Mark McGowan, Labor Leader set to be new Premier of Western Australia
Western Australians are demanding a new honest accountable  Labor Premier Mark McGowan
 after Colin Barnett and his Liberal Government have nearly bankrupted Western Australia and allowed foreign ownership and control to run the state.
The Give Western Australia Back To The People Action Group have stated that they support the election of Mark McGowan  as The Next Premier Of Western Australia


                       Western Australia’s opposition leader, Mark McGowan, with Labor’s candidate for the seat of Morley, 
                       Amber-Jade Sanderson, campaigning in Perth on Thursday. Photograph: Rebecca Le May/AAP

Western Australians are fed up with a corrupt Colin Barnett Liberal Government who want to continue to sell off Western Australia to foreign controlled companies such as the Liberal Government did by allowing billions of dollars of Chinese Triad money to be laundered through Western Australian Premiers Richard Court's and Colin Barnet's, Attorney General Michael Minschil's, former  Australian prime ministers Tony Abbott's and John Howards's best friend, Len Buckeridge and Len Buckeridge's BGC Companies ...and now Len Buckeridge is dead the Chinese Triads effectively own and control the multi-billion BGC companies through various complex trust arrangements....
Len Buckeridge has been named by three witnesses as having an involvement in the Claremont Serial Killings and protected from any form of criminal investigation and arrest by Western Australian Police, because of a back room deal, that was done between the Western Australian Commissioner of Police, the  Western Australian  Police Service, the Liberal Party Attorney  General, the Western Australian Liberal Government, Len Buckeridge, the BGC Group of Companies and the Chinese Triads and their various partners ... whereby they would launder in billions of dollars of their ill gotten gains from Hong Kong into Perth and Western Australia by investing billions from the 1970's onwards into Len Buckeridge's BGC Companies .... this would and did make the City of Perth and Western Australia rich and economically strong ... and provide high employment .... and in return Len Buckeridge and any of his associates and silent Chinese partners would be be given what is called in police cirlces "The Green Light" to commit any criminal offences they want without fear of prosecution or investigations .. including abduction, murder and the selling, importing, manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs .... former Western Australian Police Commissioner Robert Falconer, who has previously been the head of the well known to  be corrupt Victorian Drug Squad, has been named in a special report as being in partnership with other drug dealers such as Paul Massari and drug squad detectives and Len Buckeridge and his silent Cinese Triad Partners, in the selling, importing, manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs in Western Australia, which was allowed to run rife during the time of the Claremont Serial Killings for many reasons, including the fact that all the police resources were concentrating on solving the horrendous Claremont Serial KIllings with no resources monitoring the distribution, importing, growing The manufacturing and selling  illegal drugs in Western Australia, which is a multi billion dollar industry in Western Australia... 
Three witnesses made statement naming Len Buckeridge, his silent Trail partners and certain Western Australian Police as being involved in the Claremont Seral Killings, and other  serious crimes committed in Western Australia ... and these three witnesses are now dead..... but their statements are still exiting and can be used in a  court of law if necessary ...








                                            Nightmare begins for third family

                                                  Grant Taylor-Thursday, December, 2016 


                                                   Claremont serial killer victim Jane Rimmer

                              This story was first published in January 2016, 20 years after Sarah Spiers went missing from Claremont.

                                It was the phone call former homicide squad boss Insp. Paul Ferguson had been dreading, but also expecting.

                    With two unsolved murders already on his plate, his quiet Saturday afternoon would be shattered by the news that the Claremont serial killer had struck again.

                                         “It was the worst possible thing, the worst possible thing ... you can’t help but feel guilty, ” Mr Ferguson, now retired, said.

                                    “I knew we (investigators) had done everything possible. But we had been unable to prevent it from happening again.”


                                                      “I knew we had done everything possible” … Former Macro boss Paul Ferguson

                         Police tonight were refusing to confirm reports the search was linked to the Macro investigation into the Claremont serial killings.

                           Like the first two victims, lawyer Ciara Glennon was young, blonde, smart and attractive.

                    The similarities between all three were overwhelming and police would finally be forced to say the words that until then they had not dared to say in public.

             “I think it’s fair to say that we certainly have fears that there is a serial killer at loose in Perth, ” State crime commander Bob Ibbotson told a press conference two days after Ciara vanished.


                                Steve Penn photo montage of Jane Rimmer, Sarah Spiers and Ciara Glennon - Claremont Seral killings.
                                        Continental Hotel Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Western Australia

          After an extended holiday in Ireland, the 27-year-old had only recently returned to Perth to attend her sister Denise’s wedding.

          On Friday, March 14, 1997, she had been having drinks at the Continental Hotel with colleagues from the law firm where she had worked before going overseas.

           It was about midnight when Ciara told them she was tired, before setting off to presumably catch a taxi back to her parents’ house in nearby Mosman Park.

          Her mother had warned her daughter when she had returned from Ireland about the two earlier disappearances from Claremont.

          But streetwise Ciara did not think twice about walking off alone down Bay View Terrace towards Stirling Highway.


A teenage university student who was abducted and sexually assaulted in Claremont five years before the first known victim of the Claremont Serial Killer or killers ... has told her story publicly for the first time...Bret Cristian, Editor of the Subiaco Post Newspaper ....a man kidnapped her from a car park opposite the Cottesloe Hotel and drive her to the abandoned Lakeway drive-in theatre in Swanborne, where he tried to rape her. She espacpaed but he staked and recaptured her in Claremont and bundled her into the back of his station wagon, The girl came forward after friends read in the Subiaco POST that police ar investugating the three known Calremont serial killings of the mid-1090's have now positively linked prior offences to the last known victim, Ciara Glennon (Subiaco Post Octover 17th)
I think he was more stocky than tall ...

                                  Inspector Paul Ferguson ex macro taskforce boss, spoke to The West Australian on the 20th anniversary of Sarah Spiers' disappearance. 

A group of young men who had been sitting at a bus stop on the highway told police they had seen her walking south, looking for a lift.

The men went back to talking among themselves and a short time later one noticed that Ciara was now much further down the road, leaning in through the passenger side window of a light-coloured car that had pulled up alongside her.

When the men looked again a few moments later, she and the car were gone.

The nightmare was about to begin for a third Perth family who would soon discover their beloved daughter was missing.

Alarm bells began ringing for Denis and Una Glennon the next morning when their daughter missed a hairdresser’s appointment and then failed to show up at her sister’s hens’ party that was organised for that afternoon.

At 4.30pm, Mr Glennon would telephone police to share his concerns.

Within hours, the Macro task force’s members had been recalled to duty and were beginning the hunt for clues all over again.

Although bitterly disappointed at having failed to prevent another murder, Mr Ferguson said his investigators also understood that a fresh case presented them with fresh investigative opportunities.

A copy photo of Ciara Glennon. Picture: Supplied.

Had the killer finally made a mistake? No expense would be spared to try to find out.

Within days, Richard Court’s government announced a $250,000 reward for information to help catch the killer — the biggest ever offered at that time.

Mr Glennon would also appear before a packed press conference to reveal the depth of his family’s despair.

“Only now do I even begin to understand the terrible trauma that the parents of Jane (Rimmer) and Sarah (Spiers) went through, ” he said.

“No parent who loves their child ... can even begin to comprehend the devastating thing that this is.”

Mr Glennon was also confident that his daughter would be found alive.

But it would not take long before his family’s worst fears were realised.

Almost three weeks after Ciara vanished, a bushwalker stumbled across her body near Pipidinny Road in Eglinton on what was then Perth’s far northern fringes.

                            Sarah Spiers has never been found

The location of the body made sense to police. Eglinton was north of where the Mitchell Freeway ended.

Jane Rimmer had been dumped near the end of the Kwinana Freeway.

No attempt had been made to bury either of the bodies. Though Jane Rimmer was naked, Ciara was reportedly fully clothed.

The details of how they died have never been released, but police did confirm that the women’s gravesites had given them a valuable insight into the mind of the killer.

The public were keen to do their bit and more than 15,000 calls to the Crime Stoppers hotline were logged in the first month after Ciara disappeared. But still there was no breakthrough.

To help, Mr Glennon appealed to his network of business contacts who dug deep and established a fund to give police additional resources.

The Secure Communities Foundation raised more than $750,000 , which would help pay for international experts to join the investigation as well as funding new technologies.

One of those technologies was lie-detector testing, or polygraphs. More than 50 people of interest would sit those tests, but one man in particular would fail it.

That man was firming as the prime suspect.


Friday March 14, 1997: Ciara Glennon catches up with former work colleagues at Claremont’s Continental Hotel.

Midnight: The 27-year-old lawyer says she is tired and leaves the pub to find a lift home to Mosman Park.

Minutes later a group of young men see her on Stirling Highway talking to someone in a light coloured vehicle.

When they look again, both the vehicle and Ciara were gone.


Western Australian STATE ELECTION 2017

From NYT.bz

Liberal Insider speaks out about death threat letters sent to Western Australian Liberal Party candidates being organised for politcal purposes by high up people in the Western Australian Liberal Party and backing the Liberal Party:

It is understood for information provided by the nyt.bz investigation team, that a Western Australian Liberal Political insider has broken ranks and  stated that it was people high up in the Western Australian Liberal Party and their powerful international mining, property, building, business and development backers that were the ones that organised to have  death threat letters sent to themselves for the purpose of winning public support and sympathy for a Western Australian election that all the polls say that Colin Barnett's Western Australian Liberal Party is about to lose  on Saturday the 11th of March, 2017 .....

".. Colin Barnett, the Western Australian Liberal Party and their big international mining, property and investment company backers are desperate to win this Western Australian State Election at ant cost and at any price ...."..say the Liberal Party Insider ..... ".... they are even very concerned about an new Attorney General ordering criminal investigations into their actions and links to criminal networks and the possibilty of criminal charges laid again them ... they are extremely scared of what a new government may find on the old Government files over the last 8  years ..."

Also it has been stated that ... " they want to use the letters to clog up Google searches on the Western Australian State Election which will mainly come up with  stories from media in Australian and around the world,
 with headlines such as 

'Death Threats Made To Liberal Party Candidates and their families'....,
 ... they are also  using the death threat letters  as an excuse for the current premier Colin Barnett to make last minute public statements about the Western Australian State Election due to be held on the 11th arch, 2017..."....

"... the death threat letters were sent deliberately to arrive on the 8th of  9th of March, 2017 ..... just when the close of adds that are allowed in newspapers advertising one political party of another .....
came into force on Wednesday the 8th of March, 2017 ...
to gain more publicity for Colin Barnett and his Western Australian Liberal Party .... after the close of ads for the election ...
..... they worked out that the best time to have these death threat letters to arrive at the Liberal Party members's homes was the 8th to 9th of March, 2017 ....  
.....which was a way of obtaining free media exposure in all the Western Australian Newspapers and Television networks, and the ABC  etc......
.... for Colin Barnett's Western Australian Liberal Party ...
...... at a time that Mark McGowan's Western Australian Labor Party were not allowed to place any more adds in any of the 
Western Australian Newspapers and Television networks, and the ABC  etc..."
.. the Liberal Party insider stated...


                WA Liberal MPs receive death threats ahead of Saturday election


The threatening  letter was sent to MPs' home addresses.

At least six West Australian Liberal MPs
 including Peter Katsambanis have been sent death threats
 ahead of Saturday's state election.

The ABC understands letters were sent to the home addresses of at least six Liberal candidates, including a former minister.

The author accuses the recipients of "stuffing up their life and business" and directly threatens "women and children".

One of the recipients is Upper House MP and candidate for the seat of Hillarys Peter Katsambanis.

"It's disconcerting for me, it's disconcerting for my family," Mr Katsambanis said.

"When people make direct threats to people's homes about their family, this is no longer fair game in politics.

"This is despicable behaviour."

Mr Katsambanis reported the matter to police and provided them with the letter.

He said the election campaign had been particularly nasty.

"This campaign has been littered with threats and attacks on myself, 
on my wife, on campaign workers and volunteers," he said.

"This is just one more.

"It's clearly designed to take my attention away in the last few days of the campaign, but it's not going to work."

Concern about address publication

It is understood the police dignitary protection unit has been notified.

WA Police confirmed they were investigating the letters.

"At this time I can't provide details of what was written in the letters and the investigation is ongoing," a spokesman said.

Some MPs involved have raised concerns their home addresses were accessed after being published in The West Australian newspaper as part of an election notice by the WA Electoral Commission.

Mr Katsambanis said publishing home addresses was not appropriate.

"Given the unstable global environment we live in, the act needs to be changed as soon as possible after the election," he said.

"Suburb details should be enough in this day and age."

The commission said it was required by law.

"Under the Electoral Act the Commission is required to publish candidate nomination details, which include the address that each candidate provides on their nomination form," a spokesperson said.

"However, there is provision for anyone to enrol as silent elector.

"In such cases a candidate's address details would not be published."

‘Women, kids we will get them’ - Libs get death threats

Nick Butterly and Gary Adshead

Thursday, 9 March 2017 10:57PM


Colin Barnett has asked the public for help to find the author of threatening letters to Liberal candidates.

It is noted that when Colin Barnett and his police Commissioner asked for the public's help in helping the catch the Claremonth Serial Killers, 
unfortunately Colin Barnett and the Macro Task Force, a part of the Western Australian Police Service put in sole charge of the Claremeont Seral abduction and murder investigations .... refused to take much notice of the information that the public and even other members of their police force ... that would have helped find thos einvolved in the the Claremont Serial Murders and the other abductions and murders of over 30 other girls and women and boys and men in Perth and Western Australian over the last 40 odd years...so it may be best that Colin Barnett and his Liberal Government ask the Western Australian and the Australian Federal Police to help them find not only those involved in writing and sending these death threat letters to Western Australian Liberal Party candidates .. but also ask the Australian Federal Police to help solve the over 30 murders and abductions on girls, boys, women and men in Perth and Western Australia in the last 40 odd years ..... and had a copy of all the Western Australian Police files and information collected in relation to the Claremont Serial Abductions and Murders as well as their files on all the other unsolved abductions and murders in Perth and Western Australian in the last 40 off years since  the 1960's onwards ....

Colin Barnett has asked the public for help to find the author of threatening letters to Liberal candidates.Picture: The West Australian

The Barnett Government has called on the public to help find the person behind death threats to a number of WA politicians, including the Premier.

Colin Barnett made his last pitch to voters this morning, but only after explaining why he was holding a media conference inside the secure confines of the Government’s headquarters in West Perth.

"There have been some threats made to members of Parliament and to their spouses and to their children so it was necessary to have a little more security around," Mr Barnett said.

"It’s been an ugly and nasty end to this campaign. To issue death threats is a serious matter and the police and Government are treating this in a most serious way.

The anonymous letter accused Liberal MPs of ruining his business and warned of consequences.

Mr Barnett says there were attempts to blockade his home this morning and other protests that he and his colleagues found threatening.

Deputy Liberal Party leader and Police Minister Liza Harvey said she had also received a threatening note at her home address.

"I am pleading to anyone in the community who might have information about who this individual might be to contact police or have the individual contact their health professional," she said.

"Police are working on this. It’s a very unnerving thing to receive, particularly for people like me on my own with two kids, it’s very disturbing for my children.

If you know who this might be contact Crimestoppers 1800 333000.

The Premier used his last media conference to trash Labor and its costings, which were released yesterday.....

Note: "...That this was one of the main purposes of the Western Australian Liberal Party organising to send threatening letters to themselves..." .. says Liberal Party Insider...

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