars opening - and prostitutes turn up, hoping to get a piece of the action." It happened during the California gold rush, and in Texas, which had as many girls-in-garters as it did oil rigs. Kalgoorlie in Western Australia was as famous in the late 1800s for its "starting stalls" (corrugated iron sheds, much like old dunnies, where girls offered quickies - they're still there, but they are now more of a tourist attraction) as it was for the mining Super Pit.

The difference now is that sex workers - like miners - don't actually have to move to the mining towns to ply their trade: they can go FIFO. "If you're a sex worker and you've got an ad on the internet or in the local paper and you've got a mobile phone, you're good to go," says Scott, "although it's 'good luck finding a hotel room'."

Sydney-based prostitute "Sweet Jade" - all the names in this story are what one sex worker described as "fake, cheesy, hooker names" - explains how it works: she flew to Perth last month ahead of a two-week tour of the west coast from Albany to Broome with stops in Karratha, Port Hedland and Dampier, all of which have mining camps full of men who are loaded with cash. "It's really quiet in Sydney and Melbourne at the moment but the mining towns are great," Sweet Jade says. "There's heaps of guys, they've got a heap of money, and you won't believe how much they spend. They'll pay for two girls; they'll pay for their mates. They've just come in from four weeks on and what's $600 when they've got $12,000 in the bank?"

"Rebecca" has been a sex worker for 16 years. Now in her mid-30s, she has worked in most of the regional areas, including the mining towns, and agrees that it's lucrative. "But the way I see it, the community also benefits. The motel owner gets a booking. The client might bring a nice bottle of champagne, so that's money for the bottle shop. There are taxis for me to get in from the airport, and for clients to visit me. The newspaper benefits from the ads. The only down side is the cost of accommodation. I once booked a room in Moranbah [central Queensland] and I could have stayed in a suite at the Hilton for what they charged me. I can claim it against my taxes, but still."

Rebecca might see fly-in, fly-out sex work as a "win-win" for the towns but not everyone is so happy with the arrangement. Police in Roxby Downs in South Australia have been called to respond to complaints about Asian women putting "hot Asian massage" flyers on the windscreens of cars parked at BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam village. There have been similar complaints about sex workers "targeting" FIFO mining workers at regional airports. One newspaper reported that sex workers were attempting to take miners to hotels or brothels immediately after they stepped off the plane. Locals in Mackay were dismayed to find hand-made cardboard signs advertising the arrival of a FIFO prostitute on a chain-link fence on the airport drive (it was swiftly taken down), and in pretty much every mining town there are rumours about prostitutes working from shipping containers on the industrial estates or from the backs of vans because accommodation is in such short supply. They all amount to nuisance complaints and, while the arrival of the FIFO prostitute has excited moral panic in some quarters, a policeman in Karratha said they didn't tend to cause trouble. "There are a few working girls coming through. They don't cause much trouble, and the customers don't either. It's all pretty low key."

Medical bodies in Western Australia and Queensland have raised concerns about the growing rate of sexually transmitted diseases - gonorrhea and syphilis - in some mining areas. But Australian Medical Association Queensland president Dr Richard Kidd is reluctant to blame Australian sex workers. "The local industry is well regulated and they do great education - 'if the condom's not on, it's not on', that kind of thing - and so it's more likely to be blokes earning good money, flying to Thailand, getting drunk on the weekend, picking up something pretty serious, and then bringing it home." Sometimes, he says, they then pass it on to their wives or partners.

However, mining wife Alicia Ranford, who created the popular Mining Family Matters website, says the idea that husbands and fathers "start playing up and going wild" when they arrive in mining towns is offensive to hard-working family men. "I'm sure there are some guys who visit sex workers but miners always seem to get a bad rap," she says, "I can tell you that nobody has ever been on our forum - and we get hundreds of comments every day - saying sex workers are luring their husbands away or anything like that. Mining families worry about other things - how to settle the kids in new schools, and how to make friends in a new town, or how to handle the resentment when Mum is at home folding the washing and trying to get the kids to sleep while Dad is away every fortnight."

Which all raises the question - if the local sex worker industry causes so few problems, why are WA authorities moving to clamp down on it? WA Independent MP Janet Woollard says that most prostitutes are in the industry "against their will or better judgment" and she is campaigning to "put an end to all prostitution in Western Australia, full stop" on the grounds that "brothels exploit young women and young girls, and encourage trafficking". She believes most people are opposed to prostitution. "If you asked mothers if they wanted their daughters to be involved in this kind of work, they would say no."

The Liberal-National government came to power in WA promising to pass a bill giving police more power to prosecute prostitutes in all areas. It will hit FIFO prostitutes hardest: all sex workers will have to be registered with "a relevant authority" and will be able to work only from licensed premises, meaning they won't be able to travel to remote towns and work from motels. There will be strict protocols around advertising in local newspapers - no advertising will be allowed by anyone who doesn't give their real name to the licensing authority - and police will be able to enter any premises to issue on-the-spot fines for both prostitute and client for whatever offences "they reasonably suspect of occurring".

The bill was introduced by WA attorney general Christian Porter just weeks before he quit his post recently to try his luck in the federal sphere, but Woollard still hopes to see it pass later this year during a conscience vote. "The idea that these sorts of things are going on unregulated, it isn't right," she says.

There is an argument that changes to the WA law may well normalise the profession: prostitutes will be licensed and registered like plumbers or accountants; they'll have to work from areas where their business is approved; they'll need ABNs and tax file numbers, and so they'll be no different from anyone else.

But Max Taylor, the director of the Magenta service for sex workers in Perth, says the registration system won't work "because sex workers won't register. You get a small legal industry and a much larger illegal industry, with all the corruption associated with that. I don't honestly understand it. History tells us that a pragmatic approach is best - what is the point of making criminals of people?" Taylor says sex workers are often desperate to avoid rather than make trouble. "The idea that sex workers cause trouble wherever they go - it's been proven again and again to be false," she says. "You hear people saying, 'They're all Asian, they look like they're underage, they're working illegally, they've probably been trafficked' but in my view, making prostitution illegal won't stop people from trafficking, and won't stop child prostitution. Both of those things are already illegal."

The prospect of new laws horrifies Angel. "I basically love what I do," she says, slipping one foot into her stiletto at the brothel in Karratha, "but I wouldn't want my Mum to know about it."

MORANBAH, 195km west of Mackay, was built to serve the Peak Downs coal mine, which has an enormous FIFO workforce. Peter Finlay is president of the local traders' association and a telecommunications expert, and he knows for a fact that sex workers have toured his town. "I've served one," he says, laughing. "It must have been in the early 1990s. She'd put an ad in the paper but she had an Optus phone and Optus didn't work up here then, so the phone wasn't ringing and she wasn't getting any business, so we switched her over to Telstra and she was so happy she gave me a $20 tip. My wife was standing right next to me, and we like to joke about it: I might be the only person who ever got a tip from a sex worker!"

It was a light-hearted moment, but sex workers have caused trouble in this town for at least one local industry: motel owners. "Karlaa" is based on the Gold Coast but tours Queensland mining towns. She advertises her arrival in the local newspaper - "Fun, Sassy, Full of Energy!" - and texts her "regulars" to let them know when she's due to land. She books a room at whatever local motel is offering a decent rate - a difficult task, given the shortage of accommodation and high prices charged by many establishments. "I'll see six or seven clients before midnight and then it tends to drop away," she says, "but there's usually work in the early morning, after the miners have come off shift, or when executives are on their way to work, and I don't mind that. From my point of view, I'm not in town to be in bed sleeping."

Most of her clients are "in-calls" as opposed to "out-calls" because "when it is miners you are seeing, they live in the camps, four and five to a room, and I can't go there." One of the towns that Karlaa most likes to visit is Moranbah. By her own reckoning she's stayed at every one of its six motels but preferred the Drover's Rest, where she stayed 17 times in two years until June 29, 2010 - when the rug was abruptly pulled from under her business.

According to Karlaa, that day started like any other: she saw a few early morning clients and then "cleaned the room thoroughly. I don't want to give anyone an excuse to throw me out." Shortly before 10am she went to settle her account but, according to documents lodged with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, she got a frosty reception. "The owner, Joan Hartley, she told me next time I came to Moranbah I'd have to stay somewhere else," Karlaa says. "When I asked her, 'Why's that?' she said, 'We think you're a sex worker' and the way she said it, she was judging me. She gave me the impression that what I do, it's disgusting, it's filth; it was 'we don't want that in our backyard'."

Karlaa says she told Hartley she was being "discriminated against on the basis of lawful sexual activity", to which Hartley responded, "So sue me". So Karlaa did. She lodged a complaint with the tribunal, saying she was "asked unnecessary questions about being a sex worker and that she was overcharged because of her status as a sex worker". But her complaint was dismissed last October on what might be called a technicality: the Drover's Rest motel is licensed to serve alcohol and under the terms of Queensland's Liquor Act the owners aren't allowed to let people run businesses from the rooms. Karlaa has appealed on the grounds that many people use the telephone or the internet for business while staying in a motel room, and that using the bed can't be that different. The appeal is due to be held next month.

Karlaa admits she was surprised when the Hartleys let the matter go all the way to court since she'd already extracted an out-of-court settlement from another motel on the same grounds - discrimination. But she was confident of victory, saying: "To me it was black and white. I had stayed at that motel 17 times in two years when they did not know what I was doing, and as soon as they found out, I was banned. They never knew what I was doing, because I'm discreet. The only reason they figured it out was because on this occasion I had a room right opposite the reception and they saw a man coming and going."

Joan Hartley, who runs the motel with her husband, Evan, did not want to comment for this story but her barrister, the Brisbane-based David Edwards, said the couple had long suspected that Karlaa was a prostitute but weren't sure what to do about it. When she launched the action they decided to fight "because it's an important issue. To be clear: they are not saying 'we do not want sex workers in our motel' but they are saying 'you cannot do sex work on the premises'."

Richard Munro, CEO of the Accommodation Association of Australia, says the industry was delighted when Karlaa's complaint was dismissed at the first hearing and dismayed when she decided to appeal. "There's quite a bit hanging on this," he says. "If the Hartleys win - and we think they should - all motel owners would be allowed to ban sex workers from doing business in their rooms" - which would be likely to put an end to the FIFO sex industry in Queensland. "And if they lose, we think the Queensland government is going to have to change the law because you can't have a situation like we've got now, where they can turn up and demand to be allowed to use a room to run their business."

Karlaa says she's no different from any other worker who turns up to stay at a motel "and uses the phone to make a business call, except in my case, I use the bed". She is determined to fight on, and has collected $4700 from other prostitutes for the ongoing legal battle. "It's wrong, what they are doing. Some people have said to me, 'No, you're wrong, because they can have whoever they want in their motel' but no, if you are offering to provide a service, you are not allowed to discriminate. You can't say, 'I won't have this type of person'."

If the Accommodation Association is watching the case closely, so are sex workers. "As far as I'm concerned, it's an important test case," says Rebecca. "Sex work is completely legal in Queensland and they are trying to use a loophole to make sure we can't do it in motels. They say it's because they don't want us working in the motel but it's not the work, it's the sex that bothers them."

THE people most likely to benefit from changes to laws that make sex touring illegal in WA or more difficult in Queensland are brothel owners, of whom Mary-Anne Kenworthy is perhaps the best known. She's busty and brassy and although she used to be a working girl, she's now the owner of Langtrees brothel in suburban Perth and the most famous madam in all of Western Australia. When asked for her opinion on the Prostitution Bill, she says she's opposed on the grounds of freedom. "Seventy per cent of my girls are touring girls," Kenworthy says, "they don't like to work in their own backyard, and Western Australia is going off. They can make a lot of money, so over they come from the eastern states. But I can't accommodate all of them. And some don't want to do brothel work. They want to work for themselves. Why shouldn't they be allowed? Why should they have to register, giving their own name, their ID? People ask me what I think of politicians meddling in this and I think it should bloody well be illegal for them to vote on something they know nothing about."

Lest anyone think that WA's planned new law will come down only on the workers, Kenworthy sets up an interview with a frequent client of sex workers, Mr L. He's a FIFO miner who regularly sees one "special lady" - they've taken trips together to Bali and even to Sydney for a few days - "but once the law comes in, she'll be illegal, and she could go to jail, and her clients could potentially go to jail. But sex is natural, and they should take the morality out of it. The majority of people don't go to church. Why should we have to live by rules made by churchgoing people?"

Sydney-based "Miss Holly", who is a stripper, a swinger, and a sex worker, agrees, saying: "People get hung up about sex, when there's nothing to get hung up about." She travelled to Karratha late last year to work FIFO from a room at the Port of Call. "They took $30 for the room, which is reasonable, and half of what I made for basic sex, and I was allowed to keep the rest plus whatever extras for 'special services'," she says. "There were all these mining guys ... the rates are high, and you're really busy, basically." Miss Holly doesn't generally keep a record of her clients but she thinks she saw "between five and 10" men on her first night at the brothel "and every time I've gone up there I've made, like, $6000 in a week."

The experience was similar for Angel, the sex worker newly arrived at Karratha. She'd started work at 7pm on that first night at the Port of Call and kept going for nearly 10 hours, and so it went for the rest of the week. It was "really fun, and really busy. It was refreshing being out of the city. The place had a really nice, warm feel, not like the brothels in Sydney." She did not say exactly how much she had made during her seven nights riding the boom - but it was enough for her to say that she'll definitely be back.

   Brendon O’Connell Interview – Australian Political Dissident
   Brendon O'Connell has the whole of the Western Australian Establishment against him
   because he will not back down and standing up for the truth
   and his rights and the rights of every Australia.
  Brendon O'Connell ended up with 11 years jail sentences which were run concurrently so 
   Brendon O'Connell
   Anthony Ayers who was 
  Brendon O'Connell's prosecutor at his trial in Western Australia had a wine with 
   Brendon   O'Connell, and at that meeting  Anthony Ayers agreed that the would charge and conviction was ridiculous.


Brendan O’Connell has found himself on the run from the Zionist elements and corruption within Western Australian politics, Recently in an interview with Activist-News, he expressed his concerns for his safety. In a very telling confession, Brendan takes us back to where it all began and leads us through to where he is today. In his own words;

“Its a strange feeling – being “on the run”. Stateless. Warrants out for your arrest. I’m not from Syria. Not from Iran. Not from Iraq. I’m from Australia, and it’s not a joke.”

Brendon O’Connell gives us an update on his situation in Iran, talks to us about Zionism, Western Australian Corruption and how it relates to his incredible set of circumstances. This interview was done by Daniel Walker ( and Brendan O’Connell on the 20/11/2016 via Skype. We cover a lot of controversial topics, like WA Minister Joe Francis, Seeking Political Asylum in Iran, Freemasonic lodges in Australia and much more. Brendon was also kind enough to supply us some photos of his travels so far.

Brendan has assured us that he will be staying in touch with us and keeping us up to date. He has currently received political Asylum in Iran but is staying in Kuala Lumpur. During his travels he has met with officials overseas who are taking his concerns seriously, at this stage Brendon has announced that he has no plans to return home to Western Australia and given the scenario, you cant really blame him. Like him or hate him, Brendan has opened up a very large can of worms in Western Australia and nobody seems to want to deal with it or give it any attention. The little attention Brendon has received is anything but fair, with some News outlets going as far to claim Brendon is delusional and racist. The fact of the matter is, that sweeping Zionism and Freemasonry under the rug as a conspiracy theory dosn’t work anymore, because of this many people have started coming out against this element of corruption within Western Australia.


Brendon O’Connell in Iran, just days before our interview


It is our hopes that Brendon and his story will be heard by everyone in Australia, so that they can make their own minds up. The abundance of evidence and official documentation that Brendon provides on his blog cannot be ignored any longer. For years now, the Australian government have been lobbied by Zionist organisations and war contractors to keep our military expenditure high, our mining investments high and our prejudice of corporatism and Jewish power down. In our interview, Brendon claims that it was his research and writings on Israeli/Australian trade investments and security programs that got him red flagged as an anti-Semite and targeted in the process. Brendon also claims that he will not back down and he fully intends to expose the truth.


Brendon has uncovered plenty of interesting and even controversial topics in the past, related directly to people within his hometown, which for his own safety, had to flee. We are currently trying to raise awareness and funds for Brendon O’Connell, who is experiencing major financial difficulties abroad, not to mention the complete isolation that he has expressed to us. If anyone is in a position to help Brendon, who is currently in Kuala Lumpur in order to keep expenses to a minimum, it would go a long way. Brendon does have a paypal available at if you want to keep up to date with his blog entries,

 check here;

ASIO AusPol Brendon O'Connell corruption cover-up freemasonry Israel jewish Kuala Lumpur lodge Mining Perth Iran Police Brutality Trade Agreement Western Australia Zionism

Brendon O’Connell Interview – Australian Political Dissident

Brendon O'Connell Interview - Australian Political Dissident


Published on Nov 20, 2016

In his own words "Its a strange feeling - being "on the run". Stateless. Warrants out for your arrest. I'm not from Syria. Not from Iran. Not from Iraq. I'm from Australia, and it's not a joke." Brendon O'Connell gives us an update on his situation in Iran, talks to us about Zionism, Western Australian Corruption and how it relates to his story. This interview was done by Daniel Walker ( and Brendan O'Connell on the 20/11/2016 via Skype.

We cover a lot of controversial topics, like WA Minister Joe Francis, Seeking Political Asylum in Iran, Freemasonic lodges in Australia and much more. Brendon was also kind enough to supply us some photos of his travels so far. Brendon tells his story as an Australian political dissident, from how it started, to where it is today! 

For Further Information:

If you would like to donate to Brendan via PayPal:

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A very special thanks to:


Brendon O'Connell


Brendon O’Connell Arrested Again 10-30-2014

 Corruption In West Australia Prosecutions Office
Brendon O'Connell

"..Whole of the Director of Prosecutions for Western Australia were sacked and the detectives were removed from the case and the trial. 
stopped after the first three days of the trial ... Detective Carl Casilli  gave the green light to Paul Nunzio Stagno to murder Mike Naumosky..
Detective Carl Casilli was having sexual relationship with part time lawyer Kirsten Clohessy and full time stripper ...
who convinced Detective Carl Casilli to hand her confidential documents .."

Published on Feb 20, 2017

When Paul Nunzio Stagno shot Mite Naumosky six times one would think it was just some bad blood between drug dealers. But what you wern't told is that Stagno was released three times on three bails for serious drugs and firearms offenses. On the third bail - in as many weeks - he murdered fellow drug dealer Mite Naumovski.

Stagno and his girlfriend Danielle Kovaks were tried on the charge of Wilful murder. The trial was abandoned after three days. A suppression order placed on the case.

The trial was resumed a few months later. This time the charge was murder, with an option for manslaughter. Stagno was found guilty of manslaughter and given eight years jail for what was a self evident pre-arranged assassination.

What happened behind the scenes? The entire DPP prosecution team was sacked for misconduct. The entire Major Crime Squad was sacked - many sent to remote locations in the state and demoted.

Stagno was an informant for Detective Carl Cassilli, a notoriously corrupt officer who many believe gave the green light for the murder.

Casilli was also instrumental in the attempted stitch up of Loyed Rayney.

Western Australia is a stinking hot bed of corruption.

This gigantic scandal was covered up by the legal fraternity, the judiciary, the police, politicians and the media - this is how they all work together.

While you and I are jailed and fined and taxed to death by this system - the "elite" one percenters of the establishment get away with murder. Literally.



I have copied his last article in case the site goes down.

I was arrested on the 30th of October, 2014. A Thursday, at approximately 16:30 hrs.
Now, this is going to get extremely interesting.

6 detectives from State Security came through the door – no warrant.

I am charged with “threat to kill” and publishing a private telephone conversation. That charge is from when I rang Julie Bishops office and spoke with “Tess” the secretary.

It all stems from this blog posting made 20 days ago –

My laptop, phones, hard drives, video camera etc… all gone. I have just got this borrowed laptop going.

The “no warrant” fact is interesting. They claim it is allowed under a clause in the criminal investigation act. That “clause” is to do with an event like a suspect running from their car into their house with police in hot pursuit. So how are they going to explain that one?The “threat” was made 20 days ago? I emailed the blog post to every MP in the State. Its called a “cry for help”.

Its funny how things turn out – back on the 10th of October, 2 hours after the blog post was put up with my “threat to kill” – I was rung by the minister him self. He promised to look into my case personally and meet with me personally two weeks from then. I thought all was well.

Instead, he palmed me back off to the corrupt Justice Intelligence Service who wanted to speak with me. I ended up refusing to see them. Last time I went in I was treated with utter contempt and a physical altercation erupted. I was too scared to go in their alone without a witness and I couldn’t get anyone to come with me.

I said to the minister back on the 10th that I would take the blog down as now I had someone listening to me. The minister said something along the lines of “whatever”. Hence, I just left it up and forgot about it and you can read the following blog posting –

So, nearly three weeks later – after I sent out the blog posting to nearly every MP in the state including the Premieres office – I am raided by 6 detectives – with no warrant – and charged with “threats to kill” and “publishing a private phone call”? Dear God, here we go again. What do I do?

I told the main detective – who was nice about things – that I found the raid interesting as I had spoken twice with the minister previous to it all and all was well. What gives? The detective new nothing about the conversations I had had with the Minister.

Interesting thing happened two days after I spoke with the minister – Inspector Steve Jancec appeared on the telly assuring West Australians that freemasons are lovely people. Apparently he looked nervous. You can see Steve in these two posts –

Then the minister – Joe Francis – was approached by a notorious sex offender near parliament house. A possible breach of security. When Minister Joe Francis first took on the corruption in WA prisons his house was burgled. The Minister is not liked – he is the “Brubaker” of Western Australia.

Interestingly, Detective Gordon Bertwhistle said to a friend of mine in 2005 that, “the pedophile rings in Perth go all the way to the top.” Bertwhislte is the head of the child sex assault unit. He should know. To understand more about this subject please get to know Cathy O’Brian and her story of just how deep and high the child sex abuse goes –


Can you imagine what it will be like in jail for me? Maybe that’s the plan?

Minister Joe Francis and his Commissioner John McMahon are honorable men. I hope this can be sorted quickly.

If anyone thinks I have recorded the phone call I had with the minister – you can rest easy. I don’t record people who I think will treat me with honesty and integrity.

It was certainly a very interesting conversation though.

So, will Mr Cashman be allowed to get away with having me bashed or is the department of corrective services going to do its job? A prisoner – who I knew well – was beaten to death at Wooroloo Prison Farm a month after I left. That could very easily have been me. Am I just supposed to forget about Mr Cashman? Do I just forget about the fact I was warned I was being set up to be bashed and I told the Senior Officer I wasn’t happy about it. I was told to go back to my cell and 5 minutes later I was brutally beaten unconscious? My arm was badly broken – and despite complaining for a month I was ignored. Just how bad does it have to get? Seriously, how bad does it have to get?

I emailed Brian Steels at Curtain University about what I saw in the prisons and he assured me he knew all about it and prison officers setting prisoners up to be bashed and paying prisoners a pouch of tobacco. You can read some of Brians work here –– Brian says people are slowly working towards reform. Thats lovely.

I ask Hami from Press TV to please notify his social network.

If the Western Australian establishment want me to leave the state they will need to give me some money and I will go.

I cant fight them any more. Western Australia is untouchable. They are above the law. They arrest whistle blowers and torment those who seek justice.

I will most likely simply plead guilty to he charges and leave the State. But they may give me serious prison time – this is Western Australia after all.

Its funny, but I was just organizing a large meeting to explain my case to people. I had also contacted the Islamic Council of Western Australia and they said they were willing to speak with me.

I wonder if that upset anyone?

Thats all I have to say on the subject. I simply don’t have the will to fight anymore and I cannot bear the thought of more prison time. They win. They always win.

My conditions on bail are not to “threaten” anyone via electronic means.

Does me reporting what has happened constitute a “threat”?

For the first time in my life I just have to accept defeat.

People can email me here for now – – my other emails have not been set up by me on this computer yet.

If anyone knows a lawyer for some advice that doesn’t charge let me know.

I would ask the Perth Islamic Community if they can help me with some basic legal advice. I have a few hundred dollars I was saving for advertising for a meeting.

The entire back ground to my case is here –

  1. #1 by Edward on 11/01/2014 - 10:20 pm

Australia is now becoming lawless. This is a perfect example of someone who was arrested by the state apparatchik for no earthly reason. Julia Bishop and her zio goons are behind this. Brendon has to continue his work.

  1. #2 by aj on 11/01/2014 - 11:40 pm

Not an “Excellent” story but very important. Will be praying for your quick release Brendon and that the Aussies wake up and say, ” Enough!”

  1. #3 by Victor on 11/02/2014 - 1:11 am

Doesn’t anyone edit his writing? “New” for Knew?

  1. #4 by brianconcannon on 11/02/2014 - 2:06 am

That’s all Brendon needs.. Stay strong Champ

  1. #5 by Vickie Jacobs on 11/02/2014 - 3:26 am

Would you keep us up to date on anything about this.

  1. #6 by kittie kittie on 11/02/2014 - 5:45 am


I know, huh. That SUPER GINORMOUS MAJOR MISTAKE and your related comment are the only things I took away from Brendon’s piece. Knowing the more specific details of the described events DID NOT cross my mind once. Similarities between Brendon, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden didn’t pop up in my simple mind, either. Nope, not once.

  1. #7 by INRI on 11/02/2014 - 6:01 am

This guy is for real, know him from the Libertyforum days way back when. Hang tough.


  1. #8 by Thomas on 11/02/2014 - 6:25 am

So sad, I’ve followed Brendan for nearly 10 years online. He’s a fearless warrior, to see him broken breaks my heart. In the end Brendan they don’t win, don’t lose your faith. Bless you brother.

  1. #9 by Roger on 11/02/2014 - 8:01 am

I took Brendon advice & emailed a month or so ago ….Never got a reply….. The woman is gonna get a lambasting.

10.  #10 by Brendon O'Connell on 11/02/2014 - 9:15 am

They took down my video “CORRUPTION IN THE WILD WEST” off JewTube a few days before the raid.

2 days after I spoke with the Minister for Corrective Services and complained about Liam Cashman (management Casuarina Prison) and too many Freemasons in the job – Inspector of police Steve Jancec (Master Mason of Perth) was on the telly whining that Masons were nice people. Yes, some are very nice people. And many use the Lodge connections to further drug dealing, drug money laundering and corruption and crime in general.

I take it Masons in the police phone intercept unit were listening in and informed the INspector that trouble was brewing.

Its Micks v The Masons. Just like the good old days.

I will put that explosive video back up minus the music. It will be slightly duller but obviously many are worried about it.

It has been put up elsewhere. Can people give me the link? I had it but its on the laptop police have.

11.  #11 by nooralhaqiqa on 11/02/2014 - 9:28 am

Brendon, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I would invite you to Canada but it is just as dicey here when it comes to free speech. You might have a little trouble getting in but you never know. I am so sorry to hear your situation but the word is getting out fast ~ perhaps your cheeky Wag the Dog video was a tad over the top too pointed for some. You are reeling right now from this horror but know you have a legion of people who support you and care even if from afar. Your sense of defeat is truly understandable, one can only do so much, take so much ~ but you will bounce back. A little less “out there” perhaps, but your innate nature will prevail, the gods be willing. (And we know they like truth.)

12.  #12 by lolathecur on 11/02/2014 - 10:14 am

coming to a city near you.

13.  #13 by CB on 11/03/2014 - 1:57 am

Brendon, what in hell were you doing
calling Julie Bishop or emailing any
other politician? Were you trying to
influence you elected/preselected
Representatives, despite not being
an illegal Jew lobbyist? Isn’t it an
indictable offence in these penal

14.  #14 by Sam.r on 11/03/2014 - 3:57 pm

The Video is reposted as: Corruption in the wild wild west.

15.  #15 by Kelvin on 11/03/2014 - 6:38 pm


We wish you good luck while you fight the corrupt Julie Bishop, owned and operated by her Jewish masters.

But you will need a lawyer and some smarts so you do not fall into traps they will set for you.

16.  #16 by HKW on 11/05/2014 - 2:24 am

Australia is becoming another Police State just like the USA!
Brandon isn’t the only one arrested and held imprisoned for professing the TRUTH.
Here is another case;

” If you’re afraid of professing the TRUTH you already are a SLAVE”

Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek has been arrested and currently he is being held in JUNEE (near Gouldburn) CORRECTIONAL CENTRE, NSW

Phone to prison: (02) 6924 3222

Jerzy made significant contribution to raising public awareness by publishing lots of articles.
Due to his publishing activity he is an obvious target by the dark forces

He has been running several websites exposing black forces manipulating our societies, depravity of so called ‘democracy’, usury banking etc. He has been also active on several forums and blogs:


A call to prison to enquire about his wellbeing will let those mongrels know that he is not forgotten.
Well wish card will cheer him up.

Postal Address
Jerzy Rek
Park Lane, Junee
New South Wales, 2663, Australia
Phone: (02) 6924 3222

Facebook page

September 2014 – Police and ‘authorities’ are trying to wear him down by keeping him in prison uncertain, worried, unknown of the future. 9 months later, every several weeks, they go to court for so called ‘mention’, basically to adjourn presenting any verifiable charges against him in court hoping that he will get so exhausted that he will agree to ‘admitting’ anything they want. Form of an emotional torture.

July 2014 update

He was loudly complaining about inhumane conditions in Bathurst prisons. Accused of attempting to create ‘rebellion’ and shipped to another prison in Junee.

The copy of the complaint letter to prison authorities.
In attempt to break his spirits he is being kept in inhumane conditions.
‘Legally’ he is being abused as well by having his request for bail refused and then denied preliminary hearing by having already 5 (FIVE) delays in court requested by police who try to manufacture charges against him.

Bathurst Prison

Mr Fidler, General Manager / Bathurst Prison

Cc. Mr Bullock, Senior Officer

Dear Sir,

Today, on the 8.07.2014 I found myself locked in my cell.
Short conversation with a wing warden and Mr Bullock told me what was the reason of me being punished.
Yesterday afternoon, shortly before 3pm muster, I voiced my concern about the inhumane conditions suffered by inmates of the Bathurst Prison.
To make matters clear I would like to explain what I do understand by “inhumane conditions”.

1: Forcing inmates to spend long hours in the yard while the temperatures are just above 0 deg C (with access to wing prohibited no matter of the weather conditions, during the rain as well).
On rainy days the inmates got not only frozen but wet as well in bargain.

2: After spending a few hour exposed to nasty elements inmates are facing cold showers because the amount of hot water is big enough to serve only first few lucky ones. We get access to wing at 1pm and since few weeks the hot water will only last for 10 – 20 minutes only.

3: At night, after the cold treatment outside and under shower, inmates are facing another lesson as cells do not have proper windows and the hole in wall pretending to be one is just that: a barred hole open all the time. The lucky inmates who were able to obtain a piece of cardboard are the winner in match against cold air at night.
They can reduce at least a bit of general access to freezing conditions outside. The less lucky ones suffer.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I find such conditions inhumane. Only because I raised my objection in relation to such “Correctional treatment” I have been told that I’m in breach of prisons regulations.

The problem is that I was not presented with ANY regulation as such on arrival. I can’t follow any rules I’m not aware of. I will be mostly grateful if prison administration will give me a chance to make myself familiar with detailed rules and regulations I’m obliged to follow to avoid any mistakes in the future.

I’m familiar with “Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoner” as adopted by the First United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the treatment of offenders, held in Geneva in 1955 and provided by Economic and Social Council by its resolution 663C (XXIV) of 31 July 1957 and 2076 (LXII) of May 1977.

I’m not familiar, however, with any internal regulation applying to Bathurst Prison.

Yours sincerely
Jerzy Rek

April 2014 update

1.He is still kept in medieval style prison in Bathurst where conditions are on the same level or worse than in “Bangkok Hilton” . Cells with no natural light, 2 people in cells designed for one prisoner so if one is standing the other one has to lie on bed.
Half a day in common area with nothing to do, no room to walk or equipment to exercise – NOTHING to do. Prisoners swap anything they can get to read as there is no access to library.
Doctor comes once every 2 weeks – ‘wonder’ drug is Panadole for every illment.

Jerzy suffers from pain back (degenerated spine) he cannot get any medication for his condition – intends to go on hunger strike as for last 10 days he is in constant pain without any help and there is no prospect of getting medical attention.

His wife has been released on bail with very strict conditions including prohibition from even sending letters to Jerzy, her husband.

Letters are story in itself – they are censored by someone from outside prison and for the last 3 weeks such person was not available so prisoners get no letters.

This is happening in the country where there is no shortage of lawyers and judges making noises about the abuse of ‘human rights’ in North Korea or Iran while overlooking such abuse here. That prison does not comply with the minimum standards as set by ” Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners” – Adopted by the First United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders.

  1. Jerzy (George) Ulicki – Rek, yes he was a regular here also. May God bless him and guide him through this ordeal.
  2. #18 by Anastasia on 05/24/2015 - 2:18 am

Watch what they prepare for you
“The hidden history of Jewish Bolshevism”
World tricked to think bolshevic threat is Russians when it Jew


  1. #19 by Anastasia on 05/24/2015 - 3:35 am

As world tricked to think that bolshevism is russian not Jew World tricked to think that Nazi are threat. Before WW2 all government positions was taken by Jew in Germany. Supremacy of Jew is Myth. After they taken power in Germany country was facked. Depression is result of Jew rule. When Jew took power in russia in 1917 russia was best in world. Now it last after Jew “supream” minds rule. Jew created most cruel in history slave realm in russia. This parasites programed to destroy. Read their sacred books. WW2 Russians didn’t fight Germans . It was JewGermany government and Jew russian government fulfilling their NWO plan for genocide of world population because religion teach them killing non Jew is sacrifice to god. Russians and Germans was just meat for extermination , economy destroyed so American Jew make money. Now we have American Jew government. Jew must not be allowed to any leadership positions and media. A
Bolshevism is Jewish. It not Russians are going come and take your home as they made you believe. It Jew.
Time to link bolshevics with Jew and Nazism with Jew.
There is only one terrorist in world and it is Jew.
American Congress arrested and executed for crimes against humanity.
All media elite arrested and executed for crimes against humanity.
Thank you God.
There is only one way of action to finish this insane Jew world domination -national revolutions in all world to remove Jew parasites and replaced with national leaders with no drop of Jew blood in them.

  1. #20 by joan on 10/13/2015 - 11:35 am

I am so sick of this,So many times when reading comments i read “Bendon cant give up..keep going ” “Brendon,dont stop”,”we are on your side mate”,,WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT<WHILE HE DOES EVERYTHING <EVERYONE SITS BACK,to afraid to help him,theres power in numbers,there doesnt have to be violence, just this bought to the table and discussed ,.but by people telling him to keep going,,thats like provoking him,when you wouldnt even say a 10th of what he would say out a;loud,if AT ALL.

  1. #21 by jen on 10/13/2015 - 11:55 am

Anastacia comment is spot on…

  1. #22 by jen on 10/13/2015 - 12:03 pm

they found out about 12months or so that Jajck the ripper was a polish jew, called kosminski,,one of the women killed had a shall. and one of the sergeants, having a wife that liked to sew, asked if he could take it, as it was beside her body,he was allowed(sloppy police work but obviously there wasn’t any dna taken in those days) and they got relatives of the people they felt may be responsible, and kosminkis dna came up, he was in fact a very first suspect but the cops said little about him, he was put into a mental institution, and that’s why the murderers stopped.

  1. #23 by jen on 10/13/2015 - 12:05 pm

they found out about 12months or so that Jack the ripper was a polish jew, called Kosminski,one of the women killed had a shall. and one of the sergeants,. having a wife that liked to sew, asked if he could take it, as it was beside her body, he was allowed (sloppy police work but obviously there wasn’t any dna taken in those days) and they got relatives of the people they felt may be responsible, and Kosminkis dna came up, he was in fact a very first suspect but the cops said little about him, he was put into a mental institution, and that’s why the murderers stopped.


More YT Messing With Account 
Corruption Allegations Against Australia

Brendon O'Connell

Published on Apr 14, 2017

"..Minister says he is more scared of my own prison officers than that the bikies 
when I made it a lot more difficult them getting their drugs into the jail.."

" ..Inspector Tom Clay inspector of police in charge of the Meth Task Force has millions and millions in properties ....
how would you notice this .. because the Australian police and politics all the way to the top state and Federal all the way to the top
 it is alleged that Inspector Tom Clay covered up a killing for a billionaire mate 
Karatti ran over a backpacker ... worked for a Peter Mancini ...
I had the job of following detective Tom Clay around and found out Inspector Tom Clay 
 has more properties than Nigel Slaterly the large property developer Western Australia ... "
Terrance McClennan is a private investigator in Western Australia knows a lot

These Western Australia police attach themselves to Western Australian billionaires ...

High level corruption involving the Western Australia police and criminal networks and gangs … its hard core  … 

and apparently there is a huge clean up coming .. it a very topical subject

There is one video called

Corruption in the Wild West August 29, 2014 ..
 Master Mason In Perth Inspector Steve Jansec resigned shortly there after

and Tom Clay …

Israeli Ambassador intimidates Freemason Masonic Court

Kirsten Clohessy Aka Crack whore’s R US .. 
As I like to say part time lawyer and full time stripper …she has since separated from lawyer John Hammond …  
she was caught handing over legal documents she obtained from a corrupt Western Australian Police 
Detective Carl Casilli  whose favourite drug was cocaine and heroin … 

Obsessed Lloyd Rayney detective Carl Casilli jailed

JULY 15 2014

A former West Australian detective who unlawfully accessed and passed on information from a restricted police information system to his lawyer lover has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Carl Salvatore Casilli pleaded guilty to one count each of communicating interception warrant information to another person, unlawful use of a computer, unlawful supply of an audiovisual recording of an interview, and 14 counts of operating a restricted access system without authorisation.

The offences occurred between 2008 and 2013.

Perth Magistrates Court heard last month that Casilli passed on the information to a female lawyer with whom he was having a personal relationship.

The prosecution argued some incidents "went beyond doing a favour for someone" and undermined ongoing police investigations, a claim disputed by defence lawyer Nick Lemmon, who said the information had not been accessed for the purpose of benefit.

Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said the most serious part of the offending was Casilli distributing an intercept warrant affidavit containing sensitive information about a case including details of informants and police methodology.

That had the potential to compromise the investigation, she said.

She said Casilli's conduct would have eroded public confidence in the security of the police information system.

Magistrate Woods noted jail time was particularly hard for ex-police officers but said a community-based order or fine was not appropriate.

"My view ... is the only way to deal with these matters is a term of imprisonment," she said.

Magistrate Woods said Casilli had to serve nine months in jail in full and also fined him $2000 for one of the offences.

Mr Lemmon had called for the former detective to be substantially fined, saying the offences occurred when Casilli was involved in and "obsessed" with the hunt for the killer of Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney.

Ah, what can I say. Many interesting things happening. Stay tuned.

Contacts back in Oz say the shit is hitting the fan and chaos reigns...revenge. Sweet revenge...

I just record the antics of YT covering for the Australian government.

They have taken down one video completely - the third time. Where I call the office of foreign minister Julie Bishop - they charged me under the surveillance devices act. They take the video down but do not give me a copyright violation. This is the third time. old version of the video is still there!!!!! But it does not appear on my channel list? Wah? What is it they dont want you to see?

Another video. still up but not visible on mobile devices - due down Aptil 17th. Here on Vimeo - 

BI BI's Visit Down Under And Zionist Infiltration Down Under

I dont know why they bother with this shit. I really dont.

PayPal -

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If you cant donate - spread my links - everywhere. The big forums. YT. Facebook. Twitter.

Download my legal paper work and read it. Understand the significance of the case -

Brendon O'Connell posted 1

Just delete the fucking account? Seriously. Dont bother me.


Brendon O'Connell posted 1 month ago

So how come I had over 3000 subscribers yesterday, and now I have 2,842 today?

Me thinks they are full time at my numbers - views as well as subscribers :-D

What a bunch of morons - as if that is going to stop the avalanche of what is to come.

Ya know, I get tired, and then I see them fucking with the nu,bers and I just get pissed and go harder. Thank you Jew Tube...your time is coming.


Brendon O'Connell uploaded and posted 1 month ago

None of my video's show up on my channel page now.

I think they do have a full time hasbara team operating now.

ailed cop Carl Casilli released on bail pending appeal

Nicole Cox

Carl Casilli was "obsessed" with lawyer Kristin Clohessy, pictured her with her husband John Hammond. 

A corrupt WA Police detective who provided his lawyer lover with classified police information has been granted bail, pending an appeal of his sentence.

Casilli was sentenced to nine months in jail and fined $2000 on July 15 after pleading guilty to 17 charges of illegally accessing information on a police computer to pass on to lawyer Kristin Clohessy, with whom he was having an affair at the time.

On Wednesday, Casilli’s lawyer, Chris Miocevich, confirmed his client had been released from custody on bail on Monday but declined to comment further to Fairfax Media or provide the grounds of appeal.

The Corruption and Crime Commission investigation found that Casilli had handed Ms Clohessy sensitive police files including affidavits about telephone and surveillance intercept warrants, police incident reports and personal details about some of her clients. She also obtained a DVD of a police interview with a murder suspect.

He also repeatedly accessed personal information from the police database about Ms Clohessy - a one-time V8 Supercar model who works for Hammond Legal and is now married to outspoken Perth lawyer John Hammond - and her mother.

The offences occurred between 2008 and 2013.

ast week, the CCC defended its decision not to charge Ms Clohessy, saying there was insufficient evidence to pursue a case against her after a five-month investigation into the matter.

"After assessing all of the evidence available, it considered that there was insufficient evidence to sustain a prima facie case against the lawyer,” a CCC spokeswoman said.

The decision comes despite the WA Criminal Code stating that any person who is “party” to an offence can be charged for enabling, aiding or procuring another person to commit the offence.

In addition, the law states that when two or more people form a common intention to commit an unlawful act in conjunction with one another, each is deemed to have committed the offence.

Casilli was once described as a tenacious police officer who had worked on several high-profile homicide investigations including the death of Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney.

The detective sergeant quit the WA Police force after being charged with 17 offences, including 15 counts of unlawful use of a restricted-access computer system, unlawful dealing of intercept warrant information and supplying a video record of interview.

In sentencing Casilli, Deputy Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said a term of imprisonment was the only option, noting that while he had not benefited directly from his actions the offences could contribute to “an erosion in public confidence” of the WA police force.

Magistrate Woods said release of the intercept warrant information was particularly serious and while she did not know the content of the affidavit, it was normal to include the names of informants and undercover officers as well as disclose police methodology.

Ms Clohessy declined to comment last week but Mr Hammond defended his wife on 6PR Radio, saying if he believed Ms Clohessy was dishonest or capable of doing anything illegal he would not have married her.

“From what I’ve seen, she’s done absolutely nothing wrong,” Mr Hammond told 6PR.


Lawyer lover Kristin Clohessy escapes CCC charges

Kristin Clohessy was the lover of a corrupt cop who gave her sensitive police information. 

Lawyer Kristin Clohessy during her days as a V8 Supercar model. Photo: Facebook

The Corruption and Crime Commission has defended its decision not to charge the lawyer lover of a corrupt WA detective, saying there was insufficient evidence to pursue a case against her.

Kristin Clohessy, a one-time V8 Supercar model who works for Hammond Legal and is married to outspoken Perth lawyer John Hammond, was not charged after sensitive police files were leaked to her by former police detective Carl Casilli.

Lawyer Kristin Clohessy was given sensitive police information from a corrupt cop.

On Tuesday, Casilli was sentenced to nine months in jail and fined $2000 after pleading guilty to 17 charges, including illegally accessing information on a police computer to give Ms Clohessy, who he was having an affair with at the time.

It is understood the WA Police internal affairs unit referred the matter to the CCC, who laid charges against the officer in August last year, but not Ms Clohessy.

Lawyer Kristin Clohessy with her husband John Hammond. 

Questions have now been raised by several WA lawyers and police officers about why she was not charged as a party to the crime.

Under the WA Criminal Code, any person who is “party” to an offence can be charged for enabling, aiding or procuring another person to commit the offence.

In addition, the law states that when two or more people form a common intention to commit an unlawful act in conjunction with one another, each is deemed to have committed the offence.

A CCC spokeswoman defended the commission’s decision not to charge Ms Clohessy, saying an extensive five-month investigation had been conducted into the matter.

"After assessing all of the evidence available, it considered that there was insufficient evidence to sustain a prima facie case against the lawyer,” she said.

The CCC investigation found that Casilli had handed Ms Clohessy classified police information including affidavits about telephone and surveillance intercept warrants, police incident reports and personal details about some of her clients. She also obtained a DVD of a police interview with a murder suspect.

Lawyer Kristin Clohessy during her days as a V8 Supercar model. 

He also repeatedly accessed personal information from the police database about Ms Clohessy and her mother.

The offences occurred between 2008 and 2013.

Casilli was once described as a tenacious police officer who had worked on several high-profile homicide investigations including the death of Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney. His charges do not relate to the Rayney inquiry.

The detective sergeant quit the WA Police force after being charged with 17 offences, including 15 counts of unlawful use of a restricted-access computer system, unlawful dealing of intercept warrant information and supplying a video record of interview.

In sentencing Casilli on Tuesday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said a term of imprisonment was the only option, noting that while he had not benefited directly from his actions, the offences could contribute to “an erosion in public confidence” of the WA Police force.

Magistrate Woods said the release of the intercept warrant information was particularly serious and, while she did not know the content of the affidavit, it was normal to include the names of informants and undercover officers as well as disclose police methodology.

Ms Clohessy declined to comment to on Wednesday, saying she would seek advice from her lawyer, prominent QC David Grace.

Ms Clohessy and Mr Hammond did not respond to calls on Thursday.

Instead, Mr Hammond moved quickly to defend Ms Clohessy on 6PR Radio on Thursday morning, saying if he believed his wife was dishonest or capable of doing anything illegal he would not have married her.

“From what I’ve seen, she’s done absolutely nothing wrong,” Mr Hammond told 6PR.

“This police officer did as the Crown Prosecutor said, shovel information her way, but let me say this – a lot of it was unsolicited information. It was of absolutely no use to her as a lawyer or as an individual.

Mr Hammond said Casilli was “obsessed with Kristin Clohessy” and had accessed the database even before they were in a relationship together, “checking up” on her.

“He [Casilli] continued to pursue Kristin Clohessy well after the relationship was over, notwithstanding he was put on notice by police to have no further contact with her,” he said.

“All of this is obviously extremely distressing for her because there’s very serious matters that have been raised.

“She’s a lawyer and has a duty as a lawyer to uphold the law, so I think it’s important for me to come out and say what I know and rebut those nameless lawyers and police officers that are saying maybe she should have been looked at a little more closely.

Mr Hammond said it was possible the Legal Profession Complaints Committee would scrutinise matter to determine if there had been any impropriety.

“When this matter was first brought to my attention, I actually raised it with the LPCC. I said, 'There’s potentially an issue which could affect a practitioner' and I personally raised it myself with them,” he said.

“So, at all times Kristin Clohessy and me, in a more secondary role, have co-operated with the CCC, co-operated with our regulatory body and provided them with any information they’ve required.”

Mr Hammond said he had been told the DVD supplied to Ms Clohessy by Casilli was blank and did not contain the police record of interview of a murder suspect, a fact detailed in court.

In court, Casilli’s lawyer Nick Lemmon said his client had provided the lawyer (Ms Clohessy) the video recording of an interview because he was interested in her views on his interviewing technique.

Obsessed Lloyd Rayney detective Carl Casilli jailed

JULY 15 2014

A former West Australian detective who unlawfully accessed and passed on information from a restricted police information system to his lawyer lover has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Carl Salvatore Casilli pleaded guilty to one count each of communicating interception warrant information to another person, unlawful use of a computer, unlawful supply of an audiovisual recording of an interview, and 14 counts of operating a restricted access system without authorisation.

The offences occurred between 2008 and 2013.

Perth Magistrates Court heard last month that Casilli passed on the information to a female lawyer with whom he was having a personal relationship.

The prosecution argued some incidents "went beyond doing a favour for someone" and undermined ongoing police investigations, a claim disputed by defence lawyer Nick Lemmon, who said the information had not been accessed for the purpose of benefit.

Magistrate Elizabeth Woods said the most serious part of the offending was Casilli distributing an intercept warrant affidavit containing sensitive information about a case including details of informants and police methodology.

That had the potential to compromise the investigation, she said.

She said Casilli's conduct would have eroded public confidence in the security of the police information system.

Magistrate Woods noted jail time was particularly hard for ex-police officers but said a community-based order or fine was not appropriate.

"My view ... is the only way to deal with these matters is a term of imprisonment," she said.

Magistrate Woods said Casilli had to serve nine months in jail in full and also fined him $2000 for one of the offences.

Mr Lemmon had called for the former detective to be substantially fined, saying the offences occurred when Casilli was involved in and "obsessed" with the hunt for the killer of Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney.


West Australian Govt is Corrupt to its Core 
 Max Igan and Brendon O'Connell


Published on Apr 23, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Interviewed by Max Igan.

 A meeting of two great minds devoted to exposing ZIONIST infiltration in Australia

Two good friends of mine that spell out the absolute corruption of West Australian Government. Infested with criminals throughoutthe entire justice system is a bad joke while the W.A. Police themselves are full of petty criminals thieves, liars and thugs. Wake up Australia...

If this goes on they will eventually incarcerate every poor person to make a Prison system that would make Hitler proud. Invaded by criminal elements and run by the worst of the worst, Western Australian criminal justice system is by far the laughing stock of the Westminster system.

The infiltration of zionist agents into Western Australia will soon make W.A. a truly awful place to live, more than it already is.

 Thinking of moving here? Listen to this audio interview and think again.... Please support Max // And Please Support Brendon "..Western Australia in effectively run by Zioniosts and Freemasons who call Perth and Western Australia "New Zion" and refer to is at their "Prize" because of the immense wealth Western Australian has in mining and other extremely valuable resources..." "..Western Australian Billionaire Media Magnate Kerry Stokes in a well respected senior Red Lodge Freemason who purchased the Rothschild Bible for around $15 million. Many main streets in Israel are called Rothschild Street, just like many main streets in cities are called "Main Street" of "High Street"..." " of the main people that caused the arrest of Brendon O'Connell was powerful Zionist Jew Stanley Elliot Keyser..." "... There is a big difference to people who call themselves Zionist and people who call themselves just Jewish..."

Uploaded with Permission from Max Igan and Brendon O'Connell. Interview from Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Jailing won't help stop racism



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perth man Brendan O’Connell was sentenced to three years jail under WA’s racial vilification laws on January 31. He was found guilty of six counts of vilification relating to anti-Semitic comments he posted on a YouTube video in 2009.

His jailing, and the length of the sentence, has opened up a certain controversy.

Conservative columnist Paul Murray pointed out in the February 2 West Australian that a person convicted of glassing someone in a pub could expect to receive an 18-month sentence, whereas O’Connell received three years for an “essentially political [speech]”.

It should be noted that several media reports, including Murray’s, have falsely described O’Connell as a member of Friends of Palestine WA (FOPWA).

In fact, he is not and never has been a member of FOPWA. The group has categorically condemned his actions.

There are two main issues for progressive people in this case.

First, it is undeniable that O’Connell is an odiously offensive anti-Semite. There is nothing progressive in his political outlook: he is a representative of the far right.

This is obvious for someone who described Judaism as a “satanic death cult” and a “racist, homicidal” religion.

Nevertheless, his professed support for Palestine has confused some people.

We should be clear that anti-Semites are no friends of the Palestinian people. The Zionist state of Israel has waged a continuous war against Palestinian human rights for more than 60 years. However, many Jewish people have distanced themselves from that — or even actively campaign against it.

Judaism — a religion — is not responsible for the actions of the Israeli state.

Zionists use anti-Semitism as a cynical justification for Israel’s human rights abuses. Anti-Semites hinder the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s occupation.

Second, while anti-vilification laws can seem like a progressive step forward, they are at best a double-edged sword.

Jailing far right figures for expressing their views — no matter how odious — is not an effective way to marginalise racist ideas.

O’Connell’s anti-Semitism has received far more publicity than it would were he not prosecuted. The far right will now try to turn him into a martyr.

The most effective way to combat far-right ideas is to organise a strong, anti-racist political response whenever they emerge.

More worryingly, O’Connell’s jailing sets a precedent that could extend beyond the far right and target racial minorities and the left.

For example, an Aboriginal teenager who allegedly vilified a white person in 2006 was the first person charged under Western Australia’s anti-vilification laws. The charges in that case were eventually dropped.


Anonymous replied on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 09:36 PERMALINK
This is a frequent problem I have to face when it comes to "Judaism". Are you talking about the ethnic group that identify as Jews, or are you talking about the Jewish religion? What is the definition of an Anti-Semite? Someone who opposes the Jewish religion? Or someone who is racist against Jews? Because they are two completely different things. What do you mean when you say "Judaism"? Clarification is essential.

Not only that, but in your article you say that it is clear that O’Connell is an Anti-Semite because he described the Jewish *religion* as a “racist, homicidal” *religion*. I personally agree with some (some, not all) of his descriptions of the Jewish religion, the Jewish texts are full of ideas like Jews being elite over other people and the glorification of genocide. And yet I would never call myself an anti-Semite, nor do I think I should be labeled as one, since that term has overwhelming connotations of *racism*, and I have nothing against a person who identifies as Jewish, only against the organised system of belief known as Judaism. Much like a person who supports Liberal is opposed to the system of government that is Labor, and yet they are not racist against "Labor people" and wouldn't assault (I hope!) a Labor person.

O’Connell made the foolish mistake of equating the Jewish religion with the Jewish people, hence harassing Keyser for just "being a Jew". This now does make it Anti-Semitism, does make it a racist thing, and does make it fit under "racial vilification". By turning his views on an organised system of belief that a group of people hold into actually going and bothering and vilifying somebody who happens to not even necessarily believe or follow the religion, but simply identify as the related ethnicity, that is something that I certainly agree he should be and was rightfully jailed for. It would be like attacking a Christian in Spain because of the Spanish Inquisition.

What I want to say, is that if he had just made a video, a political video, or even a video against the Jewish religion, that should be fine. The word Anti-semitism should only be called on *racial* attacks, not *religious* attacks. If he wanted to make a video showing the evils in the Jewish religion, and even expressing his views about what Israel is doing, all that is allowed under freedom of speech. It's only this *hate talk*, when he dehumanises the Jewish *People* and encourages assaulting them, that should be the cause of his jailing, not his comments on the Jewish *Religion*. (Of course, by saying "you belong to that religion therefore all of their evils lie on your shoulders", it's become racial because you've identified them as part of a "race" and you're harassing them for that reason.)

P.S. You are completely right about Israel's actions are not equivalent to the actions of the Jewish religion. Most Jews living in Israel are actually not religious.

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Anonymous replied on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 16:03 PERMALINK
It didn't take long to realise this was no ordinary trial.

Within minutes of the jury filing into the courtroom, the defendant, Brendan O'Connell, fired his lawyer, declared the court without jurisdiction and attempted to arrest the judge for treason.

There were stifled giggles from the public gallery, but O'Connell is no comedy act.

Last Monday, the 40-year-old former registered nurse was sentenced to three years jail for racial vilification for views expressed in his online blog.

For more than two years, O'Connell has waged an online campaign against Perth Jews, posting long, rambling anti-Semitic diatribes and videos across the internet.

His hate campaign eventually culminated in a video he made of himself chasing 21-year-old Jewish man Stanley Keyser down a South Perth street, accusing him of being a "racist, homicidal maniac".

He then went to the Perth Bell Tower, looked into the camera and in a chilling monologue called for the public to rise up and consign Jews to the "dustbin of history".

It is the first time in WA that someone has been jailed for racial vilification, an offence introduced by State Parliament in 2007.

During the two-week trial, which at times threatened to descend into farce, O'Connell and his small band of followers in the public gallery refused to acknowledge the authority of the court. They sat as District Court Judge John Wisbey entered and left the room and stood as the jury did the same.

Far from denying his actions, O'Connell told the jury he would "proudly . . . do it all again, 1000 times again".

O'Connell referred to three books throughout the trial: the Bible, the Australian Constitution and an anti-Semitic tome called Judaism Discovered.

He compared Judaism to an organised crime syndicate and made wild statements that Israel was planning to invade Australia within a decade.

O'Connell intimated that he was somehow responsible for the resignations of several high-profile West Australians, including former Director of Public Prosecutions Robert Cock. He also accused police of deleting from his computer footage of UFOs that he had taken in Esperance.

"Jews control the entire world," he told the jury. "It seems like something from nazi propaganda but it's true."

O';Connell's actions have struck fear into the Jewish community in Perth since 2008, when he started to harass a Jewish man employed by an Australian Defence Force contractor - a combination O'Connell found unpalatable.

He has stated in online political forums that he was willing to die fighting for what he calls "the truth".

He caused the leaders of one synagogue to ask for police protection for the property after he posted photos of it online - it looks like a private house from the outside.

He also wrote in an online forum he was planning to "pack 100kg of powergel and 40 bags of ANFO on to the back of a scooter and park it at the local synagogue - shout 'free bagels and kiddie porn' - and then run like hell."

The rabbi and his family who live at the synagogue spent two nights elsewhere, terrified that O'Connell would turn his words into actions.

Perth MP John Hyde requested assistance from the WA Police Dignitary Protection Unit after O'Connell made a public appeal for what Mr Hyde referred to as "an incitement for action at my office".

But it was O'Connell's blog which eventually landed him before the courts.

"Fairly soon Jews will realise that people are thoroughly sick of them," he wrote in a typical post.

"Their whining. Their perpetual victimhood and their demands for people to bow down and worship their dodgy religion of 'holocaustianity'".

Although he had been monitored for years by the WA State Security Investigation Group and was known to the Jewish Community Security Group, his bullying was taken only half seriously.

When he sent a menacing email to a number of Jewish community leaders in early 2009 it was passed on to police but soon forgotten.

It was the video of him chasing Mr Keyser down the street yelling abuse which prompted a shift in thinking about O'Connell from fringe lunatic to serious threat.

"When the video appeared on YouTube it was like wildfire through the community," Steve Lieblich, director of public affairs at the Jewish Community Council, said.

"I called a public meeting because there was an incredible amount of concern.".

The film was taken at a Friends of Palestine protest outside a South Perth supermarket on May 2, 2009.

O'Connell went along to take part in the protest against the sale of Israeli fruit.

Mr Keyser and Timothy Peach, who were members of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students, went to the protest intending to hand out pamphlets with an opposing point of view. But as the protest was small and peaceful, they instead decided to take a photo and leave.

In the paranoid mind of O'Connell, however, they were Israeli spies, sent to gather information.

The film shows O'Connell yelling at Mr Keyser that Judaism is a religion of "racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing".

He then filmed himself at the Bell Tower calling Judaism a "death cult".

"I want the Judaic community to listen to those bells because they toll for you," he tells the camera as the bells rang out.

"Their mass murder, their homicidal mania, their disgusting religious texts which they claim to be wise wisdom from the rabbis - it's time to consign them to the dustbin of history.".

O'Connell may be in jail but his supporters still spew their own brand of racist hate online and Mr Keyser is still feeling its effect.

Since the sentencing he has received hate mail from around the world, including emails telling him "your days are numbered".

Though he has not been physically harmed, Mr Keyser said O'Connell's views were menacing.

"We live in Perth and in a great country, but we also lived in freedom in Germany in the 1930s and then all of a sudden there was the Holocaust," Mr Keyser said.

"My grandmother, her entire family died in the Holocaust and when she was in court, she couldn't deal with it because the things that were being said were exactly what happened in Poland, the same comments, same theories and it was horrible and horrific."

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Anonymous replied on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 19:44 PERMALINK
You should watch the video and read his blog before you comment. This man attacked the jewish people and he calles for them to be sent to the dustbin of history.

He accuses jews of being responsible for september 11, the Bali bombings and the Port Author Shootings.

He tell his supports that they to need to take to the streets and help expose the jews for who they are,

This man in a delinquent who I believe should have got even more jail time.

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Anonymous replied on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 03:33 PERMALINK
For people like O'Connell jail is just making a martyr of him. Especially by like minded people in the WA region, racism is like breathing.

He should have been sentenced to 3 years community service in the Perth jewish communities. Perhaps being the Man Friday to many Perth jewish families for next 3 years would have done the man some good. He could have been rehabilitated in his thinking and beliefs. In the very least, exposed to how messed up his beliefs are.

Standing on the other side of the wall, (or monitor) and calling someone a freak is easy - but if you have to live, eat, sleep, pray, work, and take care them - all up close and personal, now thats a different story.

Perth jails will only serve to reinforce his perverse beliefs, it is sterile, base and removed from the essense of the offense. He doesn't have to deal with it in any way OTHER than serving time. How convenient, more time to plan, undisturbed, some malicious response to his sentence perhaps?

After all aren't Perth Jails where many like minded people reside?!!


Man jailed over anti-semitic video

Brendan Lee O'Connell, 40,  jailed for posting anti-semitic video online


Racial hatred... Brendon O'Connell's YouTube video.

A 39-year-old Perth man has been sentenced to three years' jail for posting an anti-semitic video on the internet.

Brendon Lee O'Connell is the first person in Western Australia to be convicted under the state's racial vilification laws.

A jury found him guilty last week of six offences.

O'Connell posted a video on YouTube showing him insulting a young Jewish man in 2009.

The video also showed O'Connell standing in front of the Perth Bell Tower telling Jews their days were numbered.

Members of Western Australia's Jewish community were in court for the sentence and welcomed the jail term.

Steve Lieblich, who represents the Jewish community and is on the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, says racial vilification must be stopped.

"This time it was the Jewish people that were the target, next time it could be Muslims, Asians or any other group," he said.

"So we should be pleased that we've had this result and this signal has been sent to Mr O'Connell and his supporters."

Brendon O'Connell Aged 46 in 2016

Brendon O'Connell: Why I Seek Asylum in Iran

November 12, 2016

- See more at:


Brendon O'Connell Aged 46 in 2016

Brendon O'Connell: Why I Seek Asylum in Iran

November 12, 2016

- See more at:


Left, Compare the message below on the Iranian 100,000 RIAL note with the US one dollar bill which states, "In God We Trust". An all seeing eye with pyramid next to it. We can well wonder which "god" they are trusting?) 

Remember what Voltaire said about recognizing who your master is? 

Brendon O'Connell was jailed for three years for hurting a Jew's feelings. 

Unrepentant, he continued to resist the corrupt Masonic Jewish 

establishment in Australia. He wants to continue the fight from Iran. 

Here he summarizes his story and gives his first impressions of Tehran.

Latest!  Video Statement

by Brendon O'Connell 


Its a strange feeling - being "on the run". Stateless. Warrants out for your arrest. I'm not from Syria. Not from Iran. Not from Iraq. I'm from Australia, and it's not a joke.

My name is Brendon O'Connell. I'm 46. I have the notoriety of being the first person in Australia jailed under the state of Western Australia's racial vilification legislation. My heinous crime? Calling ultra Zionist Jewish activist Stanley Elliot KEYSER a "racist jew" with a religion of "racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing."

Those are the words that started it all, way back on May 2nd, 2009. Those words were considered so horrifyingly "hurtful" and "likely to offend", I was subsequently given one year's jail for that particular charge, one of six. Hurting someone's feelings was officially criminalized. But we should add for the record, that Stanley did not proffer any evidence of his hurt feelings; he just let it be known we should all accept his emotional state as "fact".  Maybe he should write a memoir?

Before the trial, the Israeli Ambassador to Australia and the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister turned up at a huge rally to support a 'Friends Of Israel' meeting. Over 1,500 West Australians turned up including just about all of the W.A state and federal political class either in person or by letter. 

Stanley KEYSER was a key note speaker

Stanley KEYSER was a key note speaker. I was mentioned by name. This was a week before the original August 16th, 2010 start of my trial. Needless to say my lawyer John BOUGHER panicked and the state's establishment "got the message". I would not be presenting any evidence at my trial and I could forget about any notions of "justice". 

I was given 11 years jail in total - found guilty on six of seven charges utilizing a second section of the legislation. Found guilty on five counts, I received two years jail for each count for a grand total of 11 years including Stanley's hurt feelings. Then judge John WISBEY made them "concurrent" and squeezed multiple acts into one - making for a total of three years.

 I was made eligible for parole but I was deemed so dangerous by the West Australian Parole Board I was refused parole - who knows whose feelings might be hurt next? Safety of the community is paramount! So, while repeat sex offenders, child rapists and general riff raff walked in and out of the jail violating their parole conditions at will - I languished in Casuarina Prison, the state's maximum security jail for the worst of the worst. 

There is not the word count space to describe my time in jail adequately - so much went on, it will fill a book. Suffice to say, I learnt from first hand sources just how utterly corrupt the West Australian police, prison officers, judiciary and political class really were. Maybe this pyramid on the side of the main court in Perth indicates something? They have one on the Israeli supreme Court building too.

After jail, more charges followed.

 When Chief Judge SLEIGHT of the Perth District Court ordered me for a psychiatric review stating I was "clearly delusional" based on my blog postings - that was enough for me. I hit the road. There are three warrants for my arrest. My current lawyer emailed me and wished me luck. 


So here I am. 5000 miles from home in downtown Tehran. 'The Wild Colonial Boy' meets a Leon Uris "Exodus" novel. I applied for political asylum to the Islamic Republic of Iran via it's Foreign Minister on Saturday, the 5th of November. I had a nice chat with an official. (Out of interest, they all know who Dr Steve Pieczenik is over here.) Will they accept me? I'd like to think so. But Australia and Iran are seeking good relations and they are natural trading partners. The Iranian governments main priority are 80 million hungry people - not a slightly overweight belligerent bad tempered ethnic Irish Australian with a personal bar fight going on Down Under. I am owed a parliamentary inquiry for the debacle of the last seven years and a very public rebuking of the Israeli state for interfering in my 2011 trial. I won’t be holding my breath.

Meanwhile, as I wait, I observe, and slowly make my way around town with the aid of Google Maps. I've got three Iranian/Farsi words down and am adding every day. Hami from Press TV is in touch. He's in Berlin and might catch up if he can. Friends who have lived in Iran give me some advice over 'Whatsapp'. I'm sure that encryption they have on it is first rate ;-)

They have a pretty good public transport system here and you can get around anywhere. Its cheap. Persians are notoriously polite and friendly. For a people who have suffered under long sanctions and constant Cold War style attacks, they don't seem to bear a grudge and love meeting foreigners. 

Sanctions continue and your Visa Credit Card is not going to work here. Forget about transferring money from your bank account to here with any ease. Bring cash, Euro's and US dollars. Food is cheap. Even in the modern western style shopping malls in the wealthier parts of town.’


If Islam is oppressive to women I don't see it here. They drive, they make up the majority of the university places and they work actively at all levels of the community and government. If they are "oppressed" it is in the public domain of dress. In that, they dress with dignity. You will not see 13 year old girls dressed like two bit hookers on the streets of Tehran. Apparently, the femmo-nazi's surrounding Hillary Clinton base "woman's rights" on your ability to dress and act like a Hollywood porn star. I guess high levels of education, work and family life don't factor into the "freedom model" of the "progressives" of Western Civilization?

Another thing I have noticed about women here is a quiet confidence. Women covering up raises their self worth. Would be nice to bring 10 two bit pill popping night club ho's here, cover them in some stylish garb and see how they feel.

I've seen three people wearing head phones and listening to their "smart phone". Persians don't seem to walk into light poles with their heads buried in their phones either. I guess Pokemon Go never made it here? Few talk on their phones on trains. Their kids seem unbearably happy - I haven't seen a tantrum on the street yet - there's still time however. Maybe they need to put more fluoride into their water and hand out IPads to get the juvenile mental illness up to scratch with 'the west'? Clearly the Iranian public have not caught on to the joy of messaging your friends on Facebook while in the same room and other 'western' habits. They seem to talk to each other face to face. Facebook and You Tube are banned! War crime! 

Sanctions have bitten hard. Unemployment is a problem. Buildings not in the wealthy part of town appear run down. But this ain't Cuba. 

Once the sanctions are fully lifted, Iran will grow rapidly, economically. A highly educated, sophisticated population not poisoned with fluoride and IPads; a fully indigenous high technology sector - based in the military; strong nationalist outlook with a cohesive family structure - whilst also seeking to engage with others. Israel and the satanist, pedophile, Kabbalist run 'west' cannot stand this thought any more than they can stand Trump.

Maybe Iran will pull off what 'the west' never could? Combine a high technology future with a 4000 year old stable culture with the family as central? Unstable families lead too an  unstable society and President Vladimir Putin considers that a national security issue. He should know, his country is only just recovering after seventy years of satanist/communist rule. Iran never allowed the break down of the core family unit and has never allowed the poison of the degenerate "do as thou wilts" satanist ideology to sneak through the back door as "progressive values".

I hope I can stick around to watch things unfold.


Support Brendon O'Connell's fight against the Zionist Occupational Government !!   Send donations to (paypal)   boc@boc.rock

- See more at:

Brendon O'Connell - Jailed Four Years for "Anti Semitism"

April 22, 2014

- See more at:

Australian activist Brendon O'Connell, 42, was arrested
and jailed in 2009 for making "anti-Semitic" statements. 
He was released last January. Brendon reveals exactly what he said
and how an apology would have spared him 
a four-year prison term.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."- Voltaire

by Brendon O'Connell ( 

I was arrested by 7 members of the State Security Investigation group on May the 12th 2009 for calling Stanley Elliot Keyser a "racist Jew" and "racially vilifying him" in the process. Section 80B. That was one year jail time.

I then used words such as, "your days are numbered" talking about Rabbinic Pharisaic Judaism etc. This came under a different part of the legislation, Section 77, the most serious in that I was "inciting others" to go and kill Jews. 

These are comments from my Blog at the time - after I was arrested - that got me more charges under Section 77 - 

"1,500 Gazan's are dead, one million plus Iraqi's. We can only hope and pray that the international community strikes hard and makes sure that gaggle of Satan's children in occupied Palestine are brought to justice."
Transcript Page 626 - 2 years jail.

"Fairly soon Jews will realize that people are thoroughly sick of them, their whining, their perpetual victimhood and their demands for people to bow down and worship their dodgy religion of Holocaustianity."
Transcript Page 630 - 2 years jail

"The Jew community could of at least made their lies and slander half-believable, but I guess after years of inventive and over the top Holocaust memoirs they've gotten lazy."
Transcript Page 632- 2 years jail

"Former Ku Klux Clown lectures Aussies to stamp out racism. Unfortunately our former clown has never read the Talmud, so he forgot to mention Jews as the biggest racists of all."
Transcript p.633 - 2 years jail

Then 2 years jail for saying "your days are numbered in the video. 

All up I was given 11 years jail which was then made "concurrent" which mean it all ran together as one charge. If they really don't like you, they run the charges "consecutive" and you do all 11 years. They were trying to scare me. I made sure I said, "Jail here is a holiday camp compared to Gaza!" which the media reported. I wanted to be as defiant as possible.

This Blog links to two video's I did explaining things 

Here Justice Buss at my appeal indicates that if I would just say sorry they would let me out of jail. This was in December of 2011:

JA BUSS: One can readily understand that a suspended sentence would have been appropriate had someone in your client's position pleaded guilty even if not at the first opportunity, had expressed some remorse at some stage or even given an apology. If these had been the facts, then it is very difficult to see how a term of immediate imprisonment could possibly have been justified, but those are not the facts.
Transcript 13/12/2011 Page 18 WASCA

Below is a section from a synopsis I prepared for the High Court. It explains a lot. I have also included pictures taken from the raid video's. I don't think anyone has published these before.

[G] Hansard of Debate - Criticism of West Australian  Racial Vilification Legislation by Hon John Fischer Nov.. 2004
"This legislation is atrociously drawn up. It will not achieve what it is intended to achieve, although I am not sure what the intent is. The Government has introduced the legislation and I do not believe there has been any consultation with the general public. I believe this legislation has been brought on as a red herring. From the people I have spoken to, I believe that this legislation will do the Government a great deal of harm. It represents without doubt, a loss of freedom of speech and a loss of freedom of knowledge.
I believe these laws will increase problems. The whole of the legislation will be thrown out. It is absolutely pathetic. I cannot emphasize enough that this is probably some of the worst legislation I have read."

Criticism by Greg Craven, 'Conversations With The Constitution: Not Just A Piece Of Paper'. UNSW PRESS. 

"The most obvious feature of this rights discourse is its unremitting focus on the rights of minorities. New constitutionalists are relatively uninterested in the rights of common or garden Australians to live dull, secure lives in dull, secure suburbs, unmolested alike by burglars and intrusive governmental gate crashers. They are transfixed, however, by the rights of minority groups: indigenous people, ethnic minorities, sexual and gender groupings though not (of course) by the rights of unfashionable minorities such as conservative religious groups or right wing nutters. New constitutionalists argue, with obvious force, that it is the rights of minorities that most need protection. But there is more than necessity at work here."

Related- Jailed Christian Activist on Hunger Strike 
---------- Australia plans to amend racial discrimination act:"People have a right to be bigots" 
--------- Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control - See more at:

 The secret meaning of Donald Trump’s “Snake” poem

    By Kevin Barrett on May 8, 2017


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


On its way to vote one Tuesday

Down the path along side the lake

A tender hearted nation saw a slick, silver-tongued snake

His orange-red hair and skin had been all frosted with the dew

“Oh well,” the nation cried, “I’ll take you in and vote for you”

“Vote me in oh tender nation

Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake


The nation took that snake into its beautiful White House

And watched it curl up beside a book by Leo Strauss

And though he couldn’t read, he got the message pretty quick

And with sharpened fangs prepared to prove himself a toxic prick

“Vote me in, oh tender nation

Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake


The nation clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried

“If Hillary had won, by now I’m sure we’d all have died”

Now she watched his pretty speeches and then she kissed and held him tight

But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite

“Vote me in, oh tender nation

Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake


“I elected you,” cried that nation

“And you’ve bit me even, why?

You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”

“Oh shut up, silly nation,” said the reptile with a grin

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

“Vote me in, oh tender nation

Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake


Why does Trump keep repeating the lyrics to that Al Wilson song about the ungrateful snake? You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to suspect that something weird and powerfully unpleasant is going on in the deep dark depths of the President’s unconscious mind.

If you asked Trump, or the average Trump voter, he might tell you he loves “The Snake” because it sums up our predicament with respect to illegal aliens. If we let the damn Mexicans in, they’ll bite us! If we let the damn Muslims in, they’ll blow us up!

But there is a serious problem with that interpretation. Watch closely – if you can stand it – as Trump reads the poem.

Trump obviously relishes the poem. In fact, he relishes it too much. It turns him on.  Ponder the implications of that.

At a deep, unconscious level, it’s obvious that Trump identifies with the snake.  Not the woman. The snake!

The snake, Uncle Sigmund used to say as he chomped on a cigar, is the ultimate phallic symbol. That’s why, in the Garden of Eden, when the snake reared his ugly head, the primordial couple had to cover it up with fig leaves.

Al Wilson’s song is about a male psychopath who seduces and betrays a woman. Confronted, the psychopath excuses himself by saying “you knew I was a bad boy when you let me seduce you, so what did you expect?”

It’s obvious why Trump identifies with the role of psychopathic seducer. What else has he been doing all his life? Using and discarding women. Using and discarding clients. Using and discarding voters.

We knew all about Trump before we took him in.

We knew Trump (in all likelihood) hired prostitutes to piss all over a bed Obama had slept in.

Sex slavery lawsuit links Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to pedophile ring: report

We knew Trump is a serial sexual assault perpetrator, according to a long list of women (and they’re just the ones with the guts to go public.)

We knew Trump was a client of Jeffrey Epstein, the Mossad’s pedophile pimp, and (according to a lawsuit) raped a 13-year-old.

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,’’ Trump told New York Magazine back in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

We knew Trump has been a mob frontman ever since he was “made” by Roy Cohn.

We knew Trump Tower is the Russian-Israeli mob’s New York headquarters.

We knew Trump bought beauty contests so he could do things like barging into Miss Teen USA’s dressing room and then boast about it.

I could go on like this all night. But I shouldn’t have to tell you what you already knew before you took Trump in. Just looking at his demeanor for a couple of seconds should be enough to reveal to anyone with eyes that the current President of the United States is a flim-flam man – an egotistical narcissistic scumbag and borderline psychopath who specializes in “taking in” an ever-growing number of victims.


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Ann Coulter is still a political whore

By Jonas E. Alexis on May 5, 2017

Does Ann Coulter really want to tell us that “America First” is compatible with an unconditional support for Israel? Where is that in the Constitution? Did the founding fathers support this pernicious enterprise?


Frankly, my dear, Ann Coulter is a woman after my own heart.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Ann Coulter is still screwing around and playing dice with the whole truth. Yes, she does say that people like her elected “a comically improbable president as Donald J. Trump.”[1] Yes, she does admit:

“We’re not winning. We’re losing, and we’re losing on the central promise of Trump’s campaign.”[2]

Yes, she does say that Trump has obviously lied about his promises. But Coulter still doesn’t want to address the whole issue and the people who are behind Donald Trump because that would ruin her political ideology. This is the woman who explicitly boasted that “I wish we could have Netanyahu as our president”!

That’s what one ought to call a political whore for Israel. Coulter wants to stop perpetual wars in the Middle East because it has finally dawned on her that perpetual wars aren’t really good at all, but the same Coulter would love to have the same man who has relentlessly advocated perpetual wars in the Middle East as our president! How stupid can we be? Perhaps Netanyahu was speaking of people like Coulter when he said:

“I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in [our] way.”[3]

Coulter, in desperation, declared of Trump, “We want the ruthless businessman we were promised.”[4] How is Trump going to fulfill his promises when neither Coulter nor Trump is actually addressing the real issue, namely, the Israeli control of foreign policy? Does Coulter really want to tell us that “America First” is compatible with an unconditional support for Israel? Where is that in the Constitution? Did the founding fathers support this pernicious enterprise?

One can say that Coulter is being dumb on purpose here because she has access to the scholarly evidence. She knows she cannot address the real elephant in the room without being called names. You remember when Coulter made a nasty statement about Jews? You remember how she had to beg for mercy? She knows that Washington is “Israel-centric,” but she cannot continue to say that because she loves her political career—and probably her life.

I guess the Neocons and the Powers That Be have given her a chance to redeem herself, and she doesn’t want to screw it up by saying really nasty things such as “fucking Jews” again.

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Iran’s Jewish parliamentarian:
 Benjamin Netanyahu is an “insane vampire”

By Jonas E. Alexis on March 17, 2017

In 1982, the Israeli military allowed Lebanese militia to attack Palestinian refugees; they “raped, killed and dismembered at least 800 civilians, while Israeli flares illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways.”

The Dark and Delusional World of Benjamin NetanyahuThe Dark and Delusional World of Benjamin Netanyahu


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Siamak Mareh Sedq, the Jewish member of Iran’s parliament, has recently killed Benjamin Netanyahu’s entire political ideology in the Middle East and much of the Western world. Netanyahu, Mareh Sedq declares, is an “insane vampire” because he lies about Iran and has manipulated much of the West for years. Let’s hear Mareh Sedq:

“Netanyahu is an insane vampire drowned in crimes from head to toe, and the recent remarks made by the racist Israeli prime minister is not surprising to me.”[1]

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that “Mareh Sedq also asserted that in contradiction to Netanyahu’s statements against Iran, anti-Semitism and racism have never been witnessed in the Iranian culture.”[2]

Mareh Sedq:

“To sell bigoted lies against a nation which has saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu resorting to fake history & falsifying Torah. Force of habit. The Book of Esther tells of how Xerxes I saved Jews from a plot hatched by Haman the Agagite, which is marked on this very day.[3]

Well, Mr. Mareh Sedq, welcome to Veterans Today. We have been saying for years that Netanyahu is just a con man who has lied about Iran for years.

The fact is that Israel’s colossal aggression against the Palestinians is well known among Jewish academics and scholars,[4] but the Zionist regime in Israel has convinced the Western world that the true enemy of the world is Iran, while simultaneously planning, by May 2010, to place a permanent submarine station carrying nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf.[5]

The Western world actually listens to the regime, and sanctions have been placed on Iran which have hurt the Iranian economy a great deal.[6] What is even more interesting is that anyone who has remotely suggested that Israel does not have the right to push the U.S. into a war with Iran has been chastised.

Former secretary of defense Robert Gates declared in 2012 that a strike on Iran would be catastrophic for the U.S., “haunting us for generations in that part of the world.” Not only that, Gates saw that Israel, the supposed ally, was pushing that war, which led him to say that Israel is “an ungrateful ally.” The Neocon regime was on the frontline chastising Gates for his comments.[7]

Now it is Iran that is an existential threat, despite the fact that for almost three thousand years, Jewish artifacts of all kinds have played a vital role in Iran among the Jewish community, where they largely enjoyed the ambiance,[8] and despite the fact that noted political scientists such as Kenneth Waltz have made it clear that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to the Middle East or America.

According to Waltz, “Israel’s regional nuclear monopoly, which has proved remarkably durable for the past four decades, has long fueled instability in the Middle East. In no other region of the world does a lone, unchecked nuclear state exist. It is Israel’s nuclear arsenal, not Iran’s desire for one, that has contributed most to the current crisis. Power, after all, begs to be balanced.”[9] Paul R. Pillar made similar arguments.[10]

Israel has always contributed to the demise of peace and harmony in the Middle East. The 1982 massacre is a classic example, where Israeli military allowed Lebanese militia to attack Palestinian refugees; they “raped, killed and dismembered at least 800 civilians, while Israeli flares illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways.”[11]

One year later, an Israeli investigation commission found Israel “indirectly responsible” for the massacre, and Ariel Sharon an accomplice.[12] How did the Israeli officials get the U.S. involved? According to declassified documents found in the Israel State Archives, they convinced U.S. officials that Beirut had terrorist cells, and in the end allowed the slaughter of Palestinian civilians whom the U.S. had previously vowed to protect.[13] Ariel Sharon said that Beirut had from 2,000 to 3,000 terrorists.

The American envoy in the Middle East, Morris Draper, basically said that Sharon was lying. Lawrence S. Eagleburger, then Secretary of State, declared that “we appear to some to be the victim of deliberate deception by Israel.”[14]

During his conversation with Sharon, Draper knew that the United States was not standing behind Sharon’s evil pursuit, but Sharon ended an agreement on his own terms. It was reported that Draper told Sharon,

“You should be ashamed. The situation is absolutely appalling. They’re killing children! You have the field completely under your control and are therefore responsible for that area.”[15]

After the massacre, Ronald Reagan, himself a Zionist, was outraged. Secretary of State George P. Shultz declared that the United States was also an accomplice in allowing Israel to manipulate them in order to massacre civilians.

But no sanctions were pronounced on Israel. Nothing was done. Why? Nicholas A. Veliotes, then the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, gave us an indirect answer: “Vintage Sharon. It is his way or the highway.”[16] Scholar Seth Anziska declares,

“The Sabra and Shatila massacre severely undercut America’s influence in the Middle East, and its moral authority plummeted.”[17]

In short, Benjamin Netanyahu is just treading in an essentially diabolical path. With the Talmud in one hand[18] and American tax dollars on the other, he seeks to grab more Palestinian lands and liquidate anyone who resists him. But people are waking up everywhere, and that is why Netanyahu will have a hard time implementing his Talmudic plan.

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The Dark and Delusional World of Benjamin Netanyahu

The Dark and Delusional World of Benjamin Netanyahu


Reason and Logic

Published on Jan 15, 201

“I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in [our] way.” Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerry Hartlein  3 months ago


Joan Roth  3 weeks ago

Ryan, it was all true & your either brain-washed or complicit in backing a war criminal.

horsefaceemily  1 month ago

One jooz In goverments to many they all ways put Isra Hell first and fuck Amricans

Imma Pain  3 months ago

The devil incarnate.

jo phoenix  3 months ago



STEPHEN RORHAN 2 months ago




2017 » March

Albert Pike is considered the father of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Ayatollah of goat riders. Statues of him abound in Washington D.C.

He wrote that it would require three world wars to channel the human race to accept a one world government of “secular humanists” who would utilize “scientific rationalism” as the value foundation of the human race.

Religion would be considered the domain of mentally ill degenerates and old ladies.

Judaism (OT), Christianity and Islam would be considered so dangerous and responsible for wars that they would be virtually outlawed.

“They” had a go in 1919. The human condition was such that even with Soviet death camps they could not stop the human condition and its desire for connection with the super natural God.

They’re taking their time this time. Less stick, more carrot. Working on the youth. The mass media and smart phones at their disposal – they have a whole new audience and we appear to be in the final stages.

If I wanted to start a war in the Middle East and blame it on “religion” — I would put a crazy “Jewish State” in the west, then I’d put a crazy “Islamic State” in the east. Then I would arm them both to the teeth. I would get their top people to sayand do inflammatory things like shout, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and stomp around on American flags like a two year old having a temper tantrum. I’d get Israel to have their religious elite state openly that God only made non Jews to be slaved for the Jew and kill and slaughter small Palestinian children for fun – on camera – in full view.


Its WWF rock’n roll wrestling writ large.


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