Scientology Roots and its MI6 Intelligence Roots

The First Scientologists and Their Masters

The powerful Cecil Family who as behind setting up MI5 and MI6

set up a tripple front penetration of

Politics, Education, Banking, Intelligence Agencies  and Journalism

Recruitment of men into All Souls

The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were developed by the British slavemasters before Ron Hubbard was born.

Scientology Roots and its MI6 Intelligence Roots
Ron Hubbard's Lifelong Intelligence Career

That includes the therapy used.

The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were developed by the British slavemasters before Ron Hubbard was born.

That includes the therapy used.

L. Ron Hubbard was recruited by British intelligence and then groomed to be the front man for their subjects.

Dianetics and Scientology propagate the mental, spiritual, religious and political ideas of the New World Order men.


The Rise of the British Slavemasters

Brothers of Light sects say that God is Light. Rosicrucians and Freemasons are Brothers of Light sects.

The previous union of King and Priest to rule the world was –

King of Germany + Catholic Pope = German Holy Roman Empire

That got replaced by another union of King and Priest to rule the world –

British Aristocracy + Catholic Pope = the modern era slavemasters

British Empire building began when Queen Elizabeth I assumed the British throne in 1558.

Her chief adviser was William Cecil. He was her Secretary of State. British intelligence was under him.
William Cecil started a dynasty where the Cecil family has headed British intelligence ever since then.
sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham

sketch of William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Walsingham
the sketch was made at the time of Queen Elizabeth I

Cecil urged Elizabeth to expand British territory by making colonies – starting British Empire building.
They used slave trafficking and drug trafficking to finance their world domination effort.

In their quest to be the ruthless ruler of the world, the British slavemasters have engaged in slave-trafficking, drug-trafficking, instigating and financing wars, self-serving banking practices and self-serving business practices. They have caused death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people.

One name they have given to their Grand Plan to rule the world is – the New World Order.

The Cecil family is one of the top British slavemaster families.
Robert Cecil (Lord Salisbury) was the leader of an influential family called the Cecil Bloc.
He was the head of British intelligence and he was a British Prime Minister.

Robert_Cecil_-_3rd_Marquess_of_SalisburyRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil

One of his sisters had a son named Arthur Balfour. He was in the Cecil family and he was also a head of British intelligence and a Prime Minister of Britain. 9

Arthur J. Balfour

The Cecil family is who started the first practice of Scientology.

They developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology before Ron Hubbard was born.
That includes the therapy used.

* * *

When the British East India Company ruled India, it took Hindu Veda manuscripts back to England.

In 1846 Max Muller began studying the Sanskrit texts that were collected by the East India Company. This led to a career as a professor at Oxford University. Max Muller performed Sanskrit translations, including a 6 volume set of the Rig-Veda from 1849 – 1874. At Oxford, he performed his greatest work, editing the 51 volume Sacred Books of the East. 3

While Robert Cecil was being the head of British intelligence and the British government, he was also the Chancellor of Oxford University when Max Mueller was translating religious works like the Veda.

Friedrich Max Mueller

LRH book The Phoenix Lectures –

…there is a set of hymns which as I recall were introduced into the societies of earth in about 8212 BC. These were religious hymns and they are our earliest debt in Scientology. Our earliest debt, because the very early hymns contain much that we know today…

I can tell you that today these hymns are still in existence. They are very hard to acquire in the western world. You have to find the specialized translations of them 

And we find Scientology’s earliest certainly known ancestor in the Veda.

The Veda… is best read in a literal translation from the Sanskrit. A great deal of our material in Scientology is discovered right back there.

Development of Scientology, an LRH lecture 13 December 1952 –

The data which was left in India about 8,200 years ago and which lay dormant… It lay there unevaluated and, of course, was a field of tremendous richness… an awful lot of men have fallen on their faces in the last century trying to hit this track. Amongst them were Schopenhauer; amongst them were Aleister Crowley.

Robert Cecil and 
Aleister Crowley were British intelligence. So, British intelligence had the Veda and was studying that data. So, that is how Ron Hubbard was provided with the literal translations of the Veda from the Sanskrit.


Inception of Scientology

Stephen Pearl Andrews was a leader in the religious movement called Spiritualism. Spiritualism is a belief that the soul continues to exist after death of the physical body. Spirits of the dead have the ability and inclination to communicate with the living. Anyone may receive spirit messages, but formal communication sessions are held by “mediums”.

Spiritualism attracted a lot of attention because of the people who had lost loved ones in the American civil war.
Those people had a keen interest in talking to the spirits of their departed loved ones. 


In 1871, Stephen Pearl Andrews authored a book entitled –

The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato, The New Scientific Universal Language   55


Here are some quotes from that book:

Scientology is therefore Universology developed in the spirit of the Exact Sciences, and is wholly new in kind. It is the Core or Centre and the most distinctive Department of Universology… (page 37)

Scientology will re-assert and vindicate… Spiritualistic Realities and Tendencies…
(page 146)

It will be the supreme triumph of Scientology, the Exact Branch of this new Universal Science, to exhibit in Diagram, and by illustrative object-teaching, all the Root-thoughts of which the Human Mind is capable… (page 165)

The same year (1871) that Andrews started the idea of Scientology, the Cecil family took up the idea – in 1871.

In 1871, Arthur Balfour and his in-laws form a private group to study paranormal phenomena. The private group consists of members of the Cecil family – Arthur Balfour, Lord Rayleigh, Henry Sidgwick, Edmund Gurney, Eleanor Balfour, Evelyn Balfour, Stanton Moses, Walter Leaf. This is the earliest beginnings of what would become the Society for Psychical Research.


While Robert Cecil was being the head of British intelligence and the British government, he was also the Chancellor of Oxford University when Max Mueller was translating religious works like the Veda.

F. Max Mueller / Foto um 1895Friedrich Max Mueller

LRH book The Phoenix Lectures –

…there is a set of hymns which as I recall were introduced into the societies of earth in about 8212 BC. These were religious hymns and they are our earliest debt in Scientology. Our earliest debt, because the very early hymns contain much that we know today…

I can tell you that today these hymns are still in existence. They are very hard to acquire in the western world. You have to find the specialized translations of them 

And we find Scientology’s earliest certainly known ancestor in the Veda.

The Veda… is best read in a literal translation from the Sanskrit. A great deal of our material in Scientology is discovered right back there.

Development of Scientology, an LRH lecture 13 December 1952 –

The data which was left in India about 8,200 years ago and which lay dormant… It lay there unevaluated and, of course, was a field of tremendous richness… an awful lot of men have fallen on their faces in the last century trying to hit this track. Amongst them were Schopenhauer; amongst them were Aleister Crowley.

Robert Cecil and Aleister Crowley were British intelligence. So, British intelligence had the Veda and was studying that data. So, that is how Ron Hubbard was provided with the literal translations of the Veda from the Sanskrit.


Inception of Scientology

Stephen Pearl Andrews was a leader in the religious movement called Spiritualism. Spiritualism is a belief that the soul continues to exist after death of the physical body. Spirits of the dead have the ability and inclination to communicate with the living. Anyone may receive spirit messages, but formal communication sessions are held by “mediums”.

Spiritualism attracted a lot of attention because of the people who had lost loved ones in the American civil war.
Those people had a keen interest in talking to the spirits of their departed loved ones. 8

In 1871, Stephen Pearl Andrews authored a book entitled –

The Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato, The New Scientific Universal Language   55

Here are some quotes from that book:

Scientology is therefore Universology developed in the spirit of the Exact Sciences, and is wholly new in kind. It is the Core or Centre and the most distinctive Department of Universology… (page 37)

Scientology will re-assert and vindicate… Spiritualistic Realities and Tendencies…
(page 146)

It will be the supreme triumph of Scientology, the Exact Branch of this new Universal Science, to exhibit in Diagram, and by illustrative object-teaching, all the Root-thoughts of which the Human Mind is capable… (page 165)

The same year (1871) that Andrews started the idea of Scientology, the Cecil family took up the idea – in 1871.

In 1871, Arthur Balfour and his in-laws form a private group to study paranormal phenomena. The private group consists of members of the Cecil family – Arthur Balfour, Lord Rayleigh, Henry Sidgwick, Edmund Gurney, Eleanor Balfour, Evelyn Balfour, Stanton Moses, Walter Leaf. This is the earliest beginnings of what would become the Society for Psychical Research.

 Inception of Dianetics and Scientology Therapy

In 1880 Sigmund Freud lived and worked in Vienna, Austria.Sigmund Freud

The mentor of Sigmund Freud was Josef Breuer, a physician and psychiatrist.

Josef Breuer

Breuer was treating Bertha Pappenheim in the summer of 1880. She was a disturbed woman showing hysterical symptoms.

Bertha Pappenheim aka Annie O

He found that when she recalled a series of memories back to a traumatic memory, one of her many symptoms would disappear. The first example came soon after she had refused to drink for a while: She recalled seeing a woman drink from a glass that a dog had just drunk from. While recalling this, she experienced strong feelings of disgust… and then had a drink of water! Her symptom, an avoidance of water, disappeared as soon as she remembered its root event, and experienced the strong emotion that would be appropriate to that event.

Breuer was treating her with hypnosis twice a day and eventually all of her symptoms were gone. Breuer drew two important conclusions from his work with Bertha: that her symptoms were the result of thoughts that were buried in her unconscious and that when these thoughts were spoken and became conscious, the symptoms disappeared. 41

Breuer called this catharsis, from the Greek word for cleansing.
It was also called abreactive therapy and talking therapy.

Catharsis –
The process of bringing repressed ideas and feelings into consciousness.
It is the reliving of past traumatic incidents buried in the subconscious.

Freud began using this cathartic treatment under Breuer’s guidance.

They noticed that simply remembering the incident was insufficient to produce a cure, the emotions had to be experienced for the release of symptoms to take place. They also noticed that you had to go earlier in time on a chain of similar traumatic incidents.

Freud said:

What left the symptom behind was not always a single experience. On the contrary, the result was usually brought about by the convergence of several traumas, and often by the repetition of a great number of similar ones. Thus it was necessary to reproduce the whole chain of pathogenic memories in chronological order, or rather in reversed order, the latest ones first and the earliest ones last; and it was quite impossible to jump over the later traumas in order to get back more quickly to the first, which was often the most potent one.

They also noticed that the patient commonly used a particular phrase, and that repetition of that phrase would bring traumatic experiences into view. (Dianetics also used this method, calling it repeater technique.)

In 1893 Breuer and Freud summed up their joint explorations in this form of psychotherapy in a book called Studies in Hysteria40

Note –
Breuer and Freud proposed the theory of the existence of a subconscious mind. Hubbard called it the Reactive Mind. Breuer and Freud discovered the basic ideas found in Dianetics, including going earlier in time on a chain of similar traumatic incidents, and repetition of a phrase to locate them. The cathartic technique developed by Breuer and Freud, was used as the method of therapy in Dianetics and Scientology.

LRH book Research and Discovery Series Volume 1 pages 68, 440, 441 –

The early part of Freud’s work back around 1894 was good and we can use it. …Breuer’s first belief in the subject of mental catharsis… Breuer was pretty right. It was Breuer’s theory that full recall equalled full sanity…


Inception of Scientology Advanced Levels

For 2,000 years Brothers of Light religion has been saying that numerous evil demons attach themselves to a human body and cause all of man’s woes.

In 1882, John Ballou Newbrough authors a new bible called Oahspe. It was published in London and New York.


Oahspe, a new Bible in the words of Jehovih and his angel embassadors
by John Ballou Newbrough

(click to enlarge)

This is a Brothers of Light book. It says hundreds of evil demons attach themselves to the same human body and cause all of man’s woes. This is the basis of the Scientology Advanced Levels, called the OT levels. On the Scientology Advanced Levels you get rid of the evil demons.

For an in-depth look at the history of the Oahspe and its relationship to British intelligence agents at the time, see my wife’s article A Comprehensive History of the Oahspe: And It’s Surrounds.

The same year the Oahspe was published in London, the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London.


The First Scientologists – Society for Psychical Research

Stephen Andrews was a spiritualist who said 
Scientology was to be a scientific investigation into the various mental and spiritual realities.

In 1882, the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London by Arthur Balfour and his in-laws. 9


Evidence That L. Ron Hubbard Was Working For British Intelligence In 1940, 1941, and 1942


It was on June 11, 1940 that William Stephenson arrived in New York to start the British Security Coordination to get America into the war – WWII. He arrived aboard the SS Britannic with John Arthur Reed Pepper (his SIS man) and family in tow.

The first order of business was getting a “control” point for Secret Intelligence work. Someone who was fully aboard the British agenda and more importantly, would do whatever the British told him to do. Vincent Astor, with numerous familial connections into British high society, was chosen to hold that function while a more permanent arrangement was being worked on. (the COI, then the OSS).

Every step of the way was controlled by the British.

Stephenson told President Roosevelt, Roosevelt told the Secretary of the Navy, who then told the Chief of Naval Operations that Astor would now be unofficially in charge of ALL intelligence work in the New York area, including the Office of Naval Intelligence in New York City. This is the Third Naval District (abbreviation – 3ND).

No questions asked – that’s the way it IS kind of thing.

This also means that Astor is in charge of any agent selection/recommendations etc. in the New York area both then and when the 1939 Foreign Espionage function was transferred to the Foreign Intelligence Branch (OP-16-F-9) in early 1941.

The New York area was basically the who’s who in intelligence. Anywhere from William Donovan to David K.E. Bruce to John Riheldaffer (head of OP-16-F-9) to people like L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard had already connected up with the Astor “secret” intelligence/naval reserve organization called the ROOM, and because of those connections had gained entrance to the Explorer’s Club of New York – being officially made a member in February of 1940.

Astor is actually even referred to as the “British Intelligence” section at the 3rd naval district, as I am about to show you.

There are a number of other significant events in the British intelligence community occurring right in this time frame. You can peruse a timeline of some of the main ones in my post: Straightening Out The Timeline Around Hubbard’s Intelligence Background – Plus a few other things.

Right after Astor was ensconced in the Third Naval District, Hubbard was sent on a naval intelligence mission for Stephenson and the BSC (who is who was actually controlling Astor).

William Stephenson told President Roosevelt, and Roosevelt told his cabinet, that they needed to recognize the great potential (and threat in enemy hands) of radio-based detection and tracking, and began the development of ship- and land-based systems. The first of these were fielded by the U.S. Navy in early 1940, hence Hubbard’s involvement as a civilian intelligence agent (remember the ROOMs heavy ties to the U.S. navy).

Hubbard was being engaged to assist the British (through his connections to Astor’s ROOM and its corresponding Explorer’s Club members) in the Alaskan deployment of Range and Direction Finding.

Note: The fact that he was doing this for British Intelligence and he was knowledgeable of MI6 agent Alistair Crowley, appears to have had no small amount of bearing on naming his ship for the trip – The Magician. Crowley’s intelligence cover throughout his career was that of an “occult magician”.


Hubbard on his way to Alaska

The basic technology of radio-based detection and tracking evolved independently and with great secrecy in a number of nations during the second half of the 1930s. At the start of the war in Europe in September 1939, both Great Britain and Germany had begun the actual military use of these systems. In Great Britain this technology was called RDF, standing for Range and Direction Finding, while in Germany the name Funkmessgerät (radio measuring device) was often used.

Little known factoid: The acronym RADAR (for RAdio Detection And Ranging) was coined by the U.S. Navy in 1940, and the subsequent name “radar” was soon widely used.

Hubbard’s mission was to explore not only what the problem areas were, and if the cause could be established beyond simple storm conditions, as well as testing ideas on how to improve range, clarity versus loss of signal, and tracking magnetic interference “zones” largely caused by polar magnetism and to some degree, in certain locations, from solar flares commonly known as “Northern Lights”. Russia’s alliance with Germany, combined with Japanese incursions in the North-east coastline of China made Alaska suddenly very key to the United States and Britain, militarily.

Ketchikan, where Hubbard ended up, was a particularly key industrial and manufacturing city, but back in the time when radio was still quite fledgling, (the 1930’s) it suffered from severe problems with radio communications, largely due to extreme weather conditions and other more confounding influences. This, of course, made radio-direction finding for ship and plane navigation (and submarines) a very urgent problem.

Using his “intimates” at the Explorer’s Club, he carried an Explorer’s Club Flag (#105) which provided the first layer of intelligence cover – with the commonly used British “I’m on expedition” cover.

He called it “Alaskan Radio-Experimental Expedition”, with the outer stated purpose being to update the U.S. Coast Pilot guide regarding the coastlines of Alaska and B.C. Although he did that, that’s not the real reason, as we already covered.

When he tied up his sloop, the Magician, at Thomas Basin in Ketchikn on Friday, August 31, 1940 what he told other people was that his purpose in coming to Alaska “was two-fold, one to win a bet and another to gather material for a novel of Alaskan salmon fishing”. (The Ketchikan Chronicle).

So, he also employed the well-used by British intelligence agents (like Somerset Maugham) “writer” intelligence cover and even the “just here for the fishing” one! (also known as a shore story).


When he was trying to explain his radio-direction finding work while in Ketchikan, he is recorded in a radio program giving the explanation that:

…doing radio experimental work on beacon signals for the Navy Department, Fisher Research Laboratories, and the Cape Cod Instrument Company, I chanced to have some radio direction finders of high sensitivity. (Church of Scientology site “Clearing the Airwaves”; history of KGBU )

He didn’t “chance” to have such equipment. He was given it specifically for his trip and his real purposes there. Astor had been provided one for a similar intelligence mission that he had done where he was locating Japanese radio stations in the Marshall Islands.

The British Navy Radio Direction Finder that Vincent Astor used


US Navy radio direction finder


As to more details about this Alaskan trip, this is all well-covered in my husbands Scientology Roots chapter 9-1 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

Now as to what most of you probably don’t know about…let’s get into that now.

Regarding this Alaskan trip, Hubbard is specifically mentioned as a “cooperating observer” in this document from his Service Records. This is from 01 Service Documents March 1941 p. 34. It’s dated September 5, 1941, and is from a period where Hubbard was doing some further explanation of photos and findings from his Alaskan trip for the Hydrographic office of the Navy after he had officially enlisted.


Enlarged with added highlighting of “cooperating observer”.

As you can see, it’s quite specific as to what his status was at the time of his Alaskan trip.

Now, why is that important?

Because William Stephenson is who created that very thing right when Hubbard is being sent on his Alaska trip.

“WS and his Economic Section conceived the Ships Observers’Scheme.The essence of it was this. One or more observers would be appointed…”

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998. p. 163-165; Ships Observers


This initially began in 1940, and then became a much bigger deal by early 1941 when aggressive recruitment began.

How this worked was that one or more observers would be appointed among the crew of EVERY neutral ship sailing from the United States and Latin America. The observer on each ship would be met by a BSC agent in the principal ports at which the ship touched. He would report any suspicious events he had observed, Nazi or communist talk amongst the crew and so on.

In time Ships Observers (p 164) were entrusted with other duties. They kept track of and reported upon events in the neutral countries they visited, and they provided intelligence about enemy ports. They were used to spread rumours and disseminate propaganda literature. They provided information on suspect seamen, engaged in carrying letters or contraband or verbal messages from one port of call to another for Axis agents. Their reports provided material for a complete list of seamen which BSC compiled and which was responsible for securing the dismissal or preventing the re-engagement of may undesirables.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998. p. 163-165; Ships Observers


The Ships Observers Scheme was handed over to the ONI in the autumn of 1941. That didn’t mean BSC didn’t retain control, this simply corresponded with the moving of the entire Foreign intelligence section (Riheldaffer and OP-16-F-9) underneath the new COI’s Special Intelligence Section headed by David K.E. Bruce, who was directly working with Stephenson, the BSC and his boss the British Special Operations Executive or SOE.

A letter from the Office of the Chief of US Naval Operations is particularly important because of where it was from. Look WHERE this ships program was run by.

Astor (and later David K.E. Bruce) British intelligence unit in the 3ND!

In February 1942, the Chief stated:

In cooperation with the British Intelligence unit in the Third Naval District, New York, New York, a plan for placing ship observers on American merchant vessels has been in effect for several months with excellent results. The plan involved cooperation between the British Intelligence and Naval Intelligence whereby certain ship observers placed on American vessels by British Intelligence were put under control of Naval Intelligence and certain additional observers were placed on other American vessels by Naval Intelligence. Provision was made for the mutual exchange of information obtained from ship observers between British Intelligence and Naval Intelligence.

It has been decided to extend the ‘Ships Observers Scheme’ to all US Naval districts and a Directive dated February 14th, 1942, has been issued for this purpose. It will be appreciated if you will inform the British Intelligence units in the various US Naval Districts of this plan an request their cooperation with Naval Intelligence in placing it in effect.”

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998. p. 163-165; Ships Observers


Side note: Another thing they used these observers for was harassment. They would have them openly shadow a “target” – even resorting to violence in some cases in South America. They had targets “beaten up” to make them change their mind about their activities – much like the minute-men.

That order from the Chief of Naval operations is important for another part of Hubbard’s intelligence career – his time in Australia.

Look at the header on this bill from where he was posted in Australia – from  01 Service Documents March 1941 p. 95

Now look at this –

1942 March – Code on USS New Orleans war diary that mentions L. Ron Hubbard, 16-F-3, means ONI Foreign Intelligence Western European Branch. The reason for that code is that Hubbard (a foreign espionage agent) was reporting on possible Nazi agents, and when the document was filed in July of 1942 that code was hand-written on it.

Section about Hubbard specifically notes him as an Naval Observer –


And there you have it.

Interesting, no?

By Virginia McClaughry

The Cecil Bloc

By Carrol Quigley


Published on Jul 30, 2015

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley

Category: Education

Since 1886 the Cecil family were the power base of the Milner Group was only possible

Was originally a major thief based around the Cecil Family.

The Milner Group was the name given by historian Carroll Quigley to a secret society whose existence her inferred in his book,

The powerful Cecil Family set up a tripple front penetration of

Politics, Education, Banking  and Journalism

Recruitment of men into All Souls

The Milner Group was the name given by historian Carroll Quigley to a secret society whose existence her inferred in his book, The Anglo-American Establishment. According to Quigley, the "Rhodes secret society", a group of imperial federalists founded by Cecil Rhodes, developed into the Milner Group after 1901.

A Tentative Roster of the Milner Group

The following list of people were inferred by Quigley to be members of the Milner Group. Where Quigley acknowledged that there was no convincing evidence to back up his suspicions that a person was a member the name has been placed in italics.

A. The Society of the Elect

  • Cecil John Rhodes
  • Nathan Rothschild, Baron Rothschild
  • Sir Harry Johnston
  • William T. Stead
  • Reginald Brett, Viscount Esher
  • Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner
  • B.F Hawksley
  • Thomas Brassey, Lord Brassey
  • Edmund Garrett
  • Sir Edward Cook
  • Alfred Beit
  • Sir Abe Bailey
  • Albert Grey, Earl Grey
  • Archibald Primrose, Earl of Rosebery.
  • Arthur James Balfour
  • Sir George R. Parkin
  • Phillip Lyttleton Gell
  • Sir Henry Birchenough
  • Sir Reginald Sothern Holland
  • Arthur Lionel Smith
  • Herbert A. L. Fisher
  • William Waldegrave Palmer, Earl of Selborne
  • Sir Alfred Lyttleton
  • Sir Patrick Duncan
  • Robert Henry Brand, Baron Brand
  • Philip Kerr, Marquis of Lothian
  • Lionel Curtis
  • Geoffrey Dawson
  • Edward Grigg, Baron Altricham
  • Jan C. Smuts
  • Leopold Amery
  • Waldorf Astor, Viscount Astor
  • Nancy Astor, Lady Astor[2]
  • Sir Patrick Duncan
  • Robert Henry Brand, Baron Brand
  • Philip Kerr, Marquis of Lothian
  • Lionel Curtis
  • William L. Hichens
  • Geoffrey Dawson
  • Edward Grigg, Baron Altricham
  • Herbert A. L. Fisher
  • Leopold Amery
  • Richard Feetham
  • Hugh A. Wyndham
  • Sir Douglas Malcolm
  • Sir Basil Williams
  • Basil Kellett Long
  • Sir Abe Bailey
  • Jan C. Smuts
  • Sir William Marris
  • James S. Meston, Baron Meston
  • Malcolm Hailey, Baron Hailey
  • Flora Shaw, Lady Lugard
  • Sir Reginald Coupland
  • Waldorf Astor, Viscount Astor
  • Nancy Astor, Lady Astor
  • Maurice Hankey, Baron Hankey
  • Arnold J. Toynbee
  • Laurence F. Rushbrook Williams
  • Henry Vincent Hodson
  • Vincent Todd Harlow[3]
  • John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir
  • Sir Fabian Ware
  • Sir Alfred Zimmern
  • Gilbert Murray
  • Robert Cecil, Viscount Cecil of Chelwood
  • Sir James W. Headlam Morley
  • Frederick J.N. Thesiger, Viscount Chelmsford
  • Sir Valentine Chirol
  • Edward F.L. Wood, Earl of Halifax
  • Sir James Arthur Salter
  • Sir Arthur H.D.R. Steel-Maitland
  • William G.A. Ormsby-Gore, Baron Harlech
  • Dame Edith Lyttleton, Mrs Alfred Lyttleton
  • Frederick Lugard, Baron Lugard
  • Sir Leander Starr Jameson
  • Henry W.C. Davis
  • John A. Simon, Viscount Simon
  • Samuel J.G. Hoare, Viscount Templewood
  • Maurice P.A. Hankey, Baron Hankey
  • Wilson Harris
  • Francis Clark
  • William G.S. Adams
  • William K. Hancock
  • Ernest L. Woodward
  • Sir Harold Butler
  • Kenneth N. Bell
  • Sir Donald B. Somervell
  • Sir Maurice L. Gwyer
  • Charles R.S. Harris
  • Sir Edward R. Peacock
  • Sir Cyril J. Radcliffe
  • John W. Wheeler-Bennett
  • Robert J. Stopford
  • Robert M. Barrington-Ward
  • Kenneth C. Wheare
  • Edward H. Carr
  • Malcolm MacDonald
  • Godfrey Elton, Baron Elton
  • Sir Neil Malcolm
  • Freeman Freeman-Thomas, Viscount Willingdon
  • Isaiah Berlin
  • Roger M. Makins
  • Sir Arthur Willert
  • Ivison S. Macadam[4]

B. The Association of Helpers 1. The Inner Circle

B. The Association of Helpers 2. The Outer Circle

3. Members in other countries

a. Canada                                                           

  • Arthur J. Glazebrook
  • Sir George Parkin
  • Vincent Massey
  • George P. de T. Glazebrook
  • Percy Corbett
  • Sir Joseph Flavelle

b. United States

  • George Louis Beer
  • Frank Aydelotte
  • Jerome Green
  • Clarence Streit

c. South Africa

  • Jan C. Smuts
  • Sir Patrick Duncan
  • Sir Abe Bailey
  • Basil K. Long
  • Richard Feetham
  • Sir James Rose-Innes

d. Australia

  • Sir Thomas Bavin
  • Sir Frederic Eggleston
  • Dudley D. Braham

e. New Zealand

  • Sir James Allen
  • William Downie Stewart
  • Arthur R. Atkinson

f. Germany

  • Helmuth James von Moltke
  • Adam von Trott zu Solz[5]

Carroll Quigley, Cecil Rhodes, and the Reconquest of America

Unity of the Polis

Published on Aug 31, 2015

Professor Carroll Quigley, Article the Professor that said little… and knew too much..


Tragedy and Hope, the history of the world, with the original plates suppressed and destroyed because of the power and influence of JP Morgan … be seems

Peter Ritner, who was originally in charge of publishing the book, said the book was marvellous, and Professor Carroll Quigley stated that he felt that there was an attempt to suppress the information exposed to the public by the fact that JP Morgan and his business networks brought out the publishing company that was publishing the book Tragedy and Hope.

Professor Carroll Quigley, was more interested in the long term development of society and the world, rather than short term development.

Professor Carroll Quigley, was a well respected historical, and thought his books was a genuine attempt to describe how the world is run. The book was not originally written for the wider general public, and more for academic readers. Thus Professor Carroll Quigley, was surprised when the wider general public were extremely interested in his book Tragedy and Hope.

The John Birch Society had released several books as a critic of Professor Carroll Quigley

McMillan Company

Kevin Cole joins the "Our Interesting Times" podcast with Timothy Kelly to discuss his paper "Carroll Quigley and the Article that Said Too Little: Reclaiming History from Omission and Partisan Straw Men" and the historical importance of Quigley's magnum opus Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time. We also talk about Cecil Rhodes and how his plan to reclaim America for the British Empire was largely achieved in the 20th century via the creation of an elite international polity. Kevin is a historian, writer and researcher. He has also assisted in the production of several documentaries including State of Mind: The Psychology of Control and The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto. (Recorded 8.23.2015) PDF: "Professor Carroll Quigley and the Article that Said Too Little: Reclaiming History from Omission and Partisan Straw Men" Also discussed: Western Civilization, Trivium, History of the Trivium Method, Liberal Arts, Education, Isocrates, Cybernetics, Anglo-Saxon Prussianism, Neoliberalism, The Round Table Group, The Pilgrims Society, The Reece Committee, Imperialism, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, International Relations History, Andrew Carnegie, Rhodes Scholarships, The English-Speaking People, The Anglosphere, Internationalism, World Bank, IMF, United Nations, NATO, Tax-Free Foundations, Rothschild, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Institute for International Peace, 5-Eyes, Intelligence, William Binney, John Taylor Gatto, Compulsory Education "Our Interesting Times Podcast" w/Timothy Kelly Want to Know More? "History... The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment" Tragedy and Hope: "Professor Carroll Quigley and the "Article that Said Too Little" by Kevin Cole

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Western Civilization

The Evolution of Civilizations

By Carroll Quigley


Published on Jan 27, 2013

The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis by Carroll Quigley

Rare Carroll Quigley interview - 1974 (Full Interview)


Published on Jun 21, 2011

Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University, authored a massive volume entitled "Tragedy and Hope" in which he states: "There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims, and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies, but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known." "The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences..." "The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations..." "The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups." Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University "The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which originated in England (RIIA) ... [and] ... believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established." Dr. Carroll Quigley "As a teenager, I heard John Kennedy's summons to citizenship. And then, as a student, I heard that call clarified by a professor I had named Carroll Quigley."President Clinton, in his acceptance speech for the Democratic Party's nomination for president, 16 July 1992 Read the full book "Tragedy and Hope" here: You can download his books from his site carrollquigley net

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The Quigley Formula - G. Edward Griffin lecture


Published on Jan 11, 2012

An excellent lecture by G. Edward Griffin entitled "The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves" "Quigley" is the late Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton. The lecture is based around the following quote from his book Tragedy & Hope, pp. 1247-1248: "The National parties and their presidential candidates, with the Eastern Establishment assiduously fostering the process behind the scenes, moved closer together and nearly met in the center with almost identical candidates and platforms, although the process was concealed as much as possible, by the revival of obsolescent or meaningless war cries and slogans (often going back to the Civil War)....The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can "throw the rascals out" at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. ... Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies."

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The First Scientologists – Society for Psychical Research

Stephen Andrews was a spiritualist who said Scientology was to be a scientific investigation into the various mental and spiritual realities.

In 1882, the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London by Arthur Balfour and his in-laws. 9

Founding person of Society of Psychical Research, as Prime Minister he formed Committee of Imperial Defense 1902, which is the committee that recommends formation of MI5 and MI6.


Other Cecil family members in the SPR were Edmund Gurney, Henry Sidgewick and Lord Rayleigh.

Frederick Myers was another important SPR member.

Spiritualists believed that the living could communicate with the spirits of people who had died. The Society for Psychical Research used the leading scientists of the day to study mediums who claimed they could contact the dead or produce other psychic effects. The SPR had Spiritualists as members and as subjects to be studied in their scientific research into mental and spiritual phenomena.

Investigation of Spiritualist phenomena was the focus of their work. You know, Spiritualist phenomena like Stephen Pearl Andrews was into, the guy who first wrote a book in 1871 on the subject of Scientology. Andrews said that Scientology will re-assert and vindicate Spiritualistic Realities. He also said that Scientologywould be developed in the spirit of the Exact Sciences.

Here is Scientology in action and development, right here at the SPR. These people are the initial Scientologists – the scientific study of mental and spiritual realities. They called it Scientology, as you will see later on here.

They formed six research committees to investigate hypnotism and clairvoyance; telepathy; sensitives; mediums; ghosts and hauntings; and records and archives.

They also extensively studied catharsis therapy! That means they also developed the subject of Dianetics.

Arthur Balfour was a President of the SPR and the SPR was always dominated by members of the Cecil family. 8, 9 Dianetics and Scientology were both developed at the SPR, under the control of the Cecil family, which means underneath British intelligence.

The SPR is one place where the interconnection is seen between various slavemaster front groups. The SPR shows their ties together, and each group was engaged in “social engineering” by advocating the British New World Order.

Some noteworthy SPR members:

Arthur Balfour – member of the Cecil family
Frank Podmore – member of the Fabian Society
George Wyld – President of the British Theosophy Society 
Sigmund Freud – member of the Independent Order B’nai B’rith (Freemason)
Henri Bergson – his sister Mina Bergson was in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Thomas Edison – promoter of the “Life Units” idea that was later used in Scientology

Frank_PodmoreFrank Podmore – member of Fabian Society

The Fabian Society, also working to make a “new world”, has a wolf in sheep’s clothing as its coat of arms. It is a good symbol for all the New World Order people and their front groups.


George Wyld was President of the British Theosophical Society, a Brothers of Light sect. He was an advocate of Spiritualism. The Independent Order B’nai B’rith (Freemason) and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn are Brothers of Light sects.

Catharsis therapy was further developed by psychiatrists working for MI 6 – British intelligence. Dianetics and Scientology were tied together from the beginning, both were under British intelligence, so it is their subjects, they are not Ron Hubbard’s subjects. Ron Hubbard was the Johnny-come-lately that they recruited and groomed to act as the front man for their subjects.

Ron Hubbard and Scientology are part of a massive British slavemaster intelligence network.

– – – – –

Emil Kraepelin was a German psychiatrist regarded as the founder of modern scientific psychiatry. Kraepelin believed the chief origin of psychiatric disease to be biological. In 1883 he published Compendium der Psychiatrie, wherein he wanted mental illness to be viewed as a disease of the brain. This is where he argued that psychiatry was a branch of medical science.

Emil Kraepelin

Psychiatry and the mental health movement was now split into two branches – one branch said that mental illness was physical and they used physical means to treat it, such as drugs, electric shock therapy, and surgery. That treatment is performed by medical doctors who have specialized in treating mental disorders, and they are called psychiatrists. They say the mind is the brain, which is not true, but that is what they say.

The other branch of psychiatry and the mental health movement is talking therapy – which was initially developed by psychiatrist Josef Breuer. This branch of psychiatry did not require a person to be a trained and licensed physician, because it doesn’t say that mental illness is physically caused. Therefore, people who are not doctors were able to become practitioners in talking therapy.

The doctor psychiatrists in Germany and England used brutal torture methods on mental patients and that was exported into the United States as the model to follow.

nausea as a ‘cure’ – the spinning chairrotating_chair_2

Mustard skin plasters causing indescribable sufferingmustardplaster

harnessed in a standing position, with arms outstretched for 10 hoursCruciform_stance

locked in a casethe coffin, the lunatic box, the english booth, the clock case - psychiatric torture

water torturewater_torture_of_insane_-_Pennsylvania_4th_July_1868

Even more vicious methods were developed – horrible drugs, electroshock, and brain operations that reduced the patient to a slobbering vegetable.

The psychiatrists are more insane than the patients.

Talking therapy is a lot more humane than the methods used by psychiatrists who say that mental illness has a physical cause.

* * *

In 1884
 the American Society for Psychical Research was formed in Boston.

The Society for Psychical Research in London and the American Society for Psychical Research were using the leading scientists of the day to study mediums who claimed they could contact the dead or produce other psychic effects. They produced reports about precognitive dreams, descriptions of table levitations, accounts of ghost sightings, etc.

When the ASPR was founded, telepathy was the first psychic phenomenon to be studied scientifically by the SPR and ASPR.

The term telepathy was coined by Fredric W. H. Myers in 1882 – by using the Greek terms tele (distant) and pathe (occurrence or feeling). Myers thought his term described the phenomenon better than previous terms; thought-transference, and thought-reading.

The first testing was simple. A sender in one room would try to transmit a two-digit number, a taste, or a visual image to a receiver in another room. Physiologist Charles Richet introduced mathematical chance to the tests, and also discovered that telepathy occurred independent of hypnotism.

Research interest in telepathy had its beginning in Mesmerism (hypnotism). The hypnotists had discovered that telepathy was among the “higher-phenomena” observed in hypnotized subjects, who read the thoughts of the hypnotists and carried out the unspoken instructions.

Soon other psychologists and psychiatrists were observing the same phenomena in their patients. Sigmund Freud noticed it so often that he soon had to address it. He termed it a regressive, primitive faculty that was lost in the course of evolution, but which still had the ability to manifest itself under certain conditions.

Telepathy can be induced in the dream state. Electroencephalogram monitoring shows that the brain waves of the recipient change to match those of the sender.

In 1887, the Society for Psychical Research sent Richard Hodgson to oversee the American Society for Psychical Research. The ASPR is also under the thumb of British intelligence.

Richard_HodgsonRichard Hodgson

Leonore E. Piper of Boston, USA, allowed herself to be subjected to the most exacting scientific investigation of her Mediumship for a period of 45 years. Dr. Richard Hodgson made a study of the Mediumship of Leonore Piper, through which he became completely convinced of the reality of spirit return. The development of his own mediumistic powers late in life brought to him an even deeper conviction. 24

In their investigations into mental and spiritual phenomena they had encountered some charlatans, but they had also encountered some people who could actually do the various mental and spiritual phenomena. This was so much the case that even the skeptics came to the conclusion that the mental and spiritual phenomena were real.

1887/88 – Henri Bergson is a member of the Society for Psychical Research. Mina Bergson is his sister. SPR has a committee to research records and archives. Mina Bergson spends her time hanging out with friends at the British Museum dabbling in Egyptology and mystical books. In other words, they are researching… for SPR.

Her friends and fellow researchers are MacGregor Mathers, Arthur Edward Waite, Florence Farr, William Butler Yeats, Annie Horniman, and Arthur Machen. Most are members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and all of them are connected to it.

Florence_Farr_and_Arthur_Edward_WaiteWhile engaging herself in the famous reading room, it was there she first met MacGregor Mathers.

Henri_and_Mina_BergsonThree Rosicrucians founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1888. They were Samuel L MacGregor Mathers, William Wynn Westcott, and William Robert Woodman. They were members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. All three were also Freemasons. Westcott was also a member of the Theosophical Society.

Mathers had received the Corpus Hermeticum from the Fraternity of the Asiatic Brethren. 38

Kenneth MacKenzie was another member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. MacKenzie had the grades of attainment for the Freemason lodge, L’Aurore Naissante.

Oahspe is a Brothers of Light bible that was incorporated into the ideas of the Society for Psychical Research.

The SPR had three religious works that were used in creating the subject of Scientology –

Corpus Hermeticum

The Oahspe and the Corpus Hermeticum are Brothers of Light religion. The religious aspect of Scientology is taken from Brothers of Light religion. See Scientology Roots Chapter Seven – Scientology Is Brothers of Light Religion

The only place that had amassed all the mental, spiritual and religious data used in formulating Dianetics and Scientology was the Society for Psychical Research in London – and more accurately, British intelligence.

In the Society for Psychical Research we have the initial Scientologists and the collection place of the mental, spiritual and religious data that they used to formulate Dianetics and Scientology.


The Round Table

Cecil Rhodes mined diamonds in Africa and was one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Cecil_RhodesCecil Rhodes wanted to form a secret society –

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire?

Rhodes described this society –

development of a Secret Societythe true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, … the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire…. 42

In February 1891, Cecil Rhodes and William Stead met and discussed how to organize the secret society.

The General of the Society was Cecil Rhodes.

Society of the Elect (also called the Junta of Three) –

Alfred Milner
William Stead
Reginald Brett

Circle of Initiates 

Arthur Balfour
and some others

Association of Helpers 

Lord Rothschild
Waldorf Astor
Lord Halifax Edward Wood
Lord Lothian Philip Kerr
Lionel Curtis
Robert Brand
Geoffrey Dawson
The Rockefellers
Other international bankers

The Association of Helpers is the visible aspect of the secret society. It is called the Round Table and was founded in 1909. Lord Rothschild in Britain joined the Round Table, other international bankers such as the Rockefellers are also members.

Lionel Walter Rothschild - 'Lord Rothschild'Lionel Walter Rothschild

The Round Table members are in a junior position. They are not the top British slavemasters.

come igor rothschild and friends - slavemaster
Arthur Balfour and other members of the Cecil family joined the secret society. The secret society has always been dominated by members of the Cecil family. Alfred Milner married into the Cecil family and he became the head of the secret society. It was the Cecil family that gave power to the secret society.

The modern day slavemasters are the British nobility. At the core is the Cecil family.

This is the group that has the grand plan
to rule the world – the New World Order.

This is the British New World Order –

Eliminate national boundaries
One World Government (led by the British nobility)
One World Bank
One World Army
One World Court
One World Religion


At the top you have the British nobility as the ruthless ruler of every person in the world.
Beneath them are their demented minions such as the Brothers of Light international bankers.
Then you have the world army that will use force on anyone not accepting slavemaster rule.
At the bottom you have the slaves who have no rights or freedoms, they can only do what they are told.

The top slavemasters remain hidden and are not named. They use minions as visible front men, who do the dirty work and take the blame for it. The demented minions are in a junior position, which grants them privileges, such as wealth or a certain amount of power, but they still have masters and take orders.

Dark Secrets of the Order


Mal Tomlin

Published on Jan 26, 2013

"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire. What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible (Cecil Rhodes, 1853-1902)." Parenthetically, at the end of the film "The Rock" a lingering question is raised: "Do you want to know who killed Kennedy?" President Kennedy was killed shortly after his famous Secret Society speech. This video is a series of short clips including Bill Clinton, Ron Paul (on Professor Carroll Quigley) and other key witnesses to history. Quigley revealed a secretive "Anglo-American Order" tinkering with the shape of 20th Century (the third clip is Alex Jones' summary of Quigley). Does the Illuminati still exist? Their ideas exist: "Rhodes' similarities with Weishaupt are threefold: first, he came to the same conclusion as Weishaupt that creating his own secret society for the purposes of changing elite opinion was the only means to ensure that his goals could be achieved; second, he was similarly unimpressed by the Freemasons and the Jesuits, yet he copied their methods; and finally, his ultimate goal was essentially the same as Weishaupt, in that he sought to create a world order in which peace would prevail as divisions would be overcome by a global civilization, albeit an Anglo-Saxon one." The clips affirm inductively that there are spheres of power in the shadows that exert great influence. Moreover a handful of American companies financed both Hitler and communists - including General Electric. But in our day four media giants strangely propagate the same premises the Illuminati articulated in the 18th century (Viacom, General Electric, News Corp, and Disney). But if in doubt, follow the money (Rhodes, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, etc.). Edward Griffin warns: 1. The Federal Reserve is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives. 2. It is a [private] cartel operating against the public interest. 3. It's the supreme instrument of usury. 4. It generates our most unfair tax. 5. It encourages war. 6. It destabilizes the economy. 7. It is an instrument of totalitarianism. The Secret Society started the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) In 1921, funded by the Rockefellers, the RIIA founded its American wing -- known as the Council on Foreign Relations. As its membership is marginally more public than its British counterpart it is clearly seen that anyone who has had any influence on American or global politics ever since has been a member of the CFR. This includes 14 of the last 18 US Secretaries of State; the previous eight CIA directors; the majority of presidential and vice-presidential candidates including Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Mondale, Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, Bush and Clinton.

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Joe Plummer Teaches Tragedy and Hope 101


Published on Apr 11, 2016

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Clocking in at 1300 pages of small print text, Carroll Quigley's seminal work, Tragedy and Hope, is an intimidating and weighty tome. Today we talk to Joe Plummer of about his guide to Quigley's massive book. Available as a free e-book or as a paperback or kindle purchase and dubbed Tragedy and Hope 101, Plummer's guide condenses, summarizes, explains and footnotes the highlights and lowlights of the text so you can understand the nature of the conspiratorial network that Quigley exposed and why this information is so important.

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Their Further Development of Dianetics and Scientology

In 1889, due to financial difficulties, the American Society for Psychical Research was absorbed by the parent Society for Psychical Research in London. 43

Frederick Myers, a member of the Society for Psychical Research, was the first writer to introduce the works of Sigmund Freud to the British public in 1893.

In 1897 Florence Farr initiated Aleister Crowley into Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Crowley is British intelligence.

In 1897 Sigmund Freud becomes a member of the Independent Order B’nai B’rith. The IOBB is a Scottish Rite Freemason lodge. It is that Brothers of Light religion. The IOBB advocates the New World Order. 44

The major attempt to synthesize the great mass of data which had been gathered by SPR was undertaken by Frederick Myers in his work published in 1903. The book was titled The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death. It has been called a classic, that has established psychical research as an organized science (established Scientology, the first written work of Scientology).

Myers was widely read in all the fields of knowledge of his day. His book is still regarded as the most important single work in the history of psychical research. Even those who do not accept his hypothesis of the survival of the soul are indebted to his explorations of the unconscious and subliminal regions of the personality. 45

human personality survival after death fredric myers

We will now examine some of the statements made in this first book on Scientology.

Statements made in the book are shown in brown color. My comments are in black.


Mike comment – In the book the word supraliminal personality is used to represent the spirit (you) and you are viewed as being the conscious mind. The word thetan is used in modern Scientology and this is said to be you and you are viewed as being the conscious or analytical mind. (The Technical Dictionary defines Analytical Mind as “we say the analytical mind is kind of a misnomer because most people think it’s some kind of a computing machine, and it’s not. It’s just the pc. We mean the thetan”.)

In the book the word subliminal personality is used to represent other lesser Beings who also inhabit the body and they are viewed as being the subconscious mind. In modern Scientology the words Genetic Entity and Body Thetans are used to represent the other Beings inhabiting the body and they are viewed as being the subconscious or reactive mind.

each man is essentially spirit, controlling an organism which is itself complex of lower and smaller lives. The spirit’s control is not uniform throughout the organism, nor in all phases of organic life. In waking life it controls mainly the centres of supraliminal thought and feeling, exercising little control over deeper centres, which have been educated into a routine sufficient for common needs.

But in subliminal states—trance and the like—the supraliminal processes are inhibited…

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers – Volume II, Chapter 10

Mike comment – In this section of the book Myers is discussing what is called an engram in modern Scientology. The words they used were “tumours of the mind” and “idea fixe”. These mental impediments are held in the subconscious mind, outside the consciousness of the supraliminal personality (you). The solution is to bring them into the consciousness of the supraliminal personality.

All such changes, of course, are generally noxious to the psychical organism …and regarding them as steps on the road …to mental overthrow.

The process begins, then, with something which is to the psychical organism no more than a boil or a corn is to the physical. In consequence of some suggestion from without, …a small group of psychical units set up a process of exaggerated growth which shuts them off from free and healthy interchange with the rest of the personality.

The first symptom of disaggregation is thus the idee fixe, that is to say, the persistence of an uncontrolled and unmodifiable group of thoughts or emotions, which from their brooding isolation, —from the very fact of deficient interchange with the general current of thought, —become alien and intrusive, so that some special idea or image presses into consciousness with undue and painful frequency.

One may look for analogy sometimes, as I have said, to a corn, sometimes to a boil, sometimes to an encysted tumour… The idee fixe may be little more than an indurated prejudice, which hurts when pressed upon. Or, again, it may be like a hypertrophied centre of inflammation, which sends its smart and ache abroad through the organism. Such tumours may be encysted or encapsuled…

Some of these conscious groupings have got separated from the ordinary stream of consciousness. These may still be unified in the subliminal, but they need to be unified in the supraliminal also.

Such tumours of the mind may sometimes be psychologically cut down upon and removed by free discussion“talked out,” as Dr. Breuer has it.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2

Mike comment
 – In this section of the book Myers says that every symptom of the patient was traced to a traumatic incident and re-living it caused the symptom to disappear. In modern Scientology there is this statement “The engram is the single and sole source of aberration and psycho-somatic illness.”

Every evening Dr. Breuer hypnotised her, and then inquired as to the origin of each symptom in turn. For each symptom there did exist such a moment of origin; often a trivial accident originating a long and serious trouble.

So soon as the cause of each accident of this kind was traced and discussed …the perversion …disappeared. The isolated, hypertrophied memory was brought back, as I have said, into the general current of the psychical circulation. It is as though the past passage of life was re-lived, and altered in the re-living.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2

Mike comment – This section of the book says the subconscious mind sucks down scraps of the conscious mind. This idea is expressed in modern Scientology with the statement that the reactive mind captures and holds attention units from the analytical mind (you). See Science of Survival book 2, pages 53 and 54.

The morbid subliminal activity attracts or sucks down scraps of supraliminal activity… and deprives the supraliminal self of thus much of its due scope of control.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2

Mike comment – This section of the book says the aberrated person is called a hysteric. And the person who has removed his aberrations with therapy is called a genius. In modern Scientology the person undergoing therapy is called a preclear and the person who has removed his aberrations with therapy is called a Clear.

We in this work are concerned with changes which are the converse of hysterical changes. We shall then reach the point where the vague name of hysteria must give place to the vague name of genius. …and the man of genius will be a man more capable than others…

…Genius —should rather be regarded as a power of utilising a wider range than other men can utilise of faculties in some degree innate in all;a power of appropriating the results of subliminal mentation (thinking) to subserve the supraliminal stream of thought…

…the man is consciously manipulating of other ideas which he has not consciously originated, but which have shaped themselves beyond his will, in profounder regions of his being.

…the man of genius …effects a successful co-operation of an unusually large number of elements of his personality — reaching a stage of integration slightly in advance of our own.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2
The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – The book says mental image pictures of an incident will further develop when the therapist continues to direct the patient’s attention to the incident. The same idea is stated in modern Scientology.

But by strong suggestions in a waking or lightly hypnotised state,—placing his hand on the patient’s forehead,—Dr. Freud was able to evoke a stream of pictorial memory…

He called upon her to picture thus the scene required. Then slowly and fragmentarily “a picture rises to the surface”. But it represents only the dining-room of her employer’s house, where she is waiting with the children for his return to early dinner from the manufactory. “And now,” she says, “we are all sitting down at table—the gentlemen, the French governess, the housekeeper, the children, and I. But this is just an everyday scene !” Go on looking at the picture,” replies Dr. Freud, “it will develop and specialise itself.”

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2

Mike comment – The book says there is a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, and each one is a Being capable of performing spiritual faculties such as clairvoyance. Each one forms memories into chains but it is how each one analyses them that makes the difference. The same ideas are found in modern Scientology. Modern Scientology says that the reactive mind simply reacts without analysis.

Hidden in the deep of our being is a rubbish-heap as well as a treasurehouse —degenerations and insanities as well as beginnings of higher development…

Sometimes we seem to see our subliminal perceptions and faculties acting truly in unity, truly as a Self; —co-ordinated into some harmonious “inspiration of genius” …or some far-reaching supernormal achievement of clairvoyant vision or of self-projection into spiritual world.

The distinction, then, between supraliminal and subliminal,…in short, between the thoughts and sensations which fall within our ordinary waking consciousness and those which find place beneath or outside it… the basis of the distinction is… a purely psychological one: it is founded on the attempt to analyse the relation of one chain of memory to another chain of memory

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – Here is another statement in the book indicating that the subliminal personality (subconscious mind) is a Being.

…we must remember how much of psychical operation goes on below the conscious threshold, imperfectly obedient to any supraliminal appeal.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – The book talks about the subliminal mind (subconscious mind) taking over in an emergency and performing actions beyond what a man could normally do. The same idea is found in modern Scientology.

Let us consider the way in which the maximum of faculty is habitually manifested ; the circumstances under which a man does what he has never supposed himself able to do before. A man, we say, outdoes himself in a great emergency. If his house is on fire… he carries his children out over the roof with a strength and agility which seem beyond his own.

It is performed with almost no conscious intervention of thought… the action will appear to have been …a subliminal uprush, — which takes command of the man and guides his action at the moment…

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – The book says that pain is recorded by the subconscious mind. The same idea is stated in modern Scientology. Modern Scientology also states that the subconscious mind is always aware, even during moments of pain and unconsciousness.

…there are occasional indications that some memory of the pain, say, of an operation, has persisted in some stratum of the personality;—thus apparently indicating that there was somewhere an actual consciousness of the pain when the operation was performed.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5

Mike comment – The books says that hypnosis only works when the person himself makes it work. The same idea is expressed in modern Scientology.

…I define (hypnotic) suggestion as ” successful appeal to the subliminal self”…The success of suggestion depends, not on the suggestion itself, but on conditions inherent in the subject. These are (1) willingness to accept and carry out the suggestion, and (2) the power to do so.

… the hypnotiser can plainly do nothing by his word of command beyond starting a train of thought which the patient has in most cases started many times for himself… We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5

Mike comment – The book says there is a “conscious spectrum”. The same idea appears in modern Scientology with the Awareness Scale and the Tone Scale.

Let me illustrate this conception by a return to the metaphor of the “conscious spectrum” to which I introduced my reader in the first chapter. I there described our conscious spectrum… the spectrum of man’s conscious faculty is not a continuous but a banded spectrum.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – In this next section of the book Myers says that the spiritual plane is the origin of life and that there are laws for the spiritual universe just as there are laws for the material universe. In modern Scientology there is an effort to state mental and spiritual laws in the form of axioms. Myers also states there is a law of cohesion between spirits, which becomes the law of affinity in modern Scientology.

The needed clue, as I believe, can be afforded only by the discovery of laws affecting primarily that unseen or spiritual plane of being where I imagine the origin of life to lie.

If we can suppose telepathy to be a first indication of a law of this type, and to occupy in the spiritual world some such place as gravitation occupies in the material world, we might imagine something analogous to the force of cohesion as operating in the psychical contexture of a human personality. Such a personality… involves the aggregation of countless minor psychical entities…

Love is a kind of exalted, but unspecialised telepathy;—the simplest and most universal expression of that mutual gravitation or kinship of spirits which is the foundation of the telepathic law.

…it is the soul in man which links him with other souls… We are every one members one of another. Like atoms, like suns, like galaxies, our spirits are systems of forces which vibrate continually to each other’s attractive power.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 2

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death
 by Frederic Myers – Volume II, Chapter 10

Mike comment – The book talks about Beings living in a limitless environment, a thought-world or spiritual universe. In modern Scientology this is called the Theta Universe.

May we not then suppose that there are yet other environments, other interpretations, which a further awakening of faculty still subliminal is yet fated… to discover?

It was a great day when the first thought or feeling flashed into some mind of beast or man from a mind distant from his own…—when a previously unsuspected capacity of telepathic percipience revealed the fact that we had long been acted upon by telepathic… stimuli ; and that we were living in an …limitless environment,—a thought-world or spiritual universe charged with infinite life…

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3

Mike comment – The book says the spirit gives the body life and death occurs when the spirit irrevocably withdraws from the body. The body can die but the spirit lives on past body death. The spirit can leave the body without causing injury or death. These ideas are expressed in modern Scientology and when the spirit is in a state where he exists outside the body without causing death, that is called exterior.

The highest development of sleep thus involves …more penetrative bodily recuperation, and more independent spiritual activity. The spirit is more powerful… to act in partial independence of the organism. In other words, it can for the time either pay the body more attention, with benefit, or less attention, without injury.

The cases already cited of ” travelling clairvoyance ” have, in fact, generally occurred during sleep-waking states… I take this to mean that the spirit can in such states more easily either modify the body, or partially quit and return to the body.

The evidence for communication from the departed is now in my personal estimate quite as strong as that for telepathic communication between the living; and it is moreover evidence which inevitably alters and widens our conception of telepathy between living men.

But, given telepathy, we have some psychical agency connected with man operating apart from his organism. Given survival, we have an element of his personality… operating when his organism is destroyed. There is therefore no very great additional burden in supposing that an element of his personality may operate apart from his organism, while that organism still exists.

I would say in crude terms that the soul keeps the body alive by attending to it… Bodily death ensues when the soul’s attention is wholly and irrevocably withdrawn from the organism… Life means the maintenance of this attention; achieved, in this view, by the soul’s absorption of energy from the spiritual or metetherial environment. For if our individual spirits and organisms live by dint of this spiritual energy, underlying the chemical energy by which organic change is carried on, then we must presumably renew and replenish the spiritual energy as continuously as the chemical. To keep our chemical energy at work, we live in a warm environment, and from time to time take food. By analogy, in order to keep the spiritual energy at work, we should live in a spiritual environment, and possibly from time to time absorb some special influx of spiritual life.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5

Mike comment – The last chapter in the two-volume book states the covert evil purpose of the Society for Psychical Research and Scientology. They want a World Religion to go along with their World Government, World Army, World Bank, and World Court. And that is exactly what modern Scientology is – Ron Hubbard was a British agent who told Scientologists to support the New World Order.

The Function of a Society for Psychical Research

This search for new facts is precisely what our Society undertakes. …to be able to say to theologian or to philosopher: “Thus and thus we demonstrate that a spiritual world exists…”

…it seems to me that a growing conception of the unity, the solidarity, of the human race is preparing the way for a world-religion

… Now here, I take it, lies the special, the characteristic duty of the Society for Psychical Research. …the expansion of Science herself until she can satisfy those questions which the human heart will rightly ask, but to which Religion alone has thus far attempted an answerOr rather, this is the duty, the mission, of the coming century’s leaders of spiritual thought. Our own more special duty is to offer through an age of transition more momentous than mankind has ever known, that help in steadying and stimulating psychical research all over the world which our collective experience should enable us richly to bestow.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers – Volume II, Chapter 10


I said this is the first Scientology book
and you can now see that is a fact.


The actual books are available through the Internet Archive as:

Frederic W.H. Myers Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death (1903) Volume I and Volume II

* * *

1 November 1903 – William Melville was secretly recruited to lead a new intelligence section in the British War Office, MO3, which subsequently was called M05, and later came to be called MI 5.


This new intelligence section was to be something quite different than normal military intelligence. The British new intelligence section was an intelligence agency that concerned itself with public and society affairs. It sought to gain information about the people themselves, that could be used to covertly undermine, manipulate, and mold any given society into conforming to the ideas and realities that the British slavemasters wanted them to have. It is a constant psychological warfare attack on the people that is carried on in peacetime as well as during wartime.

They call it “social engineering”. It is behavior modification.

Originally psychiatry was only done to people in mental institutions. A new mental health movement was about to be engaged upon, under the thumb of the new British intelligence section. They call it social psychiatry. Now the psychiatrists would be used to attack the entire society.

Social psychiatry is social engineering = behavior modification

Behavior Modification –

Step 1 – Removal of your personality
Step 2 – Installing the new personality

It is essentially your consent to accept the NEW YOU with the NEW IDEAS they want you to have.

* * *

Richard Semon in Germany authored a book in 1904 – The Mneme.
He coined the word engram for the trace or record of a stimulus left on the organism.

Richard_SemonRichard Semon

Some quotes from The Mneme by Richard Semon –

But the immediate effect of stimulation on the irritable substance is only one half of the problem with which we are concerned…

The other and distinctive half of the mnemic problem underlying the problems of memory, habit, and heredity, is the effect which remains in the stimulated substance after the excitement produced by the stimulation has apparently ceased. The capacity for such after-effect of stimulation constitutes what I have called the Mneme.

Its result, namely, the enduring though primarily latent modification in the irritable substance produced by a stimulus, I have called an Engram…

When an organism has been temporarily stimulated and has passed, after the cessation of the stimulus, …it can be shown that such organism… has been permanently affected.

This I call the engraphic action of a stimulus, because a permanent record has been written or engraved on the irritable substance.

I use the word engram to denote this permanent change wrought by a stimulus; the sum of such engrams in an organism may be called its “engram-store,”…

The mere sight of the whip in the hand of its master will ecphorise in the dog the mnemic excitation of the definite sensation of pain, and produce the corresponding reaction, namely, curling of the tail, howls, and flight.

…a partial return of a definite energetic condition suffices to awaken the engram from its latent state.

Like the individually acquired engrams, they are evoked from this state of latency by stimuli…

An engram… implies an altered disposition of the irritable substance towards a recurrence of the state of excitement produced by the original stimulus. On being subjected again to this stimulus… the original state of excitement is reproduced.

The old engrams, which had apparently disappeared without leaving any traces, were still in being, and only required a special external impulse to revive them and to reopen the old paths.

* * *

On 10 November 1904James Hyslop formed the American Institute for Scientific Research.

He was a British agent under William Melville.

James_HyslopHe sent an announcement to the New York Times, which read:

To the Editor of the New York Times:

An important institute, intended to be of a National character, has been founded in this city for the purpose of organizing certain scientific investigations… It has been incorporated as the American Institute for Scientific Research.

The institute will not engage officially in any investigations connected with this field (psychic research) but will act as a custodian of funds to be devoted to it….”

James H. Hyslop. New York, Nov. 10, 1904

Richard Hodgson was President of the American Society for Psychical Research. He died in 1905.

James Hyslop takes over as President of the American Society for Psychical Research and moves it from Boston to New York. Hyslop puts the ASPR under the psychical research branch of his newly formed American Institute for Scientific Research.

James Hyslop, through the Abnormal Psychology branch of his American Institute for Scientific Research, did an in-depth study of schizophrenics and he came to the conclusion that it was an infestation of spirits, or spirit possession.

This is the exact same idea that was in a British backed book called Oahspe. It states the Brothers of Light idea that numerous evil demons inhabit a human body and cause all of man’s woes. The idea was deeply imbedded in the accepted ideas of the Society for Psychical Research in London and the American Society for Psychical Research.

These SPR people are the initial Scientologists. And they determined that demons were the cause of schizophrenia.

That idea was used in modern Scientology…

Man has believed longer that demons inhabit men, than Man has believed they do not. We assume demons. We look for some demons, one way or another. And we find some!

– Dianetics, the Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard


…are there such things as demons, idle spirits, devils, any one of those things, or are they just psychotics, or what? The psychotic theta body is what we call demons

You can reduce psychosis to this definition: Psychosis is the condition of an entity or “idle spirit,” you might say, moving in to control, but being stuck on the track.

But there is your basis on psychosis, and also on neurosis…

– Anatomy of the Theta Body, an LRH lecture 16 April 1952

The advanced levels in Scientology are dedicated to getting rid of the evil demons.

In 1909, James Hyslop resurrects the American Society for Psychical Research as a now independent organization. The OAHSPE was one of the first things the newly resurrected ASPR investigated.

* * *

Further evidence that Scientology existed before Hubbard was born is found in a book published in 1908.
The New Word by Allen Upward. The book says Scientology is pseudo science.

Here are some quotes from that book –

 I find there are at least three atoms known to science, or at least to scientology, the arithmetical atom, the physical one, and the logical one. (page 117)

All this is not really science, but only scientology. (page 136)

…all brought together to account for a not-quite-true law; is a fair sample, taken at haphazard, of scientological writing. It is no whit better than theological writing. And unhappily scientology is as often mistaken for science as theology is for worship. (page 145)

We distinguished between science and scientology.  (page 151)   56

* * *

Clifford Beers started the mental hygiene movement in the United States. He published a book about his personal experience in three mental hospitals – A Mind That Found Itself.

Beers founded the National Committee for Mental Hygiene in 1909. The committee wanted to humanize care of the insane: to eradicate the abuses, brutalities and neglect from which the mentally ill have traditionally suffered.


* * *

1 August 1909 – A new British Secret Service Bureau was formed under Admiral George Mansfield Smith-Cumming.

It is called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also called the Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 6 – MI 6.

Mansfield_CummingSir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming

Some of the first officers Smith-Cumming recruited were writers. MI 6 has a tradition of recruiting agents who are writers or who are in the occult.

Cumming and MI6 headquarters

* * *

In 1911
 Sigmund Freud joined the Society for Psychical Research in London.

Freud is connected to the British slavemasters through the SPR.

Sigmund-FreudSigmund Freud

* * *

On 13 March 1911 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was born. He is the son of United States naval commander Harry Ross Hubbard and Ledora May Hubbard. A friend of Ron’s father was US Navy Commander Joseph “Snake” Thompson.


All of the basic mental, spiritual, and religious ideas found in Dianetics and Scientology were already developed by the Society for Psychical Research, before L. Ron Hubbard was even born. That includes the therapy used.




* * *

The New World Order men did a takeover of the mental hygiene movement. By 1912, the Rockefeller Foundation had funded Thomas W. Salmon to be the first medical director of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. The mental hygiene movement was originally concerned with eradicating abuse of mental patients. Salmon transformed it into an organization that was concerned with society, not with the patients in mental institutions.

Thomas W. salmon

Salmon then worked for the National Committee for Mental Hygiene for the next 10 yearsWilliam Alanson White, a prominent American psychiatrist, was on the Board of Directors of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene, so he is working directly with Thomas W. Salmon. William White was one of Ron Hubbard’s mentors on the mind.

William Alanson WhiteWilliam Alanson White

World War I was from 1914 to 1919.

In 1916 Sigmund Freud joined the American Society for Psychical Research.

Freud and his daughter, Anna Freud, took part in convincing experiments in thought transference. Freud sent out a circular stating how impressed he was with certain telepathic experiments published by the Society for Psychical Research.

Anna Freudanna freud
* * *

During World War I, John Rawlings Rees and some other psychs were brought into the British Army to handle officer selection and to treat soldiers suffering from shell shock. They called it battle neurosis when the soldiers did not want to kill and be killed.

John Rawlings Rees - Tavistock



The soldiers did not want to kill other men, women and children.

They viewed that as a mental illness?

Jackie Gleason


In war your bullets and bombs are hitting men, women and children you never met and do not know. Most of them are decent people who did not deserve to be killed. Only a psychopathic killer would want to do that to decent people. So, these psychs are not treating a mental illness, they are trying to create a mental illness by turning men into psychopathic killers who will gladly go kill lots of decent men, women and children who do not deserve to die.

They were using abreactive therapy on the soldiers who had developed “battle neurosis”. The catharsis therapy developed by Breuer and Freud is also called abreactive therapy.

They also used electric shock on the soldiers to “cure” their lack of desire to kill other men, women and children. They attached electrodes to the ‘patients’ body and then delivered electric shocks of up to 20,000 volts for one second each, repeated ten to twenty times daily 47


The psychs were the psychos, not the soldiers who did not want to kill, and be killed.

Some soldiers decided to go back into battle to get away from the psychiatrists.

Their interest was in how to make men into killers and how to choose men to lead and influence others to be killers. Thus their interest in personality testing began. That grew into all manner of – how to influence others to do what they “should”.

In 1917, Doctor Thomas Salmon moves to England and works with the British psychs.

Statement by John Rawlings Rees –

In World War I the British army had a “consulting psychologist” and a number of neurologists. Many of them, in fact, were psychiatrists. They were brought into the army’s machinery in response to the critical situation created by the wave of battle neurosis at first called “shell shock.”

… Doctor Thomas Salmon came over to England in 1917… The main concern of psychiatrists in the last war was with treatment and they were very successful in treating battle neurosis just behind the lines and in tackling the more resistant cases in base hospitals. 5

Thomas W. Salmon proposed broadening the specialty of psychiatry to move beyond the traditional focus on institutional care. He wanted to treat the rest of society for “mental illness”. This aligned perfectly with the plans of the British new intelligence section that concerned itself with public and society affairs.

British intelligence had its operatives in the field of mental health and they infiltrated society, began front groups, and carried out propaganda – all designed to accomplish behavior modification on the rest of humanity – to make them into consenting subjects in the New World Order.

In 1920, the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (aka Tavistock Clinic) was formed. After World War I ended, the psychs in the British Army formed the Tavistock Clinic.

The Tavistock Clinic psychs had worked together with some social scientists during WW I, to develop methods of manipulating people to fight. They then had the idea to apply these same ideas to the population during peacetime – and thus was social psychiatry born. 14, 34

Eric TristEric Trist

Eric Trist was a member of Tavistock Clinic, he offers a history…

To understand how such a small group was able to be so influential, we must go back to the period immediately after World War I when there was a growing recognition that neurotic disabilities were not merely transitory phenomena related to the stress of war, but were …pervasive in a modern society.

In order to respond to the ‘felt social need’ thus arising, the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (better known as the Tavistock Clinic), …was founded in 1920…

The founding group comprised many of the key doctors who had been concerned with neurosis in World War I. They included general physicians and neurologists, as well as psychiatrists, and one or two multiply-trained individuals who combined psychology and anthropology with medicine. The group, therefore, showed from the beginning the preparedness to be linked to the social sciences and to general medicine, as well as to psychiatry, which has characterized it ever since.

Interest focused on the then new ‘dynamic psychologies’ as representing the direction which offered most hope. …tolerance of different viewpoints was part of the undertaking and the Tavistock Clinic functioned as a mediating institution, a clearing-house where the views of several contending parties could be aired. On the one hand were the adherents of Freud… On the other were a neurologically-oriented general psychiatry… 6

According to the official history of the Tavistock Clinic:

In 1920, …the Tavistock Clinic made a significant contribution to the understanding of the traumatic effects of ‘shell shock’ and how it could be treated by talking, listening and understanding.

John Rawlings Rees made the following statements about Tavistock Clinic –

After the war, in 1920, the Tavistock Clinic was founded for outpatient psychotherapy.

The Maudsley Hospital, built before the war and then used as a military hospital, took on its full functions for civilians soon afterwards…

Maudsley HospitalMaudsley Hospital

…the best results with the war neuroses are obtained when they have active treatment.

“Psychosurgery” in the shape of abreaction followed by simple re-education should as a rule precede a period of rest under narcosis.

There is, however, no question that the general method of abreaction followed by sedation is applicable to many cases in civilian life, particularly in psychosomatic conditions, and it is well worth further experiment. 20

They were using catharsis therapy at Tavistock Clinic. Catharsis is the discharge of repressed emotional energy. The discharge was induced by the psychoanalytic technique of abreaction, first under hypnosis, and later by using the concentration technique. It was particularly used in the abreactive treatment of shell-shocked combatants in World War I7

abreaction – the reliving of past traumatic experiences buried in the subconscious, in such a way that previously repressed emotions associated with it are released.

Catharsis, abreaction and Dianetics are 3 words that all mean the same type of therapy – the reliving of past traumatic incidents to release repressed emotions.

The mental health movement was split into two factions, one faction was talking therapy and the other faction was the psychiatrists who said that mental illness was physical and they used physical means to treat it, such as electroshock therapy and drugs.

At Tavistock Clinic they combined both factions. They first gave abreactive talking therapy to a patient, followed up by drugs and electroshocks.

* * *

During World War I, William McDougall served in the British Medical Corps, treating the soldiers at Maudsley Hospital and giving lectures there. 46
 So, he was working with John Rawlings Rees treating soldiers.

William McDougall
William McDougall

James Hyslop died in 1920. In-fighting immediately began, and the American Society for Psychical Research split into two factions. One pro-Spiritualism, by mostly Spiritualists themselves, and the other group anti-Spiritualism, being skeptical of “discarnate spirits”; however this faction was still very interested in telepathy and other phenomena that was more associated to someone with a body.

William McDougall was elected President of the Society for Psychical Research in London, and he also took over the American Society for Psychical Research. McDougall moved to the United States in 1920, where he became a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He was pro-eugenics.

McDougall had authored Body and Mind: A History and Defence of Animism. In the work he defended the theory that mind and the brain are distinct but interact with each other. He also said telepathy had been scientifically proven.

So, see, they DO KNOW.

* * *

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 1/7

Public Authority and the State in the Western Tradition: A Thousand Years of Growth, 976-1976 Carroll Quigley (November 9, 1910 -- January 3, 1977) was an American historian and theorist of the evolution of civilizations. He is noted for his teaching work as a professor at Georgetown University, for his academic publications, and for his research on secret societies.

Category: Education

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 2/7

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 3/7

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 4/7

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 5/7

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 6/7

Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 7/7

Public Authority and the State in the Western Tradition: A Thousand Years of Growth, 976-1976 Carroll Quigley (November 9, 1910 -- January 3, 1977) was an American historian and theorist of the evolution of civilizations. He is noted for his teaching work as a professor at Georgetown University, for his academic publications, and for his research on secret societies.

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History... The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment

Thomas Edison (owner of Edison Electric Company) was a member of the Society for Psychical Research.

On October 30, 1920, Thomas Edison submits an article to Scientific American –Scientific_American

I cannot conceive of such a thing as a spirit. Imagine something that has no weight, no material form, no mass; in a word, imagine nothing!




The Society for Psychical Research idea of a spirit is in Scientology –

Scientology Axiom 1 – 
Life is basically a static. A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time.

* * *

Thomas Edison was a member of the Society for Psychical Research.

Many people were killed in World War I, and grieving family members took an interest in being able to communicate with their departed loved ones. Thomas Edison began working on a machine that would assist the departed to communicate with the living.

Thomas Edison was the promoter of the “Life Units” idea. It was used in Scientology.

New York Times January 23, 1921


Thomas Edison has announced his entrance into a new sphere, that of psychic research.

Life he conceives as a series of “units”…

These personalities are various groups of units within the larger group that constitutes life. When so-called “death” appears to drive life from our bodies Mr. Edison thinks that our personality “units” do not die, but continue to exist…

Mr Edison stated:

“I believe our bodies are composed of myriads and myriads of infinitesimal entities, each in itself a unit of life, which band together to build a man. Once conditions in the body become unsatisfactory… the entities simply depart from the body… Being indefatigable workers, they naturally seek something else to do. They either enter into the body of another man or even start work on some other form of life.

The individuals in the aggregate which we call ‘a man,’ the members of the swarm which …have collected to make that man, are 95 percent Workers and 5 per cent Directors. The workers cannot stop even though something may compel them from their habitat, that which has been ‘the body’ of ‘a man’. They must go to something else to build, as, for instance, to corn, a tree, grass …always working under the direction of the higher type among them.

The life units which have formed that man do not die. They merely pass out of the unimportant mechanism which they have been inhabiting, which has been called a man and has been mistaken for an individual, and select some other habitat or habitats.”

The “life unit” idea gets used in modern Scientology.

The Whole Answer To The Problems Of The Mind, an LRH lecture 1 January 1961 –

If you don’t know anything about the life unit, you would know nothing about life.
And a thetan is a life unit.


Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health, Chapter Emotion and Life Force –

Where the individual finds himself ‘possessed of less and less life force,’ he is losing some of the free units somewhere. And the free units of this life force, in a society or an individual, are the extra surge that is needed to tame North Africa, divide an atom or reach the stars.

there are so many units of force per individual. …we can consider that man… has a ready number to hand for use in any given hour or day. He may manufacture these life units as required and he may simply have a given supply…

The manic with 500 units of directed purpose has been cleared. He now has 1,000 units of sentiently directed purpose.

Hence, discharging these frozen units is a vital and important part of therapy and the condition of the case will improve in direct ratio to the number of these units so discharged.

Consider these life units as free life energy… To free these units is the primary task of therapy

Thus we see that more data from the Society for Psychical Research, was used in Dianetics and Scientology.

* * *

On 29 July 1921, t
he Round Table men established the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York City.

112613_58E68_DM_1.jpgCouncil On Foreign Relations

David Rockefeller served as the chairman of the CFR for many years.

David_RockefellerDavid Rockefeller

The CFR is one of the primary ways the British New World Order men have infiltrated the U.S. government and covertly influenced the US government to forward the agenda of the British slavemasters.

Since then, every US President except one, has been a member of the CFR. CFR members also fill many other top government positions. Allen Dulles was a member of the CFR and he was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Twelve members of CFR have been U. S. Secretary of State, etc.

Allen_Dulles_in_officeAllen Dulles

Thus the Round Table has exercised a strong influence on American foreign policy.

In several ways, America was covertly brought back under British influence.

* * *

May 1922 – J.B. Rhine hears a lecture at University of Chicago, given by Arthur Conan Doyle exulting the scientific proof of communication with the dead. Thus  J.B. Rhine became interested in psychical research.

1923 – Frederick Edwards, became President of the American Society for Psychical Research. He was a prominent Spiritualist.

* * *

U.S. Navy Commander Joseph Thompson had a career working for Naval Intelligence. Thompson had gone to Vienna and was a personal student of Sigmund Freud on the subject of the mind and psychoanalysis.

Sigmund Freud was a member of the Cecil family group – the Society for Psychical Research,
the place where they developed the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

Joseph Snake ThompsonCommander Joseph “Snake” Thompson

Ron Hubbard’s father, Harry Ross Hubbard, was ordered to report to Washington, D.C. Ron and his parents board the USS Ulysses S. Grant on 1 November 1923 and sail to New York. Commander Joseph Thompson was also on board on his way back to Washington D.C. During this voyage, Ron meets Commander Thompson. 5

the_USS_U.S._Grant_coming_into_Seward_Harbor_Alaska_-_1941United States Ship Ulysses S. Grant

Commander Thompson was stationed at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC – a mental health hospital.

Starting in 1923, Commander Thompson became the mentor of Ron Hubbard, who is 12 years old at the time. Commander Thompson spends many afternoons in the Library of Congress teaching Hubbard about the mind. 49

Further Introduction to Dianetics, an LRH lecture 23 September 1950 –

I was in the Orient when I was young. Of course, I was a harum-scarum kid; I wasn’t thinking about deep philosophic problems; but I had a lot of friends. One such friend was Commander “Snake” ThompsonHe had studied under Sigmund Freud, and he found me a very wide-eyed and wide-eared boy. He had just come from Vienna, and his mouth and mind were full of associative words, libido theories, conversion, and all the rest of it. He had served as an intelligence officer in Japan during the First World War.

An LRH autobiographical note presented in the court case CSI vs Armstrong –

Through his friendship I attended many lectures given at Naval hospitals and generally became conversant with psychoanalysis as it had been exported from Austria by Freud.

The Story of Dianetics and Scientology, an LRH lecture 18 October 1958 –

The story actually starts back when I was about twelve years old and I met one of the great men of Freudian analysis – a Commander Thompson. He was a commander in the United States Navy.

Anyway, at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, where they have all the books on everything, he started shoving my nose into an education in the field of the mind. Now, that’s a very unusual thing to do, to take a twelve-year-old boy and start doing something with the mind. But he really got me interested in the subject – up to the point where I was pretty sure that Freud didn’t know what he was talking about.

One of the books that Commander Thompson shoved Ron Hubbard’s nose into was a Crowley book.

As a teenage boy Ron Hubbard accompanied his mother to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. He found a book there that interested him, it was The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley. The whole of the law was – Do what thou wilt. 10

In another book written by Crowley, Magic and Theory In Practice, he states –

The whole and sole object of all true magical training is to become free from every kind of limitation.

The Tone Scale: Moving The PC Up The Scale, an LRH lecture 5 December 1952 –

Our whole activity tends to make an individual completely independent of any limitation.

Aleister Crowley was an MI 6 agent during and after World War I. And Sigmund Freud was connected to British intelligence through his membership in the Society for Psychical Research.

British intelligence means the Cecil family.
Society for Psychical Research means the Cecil family.

* * *


On 15 March 1925, Freud admitted his complete “conversion” to belief in telepathy.

In May 1925, Frederick Edwards was re-appointed President of the American Society for Psychical Research. Frederick Edwards was supportive to Arthur Conan Doyle’s public lecture tour in America promoting Spiritualism. This caused the anti-spiritualism faction to leave the ASPR. Walter Franklin Prince and William McDougall founded the Boston Society for Psychical Research. (The split lasted until 1941.)

* * *

Philip Henry Kerr was a member of the Round Table who worked directly with Lord Robert Cecil, and he held top positions in British intelligence. His cousin was Admiral Mark Kerr. Since childhood, Mark Kerr was lifelong friends with Phyllis Bedell. She married Major Ian MacBean and he worked for MI 6 in China. The point is – Major Ian MacBean had family connection right to the top of the British slavemasters. 50

lord_lothian_obit_dec_1940Philip Henry Kerr

In May 1928, Ron Hubbard is 17 years old when he traveled to China and met British MI 6 agent Major Ian MacBean. He spent six months there with MacBean. This is the time when Hubbard’s British intelligence career gets officially going.

Major_Ian_MacbeanIan MacBean – MI 6 British intelligence agent

Hubbard_Peking_1929Hubbard in Peking, under the tutelage of British MI6 agent Ian MacBean

On 1 January 1929, Ian MacBean writes a letter to Ron Hubbard, calls him a lieutenant and says he has been retained. 51

– Ron Hubbard is 18 years old in 1929. This is when he starts “studying material”.

The Hope of Man, an LRH lecture 3 June 1955 –

This Congress is given here to signalize an accomplishment of material studiedover a long, long period of time, over a quarter of a century

Universes, an LRH lexture 6 April 1954 –

Now, that means that after twenty-five years of investigation we sit here with some answers.

1955 minus over a quarter century = 1929
1954 minus twenty five years = 1929

Hubbard starts “studying material” immediately after getting hired by Ian MacBean. He studies this material for twenty five years. The material he was studying for 25 years was Scientology, as you will soon see here…

Part of the material studied was the Veda, the Tao-Teh-King, Buddhism, etc.

LRH book The Phoenix Lectures –

…there is a set of hymns which as I recall were introduced into the societies of earth in about 8212 BC. These were religious hymns and they are our earliest debt in Scientology. Our earliest debt, because the very early hymns contain much that we know today…

I can tell you that today these hymns are still in existence. They are very hard to acquire in the western world. You have to find the specialized translations of them…

For to say that out of whole cloth and with no background, a Westerner such as myself should suddenly develop all you need to know to do the things they were trying to do, is an incredible and an unbelievable and an untrue statement.

The Veda… is best read in a literal translation from the Sanskrit. A great deal of our material in Scientology is discovered right back there.

The next written work, which is supposed to be the oldest written work, according to various friends of mine, is a book called The Book of Job. It is Indian and quite ancient.

Now, just coming down the track in a little more orderly fashion, we get to the Tao-Teh-King, which is known to us in the western world as Taoism. It was written by Lao-Tzu in approximately 529 BC. This is the next important milestone in the roadway of knowledge itself. Now what was the Tao: it meant the way to solving the mystery which underlies all mysteries.

…it teaches you that you had better get out of space and get away from objects if you’re going to achieve any consciousness of beingness, or to know things as they are, and it tells you that if you could do this then you’d know the whole answer and you’d be all set. And this is exactly what we are doing in Scientology.

We come then into the main period of the Dhyana. The Dhyana has, as a background, almost as legendary a distance as the Veda, appearing in India in its mythological period, legendary in its basics. Dharma was the name of a legendary Hindu sage…

We first find this Buddha called actually Bodhi, and a Bodhi is one who has attained intellectual and ethical perfection by human means. This probably would be a Dianetic Release or something of this level. Another level has been mentioned to me – Arhat, with which I am not particularly familiar, said to be more comparable to our idea of Theta Clear.

There were many Bodhis, or Buddhas. And the greatest of these was a fellow by the name of Gautama Sakyamuni…

Now we find, however, some of the things that were written by Gautama, find them very significantly interesting to us, completely aside from Dhyana (which could be literally translated as “Indian for Scientology“, if you wished to do that).

We find in Dharma-Pada:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded upon our thoughts.
It is made up of our thoughts.

By oneself evil is done. By oneself one suffers. By oneself evil is left undone. By oneself one is purified. Purity and impurity belong to oneself. No one can purify another.

The thoughtful who enter the way are freed from the bondage of sin.”

And if you lived a fairly pure life, lacking in sensuousness and evil practices, …you could break the endless chain of birth and death… But to reach salvation in one lifetime, that was the hope of Buddhism.

But now, moving forward on the time track over all of these ages, we discover that it took an awfully long time for the Veda to walk forward and emerge as a new knowledge called the Dhyana.

Now there, so far, is your track of wisdom… but the highest amongst those wisdoms is apparently the Veda and the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Who had all this Eastern religious data translated and assembled was Oxford. They had the specialized translations of the Veda straight from the Sanskrit, and they had the 51 volume Sacred Books of the East.

* * *

In September 1930
 Ron Hubbard enrolls in George Washington University where he pursued a major in civil engineering.

William Alanson White was a professor of psychiatry at George Washington University and he was Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, a federal government mental hospital in Washington D.C.

William Alanson White is another mentor to Hubbard on the subject of the mind.


Universe: Basic Definitions, an LRH lecture 7 April 1954 –

Commander Thompson had studied with Freud and he was a good friend of mine and he talked to me a great deal about having psychoanalysis. So I went back and reviewed a bunch of the stuff which he’d talked to me about and studied it over again.

Well, I went over to a fellow over at Saint Elizabeths, William Allen White. I talked to him for a little while… He’d been a friend of mine before this, by the way, and a very, very nice fellow. And we were having a very informal discussion this way and that, and he was unfortunate enough however to throw me a few tidbits which tended to put me in my place about the field of the human mind, you see.

Practicalities of a Practical Religion, an LRH lecture 3 June 1955 –

And I came back to this very city in which we’re giving this congress, and I took engineering… And majored, in that engineering, in finite energies, and thought of the finest energy I could think of – it must be the human mind. Experimented to discover how memory was stored, and found by no computation I could ever compute, that it – a man couldn’t remember, certainly by this computation, more than three month’s worth. Because there wasn’t that much storage space because energies weren’t that small.

And I was proposed, as a young engineer, a conundrum of such magnitude that I went over to my very good friend, the head of Saint Elizabeths Hospital… Dr. William Alan White.

He said, “If you pursue along this line” (…he was a golf friend of mine) – and “if you pursue along this line,” he said, “you tell me about it from time to time,” he says, “because I’ll be watching”.

Now, another fellow who had been more or less my mentor when I was a little kid – as a matter of fact, I followed in the footsteps of this man – Commander Thompson, who brought psychoanalysis straight from Vienna to the US Navy, and introduced psychoanalysis into the Navy… I told Commander Thompson about this work, I tried to get more information, and when I had turned to Commander Thompson and Dr. Alan White, I had turned to the only two probables in the country who could have shed any light on this subject at all.

So I went on from there, from 1932…

Ron Hubbard’s known mentors back then were Commander Thompson and William White. They were teaching Hubbard about the mind, Hubbard was not teaching them.

William Alanson WhiteWilliam Alanson White

1932 – Ron Hubbard drops out of college and proceeds to carry out one intelligence assignment after another, while still continuing to study Scientology material. You can read about his intelligence career in Chapter Twelve – Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career Twelve – 1.

1932 – Scientology was written as a science. It sure as hell wasn’t written by Hubbard, he is only 21 years old at the time. The initial Scientologists were scientists who were doing scientific investigation into mental and spiritual phenomena – at the Society for Psychical Research. They had scientifically proven that the various mental and spiritual abilities, such as telepathy, were real.

Introduction to the Eighth Unit, an LRH lecture 4 October 1954 –

The first science, by the way, 1932, was Scientologyand it was Scientology still in 1938 when it was first really named. And then it was Scientology some more in 1947. And then all of a sudden it became Dianetics.

The actual authors of Dianetics and Scientology are hidden, but who had all of the mental, spiritual and religious data used in its formation was the Society for Psychical Research.

* * *

On 11 April 1933, 
Rockefeller Foundation president Max Mason assured trustees that in their program, “the Social Sciences will concern themselves with the rationalization of social control, …the control of human behavior.

In 1934, John Rawlings Reese became the medical director of the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (aka Tavistock Clinic) in London. He is an agent for the New World Order, advocating World government.

JohnRawlingsRees TavistockJohn Rawlings Rees

1934 – William Franklin Prince died and then the Boston Society for Psychical Research falls into obscurity. After eighteen years of research with the American Society for Psychical Research, and in spite of his doubts about certain phenomena, he eventually concluded that a case for the reality of telepathy and clairvoyance has been “absolutely and scientifically proved.” And that the evidence that the personality survives death was “very promising.”

1934 – Wing Anderson was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He was on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Psychical Research.

Wing_Anderson_largeWing Anderson

He claims he was visited by an ancient master in 1934 and inspired to republish the Oahspe39

He did republish the “1891 version” of the Oahspe.

* * *

In 1935, psycho-psychiatrist William Sargant went to work at Maudsley Hospital, where he worked along with MI 6 psychiatrist John Rawlings Rees. Sargant used abreactive therapy in conjunction with drugs and electroshock, just like John Rees was doing during World War I.

William Walters SargantWilliam Walters Sargant

Sargant experimented with numerous vicious drugs and drugs given in combination. He also performed leucotomies. Sargant spent 38 years butchering people with his horrific treatments.



* * *

Frieda Fromm-Reichmann arrived at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium in the summer of 1935. She suggested that her buddy Harry Stack Sullivan also be hired, and Sullivan was hired in 1936. Sullivan was a psychiatrist who was an agent for the New World Order – Sullivan strongly advocated world citizenship under a World government.

Harry Stack Sullivan worked at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium in Rockville, Maryland. Sullivan also worked with William White at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Sullivan was a homosexual pedophile – sex with young boys. 23

Chestnut Lodge Asylum


Frieda Fromme-Reichmann was a psychoanalyst and she assisted in mental health projects on behalf of the New World Order.

Frieda picFrieda

Ron Hubbard knew Frieda Fromm-Reichmann.

So my only quarrel with psychiatry is their ethics are out. Frieda Fromm-Reichmann wrote a book… in which she begged throughout the book for the psychiatrist and his profession to get in his own ethics on his own practitioners.

Suppressives and GAEs, an LRH lecture 2 August 1966

Hildegard Peplau recalled her time at Chestnut Lodge, after Sullivan showed up, and wrote of the areas of theory she learned –

I learned so much there (Chestnut Lodge) by reading, observing, seminars and lectures.

The orientation of Chestnut Lodge was Sullivanian.

However, I also studied Freud, etc. 33

Harry Stack Sullivan was the leading psychiatrist at Chestnut Lodge.

In 1937 Winfred Overholser becomes superintendent at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Winfred Overholser immediately introduced insulin shock treatment. 48 Shortly after that, Overholser brought in an electric shock machine to be used on patients. Watson W. Eldridge happily went about shocking the patients into a coma – bringing that pain to the inmates at Saint Elizabeths.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium, and Central Intelligence Agency headquarters –
are within 10 miles of each other. Ron Hubbard was involved with all of them.map_Chestnut_Lodge_and_CIA

* * *

1938 – Excalibur is written. It is the first book written on modern Scientology.

Introduction: The Q List and Beginning of Logics, an LRH lecture 10 Nov 1952 –

The Axioms were basically written on a summary of information which, began in November of 1938. And the basic Axioms of Dianetics were written at that time.
It’s interesting that the material at that time was called Scientology.
It appeared in an unpublished manuscript called Excalibur.

There’s that material Hubbard was studying for 25 years, it was called Scientology. It was called that since 1871.

Excalibur was the first book on modern Scientology – and it was written on a summary of information.

Who wrote the summary

and where they got all the data to summarize

had to be the Society for Psychical Research

Universes, an LRH lecture 6 April 1954 –

There’s a book called Excalibur which was written in 1938. That book is about 125 thousand words and is the theoretical top level of philosophic principles which we’re still using. The word survive and the first principle of existence also appear in Excalibur and are run down to a considerable extent.

Case Analysis – Question and Answer Period, an LRH lecture 4 August 1958 –

…Excalibur is actually devoted to brain mechanisms as well as many of the principles which led to the research line. But it described brain mechanisms, and so forth…

Introduction To The Eighth Unit, an LRH lecture 4 October 1954 –

The first science, by the way, 1932, was Scientology, and it was Scientology still in 1938 when it was first really named.

1939 to 1949 
– Harry Stack Sullivan is back working at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium again, being a consultant. He is there when L. Ron Hubbard gets his final training at Chestnut Lodge. Sullivan delivers over 200 lectures at Chestnut Lodge during this time.

Harry Stack Sullivan - Lonely Man

1 September 1939 – Germany invades Poland to start World War II.

World War II was from 1939 to 1945.

William Sargant was assigned to Sutton Emergency Medical Service.

Sargant ran his horrific treatments on soldiers and civilians. He was using drugs to facilitate abreactive therapy.

Sargant combined his own psychotic cocktail of “abreaction”, where he gets patients to relive traumatic experiences, but while under heavy use of barbiturates. (Hubbard did the same, combining abreactive therapy and drugs.)

Concerning this time period, David Clark May writes:

William Sargant was practicing narcoanalysis and abreactive therapy with ether, whipping battle neurosis cripples into dramatic abreactive displays of emotion and terror…  21

WWI Thompson abreaction under narcosis

The subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were both developed underneath British intelligence – the Cecil family.

Willhelm Mayer-Gross was brought in, he was an authority on insulin coma therapy.

wilhelm 'Willy' Mayer-GrossWillhelm ‘Willy’ Mayer-Gross

R. D. Laing was a psychiatrist who was there. He was horrified by what the British psychiatrists were doing to people.

R.D. LaingRonald David Laing

He wrote a book against abusive psychiatric treatment – Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist.

Willy was imported to Britain from Germany.

They wanted him to institute insulin coma shock ‘therapy’ on those labelled schizophrenic – even though it was known to have an abysmal ‘cure’ rate, basically non-existent. Only 1 in 20 had any sort of ‘improvement’ at all! And yet as a result of this one patient by the end of the WW II, 20,000 or more anxiety hysterias had had this treatment in the American forces alone and its use spread over the world as a ‘treatment of war neuroses’.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

Insulin was administered until the patients went into deep comas and sometimes epileptic fits. 52

Insulin shock

insulin termination treatment

The policy was to put it in at a level at which epileptic fits were liable to occur, but to avoid them if possible. Backs could break. Light is extremely epiletogenic under a lot of insulin. The ward was entirely blacked out.

(epiletogenic means capable of causing an epileptic attack)

It was essential to get each patient out of his or her coma before too long, because if we did not, the coma became ‘irreversible’.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

insulin ward

Some remained in the coma and never again regained consciousness. Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) was used while they were in the coma, without their permission and even against their will.

Sargant said –

Many patients unable to tolerate a long course of ECT, can do so when anxiety is relieved by narcosis.

What is so valuable is that they generally have no memory about the actual length of the treatment or the numbers of ECT used. After 3 or 4 treatments they may ask for ECT to be discontinued because of an increasing dread of further treatments. Combining sleep with ECT avoids this.

All sorts of treatment can be given while the patient is kept sleeping, including a variety of drugs and ECT which together generally induce considerable memory loss for the period under narcosis. As a rule the patient does not know how long he has been asleep, or what treatment, even including ECT, he has been given. Under sleep … one can now give many kinds of physical treatment, necessary, but often not easily tolerated.

An Introduction To Physical Methods Of Treatment In Psychiatry by William Sargant

There were many casualties under his sadistic hand, people that died, had personality deterioration, epileptic seizures, and even incontinence. Failures in treatment were due to the patient’s lack of a “good previous personality”. These failures were sent to mental hospitals – permanently damaged and unable to function in life.

Psychiatrist R.D. Laing saw that they were not helping people, they were destroying them –

I was just beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks did more harm than good. In fact, I had begun to have to call into question my own sanity, because I was beginning to suspect that insulin and electric shocks, not to mention lobotomy and the whole environment of a psychiatric unit were ways of destroying people and driving people crazy if they were not so before, and crazier if they were.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly, The Making of a Psychiatrist by R.D. Laing

* * *

John Rawlings Rees became Director of British Army psychiatry in World War II and he brought the Tavistock Clinic psychs with him. This included psychiatrists Wilfred Bion, John Bowlby, Ronald Hargreaves, Jock Sutherland, John Rickman, and Tommy Wilson. Rees also brought psychologists Eric Trist, Ben Morris, and Harold Bridger. They primarily worked out of Maudsley Hospital. 14, 15, 25

OSS and CIA Are British Intelligence

Britain had a foreign intelligence section called MI 6. The United States did not have a foreign intelligence service.
British intelligence instigated, trained and ran American intelligence before, during, and after World War II.

The American version of MI 6 was the Office of Strategic Services, which became the Central Intelligence Agency.

* * *

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent William Stephenson to the United States on 21 June 1940, to covertly establish and run MI 6 in New York City. It was called British Security Coordination (BSC), with headquarters at Room 3603 Rockefeller Center.

Sir William Stephenson SOEWilliam Samuel Stephenson

Stephenson was tasked to obtain the assurance of American participation in secret activities throughout the world in the closest possible collaboration with the British“.

William Stephenson was soon a close adviser to American President Franklin Roosevelt, and suggested that he put Stephenson’s good friend William J. Donovan in charge of all U.S. intelligence services. It was done.

Special Operations Executive was formed 22 July 1940 as part of British intelligence.

* * *

Rear Admiral John Godfrey is Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy. Ian Fleming was his personal assistant. Fleming worked with Colonel “Wild Bill” Donovan, President Franklin Roosevelt’s special representative on intelligence co-operation between London and Washington.

In May 1941 Fleming accompanied Godfrey to the United States, where he assisted in writing a blueprintfor the Office of the Coordinator of Information, the department which turned into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and eventually became the CIA. 8

Ian Fleming was friends with another long time MI 6 agent – Aleister Crowley1

December 6, 1941 – William Stephenson, chief of MI 6 in America, established and operated Camp X in Ontario, Canada.

Agents from the Office of Strategic Services secretly attended Camp X. Most notable was Colonel William Donovan.

Camp_X_Ontario_1943Camp X

Camp x where Williamson trained spies.

In February and March 1942, Garland Williams and George White trained at Camp X. It was at Camp X that the OSS operated an “assassination and elimination” training program that was dubbed “the school of mayhem and murder” by George Hunter White.

George Hunter White in MKultra daysGeorge Hunter White

White had close ties to mob boss Meyer Lansky, working with him on assassinations and other unsavory activities.

Meyer LanskyMeyer Lansky

Several officers who trained at Camp X became top CIA officials: Richard Helms, William Colby, Frank Wisner Jr., James Jesus Angelton. Other notable students were anthropologist Gregory Bateson, the husband of Margaret Mead, and Alfred M. Hubbard. 37

Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was established in June 1942. It was headed by William Donovan.

David K.E. Bruce was the Chief of the OSS Special Intelligence division and he worked directly with the British Special Operations Executive. Bruce headed the OSS office in London.

Note –
David K.E. Bruce was married to Andrew Mellon’s daughter, which makes MI 6 directly mixed up with Timothy Leary and LSD, and The Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Timothy Leary was a CIA agent who worked out of a Mellon family mansion to peddle LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, using the Brotherhood of Eternal Love as the main distributor of the drugs. These people, some of whom were Scientologists, were involved in CIA drug pushing all across America.

David_K.E._BruceDavid K.E. Bruce

June 1942 – Garland H. Williams joined the OSS and was appointed Deputy Chief of Special Operations.

Garland H. WilliamsGarland H. Williams

He was sent to London to confer with the Chief of the Special Operations Executive, William Keswick.

William J. (Tony) Keswick

Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Council 1940-41 taipan of Jardine,Matheson Trading Company,Shanghai Director of SOE in Far East (London) 1942-45 codename AD/U brother of John died 1990

DIED 1990


After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals and helped establish OSS training schools in Maryland and Virginia.

31 October 1942 – a committee was activated to investigate using drugs in the interrogation of Prisoners of War.
The chairman of the OSS Truth drug committee was Dr. Winfred Overholser, the Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

Per another CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum – George Hunter White and doctor Watson W. Eldridge were mixed up in using marijuana as part of interrogating prisoners. Watson Eldridge was a doctor at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

. Winfred Overholser
Another thing that the OSS researchers (White, Eldridge etc.) specifically advocated was combining morphine with scopalamine, in which a “state of twilight sleep” could be induced and that under such conditions a person would talk freely about things that they wouldn’t normally. They used the mental patients under Overholser’s watch at Saint Elizabeths Hospital as their guinea pigs for this truth-telling cocktail of drugs.

It was disastrous for the patients. Some slipped into comas, or they started hallucinating to the point that now they really were insane.



But, when one patient died of heart failure that started getting too many questions asked, so that particular project was scrapped but not the others. Despite these “problems” the program was transferred out from under the National Defense Research Council, and was put under the Office of Research and Development of the OSS starting January 1, 1943 – nicknamed Division 19.

Margaret_MeadMargaret Mead

Margaret Mead worked for the OSS. She advocated world citizenship under a world government. She also worked with Harold Wolff on several CIA mind control projects – codename MK Ultra. She also had her own MK Ultra projects she worked on.

Nelson Rockefeller was a member of the Round Table and the Council on Foreign Relations. He worked for the OSS.

Nelson_RockefellerNelson Rockefeller

In 1943, William H. Shepardson, Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, becomes the head of the OSS Secret Intelligence Branch. Allen Dulles was in the Council on Foreign Relations. Dulles also worked for the OSS.

william_hart_shephardson Allen_Dulles
William Hart Shepardson

The OSS was a swarming beehive of New World Order agents – they were British agents.

OSS 1945 - James Russell Forgan and “Wild Bill” Donovan are at the far end of the table.



The OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency with New World Order agent Allen Dulles as its Director.

OSS and CIA are actually British intelligence. They were headed by agents for the British New World Order.

OSS and CIA are not American intelligence agencies. They are British intelligence, operating inside the American government.

Since the OSS and CIA are part of the American government, that makes it appear that their actions are the actions of the American government, when in fact their actions are dictated by (and thus are attributive to) the British rule-the-world crowd.

British intelligence played a large role in using America to forward the British nobility world-domination plan.

You can read all about that in Scientology Roots Chapter Nine – British Intelligence Sabotaging America.


Hubbard and the Big Push in Social Psychiatry


1945 – World War II ends.

Ewen Cameron, John Rees and Lord Moran visited with top Nazi Rudolph Hess before he appeared for his trial.

In 1945, Ron Hubbard conducts mental research for the United States Navy.

Methodology of Auditing Not Doingness and Occlusion, an LRH lecture 4 August 1961 –

I’m sure that Freudian analysis can work because I can make it work. In 1945 I ruined more cases for the United States Navy. I ruined cases left and right by finding guys out on a park bench and pulling some second-dynamic traumatic experience, you see.

And then they were keeping records on the effect of hormones on 241 ex-prisoners of war and that sort of thing, you know? And of course, I had access to their records.

So of course they were running a wonderful test program for me. It must have cost the government hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they would write down in the records how it affected the patient on this day and how it affected him on the next day. And, oh, these were beautiful statistical records, so all you had to do was alter the psychic attitude of the patient toward sex, then go look at the records a few days later, and of course you had the direct test of what you were doing.

* * *

Right after World War II ends, the New World Order people and their demented minions start a big push on their behavior modification program for humanity – towards the end of people accepting their world government idea.

Psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan was an ardent proponent of world citizenship, as was psychiatrist Brock Chisholm. They hoped that world loyalty would replace allegiance to a nation. Sullivan and Chisholm were agents for the British New World Order.

In 1945 Harry Stack Sullivan invited Brock Chisholm to lecture at the William Alanson White Foundation on
The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

Chisholm WWIIGeorge Brock Chisholm

Some statements made by Brock Chisholm…

…at least three requirements are basic to any hope of permanent world peace.

First-security, elimination of the occasion for valid fear of aggression. This is attainable …by legislation backed by immediately available combined force prepared to suppress ruthlessly any appeal to force by any peoples in the world.

What basic psychological distortion can be found in every civilization of which we know anything? …the only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality, the concept of right and wrong…

The re-interpretation and eventually the eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training…

The pretense is made… to do away with right and wrong would produce uncivilized people, immorality, lawlessness and social chaos. The fact is that most psychiatrists and psychologists and many other respectable people have escaped from these moral chains and are able to observe and think freely.

The people who definitely do not want to fight any more wars must promise annihilation to any nation which starts to fight and must be prepared immediately and ruthlessly to carry out that promise without parley or negotiation.

This involves the continual upkeep of widely dispersed atomic rocket stationscovering the whole world and a continual high pressure research program to discover ever more efficient methods of killing to keep ahead of any possible competition.

annihilation for those whose only real “crime” is they do not bend the knee.

ALL hail the Gods of the New World Order!


All Hail

The next fabulously insane lecture by Brock Chisholm, “The Responsibility of Psychiatrists”…

Two, to watch carefully for signs that any individuals or groups are becoming potential enemies and to kill them all ruthlessly before they can become strong;

… shorter, more effective techniques of treatment. Shock, chemotherapy- group therapy… Hypno- and narco -analysis, psycho-drama- even surgery, can all be used, and some of these methods may be employed by other than trained psychiatrists.

Chisholm now attempts to figure out the logistics of zapping and drugging and surgerying everyone in the world – should it become necessary, which he says that it is. What’s an enslaver to do – too many people to ZAP, not enough time, basically.

If large numbers, additional thousands, of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, hypnotists, group therapists and general practitioners are to be produced within any reasonable number of years, a very extensive overhauling of the educational system will be necessary.

It is clearly desirable at this stage of things that any advantages for suffering people to be found in psychotherapy of any type should not be advertised; the recognized need is already far greater than can possibly be met within the next ten or twenty years. If all the people showing neurotic symptoms, inferiorities, irrational fears, personality disabilities… were suddenly to identify the source of these symptoms within their own personalities and to demand help from psychiatrists, then many times the previously suggested number of psychiatrists and other professional workers would be needed.

When now we also have to recognize that neuroses propagate themselves and affect whole families… Psychiatrists, once the necessary one or two or three millions of them are available, should be trained as salesmen and taught all the techniques of breaking down sales resistance.

Talking therapy provided the answer to the problem of needing millions of psychiatrists to treat everyone in the world. You do not need to be a doctor to be a practitioner in talking therapy. This is where Ron Hubbard and Dianetics comes into play. The book, Dianetics, promoted the idea that any 2 people could read the book, and then practice psychotherapy on each other. Thereby eliminating the need for a “psychiatric professional”, which, as Chisholm just said, there were not enough of…

Now let’s look at some statements made by Harry Stack Sullivan…

Harry Stack Sullivan - Lonely ManHarry Stack Sullivan

Sullivan agrees with Chisholm’s options, particularly the annihilation one…

The bomb that fell on Hiroshima punctuated history. The man whose wisdom and foresight in large measure made that bomb had dealt with human destiny with fully human competence. The gods of local certainties, of local moralities, of local loyalty, of personal/salvation, of hate and prejudice and the intolerance of others passed into history.

Here is why they really dropped atom bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the same reason for doing World War II – so they could try and scare the rest of us into submitting to their “master plan”.

Atom_Bombing_Japan_-_WWIIAtom bomb – Japan

Per Sullivan, it was therapeutic to drop atom bombs on two cities in Japan. How utterly disgusting this man is.

And now, Sullivan makes a huge mistake. He gives away the REAL plan…

I think that the peoples of the world would be less hesitant to become subjects of a world government eternally vigilant to maintain overwhelming destructive force, ready instantly to use every sanction and to destroy any who would again provoke war… if …it were certain that this mighty garrison state which would exercise sovereignty over every person in the world was to be but a temporary precaution to protect the helpless while men of good will would be working out a fully civilized way of life for the peoples of the earth..

Definition of Garrison State 

A centralized state dominated by military rather than by civilian personnel and policies, especially one whose military preparations threaten to convert it into a totalitarian state. A permanent military installation, a police state.

The slavemaster plan is a police state exercising sovereignty over every person in the world. That is their true idea for their world government.

Anyone not submitting to slavemaster rule will be ruthlessly annihilated.

There will be no rights or freedoms.

The slavemasters will dictate what you are allowed to think and how to live.

They are currently getting laws passed to jail anyone critical of them.

Step by step they are moving the world towards an absolute slavery.

Scientology does not expose and oppose the British New World Order.

Scientology, even today, advocates the British New World Order.

What I just said is proven by facts that are laid out in this book.

I cannot tell you, yet, what is to come, but suffice it to say that it will not be pretty, and it will not be easy, for those who ride the rest of humanity like ticks on a dog – sucking the life out of it a bit at a time. This does not mean WAR in the sense that you know it, not at all. But, what is to come will not be a pleasant transition for these monsters-of-their-own-making.

* * *

1946 – Alan Gregg, the Medical Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, was interested in finding out if there was a group committed to undertaking, under conditions of peace, the kind of social psychiatry that had developed in the army under conditions of war.

Key members of Tavistock Clinic decided to form a group that Alan Gregg was looking for. They were given the Rockefeller grant which led to the birth of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, in London.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was formed in 1946 by a group of key men of the original Tavistock Clinic including John Rawlings Rees, Eric Trist, Wilfred Bion, Ronald Hargreaves, Elliott Jaques, Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Mary Luff, and Tommy Wilson. Other well-known names that joined the group were, Kurt Lewin, John Bowlby, John D. Sutherland, and Fred Emery. 15 

So now they want to do psychiatry on everyone, like the world is now one big mental hospital with these fruitcakes in charge of “curing” us – using drugs, therapies, and propaganda to accomplsih behavior modification.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a sister to Yale Institute of Human Relations. Both are Rockefeller-funded. Both are rat-nest think tanks for hatching social engineering methods. They are part of a network of front groups practicing Social Psychiatry.

The Rat Bastards are trying to figure out how to control humanity to do their bidding.

Geoffrey Gorer worked for the Yale Institute of Human Relations and the OSS. He wrote an essay which clearly illustrates the goal of this network.

The essay was entitled The Remaking of Man.

One of the most urgent problems – facing the world today is how to change the character and behavior of adult human beings within a single generation. 17

* * *

On January 27, 1946 two neurologists, Johannes Nielsen and George Thompson, organized a meeting of a select group interested in “the biological basis of behavior”.

The Society of Biological Psychiatry emerged from that meeting.


Some quotes from the book –

It is also known that one’s instincts are inherited behavior patterns which exist as engrammes…

These engrammes are so fundamental in determining one’s instinctive drives that, in spite of all education, and in spite of all the judgment a man may develop, he nevertheless cannot set aside the fundamental channels of his activity.

Motivation is in fact, largely unconscious.

…we believe that the basic pathology [of schizophrenia] is an engrammaticdiencephalic disorganization.

* * *

In September 1947, the OSS became the Central Intelligence Agency.

* * *

August 1948 – William Sargant goes to work at Saint Thomas Hospital in London, and stays there until 1973.

William Walters SargantWilliam Walters Sargant

Sargant subjected patients to up to three months insulin coma therapy combined with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and various drugs. He said in a talk delivered in Leeds:

For several years past we have been treating severe resistant depression with long periods of sleep treatment. We can now keep patients asleep or very drowsy for up to 3 months if necessary. During sleep treatment we also give them ECT and anti-depressant drugs.

Royal Waterloo Hospital was part of Saint Thomas Hospital. Sargant ran his sleep room in Ward 5 at Royal Waterloo.

Sargant specialized in children and women. Almost all were teenage girls and women in their early 20s.  53


Elizabeth Reed was just 22 years old and engaged to be married.

Elizabeth before Sargant got hold of her
elizabeth reed before her treatment

She was diagnosed with ‘obsessional neurosis’.

Whatever the frack that meant.

come on!

There are many horrors that Elizabeth Reed recalls from her time at London’s Royal Waterloo Hospital… She describes a small, windowless room… just lit by a night lamp…

Heavily drugged and subjected to horrendous levels of electro-convulsive therapy and even lobotomies, the unluckiest were taken to the ‘Narcosis Room’, where they were put to sleep for weeks at a time.

‘It was so frightening. First of all, they injected you and you had an awful feeling of falling backwards into yourself.’

‘It was like being buried alive,’ she says. ‘I was lying there in the dark, hour after hour, and couldn’t move. I wasn’t aware of my body,  just my head in this darkness. You could hear people moving around and other people breathing and moaning.’

‘The worst time was when I started not to be asleep. I was awake, but couldn’t move or speak. It was torture, lying there for hours in the darkness.’

paralyzed narcosis

‘I can remember the sound of the ECT machine being wheeled down the corridor and it being switched on and off in other rooms,’ she says.

‘After ECT, you didn’t know who you were.’

‘…if you’ve been put in a sleep room, then your memories are not going to be clear.
I lost a huge chunk of my past. Many of us were left with pieces of our memory missing.’

‘He damaged us,’  says Elizabeth. ‘He destroyed our potential.’ After being discharged from Ward 5, she was unable to cope with her career in marketing and took jobs as a supermarket shelf-stacker and a cleaning lady.

‘It changed me. I lost interest in things,’ she says. ‘There was no way back to my old life. I am angry about what I feel I missed out on. I’ve lost chunks of my memory.’

According to Hilary Jameson… being admitted to Ward 5 was ‘like falling into the jaws of hell’. As a 17-year-old A-level student in Oxford, she stopped eating after her parents’ divorce, though she insists she was far from anorexic.

Hilary was forced to undergo ECT… ‘It was impossible to rebel because you were constantly drugged,’ she says.  ‘…most patients in Ward 5 were just young girls who had problems with their families. It was barbaric.’ Hilary adds: ‘It dulled me an awful lot. It knocked the spirit out of me. Taking so many drugs had a bad effect – by the time I was 26 I had ovarian cysts.’

…women like Elizabeth and Hilary… want to know how Sargant can have been allowed to get away with such monstrous behaviour. ‘ We’re still suffering from what he and his colleagues did to us.’

A leading psychiatric expert, Professor Malcolm Lader of King’s College, London, recalls how, as a junior doctor, Sargant showed him his sleep room several times…

‘To be frank, I was horrified by what I saw,’ he says. ‘It was a fraught procedure to be sedated for that amount of time. Most importantly, there was no evidence that narcosis had any effect. He was doling out drugs in large doses that were way above the recommended maximum dose. I resolved never to send anyone there.’

Four patients are known to have died there and yet no one stepped in to stop him. In Australia and Canada, where Sargant’s methods were disastrously emulated, dozens of narcosis patients died.  53

Harry Bailey trained with Robert Heath of Tulane University. Heath received CIA funding under MK Ultra to conduct research into electrical stimulation of the brain using surgically implanted electrodes.

Harry BaileyHarry Richard Bailey

Harry Bailey was chief psychiatrist at Chelmsford Private Hospital in Sydney, where he used deep sleep treatment resulting in the death of 26 patients. Bailey and Sargant were in close contact and were in contest with each other to see which of them could keep a patient in the deepest coma. Bailey was linked with the deaths of 85 patients.

* * *

Sargant was the sadistic nutcase who pioneered the Pain-Drug-Hypnosis behavior modification method – for MI 6.

Gordon Thomas was a British Broadcasting Corporation producer who was one of the first writers to gain access to some 200,000 CIA documents on MK ULTRA. Thomas had several interviews with William Sargant and wrote an article about what he learned – Inside the Sleep Room.  

Here are some passages from the article

When I was a BBC producer, Sargant had appeared on my television shows. …he told me about his work for MI5 and MI6.

In 1948 Sargant was appointed director of the department of psychological medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, and remained there until his retirement in 1972, also treating patients at other hospitals…

Yet even they did not suspect that Sargant, as early as 1948, had made a Faustian bargain with Britain’s two intelligence services.

MI5 is the country’s prime internal counter-espionage service. MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, plans, carries out and conducts clandestine operations and intelligence-gathering on a worldwide basis.

In the late 1940s, at the outset of the Cold War, both services urgently looked for new ways to understand, combat and overcome the medical manipulations of Soviet and Chinese psychiatrists. In Sargant they found a willing tutor.

At military bases in Britain… he conducted drug-related experiments on so-called “military volunteers.” Other drug experiments were performed at Britain’s most secret chemical and biological warfare establishment at Porton Down. Again “volunteers” from military mental hospitals and from military prisons were used.

American intelligence sent observers to monitor these tests. Among them was one of the CIA’s senior biochemists, Frank Olson, and Sidney Gottlieb, the overall head of the CIA MK ULTRA program.

The three men became close friends. On each trip they visited Sargant’s department at St. Thomas’s to study patient records. They also shared with Sargant the latest mind-altering research being carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland. 32

Porton Down aerial viewPorton Down

Notice that British intelligence is behind behavior modification and mind control research.

British intelligence is also behind the American intelligence agencies doing this kind of research.

Sargant was butchering people with pain-drug-hypnosis treatments. The patient is knocked out with drugs, given electric shocks, and verbal hypnotic commands are installed while he is unconscious.

American psychiatrist Ewen Cameron worked at the Rockefeller-funded Allan Memorial Institute. It is part of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Cameron was another sadistic sociopath monster. Cameron and Sargant worked together doing PDH.

Willim Walters Sargant Ewen_Cameron_pic_from_1979_video
William Walters Sargant              Donald Ewen Cameron


Allan_Memorial_InstituteAllan Memorial Institute

In hypnosis, a person is put into a trance. Then you can install a command that the person will obey when he is brought out of the trance. All of this does not work with most people. But that is where they got the idea to install commands after making a person unconscious with drugs.

There are two steps to behavior modification.

Step 1 – Removal of your personality
Step 2 – Install the new personality

The initial step of wiping out the person’s memory and identity was called depatterning. LSD, brain surgery, and brutal electric shocks were all used to accomplish depatterning.

The patients were subjected to months of chemically-induced comas meant to destroy their memories of themselves and their families – a human catastrophe that stripped more than 300 people of their identities.

Cameron’s patients were woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric shocks. The patient would be given an electric shock, followed by five to nine smaller ones, two or three times a day for up to thirty days. These electric shocks were severe, at 30 to 40 times the normal power. Hospital workers at the time have reported that the screaming echoed around the hospital.

The patients were dazed, incapable of taking care of themselves, often groping their way around the hospital and urinating on the floor.

Cameron wrote that his typical depatterning patient – “There is complete amnesia for all events in his life.”
The depatterning was considered completed when the victim had lost all his memory and identity.

Once this depatterning was completed, the second step was entered into, which was called Heteropsychic Driving. Hetero means other or different. In other words, they will now install a different personality or identity.

A helmet would be clamped on their heads and negative messages would be repeated into the victim’s mind for sixteen hours a day. These messages would repeat phrases like “My mother hates me, my husband hates me, I am a failure”, and so on, using recordings of the victim’s own voice. Cameron would also wire their legs and give them an electric shock after the completion of each message.

Recording the patient during psychotherapy sessions then playing it back to them – part of the “psychic driving” process.

Psychic driving - ewen Cameron


Cameron wrote that this technique provided “direct, controlled changes in personality.”

Inside the Sleep Room by Gordon Thomas –

His name was William Walters Sargant… He was the British end of the most sinister program ever approved by the United States government: MK Ultra, an intelligence agency effort designed to control all human behavior.

One of a series of research programs that sought to control and manipulate human behavior, MK Ultra included wide-ranging experiments with LSD and other drugs, hypnosis, electric shock…

Sargant, like Cameron, had devised a system where all patients in the Sleep Room received endless instructions on a tape loop. They were played through a recorder placed under each pillow.

…at the Allan Memorial Institute… patients received their messages through adapted football helmets strapped to their heads.

There was another link between Sargant and Cameron: Leonard Rubenstein. He worked for MI 5At the Allan Memorial Institute he ran the “research and behavioral laboratory.” There he created the tape loops. He had flown to London to show Sargant how they should be fashioned. 32

Under the guise of mental treatment, patients became lab rats in slavemaster behavior modification research.

Linda Macdonald was a young mother suffering depression when she was admitted. She underwent brutal electroshock that permanently erased all memory of her previous life.

Mary C. was a 52 year-old woman Cameron tortured. She was going through menopause and Cameron used those symptoms to diagnose her as a hypochondriac. 54 

Madeleine Smith, a 28-year-old Canadian newscaster, was another Cameron casualty. Madeleine was taken into the operating room for brain surgery. The surgeon drilled a hole through her skull. An instrument was used to make several sweeping incisions through her brain.

While the surgeon worked, Ewen Cameron stood over the young woman, plying her with questions until he was assured the surgeon had achieved the desired result. When Madeleine vacantly stared and could only grunt in response, the surgery ended. Madeleine lived the rest of her life an automaton in the confines of an insane asylum.


Donald_ewen_cameronEwen Cameron

They do not care about anyone’s mental, spiritual, or physical well-being.

Their only interest is how to get people to do what they want.

Sociopaths put up a white mask over their evil mask, cloaking their evil destructive acts by claiming they were helping.

sociopath real person

The CIA paid Cameron $69,000 for mind control research. It was MKULTRA Subproject 68.

Ewen Cameron also advocated the New World Order in public speeches.

British intelligence instigated behavior modification and mind control research in England, using sadistic monsters like William Sargant and John Rees. British intelligence then instigated the American intelligence agencies to do it –
using sadistic monsters like Ewen Cameron.

* * *


1948 – Harry Stack Sullivan, an advocate for world citizenship, goes to London where he is a key figure in forming the World Federation for Mental Health.

The First International Congress of Mental Health was organized in London by the British National Association for Mental Hygiene. It was attended by 2,000 people from various countries in the world. It was held on 16 to 21 August, 1948.

Before the conference got started, a group of 25 people met to discuss how to influence the 2,000 attendees into supporting the political objective of forming a world government. John Rawlings Rees, Harry Stack Sullivan, Margaret Mead were key members in the group of 25 people.

They produced a pamphlet to hand out to the 2,000 attendees that contained this statement – the ultimate goal of mental health – to help men to live with their fellows in one world.

The title of the pamphlet – Mental Health And World Citizenship

1948 Mental Health and World Citizenship Page 1


Noteworthy statements in this document:

Studies of human development indicate the modifiability of human behaviorthroughout life, especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence, by human contacts. Examination of social institutions in many countries shows that these also can be modified.

Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship.

Systematic explorations of the human mind in health as, well as in disease, carried out by psychiatrists and others in recent decades, give some conception of the nature and dimensions of the problems facing mankind today.

Prolonged enquiry has shown that the thoughts and conduct of the individual may be deeply affected by mental processes and experiences of which he is altogether unaware and which may be highly obstructive.

Few are entirely free from such handicap, which are a source of suffering and human waste. It is the function of all those concerned with problems of health and education to do everything in their power to remove these obstacles.

…the question must be faced as to whether survival is possible without adapting human institutions so that men can live together as world citizens in a world community…

This then, as we see it, is the ultimate goal of mental health – to help men to live with their fellows in one world.

That the UN (United Nations) organisations consider all possible means of integrating national loyalties to the United Nations and to the world community.

The mental hygiene movement was a crusade to end abusive treatment of mental patients. The slavemasters transformed it into a crusade for establishing a world government. The International Committee for Mental Hygiene was superseded by the World Federation for Mental Health. John Rawlings Rees was the first WFMH president.

Mental health is being a willing subject under slavemaster rule. Everyone needs this.

That idea is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

Their political operation uses propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be subjects in a world that is ruled and run by the slavemasters – for their benefit, not ours!

Thus began their campaign that everyone in the world
needs their mental health treatment.


Hubbard was already on board for that “mental health” agenda, he was already their agent for their New World Order.

The slavemasters have a special meaning for certain words. Here is what they mean by these words –

RULE – The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL – being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL – rejection of the slavemaster SOCIETY



WORLD PEACE – no wars because everyone is SOCIAL

DEMOCRACY – a monarchy disguised as democracy. This is accomplished by using propaganda to covertly manipulate people into giving their consent and by having the only candidates for election are the minions of the
New World Order RULERS.

The above meanings are derived from actual statements
made by New World Order people.

* * *

1948 to 1950
 Ron Hubbard is allowed to practice abreactive therapy at two mental institutions –
Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium and Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Hubbard treats 1,000 mental patients.

Harry Stack Sullivan was the leading psychiatrist at Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium.


Winfred Overholser was Superintendent at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.


St Elizabeth Hospital - Washington DC






John Campbell wrote a letter to Dr. Joseph Winter stating that Hubbard had treated 1,000 mental patients.

john w campbell 1957John W. Campbell Jr.

Doctor Winter moved to New Jersey and got involved with Ron Hubbard and Dianetics.

Doctor Joseph Winter wrote a book about his involvement with Hubbard…

A Doctor’s Report On Dianetics by Joseph A. Winter, M.D. –Dianetics_-_A_Doctor's_Report_Joseph_A_Winter

In July, 1949 I received a long letter from Mr. Campbell, in which he told me of some investigations in which he thought I might be interested. He told me that

“L. Ron Hubbard …has been doing some psychological research… He’s gotten important results. His approach is, actually, based on some very early work of Freud’ssome work of other men, and a lot of original research. The important thing, he finds, is that most serious psychological jams stem from some basic painful, dangerous experience when the subject was unconscious or incapable of conscious, analytic thought. A statement made under those circumstances is accepted timelessly, and without evaluation for truth, reasonableness, or anything else. Here’s the sort of thing that happens:

An amputee veteran, with loss of one foot… is in a hopeless despondency condition – just can’t adjust. The psychiatrist takes him back to the war experience with sodium pentothal, back to the time the mortar shell got him. They take him through, to the period when he passed out, and pick up again when he recovered consciousness in the aid station. Doesn’t seem to clear him up. He still insists he’d be better off dead.