Gus McCann - Irish Singer Songwriter

Sings Dublin In My Tears in Grafton Street, Dublin in 2008

Published on 25 Oct 2010
Paulo Vila3 years ago
I used to hear him in Dublin's streets back in 2009. I still hear his CD. Fair play music that always bring me back to Dublin.
Bella Morgan
Bella Morgan3 months ago
Amazing....beautiful voice...
Shane Rene Clark
Shane Rene Clark5 years ago
Hello Gus! My husband and I went to Dublin for our honeymoon almost five years ago. (November 2008) and saw you on Henry street. You had your dog and were so inspirational to us both!! <3 We purchased your CD and put extra EUROS in your guitar case. You see, we still have that original CD we bought all of those years ago and were hoping to get in touch with you. We live in Kerrville,Texas, USA. You can contact us via my email: Please contact us. The Conners
potpottor15 years ago
RIP gus 
desertcelt15 years ago
Gus, fantastic version, i work in the capital after too many years being Irish in the Middle east, Im an Nordie, and only yan I ever heard singin this song before i hit Saudi was, Your names sake, Mss Susan Mc Cann, all i say she was no better than U, but thank F, you both sand a great and meaningful song
John Breen IRISH
John Breen IRISH6 years ago
Great version, fair play
Morph1137 years ago
Just met him yesterday in Dublin at night, nice fella and a nice dog he has, got his CD, just brilliant music he is doing
brenutube087 years ago
Lessio7 years ago
I love Gus' cd, "From Heart". Every time I listen him, his music bring me to Dublin....

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